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SWTOR THORN Rakghoul Resurgence event guide

A guide to the Rakghoul Resurgence event and the THORN reputation in SWTOR. The event will run from Jan 12 to 26 on Tatooine.


How to Start & Planet Dallies

Rakghoul event now runs monthly on a different planet each time. From Jan 12 –26 2016 it will be on Tatooine.

1) Starter Quest from Fleet

Players level 20 and above can participate in this event as the mobs in the tunnel scale to your level. If you attempt The Eyeless operation boss, you will be bolstered (on storymode)

You will find new terminals on the fleet. Interacting with it will give you a small cutscene and a quest. You will also receive the codex entry for THORN. You will complete this quest once you arrive inside the Rakghoul tunnels on the planets which will reward you with 10410 credits, 1 Glowing Data Crystal and THORN Booster Pin (green rep item).

  • The Empire quest is called Combating the Plague.
  • The Republic quest is called To Fight Infection



You will need to head out to Alderaan and talk to Doctor Ressel (Empire) outside House Thul or Tralie Masoon (Republic) outside House Organa. You will also get the codex entry Rakghouls on Alderaan when you arrive on Alderaan.


Once you have talked to them, you will need to travel to the location of The Spike, a giant drill located in King’s Pass to access the Rakghoul tunnels. Walking near The Spike will give you the codex entry for it. There is a speeder that will take you right to the Spike that is near the camp where Doctor Ressel or Tralie Masoon resides.



You will need to head out to Corellia and talk to Doctor Ressel (Empire) in Incorporation Island or Tralie Masoon (Republic) in Blastfield Shipyards

Once you have talked to them, you will need to travel to the location of The Spike, a giant drill located in Labor Valley, west of Imperial War Camp. Walking near The Spike will give you the codex entry for it.There is a speeder that will take you right to the Spike that is near the camp where Doctor Ressel or Tralie Masoon resides.



You will need to head out to Tatooine and talk to Doctor Ressel (Empire) outside Mos Ila or Tralie Masoon (Republic) outside Anchorhead.


Once you have talked to them, you will need to travel to the location of The Spike, a giant drill located in north side of the Dune Sea to access the Rakghoul tunnels. Walking near The Spike will give you the codex entry for it. There is a speeder that will take you right to the Spike that is near the camp where Doctor Ressel or Tralie Masoon resides.


2) Quarantine Daily


Behind Doctor Ressel/Tralie Masoon is a datapad with a daily that is completed around the their camp instead of the Rakghoul tunnels. You will need to find Infected NPCs around the area marked by the daily and then get very close them to use your mission item. If you missed this datapad, you can also get it inside the Rakghoul Tunnels.


3) Spreading Infection Daily

You get this daily automatically when you reach stage2/stage 3 of the Rakghoul Plague and blow up, infecting other players. The daily asks you to infect 3 other players give you 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister and 1 green rep item.

The Rakghoul Plague has 3 stages

  • Stage 1 – lasts 10 minutes, you do not blow up when you die.
  • Stage 2 – lasts 10 minutes, you explode when you die, infecting others. What you can do is buy the VIP Lounge Wristband from the droid Cantina vendor in the middle of the fleet for 1 million and the use the elevator to get up top. When you reach stage 2, you can leap from up there down to the gathering crowd below and infect anyone not infected/vaccinated.
  • Stage 3 – you automatically blow up.


Rakghoul Tunnels and the Dallies

Dallies Count


Dallies Terminal

You will find a bunch of dallies on the mission terminal as well as the datapad nearby. You will also get the codex entry Rakghoul Propagation when you enter the tunnels. Make sure you grab some Rakghoul Vaccines off the Medical Droid near the entrance to the tunnels as each can protect you from ~6 hrs of Rakghoul plague, which is very annoying to have.


Rakghoul Tunnels

Rakghoul tunnel is divided into 3 sections: Contagion Zone, Infested Pathways, The Epicenter. They are all interconnected with each other. Epicenter is where you will find the Jawa vendor Jeelvic and is also the location for the [Heroic 4]


Contagion Zone: [Daily] Collecting Raklings /Rounding Up Rakling– 5 minutes

  • Reward: 10410 credits, 1 Glowing Crystal and 1 THORN Booster Pin (green rep item).

This is a timed daily and you have 5 minutes to complete it once you have injected your first Fungal Flora.

Locate one of the egg shaped Fungal Flora in the marked area in Contagion Zone and click it. You will need to find two other Fungal Floras within 5 minutes and then escort all the raklings back to the mission terminal.


Contagion Zone: [Daily] Dissecting the Plague/Tracking the Plague

  • Reward: 10410 credits, 1 Glowing Crystal and 1 THORN Booster Pin (green rep item).

Kill a bunch of the infected mobs inside the Contagion Zone until you collect 10 Mutagen Samples from their corpses.


[Daily] The Tunnel Network/Navigating the Tunnels

  • Reward: 10410 credits, 1 Glowing Crystal, 1 THORN Booster Pin (green rep item) and 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister

This quest has you travel all over the Rakghoul tunnel. When you arrive at the marked location on the map, use your Navigation Beacon Scanner provided on the tracked quest menu to look for the navigation beacons.


Infested Pathways: [Daily] All that Remains/A Grim Examination

  • Reward: 10410 credits, 1 Glowing Crystal and 1 THORN Booster Pin (green rep item).

You have to do two things for this daily a) Scan 5 skull like items by interacting with it and b) Kill 25 Rakghouls inside the Infested pathways. When you attack Rakghouls, their friends tend to spawn and join the fight so 25 Rakghouls isn’t a lot.

swtor-rakghoul-resurgence-event-guide-dallies- all-that-remains

The Epicenter – [Heroic 4] Fungal Corruption/Flora and Fauna

  • Reward: 16242 credits, 2 Glowing Crystals, 1 Engraved Rakghoul Claw (blue rep item) and 2 Rakghoul DNA Canister

Clicking on the interactable puddles on the ground will spawn champions called Rakghoul Blight which will drop the Fungal samples you need for the quest.

swtor-rakghoul-resurgence-event-guide-dallies- heroic-4-fungal-corruptionswtor-rakghoul-resurgence-event-guide-dallies- heroic-4-fungal-corruption-2

Jeelvic the Jawa Vendor

Everyone’s favourite Jawa vendor Jeelvic is back! He can be found in The Epicenter area of the Rakghoul tunnels (and also the cartel bazaar section of the fleet) but before you bolt your way to there, grab a repeatable quest (weekly) off the Contagion Zone as that will not only lead you to Jeelvic but also give you 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister.


What does Jeelvic sell? Lots of stuff

  • Decorations
  • Black-Green crystals (tradeable)
  • Pets
  • Infected Mounts
  • Exchange old Rakghoul DNA samples from last event back in 2012 for Rakghoul DNA Canister at a ratio of 50:1 (50 samples for 1 canister)


Where does Barnacle of the Eyeless, Symbiotic Fungal Bloom, and Exotic Plague Specimen drop?

  • Barnacle of the Eyeless drops from The Eyeless. Only enough drops for 1/2 of the raid in hardmode and 1/4 of the raid in storymode so you will need to roll for it. It is tradeable
  • Symbiotic Fungal Bloom drops from the Fungus elites and The Catalyst, see the section on Rare Spawns of this guide to know where to find them. It is tradeable.
  • Exotic Plague Specimen drops from the world boss in Alderaan.. It is BoP.


Plaguetail Kowakian Monkey-lizard

  • 10 Rakghoul DNA Canister
  • 1 Barnacle of the Eyeless
  • 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom
  • 1 Exotic Plague Specimen
Infected Dewback

  • 50 Rakghoul DNA Canister
  • 1 Barnacle of the Eyeless
  • 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom
  • 4 Exotic Plague Specimen
Infected Varactyl

  • 25 Rakghoul DNA Canister
  • 1 Barnacle of the Eyeless
  • 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom
  • 2 Exotic Plague Specimen

Contaminated Rakling – 4 Rakghoul DNA Canister – Champion standing


Irradiated Rakling – 2 Rakghoul DNA Canister – Newcomer standing


Plaguetail Kowakian Monkey-lizard – Legend standing


Infected Dewback – Legend standing 


Infected Varactyl – Legend standing 


The Eyeless

The Eyeless is an operation boss for 8 or 16 players available in two difficulty modes with a weekly lockout. There is no reputation requirement to enter his lair, which is located on the bottom right corner of Infested Pathways section of the tunnels.

However, if you want to get the [OPS] Heart of Infection quest, which rewards you with 2 Rakghoul DNA Canisters, 1 Engraved Rakghoul Claw (blue rep item), 4 Glowing Data Crystals and 20k credits, you will need Outsider rank and purchase a THORN Priority Authorization from the reputation vendors for 1k. This will allow you to interact with the terminal back at the Rakghoul Tunnels starter area to receive the quest.



  • 8m story (L65) – 6.22 mil


Storymode 8m


Hardmode 8m



Mechanics for this boss is very simple and is identical in storymode/hardmode. Only one tank is needed as there is no tank swap mechanics.

  • Infected Phlegm: Throws down a green circle on the ground that needs to be avoided. Whoever get caught in it get a stacking debuff which doesn’t seem to do any damage but might kill you if you get too many stacks.(5 stacks on hardmode and 10 stacks on storymode will kill you and anyone around you).


  • Crush: Huge purple circle place right under The Eyeless. Tank and all melee need to move out of it or risk taking a massive amount of damage and knockback.


  • Pound: Proximity AoE attack, deals damage mostly to melee and tank.
  • Adds: Rakghoul Dewelers – around 12k HP on storymode 8m and 20k HP on hardmode 8m. They are not hard to deal with and can be killed rather quickly by the DPS. They seem to come with every Crush attack.


