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SWTOR Phoenix Cantina Tour Thumbdrive Assets

A list of the items and images provided in the Phoenix Cantina Tour thumb drive. Images are provided by Racerexe on reddit and Marek of Harbinger.

Reader Jagermensch posted some of the discussions within the cantina

At the Cantina they said that a new story arc would begin with the 2.7 update, and would reach an "EPIC" conclusion by the end of the year. An official blog post about the new arc may be out within the next week.

They also said that raising the Legacy level cap and adding corresponding perks was "on the roadmap" but did not say more than that. One BW person said a Legacy vault — i.e. a place to keep all your alts’ mats and trade-able items — would require too much coding.

With regard to new classes or new companion storylines, they said the resources required to do that are huge, and they would rather use those resources to provide new content — planetary storylines — that all toons could play.

They were asked what the most-played content was, and replied "we are not allowed to reveal any metrics."

Also, they said nearly every SWTOR employee plays the game on the live servers incognito. They are not allowed to reveal they are BW employees. Someone in YOUR guild might be a BW employee, they said.

Stevebelt on Reddit had more to share

I was at the event last night and there were a couple of answers that seemed like more than SOON tm. First was that the next tier of pvp armor will come after season one is over. That was reasonably specific.

Second, I asked about player housing, and while the verbal answer was of the "that’s a good idea" variety, judging by his not-so-wry smile and general body language, I’d say it’s almost a certainty they are working on player housing. In my question I made a note of how ripe for CM player housing content was, and the smiling/nodding only got bigger. Based on this, I would be completely stunned if we don’t see player housing in 2014.

Stardrive Flash Space PvP Inspired Mount


Walmart Bomber Mini Pet


Bomber Screenshots

SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (2)SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (3)SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (6)SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (8)SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (10)SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (11)SWTOR_Galactic_Starfighter_Bomber_Screen (14)

Bomber Concept Arts


Gunship Screenshots


Kuat Drive Yards Screenshots

KDYOribitalLifter_RewardMountSWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (12)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (5)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (6)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (7)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (8)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (9)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen_01SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (2)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (3)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (4)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (10)SWTOR_Kuat_Drive_Yards_Screen (11)

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108 replies on “SWTOR Phoenix Cantina Tour Thumbdrive Assets”

Interesting. The screenshot of the group with the podium is the scene from the Consular story ending. The one below that in the hall is the end of Trooper story. I wonder why those were on the drive.

Both of those screenshots were on their facebook page as “My Swtor Saga” submissions, so I doubt it has anything to do with new content. Hope that helps. 🙂

Maybe they would a great way to tie in the class story endings with the new flashpoint? Probably not though. Maybe they’ll let us re-watch our class story for fun…

Yeah no new content this year it looks.If they think they can keep people playing with silly pets and mounts they are wrong ! Sub runs out in 2 weeks,call when they they focus on other things then gambling packs ! .Anyways just about to fire up EVE launcher, exiting !

Yup, its already February, time to give up on the entire year. And the KDY Flashpoint is definitely not new content.

i dont care what’s on the drive. what’s weird to me is that we seem to be constantly fighting the same robots over and over and over and over and over. please make some new trash models. anything.

Isn’t that the same in pretty much every MMO?
Unless there is an expansion, it is usually just the same models with minor changes like colour, size or equipment.

i concede to orthodoxy and safe game design. thank you for the 2 robot designs oh grand storytellers of the mythic age PRE-STAR WARS!

It’s war time mass production.

Variety is way down the list. Is it functional? Does it blast enemies? Crank em out t-34 style and ship them to the front!

ESO is trash. you play the beta? save yourself money and go play neverwinter if you want a piece of garbage reticle MMO. same infrastructure, different veneer.

Yeah I played the eso beta, and yeah I don’t really like “action combat” mmos, I don’t think anyone has done them right yet. But I do think its miles better than Neverwinter and it beats still farming hm df/dp for the indefinite future.

Yeah I did play it and while its not great it beats waiting god knows how long for new HM ops while playing rehashed nightmare modes of the ops we have been farming with alts for ages.

