GW2 Gemstore Watchwork Mining Pick and Mask of Silent Sun

GW2 Gemstore was just updated with two new items, a Watchwork Mining Pick for 1000 gems and a Mask of the Silent Sun for 500 gems.

Watchwork Mining Pick – 1000 gems

  • Account bound, infinite use mining pick.
  • Has ~20% chance to yield Watchwork Sprockets when digging from any node (this is in addition to the ore you are mining)


Mask of the Silent Sun – 500 gems

  • Chat code: [&AgEFwAAA]
  • One dye slot only



  • Nah

    Another texture armorpiece? Seriously?

    And watch out for that mining pick. It would be so funny if they added more permanent gathering tools with bonus effects shitting over all the people who bought “normal” ones.

    Planned obsolescence works for apple, why not for ANet?

  • Mar von V

    There should be a full tattoo armor for light armor professions. GW1 style.

  • zaw

    1000 gems for mining pick…yay!

  • Sina

    wonder if they would give me a refund on my bone pick.

  • Ares Zax

    Hang on, hang on… So this new pick gives us Watchwork Sprockets in addition to whatever we’re mining? For the same price as the old unlimited tools?? I’m going to check with ANet if this is intended, because otherwise all those people who spent 1000 gems for a now-inferior mining tool are going to be quite upset. -_-

    • Correct, could be a bug though

    • Николай Пахомов

      This self-repairing pick has a chance to add a Watchwork Sprocket to the rewards when used to mine ore veins!(c)

  • Milk Banano

    Oh lord, 10+ EUR for this beautiful mining pick. Would like to buy, but hell, not again. Gotta save a lot of gold for these gems in advance. – …This devilish gemshop, seriously.

  • Lord

    Hi wonder if they refund old unlimited mining pick…
    Or if they will update infinite mining pick to get new component (azurite component ?)

  • MR.M

    Has ~20% chance to yield Watchwork Sprockets when digging from any node (this is in addition to the ore you are mining

  • Pipra

    That mask looks like a toddler scribbled all over their faces.

  • Archi

    Has anyone started a thread on the forums complaining about the added bonus of this pick making the other unlimited picks inferior? If there is a thread, please link

  • Player

    Are the sprockets perhaps in lieu of the normal chance for gemstone bonus gathers?

    • Lord

      I have bought it, but i do not remember to get a gemstone with it.
      I will try tonight to check this option. (I hope getting node, sprockets en gemstones one the same mining)

    • Lord

      sporcket are in addition. I managed to get sprockets, gemstone and ore at the same time

  • I am curious to see how ANet will address the uproar over the 20% chance on sprokets.

    That said, I still want the pick.

  • Eddy Pasterino

    Again useless and lazy stuffs added in. Ugly-ass face tattoo for 500 gem? I can these for free on the interwebz.
    Someone should show TERA gemstore to Anet.

  • Although i dislike that they made the new mining pick for 1000gems its
    animation is not bad, but if they increased its price then they should
    mail it to all the characters of your account like when you buy the
    deluxe edition and have a golem bank for each character you create.

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