GW2 Ready Up Skill and Balance Developer Livestream notes

Notes on the skill and balance changes on the Ready Up Developer livestream occurred on Jan 17, 2014. Topics for discussions includes runes/sigils rework, critical damage changes, new stats combos for pvp, and high level overview of planned balance changes.

Main Topics

  • Runes and sigil rework
  • Critical damage changes
  • New stat combinations for PvP (amulets)
  • High-level overview of planned balance changes

Developers: Josh Davis (aka Slouch), Jon Peters, Jon Sharp, Karl McLain, and Roy Cronache

Critical Damage

  • We are adding a new stat – ferocity (kinda like how precision works with critical hit chance). All gear/traits will be converted from critical damage to ferocity. Points in ferocity will increase your critical damage. It will have a new formula for the stat conversion, the formula will be slightly reduced.
  • Crit Damage – stat ratios compared to other stats are all over the place. You get way more crit dmg from your trinkets than from other pieces of gear so it is more efficient to stack crit dmg for them. By adding this new stat, we are able to normalize critical damage with other stats.
  • 10% reduction in damage for maxed out full DPS builds.
  • Improve downscaling with crit dmg.
  • Ferocity will have secondary stat values  (i.e. if an item have 90 power, 60 precision, it will have 60 ferocity).
  • Crit dmg and PvP is in a really good spot, it is much lower in PvP. We are aiming to not touch crit dmg in the PvP sets at all. 
  • However, this will affect PvE and WvW.
  • This leaves it open to allow us to include Ferocity as a primary stat in the future.
  • Berserker will still be the highest DPS set in the game. Ascended Berserker stuff will still be BiS (Best in Slot) for DPS builds.
  • We want to make support roles more viable so they are not supporting other players by just killing things faster.

Sigil changes

  • Two sigil slots on 2handed weapons and a big balance pass on all sigils.
  • Previously, If your sigil had a cooldown, it was previously shared with all other sigil cooldowns. To remedy this, we are changing the functionality of it, so each sigil itself has its own cooldown (i.e. you can Sigil of Battle and Sigil of Energy together now but you can’t stack 2x Sigil of Battles together)
  • Sigils that give you stacking buffs will not stack together (i.e. Bloodlust + Corruption will not stack).
  • On-swap sigils will stack if they are different.
  • There are a bunch of changes to various sigils
    • Some proc sigils have turned on hit. We are not discussing which ones yet.
    • On crit sigils are changed to 100% chance.

Runes changes

  • Big pass on all runes, making them all consistent with each other. (i.e. What % something proc, What % health trigger etc). Every single rune set pretty much changed. If you want to speculate on the runes on the TP, it is recommended to buy all sets. 
  • Superior Rune of the ranger – 6 pt bonus didn’t do anything. It will be changed.
  • We moved stat weights to later bonuses (i.e. 4, 5, 6) so people don’t use mix-match rune bonuses.
  • Example: Superior rune of strength changed to 1) +25 power, 2) 10% might duration, 3) 50 power, 4) 15% might duration and 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10s with 10s cooldown 5) 100 power, 6) 20% might duration, +5% damage under might.

Stat combos for PvP

  • PvE have a lot more stat combos and not all of them will make it to PvP. Submit your feedback on the forums on which stat combos you think should make to PvP.
  • Aim to extend build diversity and allow PvEers to run the same stat combos in PvP in a lot of the cases.
  • This is not just stat combos, this also apply to runes/sigils.
  • New stat combos will be unlockable in PvP soon and maybe with skill points (not in the next build). Most likely to appear in the feature build and will be account bound.