  • 8m storymode: 1 Defiant (216) unassembled gear, 8 Glowing Data Crystals, 12 Common Data Crystals, 1 Engraved Rakghoul Claw (blue rep), 4 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 2 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1 Symbiote Rakling (rare drop)
  • 8m hardmode: 1 Exarch (220) unassembled gear, 4 Radiant Data Crystals, 6 Glowing Data Crystals, 1 THORN Citation of Distinction (purple rep), 1 Arkanian token, 6 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 4 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1 Symbiote Rakling (rare drop)
  • 16m storymode: 2 Defiant (216) unassembled gear, 8 Glowing Data Crystals, 12 Common Data Crystals,1 THORN Citation of Distinction (purple rep), 6 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 4 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1 Symbiote Rakling (rare drop)
  • 16m hardmode: 2 Exarch (220) unassembled gear, 4 Radiant Data Crystals, , 6 Glowing Data Crystals, 1 THORN Citation of Distinction (purple rep), 2 Arkanian token, 8 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 8 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1-2 Symbiote Rakling (rare drop)

World Bosses

Note: For world bosses, only the world boss in the planet the rakghoul event is active will spawn. The world bosses on the other two planets will not spawn (i.e. if the rakghoul event is happening Alderaan, only Shellshock is around, but not the other two).


World boss in Corellia, located in the SE corner of Axial Park. He drops a new pet Plaguehorn Sleen in addition to Exotic Plague Specimen. Make sure you have a couple of vaccines from the medical droid inside the Rakghoul tunnels or have someone with Revan holostatue.

  • Make sure to tank him against a post as he has a nasty aoe knockback and can reset.
  • 20 minutes respawn




World boss in Tatooine. Located in Jundlands around coordinates 1200, -1350. He drops a new pet Plaguehorn Reek in addition to Exotic Plague Specimen. Make sure you have a couple of vaccines from the medical droid inside the Rakghoul tunnels or have someone with Raven holostatue.

  • Respawn timer is around 20 minutes




World boss outside the Rakghoul Tunnels in King’s Pass in Alderaan. Also drops the components you needed to purchase mounts and pets from Jeelvic.

  • Drops Exotic Plague Specimen, which is not tradeable
  • Drops Plagueshard Lylek, which is BoL.
  • Tank and spank fight but you will need to buy vaccines from the medical droid just inside the Rakghoul tunnels to avoid the stuns.


Rare Spawns

Frenzied Plaguebearer

You get attacked by plaguebears when you exit the spaceport and also when you head towards the Rakghoul event NPC on each planet. Sometimes instead of regular plaguebearer, this elite Frenized Plaguebearer will spawn instead and has a chance to drop Pale Rakling, one of the pets (BoE)


The Tunnel Lurker

The Tunnel Lurker is a champion mob with 351k HP that roam the left half of the Infested Pathways mostly. He is after by achievement hunters as he is required for a bunch of achievements that require defeating him with various pets (see achievement  section).

  • Has a rare chance to drop Crimson Rakling, which is BoP.


Fungus Elites/The Catalyst

The Catalyst is a rare spawn that can replace any of the 5 Fungus Elites you need for the Hey! I’m a Fungi achievement. Like the Fungus Elites, it has a chance to drop the parts you need to purchase the mounts and pets from Jeelvic.

  • Drops Symbiotic Fungal Bloom, The Catalyst has a higher chance to drop them. These are tradeable
  • Also have a rare chance to drop Fungal Rakling, which is BoL.


The Midnight Rakghoul – Secret Boss in Kaon under Siege

This is a secret boss added recently with the Rakghoul event. He has a 100% chance to drop the Midnight Rakling pet (BoP).

  • He has a similar plague effect to Shellshock the world boss in Alderaan so you will need vaccines or have relic from the reputation vendors. Also have an interruptable rock throw.



Character specific titles:

  • [name], The Rakghoul Nightmare -  You earned this title by participating in rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan, Corellia and Tatooine.
  • [name], Unseen Assailant – You earned this title by defeating The Eyeless during the Rakghoul Resurgence.

Legacy Titles

  • First Responder (Newcomer standing)
  • THORN Specialist (Hero standing)
  • The Neutralizer (Legend standing)

Codex Entries

THORN: Received when you interact with the news terminal on the fleet


Rakghouls on Alderaan: Received when you arrive on Alderaan from the spaceport during the Rakghoul Resurgence event on Alderaan. Codex is received automatically when the announcer starts their announcement in chat.


The Spike: Obtainable in Alderaan, King’s Pass area when you encounter the giant drill. You may need to run around the area around The Spike until you get it.


The Rakghoul Tunnels: Received when you first enter the tunnels via The Spike.


Rakghoul Propagation: Received when you first pick up the [DAILY]  Collecting Raklings/Rounding Up Rakling from the mission terminal.


THORN Reputation

THORN stands for The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization and is founded by Addalar Hyland, a philanthropist. Its goals are to search for a cure to the Rakghoul Plague while also stomping out major planetary infestations.

Rank Rep Cumulative Rep Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach (12672/week) Legacy Title*
Outsider 2500 2500 0 0 0  
Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0 0 First Responder
Friend 7500 15000 1 1 1  
Hero 10000 25000 2 1 1 THORN Specialist
Champion 15000 40000 3 3 3  
Legend 30000 70000 5 5 5 The Neutralizer

There is a max limit of reputation you can earn per week (usually 12000). However, you can go over that cap slightly if you use a purple rep item right before you hit the cap. Depending on your guild reputation bonus, the optimal reputation point to stop and consume the purple rep item have being calculated.

  • With 0% guild reputation bonus, you can reach a max of 11970 + 1440 = 13410 reputation/week (subscribers)
  • With 10% guild reputation bonus, you can reach a max of 11979 + 1584 = 13563 reputation/week (subscribers)


Reputation Rewards

Reputation Rewards Rakghoul DNA Canister
None Infected Companion Customizations 4
Outsider THORN Priority Authorization 1k credits
Outsider Art: Rakghouls 2
Newcomer Antiviral Kit MK1-3 (relics) 5k-20k credits
Newcomer THORN Epicenter Armor Set 1 per piece
Friend Plagued Companion Customizations 8
Friend Art: Rakghoul Lurkers 2
Hero Outbreak Response Weapons 4-6
Hero Treek Plagued Customization 12
Hero Art: Rakghoul Caverns 4
Champion THORN Dark Vector Armor Set 2-6 per piece

All of the rewards are Bind to Legacy except for THORN Priority Authorization which is BoP.

To get to the THORN reputation vendors, you can find them right inside the Rakghoul tunnels or you can find them in the cartel bazaar section of the fleet.


THORN Epicenter Armor Set – Newcomer


THORN Dark Vector Armor Set – Champion


Outbreak Response weapons – Hero




Infected Companion Customizations

  • Row 1: Kira Carsen (Knight), Elara Dorne (Trooper), Corso Riggs (Smuggler)
  • Row 2: Tharan Cedrax (Consular), Vector (Agent), Mako (Bounty Hunter)
  • Row 3: Malavai Quinn (Warrior), Andronikos Revel (Inquisitor)


Plagued Companion Customizations – Friend standing except for Treek which requires Hero

  • Row 1: Rusk (Knight), Guss Tuno (Smuggler), Yuun (Trooper)
  • Row 2: Tanno Vik (Trooper),Aric Jorgan (Trooper), Qyzen (Consular)
  • Row 3: Zenith (Consular), Skadge (Bounty Hunter), Kaliyo (Agent)
  • Row 4: Gault (Bounty Hunter), Vette (Warrior), Ashara (Inquisitor), Treek (All)



Location map for Hey! I’m a Fungi where you need to locate

  • 0/5 Fungus Breeder
  • 0/5 Fungus Collector
  • 0/5 Fungus Cultivator (located in The Epicenter)
  • 0/5 Fungus Harvester
  • 0/5 Fungus Planter


Beasts (170 pts)

  Name Description Points Legacy Title
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.01 Establishing a Perimeter Killed 50 Rakghouls in the infested tunnels 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.01 Tunnel Reinforcements Killed 250 Rakghouls in the infested tunnels 25  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.01 Tunnel Vision Killed 1000 Rakghouls in the infested tunnels 25 Rakghoul Ravager
consumingdarkness Isolating the Infection Dispatched 50 infected creatures and humanoids in the infested tunnels. 10  
consumingdarkness Stopping the Spread Dispatched 250 infected creatures and humanoids in the infested tunnels. 25  
consumingdarkness Enforcing the Quarantine Dispatched 1000 infected creatures and humanoids in the infested tunnels. 50  
plague Hey! I’m a Fungi Dispatch every fungus-harvesting Rakghoul symbiote in the Rakghoul Tunnels.
0/5 Fungus Breeder
0/5 Fungus Collector
0/5 Fungus Cultivator
0/5 Fungus Harvester
0/5 Fungus Planter
The Catalyst

General (235 points)

There are 4 hidden achievements that will be revealed once you have done the daily quests.

