GW2 Great Jungle Wurm Minis and Finishers in the Gemstore

A gallery and videos showing the Great Jungle Wurm Minis and the Great Jungle Wurm Finisher you can purchase from the gemstore for The Origins of Madness update.

Great Jungle Wurm Finisher – 800 gems



Great Jungle Wurm Minis – 300 Gems


Mini Amber Great Jungle Wurm


Mini Crimson Great Jungle Wurm


Mini Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm


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11 replies on “GW2 Great Jungle Wurm Minis and Finishers in the Gemstore”

anet have problem releasing good finishers or something. They half get it right but then ruin it. Almost all the potential good finishers that I ever thought about getting are like this, so I ended up not getting any yet.

I like the Mini Wurms, however I wish I could buy them seperately, not bundled. Don’t know why, but for Anet their Gems don’t seem to be worth very much, no? – I mean I throw about 20-30EUR for 2000 gems and spend it soooo freakingly fast at the Gem Shop. For example I could buy this finisher, these minis and an armor skin and the EUR for the gems would be gone. – Makes no sense and no fun, so I’m probably rather gonna save my money and buy a whole new game or even two for the same price or save up for a new mobile, sorry Anet. I hope I can get 300 gems with my 20 gold… well probably not at the moment. :-/

Thanks for the info, but take my word that I already know that this is possible. Now, buying 800 gems with Gold is unfortunately already pretty heavy, mang. :/ (50-60 gold atm?)

May work if you would be farming all day I guess, but I am rather the playing-for-entertainment type than the farmer and am doing different things.

Why isn’t there a fourth mini that you can craft in the forge? I bought 2 packs immediately assuming there would be a craftable fourth one. I feel cheated.

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