High level Balance Preview

  • These changes will be in the feature patch. They are not a comprehensive list and some of them may not make it.
  • Elementalist
    • Signet of Restoration will have same effect in PvP as it does in PvE (previously it was healing significantly less in PvP)
    • Armor of Earth – reduce recharge from 90s to 75s. It was a bit too long for stability/protection. We hit them maybe a bit too hard in previous patches
    • Scepter: Water Trident – adding 3s regen when it hits to 5 allies – Add more support for scepter. We wanted to add regen to weapon sets other than staff. Allow condition removal when traited (i.e. Cleansing Water trait)
    • Dagger: Burning Speed – you will be evading while you are executing Burning Speed. Now you can use it as an evade option (i.e if you see a 100 blades coming in from enemy warrior, you can use it to evade)
    • Dagger: Frozen Burst – now blast finisher, allow you to combo burning speed to gain some might/fury.
  • Engineer
    • There are a couple of outlier abiliies on engineer that are really strong.
    • Reduced immobilize duration on Net Turret by 1s.
    • Poison Grenade – right now if you stand on top of someone and throw all your grenades (i.e. shotgunning people), it will stack the poison fields, it will stack 60s of poison on you. We are reducing the amount of poison applied per tick from 5s to 3s.
    • Box of Nails/Box of Piranhas – cast time reduced from 1s to 0.75s
    • AED – reduced cast time from 1s to 0.75s.
  • Guardian
    • Litany of Wrath reduced cast time from 1s to 0.75s.
    • Vigorous Precision – vigor on crit have its cooldown increased from 5s to 10s.
    • Healing Breeze – rescaled – guardian receive 50% of the heal at start of the heal and then 10% per tick for 5 ticks on allies in a cone (guardian included). The ticks will now scale really well with healing power (end up to around 4500 HP for yourself and allies).
  • Mesmer
    • Critical Infusion – increased recharge from 5s to 10s. Too much dodging in this game and it is a 5 pt trait so we want you to find an alternative source for vigor. It couples too well with Deceptive Evasion.
    • Deceptive Evasion is problematic – we are making it so that it only make a clone when you don’t have full clones out already (If you have 0-2 clones out and you dodge, you will summon a clone.If you have 3 clones out and you dodge, nothing will happen)  
  • Necromancer
    • Putrid Explosion – no longer unblockable. All the minions exploding and you can’t block it. The number of unblockable skills in the game need to be very small and very clear.
    • Training of the Master – damage bonus reduced from 30% to 25%.
    • Dhuumfire – we are changing it so it doesn’t throw out a lot of burning DPS. It doesn’t promote skillful gameplay. We want it so you can actively control the procs. Life blast/death shroud now apply the burning for 3s with 10s cd.
    • Vampiric Master – taking it back down to its intended state – reducing the sustain from it. (Basically slightly nerfing all current vampirism traits, buffing mastery).
  • Ranger
    • Spirit of Nature – right now it says it heals for 320 every 3 seconds but it actually heals for 480 every second due to a bug. We are aiming for 320 per second. It is still incredibly strong
    • Field type (combo fields) adding to all of the traps.
    • Empathic Bond – removing conditions from ranger even if the pet is dead – we are fixing that bug.
    • There are some amazing stuff coming for the ranger but we can’t talk too much about it yet (and also to other professions).
    • Mainhand sword issue – not being able to dodge. Looking to fix it, may not make it to the first balance patch.
  • Thief
    • Choking Gas – 5s of poison per pulse, no CD, absolute poison spamming too OP. Reduced to 3s of poison per pulse now.
    • Pistol Whip possibly split into two-part skill with separate initiative cost (stun and then slashes separated)
  • Warrior
    • Warrior Healing Signet too strong (passive too high) – we have reduced the passive by about 8% (about 30 HP/s reduction). Improving the active so you have a reason to use the active. We want situations where you want to use the active.
    • Pin Down (Longbow #5 – apply immobilize and bleed) – Adding a new warm up effect so other players can see when you are using this skill and dodge it. Going to 0.25s to 0.75s cast.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

103 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Skill and Balance Developer Livestream notes”

Less dps ! we ll have to build balanced teams !! what if we have to learn to fight if they remove corner bug?!?!? :<<<<< qqqqqqqqqqqqq

Pretty sure its not a bug, it was in gw1 too. The could ‘solve’ it by making enemy AI spread when taking too much AoE dmg.

Still top dps as they say…so don’t see the problem in it xD, people is too mindless to change now until they fix the corner bug xD

This is not about being mindless, it is the most effective way of clearing dungeons quickly, the 10% nerf won’t change that.