  Name Description Points Legacy Title
orbitalmultistrikes Tunnel Containment Defeated 500 non-player opponents while in the plague-infested tunnels. 10  
orbitalbombardment Tunnel Annihilation Defeated 1000 non-player opponents while in the plague-infested tunnels. 25  
thermaldetonation Tunnel Eradication Defeated 3000 non-player opponents while in the plague-infested tunnels. 50  
achievementicon The Lighting at the End of the Tunnel Completed all combat achievements for the plague-infested tunnels.
Enforcing the Quarantine
Establishing a Perimeter
Isolating the Infection
Stopping the Spread
Tunnel Annihilation
Tunnel Containment
Tunnel Eradication
Tunnel Reinforcements
Tunnel Vision
25 Cure for the Plague
HIDDEN Tunneling Through the Mountains Participated in the rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan
[DAILY] Quarantine: House Thul
[DAILY] Quarantine: House Organa
Assisted THORN on Alderaan
HIDDEN A Rocky Foundation Participated in the rakghoul plague relief efforts on Corellia.
[DAILY] Quarantine: Blastfield Shipyards [DAILY] Quarantine: Incorporation Islands Assisted THORN on Corellia
HIDDEN Buried in the Sand Participated in the rakghoul plague relief efforts on Tatooine.
[DAILY] Quarantine: Anchorhead
[DAILY] Quarantine: Mos Ila
Assisted THORN on Tatooine
HIDDEN Rakghouls, Rakghouls Everywhere Participated in the rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan, Corellia and Tatooine.
Assisted THORN on Multiple Worlds
Buried in the Sand
A Rocky Foundation
Tunneling through the Mountains

Player vs Player (220 points)

There is one hidden achievement (infected 1000 players with the rakghoul plague)

  Name Description Points Legacy Title
boostedwarzone2 Novice Plague Researcher Defender Defeated 10 players in the plague-infested tunnels 10  
boostedwarzone3 Plague Research Defender Defeated 50 players in the plague-infested tunnels 25  
boostedwarzone4 Elite Plague Researcher Defender Defeated 100 players in the plague-infested tunnels 50  
darkaffliction Calling in Sick Infected 5 players with the rakghoul plague 10  
rakghoul-event-icon Breaking Quarantine Infected 25 players with the rakghoul plague 25  
bloodthirst An Infectious Personality Infected 100 players with the rakghoul plague 50  
HIDDEN Mobile Contagion Infected 1000 players with the rakghoul plague 50  

Pets (175 points)

  Name Description Points Legacy Title
humanskull Lord of the Raklings Completed all rakling achievements
The Contaminated Rakling
The Crimson Rakling
The Fungal Rakling
The Irradiated Rakling
The Midnight Rakling
The Pale Rakling
The Symbiote Rakling
25 Lord of the Raklings
medicinepack Galactic Veterinarian Collected a menagerie of infected pets
AH-hahahahaha! *cough
Plaguehorn Reek
Plagueshard Lylek
Plaguetooth Sleen
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.01 The Pale Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Pale Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.03 The Crimson Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Crimson Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.02 The Midnight Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Midnight Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.a01_v04 The Fungal Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Fungal Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.a01_v05 The Symbiote Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Symbiote Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.a01_v06 The Irradiated Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Irradiated Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.rakghoul.rakghoul.a01_v07 The Contaminated Rakling Defeated The Tunnel Lurker with your Contaminated Rakling summoned. 10  
pet.monkey.lizard.infected_v01 AH-hahahahaha! *cough* Collected the Kowakian Monkey-Lizard pet 10  
pet.acklay.lylek.infected_v01 Plagueshard Lylek Collected the Plagueshard Lylek pet 10 Plaguehorn Reek Collected the Plaguehorn Reek pet 10  
pet.lizard.sleen.infected_v01 Plaguetooth Sleen Collected the Plaguetooth Sleen pet 10  

The Eyeless (70 points)

  Name Description Points Legacy Title
mysticalupgrade3 Keeping an Eye Out Defeated The Eyeless on 8-person story mode 10  
mysticalupgrade6 Keeping an Eye Out (Hardmode) Defeated The Eyeless on 8-person hard mode. 25  
mysticalupgrade1 Turning a Blind Eye Defeated The Eyeless on 16-person story mode 10  
mysticalupgrade2 Turning a Blind Eye (Hardmode) Defeated The Eyeless on 16-person hard mode 25  


Information on the pets was taken from enderandrew42 on reddit.

If you are unsure on the location of Tunnel Lurker, Frenized Plaguebearer, Shellshock, and Fungus Rakghouls, please see the Rare Spawns section of the guide.

  • Plaguetail Kowakian Monkey-Lizard – Buy from Jeelvic – BoL
  • Contaminated Rakling – Buy from Jeelvic – BoL
  • Crimson Rakling – Tunnel Lurker rare drop – BoP
  • Fungal Rakling – Fungus Rakghouls rare drop – BoL
  • Irradiated Rakling – Buy from Jeelvic – BoL
  • Midnight Rakling – Kaon Under Siege secret boss – BoP
  • Pale Rakling – Frenzied Plaguebearer – BoE
  • Symbiote Rakling – Eyeless rare drop – BoP
  • Plagueshard Lylek – Shellshock Guaranteed (Alderaan world boss)– BoL
  • Plaguehorn Reek – Plaguehorn Guaranteed (Tatooine world boss) – BoL
  • Plaguetooth Sleen – Toxxun Guaranteed (Corellia world boss) – BoL

The Midnight Rakghoul – Secret Boss in Kaon under Siege

This is a secret boss added recently with the Rakghoul event. He has a 100% chance to drop the Midnight Rakling pet on both storymode and hardmode Kaon under Siege

  • He has a similar plague effect to Shellshock the world boss in Alderaan so you will need vaccines or have relic from the reputation vendors. Also have an interruptable rock throw.



Some of the information contained here are taken from friends at, which have compiled an excellent resource for the Rakghoul Resurgence guide as well (In German). German readers are encourage to visit their guide located here.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Absolutely fantsatic as always dulfy. Also The Jawa Vendor is back in the epicentre and is selling the Black-Green Crystals as well as new Infected Dewback and Varactyl and also the option to trade 50 DNA for 1 Cannister.

Thanks for the guide Dulfy! Ran into you in the tunnels but I was on the Republic side. 😉 There was a daily I picked up from a datapad in the tent outside House Organa. It was to inoculate 5 people but I couldn’t figure out where/who it was talking about inoculating. Oh well. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

WOOT Dead On Arrival on BC was able to kill Eyeless on 16man story and hard right as the servers went down! Will be posting a screen for our hard completion when the SWTOR sit comes up. Holy adds, Batman! is all I can say about that fight!

same as xeno so story was ark gear and i’m pretty sure hard was underworld. couldnt really tell as everyone had to rapid click need so the server didnt steal the loot lol had like 30 secs to spare before it went down

Is this area instanced as with Xenoanalyst, or just “open world” as with the Wampa and the Klor slug on Ilum? the “16HM” part implies instanced but there’s an area on the middle map marked “Lair of the Eyeless” with no indication of a zone transition.

Is there a reputation level needed for “Lair of the Eyeless”? Kinda like how Xeno needed a reputation to get to him? (or did I miss that bit of info in the reading?)

Just a heads up, but in the “Plagued companion customisations” section, Vette is an SW comp, as opposed to a BH comp, and Skadge is a BH comp, rather than agent. Minor squiggles aside, a nice guide as always 😀

So if 50 DNA samples equal a DNA Cannister….and you need 50 Cannisters for the mount. Does that mean you need 2.5k DNA Samples?! Thereby infecting 2500 people?

The Cannisters, not the Samples, are the primary currency this time (the Samples are accepted just to help out those people that have been saving them for 2 years!), and you can get up to 4 Cannisters per day, plus 12 more for doing the Ops boss in both modes, plus a couple more one-off ones. It’s just about possible to have got 50 Cannisters in the week IF you happened to get the Ops boss done before the 1200 GMT reset on the Tuesday the event started.

(Personally, I find that time difference between the event start/end times and the weekly resets rather annoying — it gives an unfair advantage to those that can play at that time on a Tueday).

Crap 🙁

Oh well… sucks… I don’t like these new outfits one bit so I won’t be doing the event.
More time for my alts tho so I’m fine with that 🙂

(actually, might just do it enough to get the lowest tier outfit just so I can get the boots and maby the mask)

The are lvl 25 mobs in the tunnels. Attacking them summons 2 (1 normal and 2 strong) or 3 (3 normals) mobs of your actual lvl. Like Shady Characters from BBA event or like Rakghoul mobs from the past event. So i guess it is lvl 25+ event. Not sure about heroic 4 though..

Thanks, that makes sense, that means Bolster is not required BUT low-level flagged players are dead meat.

PS: I don’t see a Bolster buff on the screenshots above either.

As expected, if, as a low level player, you accidentally get flagged (by healing or ressing a Flagged player, or by auto-attacking a flagged enemy, you will probably be killed by a passing level 55 within a couple of minutes. If that happens, release to the Medcenter, and wait 5 minutes — it’s not worth the hassle trying to deal with morons like that.

First one obviously drops from the raid boss. Never found the others during the hour i was in game before servers shut down

So you saw the Barnacle drop? Is it a rare drop, do you know? I mean as in “it may drop” or “drops, but only one per raid” or “drops more than one per raid?

How many DNA Canisters did he drop? Did each member of the Ops group get all of those Canisters? Just curious. Thanks.

The Exotic Plague Specimen drops from this lvl55 2.5mil HP Rakghul world boss you find wandering near the Spikes.
Shellshock on Alderaan is on the road between the spike and House Trader’s Circle x 2450 y 600

I killed a lot of stuff tonight but I did see it drop and rolled on it in my group. They seem to drop from The Catalyst, which is a mob in the tunnels. Also, the fungus-harvesting Rakghoul symbiotes listed in the achievements (Fungus Breeder, Fungus Collector, Fungus Cultivator, Fungus Harvester, Fungus Planter) drop Rakghoul DNA.

Hi Dulfy, I found a daily in the House Thul area that required me to immunize 5 soldiers or House Thul NPC’s. I did not manage to find anyone to immunize or treat with the serum I was given. It was located on a table behind Doctor Ressel.

Npc’s titled “infected soldier/citizen” are what you need to find. Like Shady characters forthe bounty event, they take a few moments to respawn, so keep hunting!

Anyone that’s cleared the Eyeless HM (8M or 16M) wanna give me any hints and tips on you’ve managed to kill it? I assume SM will be like Xeno SM (a very basic fight with little mechanics) but I want to clear HM tonight.

There’s also a “Spreading the Infection” daily for infecting 3 other players by blowing up from stage 3 infection. You get it automatically once you infect someone.

minimum level for the intro quests seems to be level 20. level 18 sees the gray not-yet-available quest icon above the fleet holoterminal. level 20 gets the “talk to the doctor on alderaan” quest. no handy level 19 to test.

update: level 20 can complete all intro quests and pick up 4 dailies + heroic from the mission terminal in the tunnels. (use the speeder to get to the Spike.)

