GW2 Scarlet’s Secret Lair guide

A guide to getting the Power Core Components and the various Code Fragments  to get inside Scarlet’s Secret Lair located in Lornar’s Pass.

Getting Started

After doing the Twisted Marionette event in Lornar’s Pass for the first time (win or fail both works), your Living World story in your top right corner will update and you will be asked to head to Lion’s Arch to enter a story instance. After completing the story instance, you will be tasked with finding Scarlet’s Secret Lair, which is also an achievement called The Secret Lair.

  • The Twisted Marionette event occurs every 2 hrs on the hour in Lornar’s pass near False River Waypoint.


Getting to Scarlet’s Secret Lair

Go to Durmand Priory section of Lornar’s Pass and follow the dotted line into the cave below. If you have done the Guild Rush (Bear Lope), it is the same cave. If not watch the video below. This will grant you 10 Power Core Fragments right away. Note that you will be unable to open the door inside Scarlet’s Secret Lair but that is okay. Keep reading.



Energy Probes/Power Core Components

You will need 50 Power Core Components to assemble into a power core, which will open the door inside Scarlet’s Secret Lair. Inside the lair are also chests from each faction that require 25 of the respective code fragments to open.

You get 10 Power Core Components when you discover Scarlet’s Secret Lair for the first time. So you will just need to gather 40 more Power Core Components to gain access.

Getting the remaining 40 Power Core Components

To get the remaining Power Core Components, you need to interact with the Energy Probes scattered all over the map. Interacting them once you have killed their defenders and destroyed them will give you anywhere from 1-3 Power Core Components. gw2-power-core-components-2

Note: If the Energy Probe have already being destroyed recently by someone else, it won’t be interactable. Interactable ones are marked on your map.


You can use this map compiled by redditors from this thread. There seems to be at least 1 Energy Core in every map except for the start maps and city maps. You will need to travel from zone to zone, checking the zone map in each to see if there are any Energy Cores up. if there is an Energy Probe up, then get there ASAP. There is a small window after someone destroyed it when you can loot the Power Core Components as well.


Code Fragments

Once you have the Power Core, the next step is gather code fragments. There are 5 types and you need 25 of each to form a cypher that can unlock the corresponding box inside Scarlet’s Secret Lair.

  • Watchwork Code Fragment
  • Aetherblade Code Fragment
  • Toxic Code Fragment
  • Molten Code Fragment
  • Scarlet’s Lockbox Code Fragment

There are three ways to obtain them at the moment

  • Doing the Twisted Marionette which occurs every 2 hrs on the hour in Lornar’s Pass. There are 5 paths here in the event and each path is a random assortment of mobs. Champions usually drop these code fragment the most often and since a lot of the champions are Twisted Clockworks, you will be getting a lot of Watchwork Code Fragments.
  • Once you have say 25 Watchwork Code Fragment, you can combine them to turn into Watchwork Cypher and head back to Scarlet’s Secret Lair. Once you have unlocked it, you do not need another 50 Power Core Fragments for re-entry. Opening the box corresponding to the Watchwork Cypher seem to give you a couple more fragments.
  • If you fail the Twisted Marionette event, you get a bag of Scarlet’s Spare Keys and can pick one bag from bags containing all but Scarlet’s Lockbox Code Fragment. Each bag contains 5 code fragments.


Journal Fragments

Unlocking each box inside Scarlet’s Secret Lair will give you a corresponding Scarlet Briar Fragments. Collect all 5 fragments to assemble them into Scarlet Briar’s Journal.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

99 replies on “GW2 Scarlet’s Secret Lair guide”

Great guide as always. There’s one spot in diessa plateau that wasn’t marked on the map. I added it to the attached map

They seem to respawn every 10- 15 minutes as i logged in 30 minutes before the puppet events started and i could do them twice during that time

Oh about probes, i can interact with the ones previously destroyed (not by myself) and they give me 1 Power Core Component

Note: If the Energy Probe have already being destroyed recently by someone else, it won’t be interactable. Interactable ones are marked on your map.

This is not true, you can wlk up to them and you get the option to loot them even if you weren’t there to destroy them, tested multiple times.

No, there is a time limit on how long the energy probe remains interactable after being destroyed by someone. If you try to interact it after that time limit, it won’t work.

Fair enough, It’s a decent amount of time tho 1 minute+ I collected about 100 of them the lazy way like this LOL.

Journal code is OMADD (for me at least)

Not sure what the “TV” means that pops up

I can confirm this. When the probe is destroyed, the map marker disappears. But you still have a small window of 1-2 minutes, in which you can interact with it, and collect the power cores even if you enter the map, after it’s been destroyed.

Posible Spoiler

Northern cross marks the Vigil Keep
Eastern cross marks the Durmand Priory
Southern cross marks the Chantry of Secrets (Order of Whispers Headquarters)
Western cross marks Lion’s Arch, maybe Claw Island.

When I first use Power Core to access Scarlet’s Secret Lair, it will be destroyed and i have to assemble another or I can use it again?

Can you destroy the same probe multiple times and still get cores (after it respawns, of course) or are they a one time thing?

I have done the Twisted Marionette four times (and failed each time) and have yet to see that window where you choose from the colored bags.