Ye, to me i would have nerfed it of 30% too lol…problem is that the dungeons for now are utterly fast and broken because people abuse the corner bug…most boss glitch while in corners so that they can’t use many powerful abilities….wich is a total and utter shit…it’s THAT the thing that makes fullzerk so much viable in any dungeon…before it was only in cof, because cof path 1 is ridicolous, even bosses deal no damage at all…but most players now can’t even dodge a kholer pull or a spider queen area ! wich is like the basic thing of gw2…
It should be that if the boss can’t activate some abilities because it’s in the corner ? no problem, let the boss do a friggin aoe around him wich would kill the players really fast…corner fixed lol XD. Right now bosses don’t feel like bosses, they’re just “oh…a long to die mob”…
And dungeons in general need some rework to make the more rounded around teamplay, they put that everyone can heal etc and surviving is based on your ability…ok, but that remove the teamplay necessary to survive since there’s no dedicated class…so you have to work to increase the teamwork needed to finish the dungeon itself…mechanics to deal dmg to bosses, or to pass room, wich require coordination etc and so on…that should be the way they should head imho.

That is the base of this game. People blame and fight each other in WoW because they depend on each other = the opposite of teamplay. LFG wouldn’t work if people weren’t able to do the “work” of another, it might work in groups who know each other really well. And nothing stops you from building a healer/tank/whatever – it IS possible.

Shatter build wasn’t nearly as powerful as before just months and months ago XD…and my interrupt/confusion spam mesmer will still rock the world yey ! xD

It was like that even in gw1, with the only difference that the buid you used was pretty much the only one viable with 800 skills etc xD…they’re just trying to nerf builds used too much to increase the variety…I recently play ranger in pvp with a build that almost no one use…and it’s awesome, fun and i kick asses like hell lol xD…sometimes sticking to popular builds just makes you predictable and an easy kill for someone with a little bit of skill.

Longbow #5 – Adding a new warm up effect so other players can see when you are using this skill and dodge it. Going to 0.25s to 0.75s cast.

Srsly?! WTF!?
From 0.25 to 0.75 to CAST?! Now player can see too? -_- what is the utility in pve so?

utility in pve is the same…in pvp it was annoying to get pinned down for AGES while you couldn’t tell that atk from any other one since it was almost instant and with nothing special xD it’s only fair c’mon !

Still dps as fuck without losing a bit of resistance D: it’s still not nearly a balanced class, pretty much like warrior lol xD

After the money sink of getting ascended gears for overall (+10% damage). NOW we balance it back to Exotic! as the Game wasnt design for SUCH damage. Wasn’t this clear to anyone ?!

+5% stats isn’t +10% dmg XD plus only pure dps get nerfed so…yay for my tank xD and my condition damagers ahahaha xD and it will still be top dps a berserk so…

All the teams i’ve tried ran full zerk in fractal high levels failed hard, someone always get spotted by bosses.. And if it goes well you have to two or three man it… Not saying it’s impossible.. Not just viable for pugs etc, a tank is not a necessary thing in gw2, never said so.. Since you can run anything with pretty much what you want, it just makes things much easier, especially when running with people that you don’t know.

read ur previous post again, u jus said run frac 49 50 with only dps then come again, so I jus replied u that many ppl to it that way, nothing more.

With meant that it was not such a pleasurable experience most of the times… But seems like people tends to put things into others people’s mouth.. All my bad, I should have explained better, sorry.

My Vigorous precision ! arg…oh well…i understand that 3800 armor with perma vigor was a bit too much…gonna have to put a sigil of energy since i got a second weapon swap sigil xD to balance is and try to manage endurance more…

Would be nice to hear something about seperate conditions from other people. It’s so typical of them to ignore it again :/.

I still think something needs to be done for Defiant Stance, either lengthening its duration or shortening its cool down. There are rare situations you would take it over Healing Surge.

Nerfing Critical Infusion and Deceptive Evasion at the same time? If the synergy is a problem, surely they don’t have to double nerf the Mesmer for the same issue – one will effect the other sufficiently.

Chaos Armor is no longer armor, universal shatter skill cool down, phantasms only LoS, Illusionist’s Celerity trait shift, Confusion halved (the point of being a Mesmer), increased recharge on phantasms and Chaos Storm and plenty more… Haven’t been nerfed since the beginning?

Clearly you’re a newbie to this game.
Just as a reminder of some nerfs to the mesmer
– Confusion nerf in PVP and WvW

– Blurred frenzy not an invulnerability anymore
– Time warp effectiveness, etc, etc.

