GW2 Twisted Marionette Boss guide

A guide to GW2 Twisted Marionette, a temporary world boss introduced with The Origins of Madness game update.


When & Where

Twisted Marionette is a new temporary world boss in Lornar’s Pass and her event begins every 2 hrs on the hour in Lornar’s Pass. You will get a 5 minute window to prepare and the fight officially starts at 5 minutes past the hour.

Her event is restricted to the area near False River Waypoint so players should head there if they want to participate in the fight.


Five Lanes

Twisted Marionette fight is structured into 5 lanes so players will need to divide themselves into 5 groups of ~25 players each. Different servers may label the lanes differently but I will use this designation here to avoid confusion (lane order provided by Vancelot on Reddit).


Two Phases

There are two phases to the fight: Phase 1 which is  standard defense where players need to defend their lanes against waves of onslaught by Scarlet’s minions and prevent them from reaching the red gate at the end of the lane.

In phase 2, the gate turns greens and everyone on that lane interact with it to get ported up to an arena separated into 5 circular pads. On top of each pad is a champion mob that must be defeated within a certain time limit. Once this champion mob is defeated, the power regulator on the pad becomes attackable and players must destroy it before the time limit runs out.

Every lane will start off with phase 1 but gain entry into phase 2 one lane at a time. Lane 1 will enter phase 2 first and once it is finished with phase 2 (either success or failure), Lane 2 will enter phase 2 and so on. Unless one of the lanes fail phase 1 terribly, all five lanes will experience phase 2 in sequential order.

Success & Failure

On the right side of your screen is an indicator for Twisted Marionette Weapon Test. The two important part of this indicator to notes are 1) Chains severed out of 5 and 2) Aethercannon Power Level.


Everytime a lane successfully completes their phase 2, one of the chains gets severed. However, if one of the lanes fail their phase 2 or let some of the mobs escape through the red gate in phase 1, the Aethercannon Power Level will increase.If players managed to sever all 5 chains before the Aethercannon Power Level reaches to full, they win the fight and receive the highest rewards.

If Aethercannon Power Level reaches full before all 5 chains are severed, the fight is considered a failure and all players in the area will be immediately killed. You will still be rewarded based on how many chains are severed.

Phase 1 aka Tower Defense


Phase 1 is rather simple and easy. There is a portal at start of each lane that spawn waves and waves of mobs that try make their way towards the red gate all the way at end of the lane. Your goal is to kill these mobs before they reach the red gate as each mob that make it past the gate will raise the Aethercannon Power Level.

  • Beware of mobs that spawn right next to the red gate, have a couple players guard the gate as well to avoid these mobs from slipping in.



Each lane is also supplied with a number of defenses – barricades, siege weapons, and golems. These will help to slow down the wave of incoming mobs. You will find repair hammers near the start of the lanes that can be used to construct these barricades (their locations are already pre-determined, you just need someone to build them). These repair hammers can be also used to repair the barricades when they get low on HP.

  • Not all lanes have barricades but for those that do, your goal is to funnel mobs into “choke" points created by the barricades so you can drop your AoEs on top of these mobs.
  • Repair hammers also work on siege weapons and unoccupied golems but repair hammers can be only picked up once so make sure to coordinate who picks it up and repair stuff with it.


One thing you really have to watch out in phase 1 are the champion mobs that spawns and attempt to rush the gate. You need to chase them down and make sure they don’t get too far.

  • They become immune to cripple/immobilize at 50% HP so be sure to spam cripple/immobilize on them before they reach 50% as these conditions are not removed.

Phase 2 aka Arena

Phase 2 is the most difficult part of the fight and it is designed to single out players and test their ability to follow mechanics. Players not only need to survive and dish out DPS, they also need to do so correctly.


Phase 2 lasts around 2 minutes and split all the players in a given lane into 5 groups via random assortment. This means you want ideally have 20-25 players in a given lane so you have 4-5 players per group. This setup allow stronger players to cover for the weaker ones as you are given very little control over the group composition.

Each group is placed onto a disc shaped arena and must defeat a champion Regulator mob with special mechanics while avoiding Twisted Marionette’s telegraphed attacks which deals a ton of damage. Players cannot help members of other groups as they are blocked from interacting with them and can only watch from the sidelines. Once they have defeated their champion mob, they must also destroy a Power Regulator on their disc. All five groups must all successfully defeat their champion Regulator mobs and destroy their Power Regulators within the time limit (~2 minutes). If any single group fails, the entire lane fails their phase 2 and the lane after them must repeat their phase 2.