You should get one orange bag if the event fails and 5 orange bags if the event succeeds. The window appears when you double-clik on the bag.

Seems you get one bag no matter what, and an additional pr chain broken beyond the first.

My server failed the event after getting two chains down, and i found myself with two of those bags.

Having to gather 300 items just to unlock a story item with no practical game world value seems a bit excessive.

In particular with the guarded stomper towers that give out 1-3 core fragments after each fight (and then go on cooldown for who knows how long).

One would have thought that ANet had learned by now, as this is the same kind of “meh” mechanic they have been putting in since the first Halloween event.

You also have a lot of items in the chests of Scarlett’s room, not only the journal. And as you drop a lot of fragments during the fight against the marionette, it is just an indirect way to obtain loots.

The chests within the lair also drop 1 rare (or perhaps better) item and 1 salvage item with greens and blues ofc. They also drop Scarlet’s Lockbox Fragments (or w/e) and Journal pages. This chapter is focused on STORY of Scarlet and we find out how she got mad.

For those that have trouble with icons on the huge maps, here are the closest waypoints for them, Ive I’ve only done 4, but will add more as i get them.

Plains of Ashford 1-15
Diessa Plateau 15-25 Breached Wall, Blackblade, Old Gate
Fields of Ruin 30-40
Blazeridge Steppes 40-50
Iron Marches 50-60
Fireheart Rise 60-70

Queensdale 1-17
Kessex Hills 15-25 Delanian Foothills, Sojourner’s
Gendarran Fields 25-35 Northfields Waypoint, Bloodfield, Broad Hollow
Harathi Hinterlands 35-45
Bloodtide coast 45-55
Claw Island 51-60

Maguuma Jungle
Metrica Province 1-15
Caledon Forest 1-15
Brisban Wildlands 15-25
Sparkfly Fen 55-65
Mount Maelstrom 60-70

Shiverpeak Mountains
Wayfarer Foothills 1-15
Snowden Drifts 15-25 Hunter’s Pitfall
Lornar’s Pass 25-40 Refuge Peak, Guutra’s Homestead, Thunder Horns
Timberline Falls 50-60
Frostgorge Sound 70-80
Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40-50

Ruins of Orr
Straits of Devastation 70-75
Malchor’s Leap 75-80
Cursed Shore 80

I think that they drop on the little twisted minions (probably the healing ones). You also have a few more when the fight against the marionette is completed.

I think that they drop on little twisted minions (probably the healing ones). You can also have a few more when the fight against the marionette is completed.

I got every Cypher but the one obtained from 25 Scarlet’s Lockbox Code Fragment, any tips regarding how to get them (I have only 6 of them and we can’t get them from the bag of the event)?

Hey… after putting a code in the console and screen on wall apear… its done ? or there is something more to do… ?

Note sure if this was already noted, but guesting to 2 other servers can speed up collection from power nodes. I was able to complete all 50 in about 10 minutes only having to migrate maps a few times. Most on other server were still up or just down. Also not sure if this is noted here, but you can keep making keys and open already opened chests in scarlet’s lair for more loot.

dulfyyyyyyyyyy doe..I have a question does it matter which key you use? do they all contain equal loot? Just wondering 4 diff keys but if its all the same loot..why have diff cyphers w/e >_>..

Please note: if u don’t have 25 people playing, it’s almost impossible to sever one chain. If no chains are severed, you get nothing.
1 chain = 1 bag
2 chains = 2 bags

have went to the secret lair place many times after doing the Lions Arch instance and still never get the 10 power cores. Do you have to complete all 5 paths of the Twisted Marionette first ? I’ve done 4 so far.

Is scarlet’s lair gone? 🙁
I don’t get the living update to join the story in LA and I have participated in the marionette several times. I just get the edge of the mist now 🙁

Ty Enok, I tried it this morning and all I found was a veteran where the Lair is supposed to be 🙁
I think Dulfy is right, I think it’s gone.

Behind the Veteran is a projection of a rock wall. Go through the wall and you find it. 🙂
It is still there.

I will underline what Enok Said, make sure you’re at the right rock wall.

I got the Energy Probe Defender Slayer, Energy Probe Dismantler, The Secret Lair achievements and opened each chest and put together the journal pieces.

All of that was done this afternoon. So those are still doable, and the secret lair is still there. (I just followed the video step for step)
Why was I so late on doing achievements? Because procrastination! Good luck!

Ugh. I have no idea why my screenshot posted itself 4 times. I’m sorry, I tried deleting it and reposting but now it’s a guest posting. /quits

Tyvm sweet dulfy. I think you’re right. It might be gone. I tried this morning and all I found was a veteran where the Lair is supposed to be.
Ty again.

I just discovered Scarlett’s Lair 5 minutes before making this post. I never did the LA story before it was removed. Simply walk through the illusionary wall the vet troll spawns next to and you’re there.

I started clearing cheevos yesterday and I got most of them today. Basically all living story cheevos are still available.

So, do we still have some use for Aetherblade, Watchwork, Toxic, Molten, Scarlet’s Lockbox Code Fragments & Power Core Components after that part of the Living World is finished? Can we safely destroy them from our inventory? If we have 2, 10 or 17 or any number below 25?

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