Why is no one mentioning the Day/Night cycles that are glaringly evident in the first three Bomber screenshots? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

So, about the two class story screenshots. I wonder, if BW is going to add a way for us to replay the class stories. That would be fantastic!

And to the people who are mad that there is only GSF stuff. Well… what do you expect? 2.6 is the “Official” release of GSF, of course they are going to talk about that. Besides, let’s wait a few days until the Q&A is released (Hopefully, there were some fansites there.) before we start getting angry? (A lot to hope for, but…)

Exactly! It ties the “Ground game” to GSF, but people will still complain. They always do when it comes to SWTOR…

It would be cool to be able to replay the class stories, but I imagine there are too many flags in place to allow that sort of thing. As in too many check boxes that you the player have checked off at that point with choices, companions, etc, that would make that sort of thing difficult. Still I would love to see it.

To me at least this stuff is pretty lackluster. I’ve done the “Tactical” Flashpoints on the PTS and they were at best meh. We need new Operations & Planets with better stories than Makeb and Oricron. Perhaps some new classes as well…

You’re not going to see new classes or anything beyond the scope of something like Makeb. TOR was not the WoW like success they planned on it being. Alot of the major update things that people ask for just aren’t possible. They could dump another 100 million dollars into this game but they wouldn’t see a huge increase in subs. TOR like most MMOs now has a dedicated audience but not to the point where the dev team (which is small) can do much with the game.

They have to look long term as well and what’s best for the business. Do you know how many servers make up each of what we call servers? A lot and they have a lifecycle of about 3-5 years before the manufacture no longer supports them. So there’s a lot of money needed for new capital equipment as well as maintenance and replacement of hardware. Not to mention hardware that has to be purchased just for redundancy to maintain an almost zero downtime due to hardware or firmware failures. Plus people don’t work for free. They have a payroll to make every week. And people like myself who’ve been in IT for 20 years don’t come cheap. Most good IT guys, DBA’s, Network Router jockey’s, developers, are making anywhere from $60 – $100 bucks an hour as contractors. And with this bad economy companies aren’t hiring more permanent employees in the IT world. And what they get from outsourcing for cheap labor don’t have the same skill level or dedication. It’s just a paycheck. A game is a product like anything else it has to produce a profit to make it better and so that they can invest in their next new product offering.

I don’t disagree with you at all. What I’m saying is that pumping out CM junk has a far larger profit margin than story content. They can afford to do both with what they’re making right now but why put forth that kind of effort for less cash.

I know a lot of people who work for these companies would defend their actions but the only ones who for sure understand their decisions are the board and with their multi-million dollar paychecks and huge stock options, you’ll forgive me for seeing any motivations beyond greed and appeasing investors in order to keep their jobs.

Yeah agreed. CM has big profit margin since it’s mostly reskins BUT they have to realize they can’t JUST do that, and it seems like they aren’t getting that. People play the game for other reasons than to model gear. If those reasons aren’t kept up then to expect people to keep playing just cause there is pretty gear is just blind. I’m supposed to just, what, stand around on fleet looking nice?

For now it works because there are still enough people who haven’t exhausted the story content around to buy CM stuff. But once that content is old and no new comes out, people will quit and then all the CM in the world could come out and no one will be around to buy it. They need to see this before it is too late but tbh with the way things have been going I am not hopeful. The EA mobile runs another good game into the ground.

They have a dedicated audience but even the most rabid fanboys can’t be kept around forever with nothing. They have to give more story if they want to keep that audience, and since their cult following is so small and critical they should be MORE focused on making it happy, not less. They need people to be happy and bring in friends. To say, meh, they shouldn’t put effort in because there aren’t 10 million subs is completely blind and discounts the way people work. If they weren’t stupid they would have known it could never be WOW anyway, and that trying just screws them over because no one will ever do WOW better than WOW. They need to be something different to capture a different market.

people complain about games being too much like WoW,
people complain about games not having enough WoW-like functions,
people complain

At the Cantina they said that a new story arc would begin with the 2.7 update, and would reach an “EPIC” conclusion by the end of the year. An official blog post about the new arc may be out within the next week.