  • Shouts from Warriors, Dragon Tooth from Scepter Eles, Ranger Longbow #5, Necro Life Transfer, Guardian Wave of Wrath all go through the invisible walls separating the circular arenas so you can use them to help other groups if needed.
  • If one platform successfully destroy their power regulator, the adjacent platforms get Electrifying Aura buff which give 60 seconds of protection, swiftness, regen, fury, might, vigor and retaliation.


Players should be adequately geared with food and other nourishment that help their DPS and/or survival (i.e. food that help your vigor regeneration and therefore dodge). Utilities that help downed players such as Warbanners are especially handy as a single dead player can make the difference between succeeding or failing the event. Priority at beginning of the fight should be to revive downed players to help overall group DPS but you might be forced to abandon them near the end of the time limit to finish your objectives.

Regulator Mobs and Twisted Marionette’s Attacks

By default, each lane in phase 2 is assigned a chain in sequential order (i.e. lane 1 have chain 1, lane 2 have chain 2 etc) and have their own version of the champion Regulator mobs and special attacks from Twisted Marionette. However, if any lane fail to complete their phase 2 successfully (i.e. failed to sever the chain), that lane’s chain will be given to the next lane to complete and so on until either a lane successfully completes it or the entire event fails. The chart below give you an idea of the regulator champions and the Twisted Marionette attacks associated with each chain. If any lane chains to sever their chain, it will given to the next lane so you will need to keep track of who failed their lane and how many chains are severed to know which lane is doing which chain as the fight progresses.

  • This isn’t really relevant to the average player but if you are looking to complete The Origin of Madness achievements or if you are a commander looking to setup the perfect team, you need to keep this in mind and keep track of which lane failed their phase 2.
  • This also means that you can’t stack a certain lane with good players or a certain lane with weaker players based on their default phase 2 setup as the lanes before it can fail and shift everything.

Chain Regulator Warden Special Mechanics Twisted Marionette attacks Achievement
1 Regulator Warden I Block frontal attacks, summon Twisted Reavers Stomp Marionette Lightfoot
2 Regulator Warden II Invulnerable while spinning, places mines, stunned by placed mines. High Kick Marionette Sidestepper
3 Regulator Warden III Launch bombs, knocks down Lightning Marionette Short-Circuiter
4 Regulator Warden IV Shrieks, fires homing missiles Sword Marionette Dodger
5 Regulator Warden V Splits when defeated Scream Marionette Muter

Champion Regulator Wardens

  • Regulator Warden I is probably the easiest one to deal with as you can simply have one person drag it around while the rest attack it from behind. Ranger/necro pets can be used to tank the warden while rest of the group whack him from behind.
  • Regulator Warden II is where a lot of new players will fail as most of them will attempt to run away from the mob, leading it away from the mines it drops and making it immune to damage. You need to dodge into the champion and lead it to the path of mines if just laid.
  • gw2-twisted-marionette-regulator-bombsRegulator Warden III require quick reflexes and dodging skills as the bombs it launches can one shot a player if they don’t avoid it in time (bombs have no AoE circles, they are simply appear as reddish icons). Another thing to keep in mind is the leap attack it has in melee range that can one shot you. Try to just range him and avoid the bombs.
  • Regulator Warden IV require players to not only dodge quickly to avoid the shriek attack but also stop their autoattack/abilities as otherwise the confusion stacks from shriek would eat them alive if they failed to dodge out of it.
  • Regulator Warden V requires a bit of DPS check. Need to stack them so you can AoE them down quick.

Twisted Marionette Attacks

  • Most of the attacks are fairly easily avoided since they always land in the same spot so as long you avoid the first one, you know exactly where the second one will land.
  • Achievements are awarded for avoiding these attacks only if you avoided these attacks AND successfully complete phase 2. 

Lane Failure

This fight allow you to have some leeway so you don’t need to have a perfect execution every lane to win the event. Assuming none of the lanes allow any of  the mobs to escape through and power up the Aethercannons during Phase 1, you are allowed to fail the phase 2 lane event 5 times and still able to complete the event successfully.

This means that a lane failure isn’t a end of the world and commanders should try motivate people after a lane failure so players don’t give up and fail the next lane when it can be helped.

Phase 2 debuff and trick

You get a debuff when you enter phase 2 that prevent you from entering the phase 2 of another lane for several minutes. This debuff roughly lasts for 6 minutes once you finish/complete your lane’s phase 2. Each lane’s phase 2 roughly takes about 3 minutes so what this means is that you can help out in a lane’s phase 2 that is at least 2 lanes away from you (i.e. if you are in lane 1, you can help out in lane 4’s phase 2).


