GW2 The Origins of Madness achievement guide

An achievement guide for GW2’s The Origins of Madness Living World content introduced with Jan 21, 2014.

Daily & Meta

If the achievement in this category sounds complicated or time consuming (it can be), you can still finish the meta by doing the daily achievement like every other release. You only need 11 achievements or 11 dallies to finish this meta, which rewards 50 achievement points.

  • Jan 21 daily – Boss Thumper I – fight either the Twisted Marionette or the Great Jungle Wurm
  • Jan 22 daily – Boss Thumper II – fight either the Twisted Marionette or the Great Jungle Wurm

Story content

These achievements are something you can do on your own and not tied directly to the Twisted Marionette fight or the Giant Jungle Wurm.

All three of the achievements in this section are covered in this guide for Scarlet’s Secret Lair and you do not need to do anything extra to get these achievements. You only need to follow it up to the Energy Core Component section and can ignore the section about Code Fragments as they do not reward you with achievements.

The Secret Lair – 1 pt

  • Discover Scarlet Briar’s Secret Lair in Lornar’s Pass – You have to have participated in Twisted Marionette fight in Lornar’s Pass at least once to get your Living World tracker to point you there.

Energy Probe Defender Slayer – 8 pts

  • Defeat 50 energy-probe defenders.

Energy Probe Dismantler – 5 pts

  • Destroy energy probes in 5 different maps.

Twisted Marionette Fight

Achievements here are tied directly to the Twisted Marionette fight. You cannot get all of them in one Twisted Marionette fight so you will need to do this fight a couple times at least depending on how well your map completes this event.

Marionette Defender – 10 pts

  • Participate in each of the 5 marionette portal defense events.
  • This is the easiest achievement to get and something you can get in just one fight. There are 5 lanes to this fight and inside each lane is a portal defense event. All you need to do is get event credit in all 5 lanes. While it is not recommended, you can hop lanes during the fight and participate in all 5 lanes.


Chain dependent achievements

The following 5 achievements all have something in common.

  • Marionette Lightfoot –5 pts
  • Marionette Sidestepper – 5 pts
  • Marionette Short-Circuiter – 5 pts
  • Marionette Dodger – 10 pts
  • Marionette Muter – 10 pts

a) You must complete phase 2 successfully in addition to avoiding the specific attacks from Twisted Marionette. Phase 2 is when your lane get teleported inside and split into 5 groups on 5 discs. Your entire lane must complete the phase 2 objectives successfully under the time limit to gain the corresponding achievement. Achievement is rewarded at end of phase 2, when you succeed.

b) The chart below is order by chain. By default each lane is matched to a chain (i.e. chain 1 is assigned to lane 1 etc) but if that lane fails to complete their phase 2 successfully and sever their chain, their chain gets passed down to the next lane and so on until a lane is able to complete it. So you must keep track of who failed to sever their chain and which lane is doing which chain. If you are after the Marionette Dodger achievement for example, it is chain 4 and by default assigned to lane 4. However, if they lane 2 fails to sever their chain, everything is shifted by one so lane 5 is now doing chain 4 assuming lane 3 doesn’t fail the passed down chain.

c) You do not need to stand in Twisted Marionette’s AoE and dodge. You just need to avoid it.



Chain Regulator Warden Special Mechanics Twisted Marionette attacks Achievement
1 Regulator Warden I Block frontal attacks, summon Reavers Stomp Marionette Lightfoot
2 Regulator Warden II Invulnerable while spinning, places mines, stunned by placed mines. High Kick Marionette Sidestepper
3 Regulator Warden III Launch bombs, knocks down Lightning Marionette Short-Circuiter
4 Regulator Warden IV Shrieks, fires homing missiles Sword Marionette Dodger
5 Regulator Warden V Splits when defeated Scream Marionette Muter

Marionette Deregulator – 10 pts

This achievement is similar to the 5 achievements above but it is tied to killing the 5 different Regulator Warden mobs rather than avoiding the specific attacks from Twisted Marionette. However, like the achievements above, you must keep in mind the following

  • Achievement is only awarded if you complete phase 2. It doesn’t matter if your group killed the champion regulator, the entire lane (all 5 groups) have to do it and finish phase 2 under time limit.
  • If a lane fails, that regulator mob will appear again in the next lane.
  • There is nothing to keep track of which ones you have killed. You can use the Marionette achievements to help you but they are not tied together as you can kill one of the regulator mobs in a successful phase 2 but failed to dodge the Marionette’s attacks. Write it down somewhere so you can keep track of it.

Marionette Dismisser/Marionette Tangler

  • You get these two achievements when you defeated Marionette successfully. Tangler is rewarded automatically but you will need to /cheer when the Marionette leaves to get the Dismisser achievement.

Great Jungle Wurm fight

There is only one achievement under this section and it is related to the Great Jungle Wurm rather than the Twisted Marionette fight.

Vigil Field Supporter- 5 pts

The Great Jungle Wurm fight occurs every 2 hrs on the hour and alternates with the Twisted Marionette fight. There are 3 separate vigil escorts that starts about 10 minutes past the hour at Firthside Vigil Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast and you need to do all three of them. Usually you only do one escort each time so you will need to do this Great Jungle Wurm 3 times to complete this achievement.


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19 replies on “GW2 The Origins of Madness achievement guide”

The idea is solid, and it’s basically how BP beat her yesterday, cept we only had to jump once for roamers.

Why I didnt get achievement after I finish breaking chain? I’m sure I avoid his stomp attack and success breaking his leg… is that bug?

getting very tired of getting into event where people are clueless on the 2nd reg. Last event, for example, my platform took it town no issue. Rest of the platforms failed. Then the next lane failed on it. Then the next. Then we are all dead. This gets real old. And of course no achievement for beating the thing because all 5 platforms must beat it… so a LS personal achievement is now a group achievement. That’s bogus. The entire anet PUG boss events which fail over and over are bogus.

It’s definitely very disheartening about the group achievements – and impossible PUG boss events. I haven’t tried Tequatl in months now.

However I’m glad that you can do the ‘daily’ and it counts towards the Meta as a workaround.

I think that the difficulty of the fight is well calibrated, as the marionnette has been beaten several times on overflow servers. You have about 9/10 tries to destroy the 5 chains and the strategies for killing the 5 champions are not that hard.

Would be nice if you could gather some screenshots with save spots for the Marionette Lightfoot/Sidestepper/Short-Circuiter/Dodger/Muter achievments. Should sum up to about 25 pics (5 lanes x 5 platforms).

Another question: how the platforms are filled?
one player to each before a 2nd one gets on it,
or fill one platform first with 5 players, before players are put on another one,
or completely random?

It’s only a couple days since this has gone live. Some people haven’t even seen this event yet, let alone mastered it.

when u go into here secret layer and open all the boxes there is a projector that shows a few maps on the wall.. there are some red arrows .. any idea what this projection is used for ?

scarlets army attacks Timberline Falls at some point in the day you get a server message i saw it happen but no one showed up onmy server not sure the time of day it happened

finally beat this thing – chest full of loot but guess what … all greens except for a lvl 400 recipe and some ascended mats… gee, thanks

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