It might be worth specifically mentioning the THORN Speeder (next to the THORN camp) that transports you directly to the Spike. I’ve seen several people complaining about PvPers camping the area between King’s Pass and the Spike to grief people and prevent them from getting to the Spike. 🙂

update: level 20 “not eligible for conversation” with datapad at the House Thul triage tent (assume this is the start of “[Daily] Quarantine: House Thul”?, might be too low level or perhaps missing some other requirement)

still ineligible at lv21 after completing regular dailies + heroic 4 … haven’t gotten the THORN priority auth yet

update: a lv24 toon sees the gray not-yet-available quest icon over the House Organa datapad. guessing this one is minimum-level-25 and just weirdly out of sync with the other dailies.

I think it’s an oversight, after all my level 21 Sentinel was even able to do the Story Mode 16m Operation 🙂

Where in gods name is a Tunnel Lurker? I didn everything and whent everywhere, never saw one. How the heck are you supposed to get the Pet achievements if it is a rare boss….STUPID!!!!

He is kinda like Dreadtooth he runs around in a circle in the area before the heroic area and in the outermost part.

has anyone seen the Fungus Cultivator? I’ve been going around and I can’t seem to find him anywhere. I’ve got the other ones down easy.

As petty as it is, I’d just want to point out that Kira is a knight companion and Tharan is a consular companion. He’s also a pacifist.

This morning I picked up a Pale Rakling when turning in a mission. I am thinking that they are dropping the Crimson and Pale Raklings this way at random. I don’t know anyone else getting them as yet, though. Anyone else got one via random drop?

Just got a Pale Rakling from a Frenzied Plaguebearer(Elite) he randomly spawned and attacked me near House organa

Indeed, and it’s funny that for a level 20, the initial level 25 “trigger” mob is far harder to kill than the level 20 strongs/elites that spawn when that is engaged. Once I hit 21, hitting the level 25 mobs became much easier — at 20, at least half the attacks were plain missing. (Also, at level 20, I could not get the mission to vaccinate the infected citizens/soldiers).

Does anyone know if the pets that drop from random champions are BoE, BoP or BoL? Also has anyone seen the Crimson Rakling drop?

Hadn’t seen it posted yet (or possibly missed seeing it), but Ive located the Fungus Cultivator for the “Hey, Im a Fungi’ achievement. Its in the Heroic Area, in the back corner where the little pond comes to an end. He’s usually behind a Fungus growth, so he’s hard to see. Hope this helps anyone who cant find him.
Skyy; Guild: Galactic Wolf Council; Server: Jedi Covenant

Came to post that.

I can vouch that this is the correct location.

Why’so’smiley – Infernal Harvest – Jung Ma

“[name], The Rakghoul Nightmare – You earned this title by participating
in rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan, Corellia and Tatooine.” So probably tatooine will return.

All of the rewards are Bind to Legacy except for THORN Priority Authorization which is BoP. This is for the reputation vendor only. Jeelvic has some stuff that are tradeable like the color crystals.

[name], The Rakghoul Nightmare – You earned this title by participating in rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan, Corellia and Tatooine. So i suppose there’s gonna be a rakghoul event on Corellia too? Planet rotation between next rounds of the event would be rly nice

We (Girth) just 5 manned Shellshock on live. It’s easily 3 mannable if you have the patience. (Northwest of the Drill on Alderaan.) Dropped an Exotic Plague Specimen for everyone, and 1 Plagueshard Lylek. No achievement. Only one trick to the fight.

It’s odd, I already have The Catalyst part of the one achievement you mentioned, Dulfy, and I didn’t do the event yet. I’m guessing it was from Koan or Lost Island, though I don’t know if they implemented something new.

This is missing the location of the extra mission pick up for Jeelvic (it’s a datapad on a rock),
and it’s missing mission infect other players, which apparently no one know how to do properly (they say die next to people, but that doesn’t work for me).

Just received the Fungal Rakling from the Fungus Breeder; not sure if it only drops from this guy or from all of them, or even if they each have their own special pet.

I have the Daily for infecting other players on my Sorc, I can get a photo of the mission log for you if you need it!

Recurring, but the places that the event is in will change. Tatooine and Corellia are 2 of the other places.

I like that they chose that direction. I wish they would have multiple events up at any given time and just rotate which planets they were on.

Man, I can’t wait to get home from work. The in-game events page on still says Bounty Contract week is still live, so no info there. Does the launcher say how long the RR is running?

For the Hey! I’m a Fungi! achievement, do the 5 kills of each have to be on a single character? Or are there 5 spawn points that must be killed? I killed a second Collector today (on another toon) and it didn’t advance the counter. But when I killed another one on the same toon (3 total, 2nd for the character), it advanced the counter. Any info?

It is an Ops boss, so you will need a pass.

There is a world boss called “Shellshocked” that is available to everyone out near the Spike.

Even without that, on certain locations on Corellia you get “The Spike” Codex entry, with a picture that clearly shows Corellia, not anywhere else. I imagine this is also true of Tatooine.

There appear to be 3 planets and Bioware said the event will be on Alderaan for one week. Not sure if there will be a break between planets or if the next planet will start right away next week.

Any chance to obtain the old event gear that we may have missed out on when our questlines bugged out last event and Bioware did not rectify despite multiple tickets?!?!?

Yeah I was hoping that the Containment set would be returning. My quest line bugged out on day 3 and I missed the chest and belt from the set. Would really like to be able to complete the set.

So somehow I killed The Catalyst and didn’t even know it. Can anyone explain what The Catalyst is, and how you find it?

EDIT: Here’s something I found: “The Catalyst is a rare spawn that can replace any of the 5 Fungus Champions you need for the Hey! I’m a Fungi achievement. Like the Fungus Champions, it has a chance to drop the parts you need to purchase the mounts and pets from Jeelvic.”

It is a bug, I got the Catalyst part of the achievement even before the Rakghoul event started. If you want to read about The Catalyst, you can find it under Rare Spawns.

Took the Thorn Speeder directly to the Spike instead of riding and didn’t get the codex entry. Tried riding away from the Spike and coming back, but still no codex entry. Is there somewhere specific you need to come from/go to get it?

Map of the fungal spawns.
There also some datapad close to the terminal and elevator entrance, how can you unlock it ?

Killed Shellshock, then sat and waited — his respawn is exactly 20 minutes. Coordinates 2444, 607. The fight is simple, everyone in the raid should get a stack of vaccines and use one every time he puts an infection on you (because it’s a rapid-stun version and effectively locks you out of the fight). Tank and spank otherwise, no swapping. Not sure if tank might need to be cleansed.

I believe it is available as a random drop from enemies. I’ve personally seen a Pale Rakling drop, and a guildie got a Crimson.

I got the crimson rakling off The Lurker with the midnight rakling out, if the midnight rakling caused the drop I do not know

Are those Rakgouls pets different from the old ones ? I mean, no differences between the old Midnight Rakling (HM Lost Island) and the one that is mentioned in the success ?

The old Rakghoul DNA Samples from the old Rakghoul event are still dropping off of Champion and Elite mobs in the tunnels on Alderaan? Is that a bug, or a normal part of the event?

One thing that you didn’t note on the Eyeless boss is that players all receive a bolster when they are fighting him. So you don’t really need to be 55 to take him down, though it’s probably much more difficult.

Did SM 16m yesterday, 4 dropped and I got 2 of them, we couldn’t finished HM, too many people insisted on staying in the one hit kill purple pound range…

All this random drop stuff and random mobs is a big downer for this event. Having to fight the Event boss and HOPE you get the Barnacle of the Eyeless is ridiculous. I killed him and got nothing. EVERYONE should get at least 1 each week they fight him. And trying to get these Rakghoul pet achievements is going to be pretty much impossible. Really ruined my hopes for the event with this stuff. At least the stuff for Bounty Event was all possible if you grinded, but stuff based on luck just ruins it.

I tend to agree the luck factor was overplayed with this event. But what’s worse about the barnacles is that the ninjas are out in full force. Love when a master looter takes all the barnacles for himself. Bioware could fix this problem by not allowing such loot shenanigans, but they turn a blind eye.

Killed 80 of the fungus champions tonight. Saw 0 catalysts. However, out of the 80 kills I got 2 symbiotic fungal blooms.

Got the fungal rakling off of a random drop from the Fungal Champions in the tunnels – Bound to legacy and requires Hero standing with the T.H.O.R.N. Giggledust/Seraphyne Jedi Convenant

Is this going to be a recurring event like the Gree?

I’ve kind of fallen out of playing SWTOR (although I’ll probably get back into it at some point), so it’d be nice to know if I’m going to miss out if I don’t immediately get back into it.

Rumor has it one week only, and it will reoccur so to speak by moving to tat and corellia for one week each over the next year. So if you want to see Alderaan, you have to do it this week or wait four months till it goes to the next planet.

This way doing all the dailies gets you 4 canisters per day, 1 for Jeelvic, 2 for the Ops boss 1 time and the 1 for starting the event area first time = 32 canisters per week. What are the drops from the Ops boss like for 16m?

Data mining showed that data for a mob in the Kaon flashpoint, The Midnight Rakghoul, had been changed. Has anyone encountered this mob yet? Is it possible he is a guaranteed drop for the Midnight Rakling? Is only around during the Rakghoul Resurgence event?

I understand that. It was a rare drop from Lost Island. What I am asking is if this mob has been changed, and if so does he give a guaranteed drop like the Frenzied Plaguebearer does for the Pale Rakling now. The Pale Rakling was also “around” since the previous event.

If you don’t mind me asking, what was the change? I’m trying to get the Rakling, but I really don’t want to have to grind LI HM a bunch of times.

Has anyone seen the Plaguehorn Reek or Plaguetooth Sleen? The Plagueshard Lylek drops from Shellshock, the Open World Event Boss on Alderaan. I wonder if the other two plagued pets drop from Open World Event Bosses on the future planets that will be affected by the Rakghoul Plague – Corellia and Tatooine (based on the title The Rakghoul Nightmare).