Because phase 1 is less prone to failure than phase 2, you do not need full 20-25 players to defend a lane during phase 1. This allow you to send in some players from other lanes as reinforcements as needed. When using this trick, players should be careful that they do not all go help another lane and leave their lane with weak defenses.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

57 replies on “GW2 Twisted Marionette Boss guide”

Thanks for posting this, i tried the stomp achievement, V everytime and the achievement no work.. I need to kill the marionnete to get it?

Just avoiding the attacks is not enough. You have to physically be standing in the orange attack area and then dodge the attack as it comes in…just standing outside the area, or moving out of the area is not enough.

Just avoiding the attack (i.e., standing outside the attack area, or moving out of it) is not enough. You have to physically be standing in the indicated attack area, and then dodge the attack.

Just did the stomp achievement by staying outside the attack areas. Achievement is granted when the phase 2 is completed. For rangers, your pet can be stomped, you still get the achievement.

It’s not separated by lanes, it’s based on which chain you’re doing. So first chain is the one you attack from behind, second is the mines, etc. So if a chain fails, the lane after must face the same boss.

Those dodge achievements are all just ridiculous and should get shanged to the point, that ypu can truly say, that they are your personal achievements, because if you have to rely yourself on 4 different groups just to get an achievement where you have 0 influence in helping them, theres nothing personal about those achievements

I like that it is that way. Eventually this will be learned by all and easier to do. This guarantees everyone is also focused on winning not just achievements and screwing everyone over

“Eventually this will be learned by all and easier to do.”

I’ve participated in the Marionette event 9 times, and passed none.

I have also yet to fail a single “Arena” that I have been placed in (I have done them all) – Slowest one, we killed the power generator with 28s left.

Others wont learn, because others do not wish to learn :p

Why don´t we name the lanes by the LS character that are present at each lane? Because people is getting confussed by the numbers and constantly arguing about it, some think #1 should be the north one, some the south that is the first opening the portal. NPCs stay in the same lanes always. If i´m not mistaken from north to south: Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, Marjory & Taimi.

Thanks for your guides & thanks to everyone who help with them. ;D

I agree. The most obvious logic is top down, I think, but once you factor in the activation order concept, it makes more sense to do it that way. The clockwise graphic also offers another reasonable interpretation to go with the activation order meme.

Great guide, I especially like the section about “Lane Failure.” We got a kill in overflow last night (I’m originally on Tarnished Coast) where all lanes except for Lane 5 went through the portals twice. I’m sure there were a few that gave up, but most did not and perseverance won the day!

Great guide! I especially like the section on Lane Failure. I participated in a kill last night in overflow (originally from Tarnished Coast) where every lane but lane 5 went through the portals twice. So, just because a few lanes fail their events does not mean that you should give up on the fight!

Awesome guide!

I wanna add something to the Tower Defense phase. The Champion Twisted mobs, they start to gain extra speed and gets immune to cripple and immobilize at 50% HP.

Something I always advice people to do is spam cripple before the 50% threshold and use any immobilize at around 55% HP because when they get immune they do not remove the conditions. So right when they are about to rush, they are slowed, and if immobilizes are placed right, they can’t run and are easily nuked down on spot.

Also, about the Repair Hammer, you can only pick it up ONCE. This means that sometimes you rather wanna coordinate who uses it or announce that you are picking one up for the barricades.

Also the repair hammer should work on the arrow cart and ballistae, according to the tooltip. Arrow carts are great for trash, especially the ones that spawn behind the barricades, and the ballistae are great for champions that slip through.

They do indeed work, they work to repair the golem too when no one is in it.

Also I saw someone say that you can use the repair hammer whilst using a ballista or arrow cart. You hit repair then use “F”, you will repair whilst using the siege weapon. Might be an exploit, but it’s there.

For some added assistance, in Regulator Warden I as an ele summon an Earth Elemental, as it will draw 100% aggro plus face tank the warden while the entire group can pummel it to death from behind.

So what determines if a chain breaks…several times it’s looked to me like all the regulators were down and the power units destroyed, and then only one chain breaks and we’re all outside again.

Going off of Biofrog’s comment – it seems that Warden 1 prefers to attack pets, making rangers, elemental eles, and minion master necros very valuable on this one.

Sorry for the noobish question. I’m relatively new to GW2, so please go easy on me. 🙂

My question is as follows. Can you only receive/get the rewards from the massive chest (the one that drops when defeating the marionette) 1x per day? Does this also apply to all the other world bosses?

