Galactic Reputation Patch 2.6 SWTOR

SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards Reputation vendor items

A list of the items offered by the Kuat Drive Yards reputation vendor. This reputation is called Imperial Forward Command on the Empire side and Republic First Fleet on the Republic side.

Newcomer – Bomber Paint Job

Newcomer – Model Space Mining Droid (Pet)

  • Requires 4 KDY Construction Kits


Friend – KDY Shipwright’s Armor Set

  • Costs vary per piece, all bound to Legacy



Legend – KDY Orbital Lifter (Speeder)

  • Requires 12 KDY Construction Kits




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73 replies on “SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards Reputation vendor items”

Which, in turn, is a good thing.
On my server there seems to be no crafter with the schematics for the Trooper Battlemaster shells, so it’s actually extinct.
And there are only ever 1-2 forward recon helmets on the GTN, and they are always up there for the same insane prices…

Never ever see them on the GTN.
The armour that i REALLY want them to bring back is the Rakata Bounty Hunter set tho. I really want that helmet…

I’m on the progenitor and I never see them on the GTN.
I also never see the battlemaster BH set.
But what I really want them to bring back is the Rakata sets…
I don’t think they were even available as schematics so they are 100% dead 🙁

But this addition brings me hope that they’ll be back. I really want the Eliminator helmet for the bounty hunter.

That KDY Orbital Lifter thing is perhaps one of the best Reputation Mounts I’ve ever seen, by far!

I really hope the little arms have animations 😀

Where exactly is the reputation vendor? And any chance anyone can clarify how you’ll be able to get reputation for this faction?

It is only on the PTS right now.

I guessing that you get reputation by completing the new Kuat Drive Flashpoint in February. Or you could get reputation too by doing GSF matches.

oh pls, don’t be stupid. rep outfits sux, and a lot of neutral sets are copy-pasted with slight differences from older sets like these. Say me these are new armor sets, brainless fanboy

Actually I’ve never seen those boots or gloves before.
The head is only available from the forward recon set that is super rare, so it’s nice to get that back in circulation.
And while the chestpiece is a common one, I haven’t seen those exact shoulder pads before.
But hey, I guess you won’t be happy unless it’s 100% new every time so there is no point arguing it with you…

EDIT: wait, found the shoulder pads. They are from a set that is no longer available. So since people are asking for those sets to come back, I guess this is one way to bring them back.

Of course, you’ll always have the naysayers whining that they want something back, then complaining that they aren’t getting anything new. I personally think it should all be brought back and obtainable in one fashion or another.

Yup, I agree.
I especially want the Rakata Bounty Hunter Helmet 🙁
(wouldn’t mind the chest either because it is a very nice colour set)

It is a nice color set. My brother mains a vanguard tank. Female body type 1 with a Columi chest and Hazmat armguards. She looks like a little tank, but you can spot the tiny little arms underneath all that armor.

erm,where have you been all this time?I have almost the same set on my vang and almost the same set on my commando,it was all pre 2.0 pvp gear.Copy/paste for months

Yeah, you are right, those are from pre 2.0.
They are from outfits that are, largely, not available any more.
So I’m fine with them putting them back in so I can get my hands on them.

it circulates the GTN as well making older armor that’s not available anymore easier to get for those that are new to the game and make them cheaper on the GTN

Been looking forward to an adaptive/legacy item of that Battlemaster Trooper chest for a long time, Have it on Lt Iresso(yep, got so much commendations pre 1.2 on my consular), but would definitely get it for my other non-trooper toons as well! Kinda loses it’s uniqueness though, but oh well.. ;P

In the first picture of Orbital Lifter mount the claws are facing forwards, in the second they are reversed. Do those “hands” move or something?

Just wondering… If i walk with 4 missiles on my sholders in that way, why ppl not just shot on my shoulders? 😀

already 12 runs and not even 1, it seems that ill hit 3 times the legend rank till can get the speeder

Digging that mount and would definitely like to check out those greaves on my PT. That mount just has the loader vibe from Aliens to me.

This mount looks like a deep-submergence vehicule, like the Nautile. It’s maybe a bit odd for SW, but nevermind.

Just what we need, another large mount that someone can park on the mailbox or infront of the GTN.
And I don’t care if you rant or whine, that is just my opinion.

Yeah thats so annoying!! i hate that too! those people who do that stuff think they are the only one in the game

I played for 24 hours to get the kdy kits and rep and now all I have to do is wait for the damn rep caps to refresh and that speeder is mine!!

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