For “Hey, I’m A Fungi” each of the fungal rakghouls seem to have a set spawn point, other than the Catalyst which is random. The Respawn timer is about 2.5 minutes, so its probably best if you sit in a spot and get the 5 kills instead of trying to run from spot to spot.

This event will be return in every mounth or just we got at this week ?
Where can I buy the Plaguehorn Reek pet ? ^^

So it appears for the Eyeless fight, at least on hardmode, if you get more than 5 stacks of the green puddle debuff you explode and kill anyone near you. I stood in it to see and got six stacks before I exploded and took out another person standing nearby. Thought this might be helpful to add.

Yeah I can confirm that, at least in SM, the stack can reach 10 before you get kill targeted with an explosion similar to the rak plague

Any idea what kind of gear requirement is needed for The Eyeless Hm ?

I’ve gotten into many groups for Hm on multiple characters running as rdps, mdps, tank, and healer and have yet to get him down on 16m Hm. after watching the 8M Hm video i wonder if it might be a gear issue with some groups. any ideas ? or tips for tanking ?

It drops an Arkanian Token, so theoretically you should have a group in at least full lv66 gear. That being said gear helps and the higher the better. For the most part this is all about the mechanics. Can you get 16 people to get out of the green circles as they spawn? Can you get the Tanks and Melee to avoid getting smashed by the giant purple circle? And can you off-tank the adds and DPS them down before they eat the healers? Beat those three mechanics and you are set.

I laughed when the boost to 55 made my lvl49 tank vanguard stronger that the lvl55 tank guardian. He had ~30k while I had ~32k HP.

This has happened alot when the fight starts off good and we’re doing just fine then the tank starts to take massive dmg and it starts to go down hill from there the dps start to die off or the Main Tank dies an all hell breaks loose. I’ll keep that in mind although i have been getting in 16m ops rather than 8M. 8M usually being easier maybe ill try to get in a 8M Op an see what happens. That first smash The Eyeless does doesn’t show up however an the mdps an sometimes the tank gets caught in that. Wish me luck would really like to down Hm. Thank You.

I think the quest to find Jeelvic the Jawa is not repeatable. Or at least for me, as I get “Not eligible for this conversation” error when clicking on it on character that did it yesterday.

Some friends of mine ran the dailies when they first hit servers (at like 5 am server time), then again after 8 am when the weekly reset. They said they could do the Jawa one both times (meaning it’s a weekly).

Great guide as always Dulfy! I ran this all day yesterday on day one. Maybe it’s just because I’m a SWTOR founder from day one and played this game far too much (hardcore through end game too many alts) for the first year and also off and on since.
But these rewards BW is giving us for this same old shiz with new skins crap is getting old. I have a stock pile of the Blk/Grn crystals from the first time. This is BW at it’s laziest. Nothing special. But again. Great guide. So thanks for that.

I believe this is the only way to get the black green crystals, so they brought them back for everyone that doesn’t have them

Has it been confirmed that the hidden achievement for pvp is infect 1000 people, and not defeat 1000 players in the tunnels? I’d prefer not to reach 1000 infected and find out it’s the latter 😛

“Everyone’s favourite Jawa vendor Jeelvic is back! He can be found in The
Epicenter area of the Rakghoul tunnels but before you bolt your way to
there, grab a repeatable quest off the Contagion Zone as that will not only lead you to Jeelvic but also give you 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister.”

I can confirm that this quest is NOT repeatable. 🙁

I saw someone tonight with an “Alderaan Rakling” pet tonight. I don’t see it anywhere on this guide. Am I just missing it?

I’ve also found that the low level Scan for Beacons quests do not reward DNA Canisters, not sure where the cut off is but I did it on a 25 and a 29.

It doesn’t list the DNA canister as a reward in the mission log for my Sniper, level 43. Confirmed it doesn’t award it either for completing the quest. On my 5 other toons it is listed a reward.

On the basis of grinding the dailies to reach weekly rep cap and 86 tokens to use in the following week, and having received a DNA canister _once_ on each of three characters out of a dozen all in the 37-38 range I’ve been running the dailies with, it’s either badly bugged or the mission has a _chance_ of awarding a DNA canister.

Hey Dulfy, It seems in 16M SM/HM Eyeless if you get lucky and get the Symbiote Rakling drop its 2x, also can confirm it drops from SM and HM as i have seen both killing him with all my alts.

Well, I might have been confused on when I did 8 and 16man, but I know for a fact it was 2x pets on 16HM, so maybe its only 1x on SM

Will you be able to get crystals after event is ended, or jawa guy will be on NS as with the rest of vendors selling items?

Could you provide screenshots for the hidden achievements? Noone will go for them until they can only be wild rumors. And what does that “There are 4 hidden achievements that will be revealed once you have done the daily quests.” means at all? It didn’t happen after completing all the current missions.

100 points missing from ‘General’ which I am taking to be the correlia and tatooine versions of ‘Tunneling through the mountain’ = 25 each and a 50 pointer for doing all 3 worlds and getting the title.

That’s 3 so the 4th PvP would be infect or kill 1000

It’s near the bonus boss, it infects a lot so event relic is a must otherwise you get stunned every two seconds. Other than that it a easy 350k level 55 boss that only drops midnight rakling

Right before you enter the spaceport at the very end of the flashpoint, turn right and head up onto the upper platform. It’s against a gate on the far end of the first bridge.

Just to also add, his stunlocking plague debuff works on companions, making it awkward to solo. If you plan on using a healer companion, you’re probably going to struggle. I personally gave Dorne’s gear to Treek and respecced my commando to healer, but not everyone has that option. Bring a buddy.

Other than that, it’s basically just the tunnel lurker, or the champion from the H4: does knockdowns, throws AoE stun rocks from time to time, hits fairly hard.

Your suggestion for the ‘spread the infection’ daily is to spend 1+ mil (I think it’s more for f2p) on the vip lounge token?

I have two more practical tips. You can either 1) queue for a warzone once you reach stage 2 and try to die in the middle of a crowd (people in pvp are less likely to be vaccinated/already infected) or 2) park yourself in the middle of a crowd on the fleet station, and do a galactic starfighter match. Buff durations don’t seem to pause during GS matches, so by the time the match is over you should be about ready to explode. At least then you will have been doing something with your time.

I think that the suggestion to use the VIP lounge was more gathered towards those that had access either through purchasing the CE or just an assumption that most players had access.

but i think your suggestion 1 would be best case for anyone without access. .

MK 1 Antiviral Kit 5k credits lvl 25 +22 Endurance +32 Presence

MK 2 Antiviral Kit 10k credits lvl 35 +35 Endurance +49 Presence

MK 3 Antiviral Kit 20k credits lvl 45 +51 Endurance +70 Presence

I’ve been unable to get the trick to work for “spreading infection” daily by jumping off the VIP area – either I’m having the worst luck, or doing something wrong. I wait until I am stage 2 infected, then go up to VIP area, jump over the railing onto the tarp (I’m on republic side) then off the edge, falling to my death and exploding in the crowd, but have yet to infect a single person that way. Anyone have any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

I prefer doing it on my Jugg’ dps – it seems the Imperial fleet is more polite then the reps… they are happy to congregate for the explosion and you can jump off the VIP and ‘intercede’ to someone. Usually getting 3-6 infections…

Dulfy, Delvok of Jung Ma server here, Wuld and I confirmed there is a secret boss in Kaon Under Siege. We did this boss twice to confirm he has an %100 drop rate for Midnight Rakling, (We believe) The boss’s mechanics are identical to the Tunnel Lurker, except he has Shellshock’s Plague affect. He is located on the upper level of the transit district, which you can access near the Spaceport, Enjoy!

I’m just astonished that you use so few abilities, and that you’ve actually got empty slots and “rest abilities” on your main hotbar…

A lot of my keybinds I have memorized, or I cycle through the bars. I use all of my abilities, and in pvp, healing at a moments notice can be life or death 🙂

Character specific titles:
[name], The Rakghoul Nightmare – You earned this title by participating in rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan, Corellia and Tatooine.

So please explain that part. Will this even be continuing until it’s been revealed on all 3 planets or is it on all 3 planets right this second?

Neither. The event is a recurring one. It’s only lasting for a week right now (and is only on alderaan right now). We take this to mean that , after a break, it will pop up on corellia or tatooine, and then repeat the cycle.

The Eyeless fight (HM & SM) cheater-face strategy. ;p.

One tank, two heals, rest dps. (ranged dps is preferred)

Tank kites the boss in a giant circle pattern. Should be making as large a circumference circle as possible (but don’t dive into the alcoves). One heals pocket heals the tank, running the circle with him. (It would seem an operative and assassin would be best for this, but we developed the strategy, and had the easiest success, with a sorc and a juggernaut.) If the tank is moving properly (i.e. constantly), you should take very minimal damage. Dps burns the boss. When adds pop, second heals and dps pile up, clear adds, then back to boss. Repeat. Everyone avoids circles. Done.

I know there were some groups struggling, so I hope this helps.
We took people in green gear though with no difficulty.
(Feel free to poke me, “Scottie” on Begeren Colony if you need.)


I kind of tanked it this way (on 16M HM) more by luck than by judgement, I moved out of range whenever it did the purple circle OR the “Pound” (but I ran back to it when Pound finished). It worked pretty well.

It did, because I specifically remember being surprised at getting one for a plain old daily mission. Yet I just ran it yesterday with an alt for the first time, and the reward didn’t include a DNA canister. Maybe they changed it?

It looks as if it got fixed Monday; after Sunday, I had one character that lucked out and had gotten two DNA canisters from the daily, plus the one from finding Jeelvic. I had time Monday to run six characters through the dailies, and all of them got a DNA canister. Which left me with one character with four, two with three, and the rest with one or two. With the canisters being bound, that effectively prevents me from getting any of the rep gear I was interested in, although it’s remotely possible that Bioware might, in recognition of the fact that the mission reward was borked for most of the event, make existing DNA canisters BoL so that we could at least consolidate them for buying rewards. I’m not holding my breath for it to happen, although it will take me three weeks to use all the rep tokens I accumulated.