Thanks in advance for the reply!

~ GW2 rocks! And so does your guides, Dulfy!

This chest is daily, exactly.
That’s not the case with every world boss though. There are many that grant 1 guaranteed rare or better item a day, but the normal chest can be opened as often as you finish the event.

Inside (Arenas), it is simply one boss per platform. Many people still use the term “mob” in a logical way, and could easily be misled by this. If we allow the word “mob” to replace the word “enemy” or “unit”, then we won’t have a word for “groups of enemies”. “Mob” is designed to be a quick one-syllable word for “group of enemies”. Gamers were once responsible for many quick-hand efficiency language, and now we are regressing into a less efficient quick speech. Mob still means… well…. mob. We can still look it up in the dictionary, and that dictionary definition that you find is also the most efficient usage of the word for gamers. Theres no reason to change it.

I feel addressing this here is important as Dulfy’s popularity is great, and she could accidentally start severely inefficient habits in a majority group of players that simply copy the speech of the charismatic few. I’m sure she just got used to saying the word so often as short hand that she gradually started mis-using it unintentionally.

MOB – (from the hoary old days of MUDs) means Mobile OBject. MOBs were enemies who could move from area to area (room to room). This was a big deal for us programmers, as otherwise fights only occured predictibly. And we liked the idea of entertaining (i.e. surprising) people who played our games. The term has survived and continues today, even thought only a few of us remember the origin of the term. 😉

blob – unspecified group of enemies, usually players, that move like high threat multi headed shapeless formation. usually erasing everything in their way.

mob – single unit that usually is easy to kill and aggregate to groups according to rules programmed by the creators, and never are players : )

Here maybe is the origin of misunderstanding.

When any lane enters phase 2 there are 5 different platforms. Is the warden on all 5 of those platforms the same? Or does each platform for a single lane have a different warden?

Rephrased: The first time lane one enters phase two will every Warden block frontal attacks?

In phase one, I believe it is the Watchwork mobs you need to prevent going through the portal. The other mobs spawn at different points in the lane to make it harder to do that. I am not sure I saw anything but Watchwork stuff making it into the portal.

Also it is SO important to use the siege. The siege is pretty lethal and a huge assist in taking down the mobs. There should be some to defend those using the siege from the mobs that will target them and take out a valuable asset.

The arenas are divided by invisible walls. Every skill that can go through normal walls go through those, too. It’s too far for melee but shouts etc. work.

You should not divide the lanes in 30-30-30-30-30. Start with 40-40-40-15-15; after the first event lane1 has to send 25Players to l4 (15-40-40-40-15); after the second event 25Player go from l2 to l5 (15-15-40-40-40); after the third, l3 to l1 (40-15-15-40-40); after the fourth, l4 to l2 (40-40-15-15-40) after that you should be done. If you failed one chain l5 to l3 (40-40-40-15-15). If you fail twice, most players from l4 go to l2 (40-45-40-10-15). If you fail three times, ALL players from l5 to l3 (40-45-55-10-0). The champs don’t deal much damage and this is your last try.

If you stick to this tactic you leave enough players to defend the lanes and at the same time have as much as possible on the platforms.
This is, of course, only if all 150 Players are at the event, if not you have to change the numbers a little bit.

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language.

If anyone has some additional advice on the third Warden it would be very much welcomed. That’s the one we keep failing at over and over on my server. I’ve seen 35 lanes try to take him down, only one was successful. Personally I’ve fought him four times and only once has my platform succeeded. My contribution was mostly just lying on the ground 🙁

I know I should avoid the bombs and dodge the AoE. I’m not stupid and while I may not be the best player I’m not that bad either. Most of the time we are just busy keeping people alive and don’t get to doing much damage. So, any constructive comments? Is there maybe a pattern to when and where the bombs appear? How large is their area of effect? I feel like the first few seconds are crucial to everyone’s survival here… Thank you!

Something to be aware on warden 3 that i just added is the melee attack from him called Leap. If you are within melee range, he will hit you with it. This attack deals over 4k damage and basically one shot anyone get hit with it unless you are using tanky build/armor. I would just stick to range attacks and avoid the bombs as this Leap attack downed many people, myself included.

I have a friend that insists that after doing the platform once he can go from Lane 5 to Lane 4 to help them. I believe that is not possible with the debuff active, which one of us is right? Please help. Thank you

5 to 4 would work, since they go in sequential order, that would technically be 4 lanes away from him (5-1-2-3-4). 4 to 5 would NOT work however.

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