They just noticed that mesmer had access to way too much vigor and inv frames with those skill xD it already have clones etc to fool you, and letting them to be made mostly by skills will promote a more skillful play instead of just random dodging around-> blurred frenzy->disapper or stuff->repeat while phantasm bishot you xD

I feel for ppl with sin gear as precision is primary stat on that so they will go to secondary stat and a reduced formula – double nerf. This prob does bring the dps inline but it means they have the wrong trinkes /rings now so need to replace them which will cost these players more than everyone else.

They aren’t changing the scaling of precision, they are converting Crit damage into a stat that scales like the others and is going to secondary on all currently existing set. There is no stat set in existence where crit damage is the primary.

People have really hard tome to understand things writte ._. they should make cartoon videos to help them understand basilar things better.

Any suggestion for my Knight/Berserker warrior? (all ascended) (for 80% pve and 20% wvw)
At the moment I have Sigil of Strength on greatsword and Sigil of Force on rifle.

I like those sigils:
– Sigil of FORCE: +5% damage.
– Sigil of the NIGHT: +10% damage on night (stack with Force).
– Sigil of BLOODLUST: +10 power on kill (max 250)
– Sigil of AIR: single target Lightning Strike.
– Sigil of FIRE: multiple targets Flame Blast (less damage than Lightning Strike)
– Sigil of STRENGTH: 10 sec Might on Critical

sigil of strength on GS is not really optimized, as a war with correct trait u already proc might per crit hit.

Best choice is having 2 GS, one with sigil of night one with sigil of force atm. And when u can hav 2 sigils on a single GS, use night+force on one, and maybe force+5% crit chance on another.

Sigil of Bloodlust is mostly used on a set of Axe/Mace that u swap to when stacking on tons of trash mob.

Oh and I don recommend using rifle on swap, rather hav axe/mace, it offers way more dps, but if u really want to use rifle, jus hav the same setup as GS.

wow wtf anet, just finished my ascended zerk set and you nerf it.

i dont get this,

We want to make support roles more viable so they are not supporting other players by just killing things faster.

isnt that supports role? sacrifice armor and hp for damage.

They wanted to make support roles more viable, don’t see how a 10% damage nerf for berserker gear’s going to achieve it.

What the hell? XD
Maths ain’t that hard…

Let’s say every party member deals 100% dmg.
Than 5 players deal 5*100%=500% dmg

If after this patch everyone deals 90% dmg
Than 5 players deal 5*90%=450% dmg

(450/500)*100% is still 90% xD

4 players in cleric thinking they are support doing 50% of the groups damage.

1 player in zerk doing 50% of the groups damage.

10% nerf to zerk damage.

You now only reduced the groups horrible damage by 5%!

MMO Game Designer definition of balance: nerf each class that is more powerful then another, or spec that is more powerful then another spec, paying particular attention to anything that might be fun. Nerf the S*it out of fun. Don’t stop this process until all classes have the same amount of suck to them, and make sure it takes a combination of at least three sucky classes or specs to kill a rat. GG!

I think one major reason is that anet dev don really play their own game properly. How can someone balance a game that themselves don fully understand?

so far most balancing patches indicate that anet hav no idea wat the heck is going on in gw2.

I found it obnoxious as hell that when I finally decided to play an elementalist they were underpowered and completely useless.

I played an ele for about a month(december 2013) in PVP and wanted to shoot myself.

So I did, I quit playing at 14,000 achievement points

It’s pretty bad that you can’t pick up any class at any time and at least be decent with it, especially if you have been playing for the past year and understand game mechanics.

It’s not rewarding to play for that long and get your arse beat by some 11-year-old that decided to play whatever build of the month is OP.

Seriously how is nerfing zerker gona make support classes more viable? Anet need to stop smoking that good stuff.

Even in a current meta dps party, there are stil at least one class that provide reflect, condition removal, stablilty, pull etc. That is as much support as u get in this game. If u want more, then buff the support classes with more options, why nerf dps instead?

Simply enough, adding power to the weaker builds creates power creep. Nerfing the powerful builds instead reduces the chance of that.

and u think 10% dmg reduction is gona make ppl use support build more? like seriously?

Power creep might sound good as a theory, but anyone who knows this game well enough wil know that its nearly impossible to buff support builds to a point tht its better than dps, do u actually play this game?