It appears to be a _chance_ of getting a Rakghoul DNA Canister; in the process of getting to 140 points short of weekly cap and accumulating (as of last night) 86 rep tokens to be used over the following weeks, I’ve gotten _three_ of them from that mission, one on each of three different characters, out of the dozen characters I’ve been cycling through the dailies. This is a disturbingly low drop rate for a BoP reward that you need four or more for most of the rewards bought with them.

For those looking for locations of the beacons to scan for “Tunnel Network”, they are located IVO the following coordinates:

X:-1133 Y:-151
X:-1022 Y:-118
X:-804 Y:-289
X:-804 Y:-208
X:-701 Y:-45

Have fun out there.

Is the Pet ach’s for killing the Tunnel Lurker bugged? I just killed the lurker with my midnight rakling out and i never got the ach? 0.o

I found you had to have the pet out before you initiate the fight – I had attacked one from my mount and then the pet spawned, needless to say it didn’t count. When I dismounted and then attacked with the pet already out it did.

But your pets are out while you are mounted, they don’t desummon like companions. I read the Midnight Rakling (maybe another one, too) achievement is buggy. I was able to get the Crimson Raklling achievement without even being in the group of the person who was fighting the Lurker. I just happened by and saw that his tank companion was dying so I started fighting and healing.

Yeah, i wasn’t mounted i was running behind him. I tried also with the Pale Rakling and i never got the ach either. But i will try again after i finish my dailies on my other alts.

It seems to require the killing blow from either yourself or your companion in order to get the Achievement — it doesn’t correlate with who “locked” the mob by hitting it first.

Actually, that’s not quite correct about need to have it out before you initiate the fight. I had the pet turned off, started the fight, then summoned the pet, and got the achievement. It wasn’t the Midnight Rakling, it was another one.

second page is a rep tokens spreadsheet for full completion. names will auto-populate from the first page into the second database

Astonishing guide as always 🙂 Thanks for answering my questions on the swtor forum on the first day btw. First, more questions! Do you have any sense of the drop rate for the Symbiotic Fungal Bloom on The Catalyst vs. the 5 fungal elites? Related, do you have any sense of the spawn rate of The Catalyst? I’m really hoping the spawn rate isn’t as bad as Desler in the Czerka area. I’ve never gotten him and I’ve killed *many* of the Fungi yellow mobs. Sometimes I wait a few rounds of respawns and sometimes i’ve simply killed all of them and waited 1 respawn each time. I have yet to get a single Symbiotic Fungal Bloom 🙁

Jedi Covenant server

I too would like to know the spawn rate of the catalyst. The first couple of days, I found him 3 times, but the last couple of days I haven’t seen him at all.

Farmed it for an hr twice to get the DNA samples and Fungal bloom and he pop 3 times within the hr on both times. That’s running back and forth between 2 elites to get them every time.

In-game help center re; Rakghoul Event

“The Rakghoul event turns on for one planet at a time at one of three different planets:

Each world-event will funnel you into the ‘Rakghoul Tunnels’.”

The Midnight Rakghoul – Secret Boss in Kaon under Siege

Does anyone know if it’s HM only, or is it possible to get it in SM?

Huh. I must have looked it over four times and not seen what I see now. I must have needed more sleep last night.


Frenzied Plaguebearers dropping Pale Raklings. Since the frenzies are always women half mutated with Rakghoul limps and human bodies and heads, I can only wonder if they are pregnant with those things. Disturbing!

Hardly, don’t be squeamish. It’s like the movie Aliens, where the facehuggers spread by using human hosts until they essentially explode.

Any idea if this is gonna be a constantly recurring event or will it just run three times (once per planet) and then be done?

In-game help center re; Rakghoul Event

“The Rakghoul event turns on for one planet at a time at one of three different planets:

Each world-event will funnel you into the ‘Rakghoul Tunnels’.”

About the hidden achievements, I’ve done the daily quests on various characters and both factions, still these 4 do not show up for me:

“There are 4 hidden achievements that will be revealed once you have done the daily quests”

Can you maybe explain that a bit more dulfy?

If you read the sections on the hidden dally achievements, you would see that those are achievements for doing the rakghoul stuf on corellia, tatooine and on both factions. So only 1 out 4 of the hidden achievements will show up now

Read the description on the hidden achievements posted here, it tells you what you need to do. Also corellia/tatooine are not active yet so you can’t get them just yet.

There’s a guy who posts on the swtor subreddit as swtor_miner that does data mining on the game data files, these achievement strings are in the data files that were patched with 2.5.

Hm. Killed 50+ Fungus Elites and did not even get 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom. So we have to farm this sh… to death? Thanx BioFail.

Doesn’t matter the Event boss is level 55 and doesn’t change. tried again full legacy abilities etc. barely got to 50%

Nightmare Rakghoul Boss is in both SM and HM. Did it in SM KUS with two geared toons and their companions. Helps to have the Event relics. Only the most awesome will be able to solo it, if even …

I tried SM one, with my mara full 78 with healer companion, failed in mobs boss. then i got hand from healer friend, then no problem at all 😀

Unless you’re a Sorc or something, you really should bring a heal comp with you. If you are a Sorc, your damage reduction is shit (obviously) so you’d bring a tank comp and throw out heals on it.

My DPS Sorc is mostly 78’s and the Sorc healer that came with me was full 72’s. My Xalec is 30k HP and the healers companion was about 25k. We got our asses handed to us. We had to get a pug Tank and everything went much better. Everyone got the pet.

I’ve killed at least 10 or more of each type between 4 toons and still have not had one drop. It has been a painful week, and doesn’t look like I am going to get it to happen this go around. 🙁

I think those Black-Green crystals have the potential to become a proverbal Stone of Jordan* now that so many go around with people hoarding them. F2P players with credit limits would trade a set number “BG’s” for items. In example, a Revan’s Mask may cost the player 15 BG’s. Gone are the days of 300K credit cap issues.

*Stones of Jordan, also known as SoJ’s, were rare rings with high collectors value in the game Diablo 2. Players traded an amount of Stones of Jordan for
valuable items, as gold coins lost their value because of caps on how much gold you could hold. For example, 4 SoJ would buy you a popular and powerful sword.

For example using this method u have two green black crystal, u want a lightsaber that costs lets say 5 million credits, on this example, the green black crystal cost each one 2.5 million credtis, then instead of having the creditss to buy it, u just simply contact the seller hand the two crystals and transaction complete, well at least thats how i undertand(and actually done it ingame, traded 5 mass manipulations for a saber that cost 1.5 million) hope it helps 🙂

This is interesting, but I would guess most long-time players are subscribers and there’s no credit cap for them. There are lots of rare items that FTP players could use to barter. Isn’t there a restriction on trading for FTP members anyway?

“Preferred” players can use barter from level 10 onwards, but “Free” players (i.e. never bought anything from Bioware/EA for real money) cannot. I imagine the distinction is pretty much gone since the start of the “recruit a friend” stuff that gives a F2P 7 days of subscribed time for logging in after clicking a referral link, but that is how things currently stand.

Is there a Rep Vendor on Nar Shaddaa that has Jeelvic’s items or just the 2 that have the weapons/armor and Companion Customizations?


Guess I’ll have to buy my Raklings and farm/buy a Symbiotic Fungal Bloom to get my Monkey-Lizard before servers go down.

Thanks Dulfy! 🙂

You can’t purchase any item that is above your current Reputation level, and seeing as servers go down before the Weekly Reputation reset I would hope that Jeelvic would stay around so people can purchase the stuff that was dangled in front of us for a week.

Did anybody log out last night while still in the tunnels? What happened? Meant to leave a toon down there but forgot.

According to a guildmate, the 10s timer resets upon log out, so you theoretically could wander around the tunnels 8-9s at a time, although why you would want to other than to see if Jeelvic is there I have no idea.

I can confirm he is not, and yes I did do this >.>…, but all the quests are still available as well, so you can complete them if u don’t take longer than 9s to kill a mob. Also there are a lot more mobs scattered through the caves so moving around in 9s intervals is a lot harder than you may think.

That’s too bad. I doubt I’ll be able to get my varactyl until the fourth time the event is live then. Assuming it occurs more than just once on the three planets.

It wasn’t that hard to move around, just stop moving at 8 seconds or so (on speeder) then move again. Killing mobs for the objectives is not something I tried, though.

Try collecting the 3 rakghouls. Could be an easy way to farm rep tokens. Man, I wish I left somebody down there. They’ll definitely be fixing this before next event.

While the fungal mushrooms (“eggs”) were not active for that Raklings mission, and the Infected Killiks and Joiners were not there either, I did manage to pick up the “Find Jeelvic” mission again on my 21 Sentinel. I then headed toward the Heroic area, dodging packs of rakghouls at various levels (i.e. not all 25, and some were 55) on my speeder to the Heroic area, but Jeelvic was not there.

I was a bit disappointed when there was no Containment Officer gear on any vendor, but meanwhile I have a theory. Since there might be a title (Rakghoul Nightmare) for participating in all 3 stages of the event (Alderaan, Tatooine, Corellia) it may also be possible that achieving the title opens up a hidden quest like the Infection quest or reading all 8 holojournals of the Shroud on Nar Shaddaa (where you get the Revered Chronicler set in a box and some XP). It might also be possible that your faction sends you an ingame E-Mail after participating in the Rakghoul Containment on all three planets, like it happens with the MCR-100 probe droid after scanning all MCR-99 droids in the galaxy.

Hello again. Any plans to update the eyeless loot? I can verify that 16 sm eyeless also drops the purple rep trophy, and had I known that I wouldn’t have wasted quite so much time trying to down hardmode, which was virtually unpuggable until the last day or two on my server. I only managed to clear it twice the whole week, whereas I seamlessly cleared storymode 5 times in a row Friday night with only a couple of wipes.

