GW2 The Origin of Madness Patch Coverage

A list of guides and galleries related to the GW2 The Origin of Madness patch released on Jan 21, 2014. Now updated with guide and achievements for Twisted Marionette and Great Jungle Wurm




Patch Notes

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Uh, these avoiding attack achievements are just avoiding the aoe circles on the ground, is a video needed for that? I wrote up a guide to them though if you want to check it out.

For the full duration of phase 2 you arae not to be hit by the mari’s attack and your lane needs to complete the phase. App you got hit somewhere along the fight.

Word from ANet is that you have to dodge the attacks and the event has to be successful to get credit. Dodging and then losing will get you nil.

You DO NOT need to dodge anything, simply avoiding it will work but you need to succeed in phase 2 of the event for your lane. I got video captured where I didn’t dodge anything and just avoided her attacks and got the achievement when the phase finished.

No you do not need to dodge. You just have to not stand in the circle for her attacks. To get it, you must 1 ) not get hit or stand inside the circle and 2) you lane must sucessfully complete phase 2 of the event

Mhh it does seem that dodging doesn’t need to be done, I got a few achievements for just avoiding the circles completely

Each capital city has an instanced area set aside as your ‘home’ instance. Chances are that you’ve had to visit it at some point during your personal story.

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