Unluckilly the problem here is the mentality of gamers, like any other mmo xD if they can do shitloads of damage, most ll always choose that way…while some choose tanking and support (always a minority)…problem is that here, since no tanks, healers nor support are needed you always end up with only dpsers and even discrimination towards those players XD…maybe when the playerbase will get a bit more relaxed and start to do things for fun instead of farming money (for what idk, never needed that much money in gw2 XD) maybe, only maybe, all teams will get balanced and free to do what the hell you want lol.

Yeahhh no, with dmg reduced i think it will be even worse for ”those” players that want…. how u say ” a more relaxesd” blablaba… If now we can carry one crap, and 4 of us do the whole, later it will be all 5 good or nothing. So yeah. The whine only made it worse. Dunno if say, good job ppl or good job anet. ofc ./sarcasm

That’s a point of view…and beside a support doesn’t only heal you etc, it can buff your dps too xD guardians and elementalists can buff might quite well, thus increasing your party dps,..problem is that there’s no dungeon mechanic etc yet in this game that actually push you to a more balanced team, since you can clear pretty much anything in corners.
And that’s not “one crap”’s just another player that in any other game you would strive to find it lol, don’t insult people and their choices so freely.

Most dungeon parties run with 1 guardian, and most good dungeon parties run with at least 1 ele, no balancing needed for tht since its already happening, the classes that ppl don want in dungeons are necro,engi and longbow ranger, nothing has been done to fix those in this patch.

Oh btw guardian kinda suck at stacking might, ppl don get a guard in party for that purpose.

If by support anet meant classes/builds that buffed dps, then guess wat, ppl are already using them, any decent dungeon party can maintain at least 15 if not 25 stack of might and vul, plus decent fury during combat, this kind of support is nothing new,

Which means the one can only assume by support anet meant tanker and healer, the sad news is there are no place for them in current meta, and its not becuz of dps alone, but the way this game is set up.

Most dungeon mobs agro to dmg instead of armor, so having a tanker does no good for anyone, ppl wil stil down becuz tanker is not getting agro.

As for healers, no one can out heal dmg for the whole party, so ppl rather hav someone who actually contribute something real.

dono abt other ppl, but I don hav alot of time, so I automatically always prefer to do something faster rather than slower, spending 10 min killing one boss get bored very quickly.

Is there any information about celetial gear? I am wondering about how much ferocity will be on it, because if that is like other stats then im quitting game (been running with celestial since they mede it and finally made ascended full set on my ele). Another thing – what about boon duration? I used to have 3 mixed types of rune to get 45% and they dont want to us mix runes… I’ll better do 80 warrior – it’ll be always playable cause devs play almost only on them.

“(i.e if you see a 100 blades coming in from enemy warrior, you can use it to evade)” ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Or you could just hit the S key for half a second and laugh at the noob warrior who just self rooted himself :/ Do you guys even play the same game?

Dhuumfire change is not only a gigantic hit to dps, but makes the whole contition necro gameplay way to clunky … if anything it should’ve been something to give necromancers more access to torment, wich would fit the class a lot better than burning.
Now there will be a trait for deathshroud at the end of an line that has almost nothing to do with DS, which really put an end to any positive expectations for the next couple of patches.

The crit damage nerf hits my guardian quite hard, but I suppose it’s justified to tune down burst more than sustainable dps.

Runes are a complete wildcard as I don’t use full runesets, so I might be entirely boned after that change. 😮

anet wanna troll us again -a lot of ppl just made asc armors lol i spend all my gold if changes gonna be drastic for my build im in deep a*s 😀

Thx for these informations, dulfy!

As far as I understand, the changes in the section “High level Balance” are planned for March (feature patch after the end of living story’s first season). Are the other changes planned for March’s feature patch too?

I also have a question on the “10% reduction in damage”: is it on critical damage or overall damage?

I think Arenanet is really missing the boat on this one. It is to be compared to the permasin in GW1. Many people agreed it was too OP.It took Arenanet over 5 years to come up with a somewhat decent balance. In the proces making all players angry. Those who loved perma’s who had invested a lot in the setup and needed to change it, AND those who hated it cause they where promised a proper solution.