I did not do 8-player storymode so I can’t confirm the drops on that, but 16- player story mode definitely drops the purple trophy.

Jedi Covenant server

That appears to be the only difference. unfortunately I wasnt paying attention to the number of tokens and one sm 16 did have the symbiote rakling. from what I can tell your loot list is otherwise accurate.

In our guild’s 16-man SM kill, we got 4 Barnacles of the Eyeless, plus 8 Basic comms, 6 DNA canisters, and a purple rep token for each of us. In 16-man HM, we got 8 Barnacles, 2 Arkanian tokens (Offhand and Mainhand, though that’s probably random), plus a handful of Ultimate and Elite comms (I want to say 8 and 12, but I don’t remember), 8 DNA canisters, and a purple rep token for each of us. No Symbiote Raklings for us, though. 🙁

-Padraic (Grievance, Jedi Covenant)

Eyeless is still here! If you DONT MOVE when you log into the game (assuming you logged out while still in the tunnels) you can qt to the ops area and stand there (again, dont move). form a group, set the phase, then quickly run (you’ll get a warning as soon as you move, but the ops entrance is only steps away). I am tabbed out of the game as i type this to let you know. I will update once we down him to verify that this is legit and that drops, etc still work, but we wiped once and when you release back outside, you still can just stand there and not get kicked!

Jedi Covenant server

Hey David I’m on JC also. Care to meetbup around 10 Central and give the Op another shot? I have successfully completed with multiple toons in Sm and Hm

Nor apparently in Hard Mode, 3 of my Guildmates went there last night to check it out — one of them had been trying to get that pet from Dr Lorick in HM LI for about a year — but we’ll know to hit Kaon next time the Event comes on.

They also mentioned they got a new Codex entry, something about “the new Tion Hegemony” or some such.

Those weapons are a big fail. I don’t want any of them. They have a ugly color and I don’t like how they sound.

if you have a toon in the rak tunnels like I have 3 you can still do the nav quests but all the others can no longer be done since cannot complete them and you can still turn in I just did them on my toons and got the rewards and everything even with the timer of ten secs cause do to loophole it will reset to ten second if you tap the key ‘w’ twice and you can still kill raks for achievements.but I would only do t with a 55 since all the spawns no matter what lvl are 55.

Anyone found the new open world boss yet? I think it’s the only place you can get the Exotic Plague Specimen, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Trapjaw is just regular Trapjaw.

Don’t know if I’m lucky today, but the rare spawn times seemed to have decreased. Already have seen the Frenzied Plaguebearer twice and the Catalyst once.

Just came back to swtor a few days ago after a year off. I must have felt this coming in the force…. I loved the first rakghoul event in 2012, best in the game, glad to see them doing it (or something very similar) again!

OK, so… why are there rakgahoogles on Tatooine again? When are they going to add some rewards that at least attractive enough to make this worth doing?

Anyone remember the rewards for the first time they did this? Crystals and decent looking armor and things that didn’t just plain look stupid? So they bring this poor excuse for a version of that back but still no Chevin event? Dev team is stupid, seriously.

Crystals and Companion Customizations are the same as the first event. Some of the pets are the same too. They only thing they did not bring back was the armor. The rest is new stuff.

The problem is, compared to the old gear (which still has achivements tied to but but is unobtainable) the new gear looks like crap.

Yes. I would much prefer to finish the old, good looking, armor sets. Recoloring the same shitty-looking armor does not do anything for me.

There’s a new codex entry for the Rakghouls on Tatooine which sort of explains what Jeelvic is doing – I took a screenshot last night but forgot to upload. Will do so later today.

Guys, how exactly to complete – Participated in the rakghoul plague relief efforts on Tatooine??? I did both missions:[DAILY] Quarantine: Anchorhead
[DAILY] Quarantine: Mos Ila
but still didnt get an achivment. (BTW i also didnt get when event was on Alderan)

It probably is a bug — I got the achievement on my (Republic) main the moment I handed that mission in, I haven’t done it on the Imperial side at all yet.

During all event i tried to get this achievement. I did it every day, tried different sequences (lair before quarantine then revert), with pets, all missions + H4 on all alts. But without any luck.
I didnt tried to do it:
1. While be infected
2. I didnt do spreading infection on empire alts only on republic.

If you can point me in right direction you are welcome.

Regarding this title: “[name], The Rakghoul Nightmare – You earned this title by participating
in rakghoul plague relief efforts on Alderaan, Corellia and Tatooine.”

It’s not Legacy Based? If it’s by character, does anyone know exactly what needs to be completed on each character to unlock it?

I can’t say for sure, but if you look in the achievements section; somewhere under the Rakghoul event (can’t remember the category – maybe general, but not too sure) is a list of achievements specific for joining in the event. I think all you need to do is complete a quest with it to unlock the achievement. I can’t remember their names, but it should be on the bottom row of one of the subpanels. At the moment, Alderaan and Tatooine should be the only two achievements there; if you joined in on both.

As for how the title is given to characters, I’m completely clueless on that, myself. As achievements are bound by legacy, perhaps it is sent in a similar way to those titles from the expansions and the like – via holomail? Not sure.

Either way, though; definitely good luck.

fangal and symbiote raklings are to rare :/ takes too much luck and time to get. Who will do HIDDENMobile ContagionInfected 1000 players with the rakghoul plague

create as much as possible twinks on your legacy … play them to the fleet, get them infected, put them on rest for 2 weeks, then load your twink and let it explode when no one is expecting this (having no vaccacine as buff) … helps only a little one, but better than nothing.

Yes, it will. They don’t get the virus, but your mission log and achievements counts them as infected. 🙂

Work on English, first off.

Second, They are the old currency for the old Rakghoul event, which can currently be obtained from the Fungal Rakghoul champs (1 per champ) or the Tunnel Lurker (5 per kill) They can be exchanged for Canisters at a 50 to 1 ratio.

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t referring to your spelling, but complete lack of sentence structure or punctuation. Honestly, I am surprised he had any clue what you were trying to say, because I am unable to grasp it.

As an addendum, “Work on English” is correct, albeit a fragment, adding “your” does not make it a complete sentence.

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“Make sure you have a couple of vaccines from the medical droid inside the Rakghoul tunnels or have someone with Raven holostatue”
What is a “Raven holostatue”?

In listing quest rewards you’re assuming characters are higher than level 50, You dont get Basic Commendations if you’re not over 50, you get Planetary.

Has anyone already posted ths? Obviously new codex lore entry “The Eyeless” after killing it it either 8/16 sm or hc.

I have to say, I’m really irked at the Symbiote Rakling rarity. I’ve done Eyeless 12 times this week in SM and twice in HM and I’ve only seen a single pet drop once from a 16 Man HM Kill. It’s pretty annoying since that’s the only Rakling Acheivement I’m missing. >_<

Do the Black-green crystals go into a collection when you equip them or are they like normal artifice crystals? Seems a shame if they are. Bind to Legacy would be nice considering the armor & weapons are

VERY late, but as they existed before the CM did, they’re like normal artifice crystals. They don’t bind in any way-so can be sold etc.

Are we sure the Symbiote Rakling drops off Eyeless? I’ve killed him at least a dozen, maybe close to 15 times between all my characters and SM/HM, plus however many times I killed him when the event was on Alderaan and I have still never seen one drop.

I’ve only seen it drop once out of about 25 kills and it was a 16 Man HM Kill. I should also mention that it’s the only time I’ve done a 16 Man HM kill even though I’ve done 16 Man SM almost a dozen times.

I’m in the same boat. I have yet to have any Raklings drop at all! No pales, no reds, no fungals, and no symbiotes. Pale and red dont concern me as I got them on the original event a few years ago, but the other 2 continue to elude me.

Pale has seemed to drop off of every Frenzied Plaguebearer I’ve found. Best way to get to those is run around town on a speeder and every time you aggro, check the red dots on the map to see if you have a Frenzied in there. If not, just ignore until the next aggro. Reds seem to have been dropping a lot off the Tunnel Lurker. I want to see it’s been around a 25% drop rate. Fungal has been rarer, but it’s still around 10% for me. I’ve had it drop a few times just by running around and killing the Fungals while doing dailies.

But seriously… F* the drop rate on the Symbiotes. I’ve seen it drop ONCE out of over a dozen Eyeless kills and it was a single drop on a 16 Man HM.

Yes. I’ve seen it drop once, maybe twice off HM. It is a rare drop similar to the red sphere mount from HM Xeno II. I’ve only ever see that drop twice out of a couple dozen runs. I have all the rakling achievements, so it’s doable, but I hit the events pretty hard both times.

As of server reset today the event is over. Apparently the rep vendors are on the upper promenade on Nar Shaddaa… but now jawa. Thanks for the advanced warning again BW.

My favorite event and I missed first two days because they didn’t announce it was coming. After rep rest today I made Legend, and I have all the stuff, but unless Jeelvic is somewhere else I cant get mount and mini. 🙁

I was planning to get some crystals and such that only Jeelvic has as well, pretty unhappy with how they handled this one. If anyone finds an alternate location for him I hope they post it. Sucks that you can get items from event vendors any time… except for this one.

They didn’t put him anyway after the event in januari, so I don’t think they will now. I fear you’ll have to wait for the next event to pop up before you can shop for crystals, pets and mounts.

The vendors for the outfits, weapons, relics and companion customizations are still available on Nar-Shaddaa though.

Its possbible to get 2 rakling drops on 16m hardmode eyeless, as it happend yesterday evening on my inqui char … sadly enough none for myself. Don’t know if the same goes for 16m storymode.

And it sucks that it’s not even a guaranteed drop on this rare event and it sucks even more that you can only try it once per char per event.

Got 3 Symbiote Rankings drop in my run or 16HM Eyeless.

Won 2 of them (very lucky), kept 1 for myself and the other I gave to Tank.

