GW2 The Origins of Madness Game Update Patch notes

GW2 Patch notes for The Origins of Madness, a GW2 game update released on Jan 21, 2014.

January 21 Content Release Notes
The Origins of Madness
For weeks, mysterious probes have been thrumming ominously all across Tyria. Now, the Vigil has ordered a trio of crusaders to investigate three mysterious new probes that have been sighted in Bloodtide Coast. Meanwhile, the Priory in Lornar’s Pass has observed Scarlet Briar’s watchwork minions streaming into their region. What’s the connection between these events, and what exactly is Scarlet up to?
Twisted Marionette Weapon Test

  • New world event: Twisted Marionette world boss
  • Scarlet is recalling her twisted watchwork troops from all over Tyria to power her aethercannon weapon test. The results could be deadly if Scarlet is allowed to carry out her test.
  • Players must unite with fellow adventurers and allies to stop the attack!

Twisted Marionette Rewards

  • Completing The Origins of Madness meta-achievement will reward players with a Gift of Sprockets, which will create a new sprocket generator in their home instance.
  • Participating in the fight against the Twisted Marionette in Lornar’s Pass and investigating the energy probes throughout Tyria will grant players access to a hitherto secret location—with additional rewards inside.
  • Additional exclusive rewards include:
    • New power, precision, and healing power stat combinations. Includes both exotic (Zealot’s) and ascended (Keeper’s) items.
    • New Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa

Code Fragments

  • Gather code fragments from the battle at the Twisted Marionette weapon test.
  • After completing the story components of the weapon test and the great jungle wurm investigation, players can discover how to use the code fragments.

Triple Trouble

  • There’s a rumble in the jungle, and the Vigil needs help! Assist Crusaders Xutt, Yipp, and Zepp as they investigate three new probes in Bloodtide Coast.
  • After forging new allegiances to take down Tequatl the Sunless, it’s now time for players to rally their forces together in an all-new epic encounter!

Triple Trouble Rewards

  • Completing the new permanent meta-achievement, Triple Trouble, grants players the title of Great Jungle Wurm Slayer.
  • Assisting in the investigation of wurm activity in Bloodtide Coast will give players a chance at new exclusive rewards:
    • New wurm-themed ascended armor pieces
    • New wurm-themed rifle skins
    • New great jungle wurm minis
    • New exotic wurm minis
  • Additional note: Players can no longer sell sprockets to vendors, but they are still tradable at the trading post.


  • The Origins of Madness meta-achievement will task players with engaging in the fight against Scarlet’s Twisted Marionette weapon test in Lornar’s Pass.
  • Completing The Origins of Madness daily achievements will also contribute to the meta-achievement. These are earned by participating in either the Twisted Marionette weapon test in Lornar’s Pass or the Triple Trouble investigations in Bloodtide Coast.
  • The permanent Triple Trouble boss meta-achievement will task players with successfully defeating the great jungle wurms in Bloodtide Coast while also performing various feats to help out in the fight.


  • Fixed a bug that caused cooldowns to be reset while using the jump pads near the Tequatl encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving credit for completing fractal level 50.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Endless Toy Golem Tonic to produce the wrong item.
  • Fixed a potential client crash in the Cliffside fractal.
  • Improved some of the creature descriptions.
  • User Interface: Various updates have been made to the right-hand side of the HUD to improve its appearance and functionality.
  • User Interface: Hints have a new arrow that is more visible and animated.
  • To mitigate performance issues, items that summon pets now have a 30-minute cooldown.

Profession Skills

  • Leave Transform: This skill can no longer be set on auto-attack.


  • Arcane Wave: This skill is no longer ground-targeted while underwater and will now activate the area effect on the targeted enemy.
  • Earth’s Embrace: Fixed this trait to properly have reduced recharge when traited with Cantrip Mastery.


  • Rocket Turret—Rocket: This skill is no longer ground-targeted while underwater and will now fire at a targeted enemy.