I think the zerkerissue can be easily resolved by taking two easy steps:
a: give ranking (veteran, elite, champion, legendary) foes in PvE critical damage (ferocity) resistance that scales up with the rank. So Vets have a little bit resistance while legendary enemy’s have a lot. In PvP it is an exclusive stat you can equip (so either you use CD/foricity or the resistance.
b:Lower the default HP on many ranked foes but resolve the scaling ceiling. Some champs/legendary’s just take a ridicilious amount of time to kill solo or in a small group, while when tackled by a large group they are killed in a second cause the scaling fails.

To compensate all existing gear (wether it got CD/ferocity or not), gets reset so you can choose stats. Many problems solved imo!

hmm it seems to me that u are talking abt open world pve content, but this dps nerf is mainly aimed at dungeon, they are not the same thing, zerker is never a problem in open world content.

I am talking bout open world PvE AND dungeons. Zerker is nowhere a problem, but it is limiting builds and making gameplay boring. If you want to be welcome in half of the dungeongroups you are almost forced to run zerker. To me the whole playstyle behind zerker is plain old boring. The reason zerker is so succesfull is that it doesnt have limitations. Protective/toughness/hp builds have the limitation that it works if it keeps you alive (so does zerker). conditionbuilds have the limitation of stacks. Zerker doesnt have limitations. By putting a negative effect on zerker it promotes mixed builds. If the thing I said would be done it would mean that zerker is still very welcome in dungeons. But having a full group of zerker would make the champs and elites hard to do, something that can be solved with bringing people with different builds.

The limitation of berzerker builds is the resistance, but this limitation currently can be bypassed in most dungeons (by exploiting corners for instance). But let the creatures move a bit more and such gameplays should not be very efficient anymore.

However, boring gameplays are not linked to the builds but to the players, as, theoretically, zerkers have to move, evade, think more to survive than supporters. Except that most of the players do not play that way and prefer to “stack to death”.

Well if all ranking mobs in dungeon hav resistance to crit dmg, then one of 2 things wil happen, either zerker stil do the most dmg, in which case ppl wil stil run zerker only if they want efficiency, or zerker no long does best dmg and hence no one wil run zerker anymore.

In this game zerker only serve one purpose, and tht is to kill faster, so either it can b achieved or it cant, and if it cant then there is no point in having zerker stat at all, there is no need to hav crit dmg on non ranking mobs, they die fast anyway.

Resistance, not immunity. A vetwould just has a lil bit of resistance so Zerker is still the best to tackle vet’s. Same should go for elite’s. The tipping point would be the champs and legendary’s. For example take the kholerfight,.The fight itself would take slightly longer anyways due to the resitance. But in that fight the hard hitters are the adds (think all elite). Cause Zerkers still are best to tackle these you really want to bring some people with zerker gear (2-3). But for Kholer himself you also want other setups cause zerkers are inferior against those. Also cause fights take longer and you have to mix different styles, more protective builds are welcome too (guards, engineers, ele’s geared for healing power).

As a person that mains a Guardian and only plays PvE, I am not in favour of the changes to critical damage. It wouldn’t have disturbed me much if running a supportive build or a condition build actually made sense, but no…oh well, just bear it and grin, I guess.

Goodbye Powermancers. Goodbye Dumbfire. Goodbye vampirics. Hello conditionmancers. Wait, 25 cap ?

Dammit, goodbye GW2.

DPS is already too low considering i get 1 shot anywhere LOL why the fuck don’t they buff support shit ? more healing, more regen, more boons, slower recharges on bones and heals etc…what the fuck are they thinking

Oh, you are breaking the crit build viability for my guardian in PvE content. Thanks. That was the only decent way to play a DPS guardian. Now I get to go be the same fucking guardian as everyone else swinging a fucking greatsword. Thanks. Really.

been playing my thief since launch of gw2, after every update worked months to raise my crit dmg by working on ascended pieces. now theyre going to lower it? you think 10 percent is slight reduction? If you do the math and compare exotics trinkets to ascended trinkets, its about ten percent more damage once your fully ascended. I worked 4 months to get those pieces for this bullshit ass update? to get my damaged lowered back to before I had ascended? they said they understand how much people have fully worked on those builds? lmfao they can go shove that statement up their ass, fk this game. R.I.P 122% crit dmg <3

Question: I’m now using 2 Sigil of Bloodlust on axe/axe to get 2 stacks when killing a foe therefore i get the 25 stacks faster. With this changes will that be remove to 1 stack per foe even with 2 sigil active? Like one of the sigil will do nothing pos this patch?

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