SWTOR Patch 2.6 Vengeance Warrior and Vigilance Knight changes

Tait Watson posted some of the changes to Vengeance Warriors and Vigilance Knights in the next iteration of 2.6 on the PTS. In addition, some insight into the Orbital Strike changes was offered by the developers.

Game Update 2.6 Classes and Combat feedback thread | 01.17.2014, 04:54 PM

Hey everyone,
I wanted to give everyone a bit of a heads up that in the next iteration of 2.6 on the PTS, we are making some changes to Vengeance Warriors and Vigilance Knights:
Sith Warrior

  • Slightly increased the damage dealt by Shatter.
  • Shatter now deals Internal Damage instead of Elemental Damage, as the tooltip indicates.
  • Rampage has been redesigned: Impale and Shatter have a 33.3/66.7/100% chance to produce a stack of Rampage. At 2 stacks, Rampage finishes the cooldown on Ravage and generates 3 Rage.

Jedi Knight
Jedi Guardian

  • Slightly increased the damage dealt by Plasma Brand.
  • Zen Strike has been redesigned: Overhead Slash and Plasma Brand have a 33.3/66.7/100% chance to produce a stack of Zen Strike. At 2 stacks, Zen Strike finishes the cooldown on Master Strike and generates 3 Focus.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. I am constantly taking this information and reporting back to the appropriate developers. So while we are not able to respond to everything, I am making sure you are all heard.

Can we get some feedback for our feedback? | 01.17.2014, 04:14 PM

I spoke with the combat team about the changes that were made to Orbital Strike//Flyby and here is what they had to say.

Because of how powerful Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby currently is in the Live game, it is being used in ways that were never intended. As we previously indicated in our answers to some of the Top 3 questions in the past, Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby – as it exists on Live – is an ability that is far too strong. Because of this ability’s single-target efficiency, Snipers/Gunslingers of all specializations (especially Marksmanship/Sharpshooter) are doing more damage than intended by weaving the ability into their single-target damage rotations. The fact is, Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby never should have been as powerful as it currently is in the Live game.

While it might appear from the design of the Marksmanship/Sharpshooter skill tree that Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby is intended to be used in single-target situations, that is not the case (although, the reality here certainly differs from the intent of the design). For now, we are leaving the design of the skill trees intact, but in the future we plan to focus the bonuses to Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby on the Engineering/Saboteur specialization. That will eventually become the “refuge” specialization for all Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby lovers. These changes probably won’t come anytime soon though, and in the meantime, you can expect Marksmanship/Sharpshooter to remain an excellent specialization for Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby usage.
You can consider the 2.6 changes to Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby “phase one” in a series of changes that will eventually come. This first phase is meant to lower every specialization’s dependence on Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby. Future phases will move some things around and improve Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby for Engineering/Saboteur. Judging from the reaction on the PTS forums, many players think phase one has already gone too far, which is part of why we aren’t just pulling the whole rug out from underneath players by doing all the phases at once. It is important for Agents/Smugglers to get used to these changes before we can move onto future phases.

Thank you for your feedback – and keep it coming. Even when we don’t respond, we are watching and reading. Especially useful to us is your discussion of in-game-on-PTS diagnosis of our changes and how you foresee the changes will be incorporated into the current landscape of the Live game.

As they said, please keep the feedback coming. I know those guys watch the PTS forums and we will continue to pass on your feedback as well. I hope this explains a bit about why the change was made.

By Dulfy

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19 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.6 Vengeance Warrior and Vigilance Knight changes”

The most major buff before this was 2.0, with 2.5 granting them more usability in PvP when they added to Ravage root from Carnage.

And 100% useless in PvE : we can’t root unrootable Boss ^^

This 2.6 change seems fine but things are still missing to be brought in line with other DPS.

Don’t forget that OS, PB and MS are on long CDs and Zen Strike can’t proc as often as we want.

You’re assuming that all a “buff” is is for PvE. The Ravage root greatly increases the potential for Vengeance in PvP, and this upcoming patch seals the deal for both PvE and PvP now that the RNG is gone.

“You can consider the 2.6 changes to Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby “phase one” in a series of changes that will eventually come.”
So we can expect further nerfs for snipers? Cus in my opinion there is no other reason to do rebalancing in “phases”… Especially when “phase one” leaves class crippled.

I would not go so far as to say it cripples Snipers, Lethality and Hybrid are still perfectly viable. MM and (non-Wallbang) Eng took a swift kick to the groin with this. I run primarily with MM and I have no idea how we are going to manage some fights without having to pull a second or third DPS off for AoE phases.

Swapping the set bonus should have happened a long time ago, BW has always maintained they wanted a wall between PvP and PvE gear. I have not heard anyone compain about that.

Their claim that they did not intend for it to be rotational in Eng and MM is a total line of BS, the former is THE AoE spec and the later’s upgrades to OS align OS perfectly with Sniper Volley which just screams USE ME.

As far as the “Phased changes,” that to me just says “We must break you before we can fix you.” Snipers and Slingers are big boys and girls, just hit us with the whole shebang at once, we’ll figure out what to do. Enduring a period of being crap just because you are afraid we are afraid of change is beyond stupid.

I never said that pvp set bonus change is wrong, tbh im surprised that they havent made it that way from the bogining.
What i mean that with orbital as it is on PTS we just loose dps, not only single target but also we will be the worst aoe class in game. its just sad,
If they want to do some “rebalancing” they shoud do evrerything at once, not in “phases” and prowide comment that says: “ists just beggining, wait for what is yet to come, it will be even worse”

Those are broken and need fixing, Maybe instead putting efort in snipers, whitch they clearly dont have idea how to rework, as they need “phases” to do it, they could take care of them?

It’s pretty obvious that Bioware doesnt give 2 shits about snipers at all anymore. Might as well just switch my main and start using my sorc dps or finish leveling my merc and marauder. I dont see how snipers can recover the overall dps loss after these changes without buffing damage on other attacks.

as a vengeance jugg player this is definitely a welcoming update, where our class has constantly been a subject of too much RNG based dps class. this will set things straight and settle that ravage/rampage issues.

Anyone complaining about the orbital strike “nerf” should just quit playing anyways. If you have to rely on that then you’re bad anyways. Sniper/Gunslinger will still be awesome. Operative/Scoundrel dps is getting buffed so no complaint there.

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