  • Chaos Storm: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to stun enemies whether or not it dazed them when traited with Confounding Suggestions.


  • Putrid Mark: This skill will now blast an area only once when the trap executes.

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Battle of Khylo: Any destroyed trebuchets, clocktower windows, and clocktower walls will now reappear when the match begins.
  • Legacy of the Foefire: Any destroyed gates will now reappear when the match begins.

World vs. World

  • The Guard Leech boon has been renamed to Applied Strength.

New Items and Promotions

  • A new 3-pack of masterwork great jungle wurm minis is now available for a limited time in the Minis category of the Gem Store for 300 gems.
  • A new Great Jungle Wurm Finisher is now available to surprise enemies from below in PvP and WvW. Available in the Upgrades category for 800 gems.
  • Instant Trait Reset will be removed from the store at the end of January 27. It will still have a rare chance to be in Black Lion Chests.


  • Deposit All Collectibles no longer deposits miniatures. However, they can still be individually deposited by right-clicking on them.
  • Double-clicking a Black Lion Chest when players do not have any keys will now open the store and show players the keys.
  • The Black Lion Weapons Specialist conversation has been tweaked for clarity.
  • The Black Lion Chest rewards have been entirely overhauled, affecting all drop rates. Significant changes are below:
    • Tonics are no longer a dedicated slot in the drop. Instead, tonics will now occasionally drop like all other rewards.
    • Players will now get two rewards plus a booster from each chest. This means they can potentially get two of anything from a single chest.
    • Rare minis are now much rarer from Black Lion Chests.
    • New drops of Endless Mystery Tonics can be traded until they are used once.
    • The following items have been removed from Black Lion Chests:
      • Karma Booster
      • Glory Booster
      • Heavy Bag of Coins
      • Name Change Contract
      • Small Guild Discovery
      • Medium Guild Discovery
      • 1 Copper
    • The following items have been added to Black Lion Chests:
      • Instant Trait Reset
      • Communal Boost Bonfire
      • Essence of Luck (50)
      • Essence of Luck (100)
      • Metabolic Primer
      • Scroll of Knowledge
      • WXP Booster
      • Gathering Booster


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84 replies on “GW2 The Origins of Madness Game Update Patch notes”

To mitigate performance issues, items that summon pets now have a 30-minute cooldown.
yea sure “performance issues”

I will not claim that this is their reason, but summoned pets like the embers were summoned x10 by many players on big fights like Teq etc. and could multiply their DPS output (player + X amount of pets summoned by them) by as much as you’d like to summon.

It might be preformance issues too (loads of models cause loads of lag) but IMO I think it’s just to prevent people to use these minions on the new world bosses

You never could summon x10 a pet.. You can only summon 1 per time (Max 2, if you have both Ember and ogre pet whistle).

The mains reasons of they being removing it is the abuse of use. Simple. They aren’t agains it use on tequatl. But people was using it to Farm on mobs, to fast kill on dungeons, even to leech around and let the ele killing while the are in “Auto-heal”. Abuse is a shit, but now, we will simple can’t be able to complete Tequatl (Since as we need 3x Burn with eles.)

HOW IN THE HOLY HELL, Anet think we can beat Tequatl without Fire eles? Next thing is what? Nerf Ice bows and Fgs? >_<

We defeat it easilly every time, and never seen that many fire ele xD and he meant 10 people summoning 10 fire eles, lol.

“player + X amount of pets summoned” , sorry. But this makes understand that he is saying a single person summoning a lot. And Fyi, At least 70% of tequatl beats are largely dependent of Fire eles. Don’t means thats because your server has a large number of players able to do (I believe u are a t1 server), makes this that easy to any other server. Actually, any server below T2 is unable to complete by its own main flow without 1 hour coordination.

Not sure about this one. It sucks because I am always WPing all over the place. Since Minis do not stay out that means what? I can only summon once every 1/2 hour?

Or is this specific to Runes that summon parrots and shit?

Pets and eles opening lava fountains all over the place puts a drag on people’s systems. Not everyone has a ‘leet gaming rig.

