GW2 Edges of the Mists Developer Livestream Notes

Notes on the GW2 Edge of the Mists Developer Livestream preview in which the upcoming Edge of the Mists map and WvW changes are discussed. A preview of the Cute Quaggan Finisher was already revealed.


  • Tyler Bearce – Game Designer that worked on Edge of the Mists
  • Joshua Davis – Community Coordinator


  • Account Bound WXP not coming next patch (not ready yet)gw2-edge-of-the-mists-region-map
  • When we originally announced EoTM, we were planning to only include players from your WvW matchup. Now we made it so that servers with the same WvW color are now in playing in the same team. (i.e. If Tarnished Coast and Anvil Rock are the green side for a week, they will be going into EOTM as one team)
    • This helps servers with low WvW population and you don’t have to worry about server imbalances.
  • Jungle area – Overgrowth, Desert – Badlands, Snow – Frostreach
  • Overflow map but you can join it anytime you want.
  • Victory in the EoTm provide a supply drop to the citadel in your Borderlands map. This is the only connection between EoTM and your regular WvW maps.
    • Supply pile give you 40 successful supply interacts.
  • New queue interface – you can see how many players are before you in the queue, if there is no queue, Ready is displayed instead.


  • Living World elements in WvW – there are some Living World additions but almost all of them takes place outside Edges of the Mists.
  • Some bridges can be destroyed with siege weapons, you can also repair them if you have the supply (40-50 supply to repair the bridge).
  • Can you join your friends in EoTM? Need to join about the same time since it is an overflow and can fill up quickly.
  • gw2-edge-of-the-mists-overgrowth-regionKeep in each region, controlling that keep grant your team control of the special mechanics/buffs.
    • If you control the Overgrowth keep and the altar, observatory, or statuary objectives, you will gain an accumulating boon in overgrowth (boon give you passive regen, passive pulsating condition remove, chance to do lightning strikes on attack, etc).
    • 100 pts on capture, 25 pts per scoring tick.
  • Altar in Overgrowth region
    • Completing the event in the altar region transform you into an elemental that make you immune for 3 minutes and good for scouting.
  • gw2-edge-of-the-mists-badlands-regionStatuary in Overgrowth region
    • Super cannons at the top with crazy long ranges (can be used to destroy bridges as well). Handled like a trebuchet (i.e. no direct targeting)
    • Maximum range will hit Badlands Outer gate
  • Workshop in Badlands region
    • Charr NPC there will transform you into a Mecha Devourer. Can stealth/create sandstorm/shadow step/siege gates.
    • Cannot jump and move slow.
  • Turrets in Badlands region are no longer player controller due to player feedback, they are automated now.
  • Airship in Badlands region
    • Allow you to purchase Air Strike Grenades (souped up version of Charr racial Artillery Barrage skill)
  • gw2-edge-of-the-mists-mecca-devourerRegional weather effects (obscures your vision)
    • Overgrown: Rainstorm
    • Badlands: Sandstorm/polluted look
    • Frostreach: Blizzard
  • Bucket Jump
    • Every tower has a bucket, you can jump into. It teleport you to the top of the tower (siege deployment is blocked there). Diving googles there for achievements – you need to aim for the bucket below and jump into it.
  • Lots of achievements added to EoTM


  • Waypoints cannot be claimed. You only get your main keep waypoint and your airship waypoint.

QoL Changes

  • Increased dragonite ore drops from Lords
  • WvW rank up chests will have increased drop rate for Ascended weapons/armor. Also increased drop rate from Guild Mission chests and Tequatl chests.

Quaggan Hype

  • New finisher – Cute Quaggan Finisher
    • Pink baby quaggan comes down with a water sprout.

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11 replies on “GW2 Edges of the Mists Developer Livestream Notes”

Prediction: EotM more fun and interesting, less issues with population. Staging ground for real WvW. Who thinks we may see the amalgamated red/green/blue system in WvW some day?

Mmmmhhh… idk, don’t think it ll come…it would be wiser to just give buffs to the outnumbered servers to put up more of a fight…
Still the interesting thing is that the EotM is a map used as a prototype for wvw mechanics too…so i think they’re gonna rebuild “””””soon””””” the WvW from it’s core imo…right now it’s too idiot/zerg friendly and it can’t change with small fixes only.

I was scared that perhaps the Living World Story would take place entirely in the Edge of the Mists but thankfully it looks like I’m wrong. Overall, it looks like a good patch.

Actually it’s balance…so that low pop world can still enjoy EotM…there’s a cap anyway per “overflow”, so you won’t have problems with worlds having too big teams compared to you.

Did they say if the new map again adds requirements for the 100% world-explorer achievement? I hope it’s not gonna happen.

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