GW2 Great Jungle Wurm Minis and Finishers in the Gemstore

A gallery and videos showing the Great Jungle Wurm Minis and the Great Jungle Wurm Finisher you can purchase from the gemstore for The Origins of Madness update.

Great Jungle Wurm Finisher – 800 gems



Great Jungle Wurm Minis – 300 Gems

Mini Amber Great Jungle Wurm


Mini Crimson Great Jungle Wurm


Mini Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm


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12 replies on “GW2 Great Jungle Wurm Minis and Finishers in the Gemstore”

the moment i see someone is either watching or is a fan of animas i stop listening to them so he screwed up before he even wrote anything

so all 3 mins are the same, just different colored? LAME. That’s cool though. Lets me keep my gems for something better.

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