But yeah, it was cheap DPS as well.

What the hell most of this update is just them talking about the Black Lion Chest… Fuck to think I was eagerly awaiting this patch and thought we would get a lot of content, super disappointed. Two world bosses I don’t give a fuck about? Woo.

problem is not “not enough content”, it’s “meaningful content”. This is one more of like power-ranger random encounter episode with random giant monster.

You do realize that there are tons of people who say the same about anything that’s not challenging, world boss content, right? “Meaningful content” is subjective.

who said anything about “challenging”, i specifically said these contents, scarlet and her minions, are random, i.e. sidetracked from the lore. Don’t pick out an line of argument and created a controversy out of it

My point was that this /is/ meaningful content to lots of people. It’s exactly what lots of people want.

And I don’t see scarlet and her minions as sidetracked from the lore at all. They’re new lore, but that’s the awesomeness of a living world.

Whilst I agree this may be ‘meaningful’ to some, the reason people complain is if you are not interested in ‘lore’ and/or what is for the most part very, very easy content, then there has been a distinct lack of content in this game.

I don’t mind new lores or what not, but at least do it after we get somewhere with our current main lore. Still a handful dragons left to deal with, even Zhaitan’s demise is still unsure. They left us hanging and there to switch from the fantasy world with magic, dragon, and god to Scifi world with robots and guns.

Problem is people whining about content without understanding it, nor realizing that “meaningful content” takes time. They aren’t going to push out a “meaningful content” (ahem and who says world bosses isn’t meaningful, that’s subjective) right after the holidays.

I never liked the scarlet plot and hope it ends soon, but y’all need to chill with the non-stop whining of content. The problem isn’t the content, the problem is you guys who will stop at nothing to nitpick everything. “it’s not meaningful enough, it’s not hard enough, it’s not challenging enough, it’s not accessible enough”. Jeeez.

Also just did one of the battles, kind of fun but the skill lag makes it slightly difficult. Too many people not knowing what to do as well, but it’s kind of fun.

Bro, to see what people waiting as a content, you maybe need to see what we have in GW1, just compare number of skill, its ridiculous, and you miss the most important side of content, the reward, and we actually get only interesting things in BLKC…You understand a little better the problem now ?

Support ANET in this way, its just a downscale of what people want,ask and waited since 2007 (gw2 announcement)….But give us a real expansion with great content, that we need to buy, then most of the people will be agree, like again on GW1, ok ?

of course,no one expect them to come up another primal dragon’s fight right after the holiday. But consider in the past year, all that time, and look at where we are now. We still got a handful remaining dragon, still the undead lord in Elona. Lots of potential rich content. Even fighting one dragon per year, this game will still last a long time. Instead, their focus for all that time has been on random LS contents with random enemies, and now they chose to sew everything together with this almighty supergenious Scarlet that appears out of thin air with virtually infinite resource (She’s the gw2 version of Rita Repulsa: random and annoying with A.D.D symptoms).
Not that we are not nitkicking anything, it’s the frustration at Anet who did not use all that time to fix all kinds of issues that had been raised since day 1 of release. They have been slow on that, and rather use the time to focus on thing like this current LS that we can live without. The reaction never said “Fix my skills according to how I like it” , the message was “get off the LS obsession and at least focus on fixing existing issues”

That and they would endlessly moan and complain that they don’t like it because the content wasn’t tailored to them specifically.

Fuck off. I don’t like World Bosses. I don’t do ANY of them. I was expecting content I would actually play, since this said this was building up to the end of the story arc. I was expecting story instances, interesting stuff.

This is part 1 of 4 parts to the ending of the story arc I do believe, so hold your horses, story instance are probably coming our way~

Awesome, another cad who thinks their personal opinion is the standard by which quality is measured. You obviously would rather complain than enjoy yourself, so why bother? Play the new Metal Gear Solid, it’s basically one big cutscene so should be right up your alley.