Not sure that the 16 man loot drop is correct. I Just did SM and HM
last night… I didn’t watch the loot results, but I only have 4
Ultimate Comms for this week and 6 Elite Comms. That being said, I have
16 Basic Comms for the week. The Eyeless is the only thing I’ve done
this week on this character.

You get Basic conms from the dailies as part of the rewards. Alongside Rep and the Rakghouls containers.

Is there a specific trigger for the “Rakghoul Nightmare” title? I have completed all of the quest from all 3 events and it did not grant me the title.

I’m pretty sure the title is triggered when you hand in the quest that you picked up from fleet, but you must also have done the event on the other planets.

Which can be an indication that it is linked to the “Rakghouls, Rakghouls everywhere” achievement.

It seems that it is based off of only the breadcrumb (news terminal through the quarantine tent and then down to the conversation inside the tunnels) from fleet; you have to do that quest line on each planet.

I had a toon that skipped the breadcrumb quest and just went and did the dailies on Tat. Drove through the spaceport and got the “participation” codex. But no title.

I have a different toon that did do the breadcrumb quest but used the Outlaw’s Den QT to get to/from Tat. Got the title although that toon is missing the “participation” codex from the spaceport.

My other toons, some still lowbie’s despite the 12xp as they are crafter/mission runners, all got the title.

I’m up to somewhere between 30 and 40 Eyeless kills now and I’ve seen the Symbiote drop ONCE, and of course I did not win. Fucking annoying.

I’m not sure how its ironic when I never said I personally was happy with it. Also one optional achievement isn’t really enough to make or break an event either way. You can be unhappy with individual parts of something and still enjoy the whole.

You must have trouble reading as I wasn’t the one complaining. But keep going out of your way to make a fool of yourself.

Oh, you’re sooo ironic! Look at TJWoo guys, he must be so hot and handsome and intelligent!

See? I can be nice even to the douchiest people. Even the ones that patronize others so they can feel superior to them. An advice: see the bright side of life, pal. When you stop complaining and being negative, good things happen to you! You could even make some friends!

One of the worst events imo, simply because of how luck-based everything is. Getting the world boss pets is next to impossible. NOT looking forward to next week.

Form a farming group with pet goes to player in joining order. Wait for your turn and help the people in front of the queue to get it.

Never even seen one of those form myself, and then we’d need to wait however long for the WB to spawn after checking all of the instances.

I believe it’s every 20 mins. that it spawns in each instance. Try advertising in gen chat that you’re looking to form a farming group. I was in a group on Tatooine last year that helped everyone get the pet. I was like the last in the group to get it and it took a few hours, but if you stick with it….

Just also make sure you get people in with taunts as there are still some very friendly persons around who didnt got the memo about how tauntresetting a boss is called harrasment.

Last time I was in a group with 6 friends where 5 of us were dps classes with taunts because people were trying to reset the boss the whole time.

In between waiting we were playing tauntpong with a random melee add, quite fun times to pass the 20 minute timer 😉

TBH, it is 4-man-able. Got some people for Corellia who were sick of waiting to get the pet, classic flashpoint layout (2dps, 1 tank, 1 heal), killed it four times in a row, one pet for each person 🙂

Yeah, did it with a group of 6 people. I guess I’m just used to the first event where the odds of getting it were low due to large groups.

i think its also time bioware updated the reputation vendor with new things to buy, after all seeing the same things you can buy from vendor over again for the third time gets old 😛

I am getting less credits per quest than you say in your article. only getting 3175 credits. I am level 35. Is it less because of my level do you know?

I have no clue when it startet to count my infections. I’ve done the event every time. But I don’t know how many chars did the infection thing how often in the past.

Right now I try to use 11 chars for this quest every day. And this gives me only 231 infected players…

And on a dying server I’m not sure to get it done on all 11 chars every day. Hard work.
I hate me for not ignoring that stupid and awful achievement thing. It’s horrible in every way, like everything done by EA.

Im always collecting the dissease on all my characters before the event stops. Then, when the event has stopped, and a few weeks has passed, most ppl dont have the dissease anymore. it doesnt count, if you infect people already infected. But it seems to count, if you infect people on mass, even though they dont “really” get infected – it hits them, but they dont get the infection when the event is off.

This seems to take the least effort, but it takes a lot of time, cause it only gives 1 shot extra per char per time the event has been on.

What i find most annoying is, that i cant see how far i am towards the 1000… any trick to check up on this? or do i have to hope, that someone in the guild gets it while im online (checking the achievement when ppl get it will show how far you are on it, but when ppl link it purposely, it shows how far they are)..

anyone know? its what makes me most annoyed about it. it takes soooo long, and you cant track how far you are..

It doesnt Work on other achievements, why should it Work on this one? As i Said, if people link an achievements, it only shows their progress on it, not your own.
If they just Got the achievements though, Then if you click the autogenerated message on the guildchat, it Will show your own progress on it. But so far, none gets it while i am online at least.

I can’t remember the exact method (you might need to view their achievements directly), but I’ve seen it done.

Y, but now updated to 65 and no surprise for Simplifying Swtor even more by making Rak event monthly now.. Eaware and their habit of simplifying gameplay heavily since 3.0 “Shadow of Revan Dlc came” :/ Wish you nice gaming.

– Long time subber who regrets it since past 1,5’ish years –

What exactly counts as “participating” for the Rakghoul Nightmare title? Do I have to complete all the quests, just some of them, or what? A little unsure on this.

So now that we have had Alderaan and Tatoinne, can we assume that Corellia will come soon as well?

Thanks. I hope so as I’ve got about 20k rep left before Legend standing so it would be nice.

I’ve done the kaon under siege twice now, once in SM and in HM and don’t see the secret boss, idk if it’s only up during the event or what but would appreciate it if u would say that before I waste 1-3 hours doing them

Don’t blame fansites for information you want-they do this for free, and a simple question in fleet chat would have got you your answer.

Event conquest for Rakghoul Resurgence: Alderaan only requires 20,000 CP in 4.0, and also includes 500CP (x3 Alderaan Bonus) heroic missions.

Dulfy, do you have a timeframe on when the Conquest Missions will be updated on your site for 4.0? The past 3 conquests have had reduced requirements (all but last week’s only required 20k instead of 35k, Trade Emporium was still 25k), and they have slightly different points values and some are no longer repeatable.

Keep up the good work, love the site!

Those that are after finishing the achievement and need either the Imp or Rep containment officer armour, you don’t need to permanently use any of your tokens you have saved.

So long as you have enough to get the most expensive piece (chest or helmet) then you can buy each piece at a time and immediately sell it back to regain the tokens. Once you have bought each piece you will be granted that armour set towards the achievement, and finally the wait for those who didn’t think to get both sets during the first Rak event will be over!

Sorry to those who already know, but I thought I’d share for those who didn’t.

Nooooo! You just made it too easy for everyone, so now its not rare to have the achievement anymore!
Hehe, just joking – i already knew that – and good on you, for sharing – you beat me to it 🙂
i found out that this worked waaay back when 2.0 came with the achievementsystem, and i started getting the social armors from all social vendors throughout the galaxy.. yup, it worked on those, so i guessed it would on these as well, and it did 🙂

but on behalf on the others, thanks for sharing, it will help out a lot of people who are probably depressed over the price of the single items 🙂

Haha, I realise that we won’t be special snowflakes any more (unless you use the lifeday title ;p), but with the armour on a vendor it’s now possible to gain for anyone. 🙂

Over the years I’ve played this game I’ve benefit from a great many of Dulfy’s guides and thought now that I had something to share back it may help others.

It was the cost which pushed me to share more than anything, even starting fresh you still need 3 separate events in order to grab the tokens you need for 1 piece, let alone the full set (and I’m not sure you can grab all you need with 1 character in 1 of each event).

Like you I discovered the cheap way around most of the achievement back with 2.0, the only gate to the title was my lack of foresight when the original Rakghoul event happened!

Yea, back then we had no idea that “achievements” were comming, so i didnt bother saving the armor, as it wasnt and isnt very interesting.. i didnt have the foresight either 🙂 and i didnt have any republic character during the event back then, so i couldnt didnt get the republic version of the armor either.
And the sand people set i had a few pieces. but wasnt intending to collect the full set back then, cause i only liked part of the set.
But im glad they gave it back! price is high, but at least the items are available!

now im just hoping that the special rewards from the Nar Shadaa event could be bought from maybe an extreme price in golden certificates.. i mean, i have not gotten 1 rancor yet, but i have 250 certificates.. waste of my time, and very costly. i think the statistic says that i should have gotten a few rancors by the time i got this many certificates, so to give us, who are just darn unlucky but STUBBORN enough to keep going, they could give us something to aim at, that would make it worth the effort, even if the price would be much higher than what you would pay if you won it before you could pay for it.
otherwise it is just darn unrewarding.

i think that it would make more people play the even as well, and spent more time in the game on useless stuff, which i think was the whole idea of that event 🙂

I bought all the pieces from the republic reputation vendor, but did not get any achievement for “Containment” set. All the pieces from the vendor are labeled “THORN Epicenter…” Where is the “Containment” gear purchased from please?

Thanks Dulfy, will check it out when I get home. I also read elsewhere there is the THORN reputation vendor at GSI headquarters on Nar Shaddaa that has the armour as well, is that still the case or would that be misinformation?

Shouldn’t this have been on Corellia? I have been waiting for this for months. It was on Tatooine in July & Alderaan in March.

The Rakghoul event is now going to happen every month?

EDIT: Never mind, I now see the note at the beginning of this guide. AWESOME!!!!

Yes another simplification among dozens since 3.0 arrived & 4.0 was heavy with them. Enjoy life & gaming on whatever product that is. – Long time subber and regrets some of it cause of supporting so heavily simplified product –

The bolster for the Eyeless 8m sm op is broken. It’ll only level you to 60 while the boss is 65. Haven’t tried the other modes yet.

Got the fungal rakling within killing 42 fungus symbiote spawns (mostly harvester, in around 4ish hrs i think) if anyone wants to to know the estimated rarity.