GW2 The Edge of the Mists coming next patch

Following the style of the last patch announcement, a short video teaser was posted on the GW2 website, revealing Edge of Mists to be the content of the next patch. More info will be posted as they become available.



Couple more info of interest from massively article

  • Lightest patch in terms of Living World season finale chapters
  • Most of the gameplay will take place around in the Edge of the Mists map, where Scarlet sent her Aetherblades to set the final stage of her plan in motion.
  • Taimi, the tiny asura with a golem mount, has followed the Aetherblades and Braham is following her. Taimi might have some conflict with Zojia from Destiny’s Edge later on.
  • The Twisted Marionette encounter will be still running in Lornar’s Pass.

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24 replies on “GW2 The Edge of the Mists coming next patch”

If someone have a link for the trailer into another channel than youtube, can link it for me? Like on twitch, vime, or any other video channel. Atecipated thanks =)

Oh come on! Can Anet stop shoehorning in Scarlet??!! In saying so I am glad they finally adding in the Edge of the Mist.

It’s scarlet story arc XD they ll hardly stop talking about her…until they finish it xD so just take it as it is for those next 3 patches…
Idk if you cared about the story they’re building behind it, but it’s quite good imo, if you didn’t you should check XD and if you don’t care of story…why bother with her ?

The story would be much better WITHOUT Scarlet. She’s too cliche and 2-dimensional. Basically, her character lacks character.

C’mon…every villain is cliche…with all the super hero movies and comics/mangas etc etc we practically covered every type (by ability and psichology) of villain someone can think of xD Now you can run just with archetypes…
Still i don’t feel her so 2-dimensional…it’s hard to give character to a character wich you only see from time to time for like some seconds xD…or in pre-recorded messagese…plus her past story helped quite a bit to understand her character better (even more with the last update and the upcoming ones ll help more too)…they gave us a chance to know better the “heroes” we’re helping, wich added quite some weight for them too.

“…with a golem mount”

Could this be an early sign that mounts are coming? I hope so. Though sometimes mounts can screw up the in-game economy, I thinks there’s a lot of potential for mounts in gw2.

Asura have always had a racial golem mount.. never seen anyone use it in battle. I pulled it out once and thought meh.

— The Twisted Marionette encounter will be still running in Lornar’s Pass.–

Does that mean we will still have the chance to get the achievements for the current event? It would be cool. 🙂

I thought this map was going to be in beta testing before release? My guild was going to sign up but never heard anything about it.

I hope there is more to the upcoming patch, just because so far the extra month they took between December and January doesn’t show off…
I know I’m badmouthing Anet right now, but we were told to expect some great things in these four patches, rather than only in the fourth patch (if there is going to be anything major at all)

It’s more than that. ANet has already admitted that they’re going to be backing off from the bi-weekly updates after the end of ‘Season 1’ in early March. It sounds like they’re already shifting over to whatever new process will replace it.

My guess is that they are sinking more effort into a packaged expansion, rather than the bi-weekly free updates which perhaps aren’t proving as profitable as they had hoped.

It should be the end of the devilish WvW queue, replaced by a new WvW map, so at least the second patch will change a lot of things for people in crowded servers (and for guilds who try to join WvW maps from time to time).

The real question concerns your own expectations. Raids? New classes? New playable races? It won’t suddenly appear in a bi-weekly update.

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