You are a baby, they are going to detail every change made and if that means they changed BLC and need to write it then fucking deal with it.

To mitigate performance issues, items that summon pets now have a 30-minute cooldown.
Tequatl encounters dies – 21st, january 2014.

Game is flooded with disapointed folks with this release, a profit oriented rather than a QoS one. The whole sigil/rune live stream was done right before this update thus created some quite mislead expectation. Just another push of gemstore contents and hamster treadmills to promote said contents. Kinda sad, dont feel like doing those “new content” at all. As a subtle get-back-at-you, so not buying a single gem for the duration of this LS scarlet BS.

Yeah anyone who didn’t pay attention that is. Most people knew that the changes were not coming this patch. Not only that, they reiterated the fact. Its a MMO but it is also just a game. If you aren’t having fun playing it then piss off to be honest.

MMO is a type of game last time I checked, why use “but”?

And ppl all paid for this game, not jus box price, alot of them supported anet through gem purchase too, which means ppl deserve to hav fun with it, and if its not fun for them then they hav the right to complain, we living in demoncracy after all.

…what ? xD they just changed the black lion chest drop table (wich was a ripoff xD since the beginning as any “jackpot” item in any game) and people nag about money ripoff lol…and the patch is out for like…30 minute ? XD with no boss encounters yet ? how can they be disappointed… nowadays, never happy.

Instant Trait Reset will be removed from the store at the end of January 27. It will still have a rare chance to be in Black Lion Chests.
WTF??? i mean, i’m ok with all… but why this? D:

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that pretty much nobody bought it. It’d still be a cool thing to get in a chest though.

Maybe they are finally going to add some sort of system that let’s you store several builds in game (no doubt for gems), you know the sort of thing that has been in other MMOs for years.

WTF we DON’T have to pay for it, its a basic “gameplay” improvement !!!

It’s just a touch, for 1 option with build saving in our computer…

Next what ? We must paid gems to get new skills or new traits or to use direct X 11 maybe …?

Go on to pay those stuffs, and your game is already walking dead…

Wake up sheepers !

You could say the same thing about the collection bank upgrades. But those are quality of life things. You can reset your traits for cheap any time, but it takes time. Thus, QOL.

Just got back from the giant puppet fight and we all died while trying our best to cut and slash =( Damn overflow. And where does she get all these resource to build infinite robots and giant robot?

Maybe she recylce them istantly 😀 lol….still i don’t think any world completed it XD People missed a lot of key components of the fight…like the golems, the arrow cart and building barricades…

Well, we need pictures of the new exclusive Wurm Ascended Armor. I am sure you will be the first to have the pictures up soon enough. Thanks.

the body piece is Arah medium so I doubt that’s the actual new ascended armor … if it is, Anet srsly lacks on creativity and new ideas

anet probably just reusing old skins because they think ppl aren’t using it because they don’t know about it, not because the skins were ugly and ppl hated using it

Nah. I had a lot of fun last night with it. I’m looking forward to giving both the worm and marionette another crack tonight.

I would have appreciated a fix for the bugs in COF p1, instead of the ridiculousness they threw in there, which now causes teammates to die left and right. Because that acolyte room wasn’t OP enough, eh? Indeed, Anet, I wanted to spend as much time in there as possible *eyeroll*

Seriously? COF p1 is easy as hell. Acolyte room too hard for you? Strategize. Go down stairs or avoid direct combat. Trust me, it’s easy 😐

You can no longer “go downstairs”, darlin. Or avoid direct combat, for that matter. That’s exactly the point I was making. Apparently you haven’t ran p1 since the patch. I have ran it hundreds of times before and know well enough how to “strategize”. I went in there with a great team of people, and we still died left and right in that room. So I don’t even want to know how that path is going to go with folks who have no clue what they’re doing. My point was that this was an entirely unnecessary alteration. God fobid they would have actually fixed some bugs instead.

Sounds like a lot of interesting stuff! I’m curious to see these new inspired wurm armor pieces. Hooray for new content~

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