They also said that raising the Legacy level cap and adding corresponding perks was “on the roadmap” but did not say more than that. One BW person said a Legacy vault — i.e. a place to keep all your alts’ mats and trade-able items — would require too much coding.

With regard to new classes or new companion storylines, they said the resources required to do that are huge, and they would rather use those resources to provide new content — planetary storylines — that all toons could play.

They were asked what the most-played content was, and replied “we are not allowed to reveal any metrics.”

Also, they said nearly every SWTOR employee plays the game on the live servers incognito. They are not allowed to reveal they are BW employees. Someone in YOUR guild might be a BW employee, they said.

“At the Cantina they said that a new story arc would begin with the 2.7
update, and would reach an “EPIC” conclusion by the end of the year.”

At this rate the game itself will reach an epic conclusion by the end of the year. Pop dropping like a rock I can’t see it sustaining this for much longer. No reason for them to continue investing in something people are running away from.

They seem to be picking up ‘new to the game players. Some like me are so bored that we are leveling yet even more toons. I have about a dozen toons from each faction. About six of them are in 72/78 if not all 78 gear. The game needs story, flashpoints (lots not one), and OP’s for those of us that have been playing since the start. The first year was rocky. The second was better with Rise of the Hutt Cartel. But we haven’t had anything major. GSF is great for those who really like pvp. And I even liked it for about three weeks until the two maps got old. Having played World of Warcraft before this game they came out with several good expansions to the game to keep it fresh and exciting. Raids were better mechanic wise and took far longer to progress through. But, for me at least that game ran it’s course and died at Cata and fell off the cliff with the Panda’s. This game is Star Wars and the theme is great. They should use this year to capitalize on the fact that next series of movies are coming out next year.

@Krayt Yeah, I don’t think you have any real proof that people are not enjoying the game other than your own opinion. What do you go around asking people in game if they are bored? Can you give numbers as to how many people are leaving over the last month or 3? Please, I know when I hear someone try make a sound statement when all it is is an opinion from a disgruntled customer and not fact.

There is no doubt that people are enjoying the game. But those of us that have played since launch have a right to feel the way we do. And no I can’t give numbers in subscribers. What would be interesting would be to see the how many subscribers since launch are still there in comparison to new subscribers or f2p players. Dno’t get me wrong. I’m a fanboy! I want zillions of subscribers. But I want more content to keep my interested and happy with the game. I have a right to feel that way. I have dropped two years of subscription fees and cartel market money. I don’t plan on leaving the game any time soon. But right now there isn’t much for me other than to level yet another toon and play DF and DP over and over again. I don’t pvp, GSF with two maps isn’t interesting to me (yes my opinion and I”m entitled to it.) All the flashpoints currently in the game have no interest to me having played through them on a dozen different toons in all roles a billion times. The same with the OP’s. I’ve played through all of them as all roles in SM, HM/NiM mode levels. So I won’t be doing old OP’s only DF and DP until new ones come out. Any of my toons that I enjoy playing an maintain already have the highest gear. They have uber amounts of credits. What’s left? I’m not disgruntled. I have played the game to it’s maximum potential. I’m just looking for ‘more’ content to stay interested. Those who are just coming onboard will be interested. It’s all new and fresh to them.

I have to agree. Been playing since launch. But without some really good content I can’t see it going the distance. I can’t do any of the older flashpoints any longer. I just can’t. They just aren’t fun anymore. I really only do Dread Fortress and Dread Palace while I’m leveling another toon. I have a dozen across two servers on both factions. But we need like a half dozen new flashpoints, and operations to keep me interested. If I want story there’s over 200 Star Wars EU novels to read and comic books. Star Wars Clone Wars and upcoming Rebels to watch.

I hope the new story provides some excitement. And what’s up with ‘Tactical Flashpoints’? The idea behind an MMO are roles you play. That just sounds like easy mode and just DPS everything.

Sounds like the same bullshit excuse used for years , people want new class , companion storylines fuck them have this half assed one instead one planet same story wooooooooo

Hate that republic bomber. The imp bomber looks so much cooler 😐 Hopefully they will have a better looking cm variant, because there’s no way I’ll ever fly that abomination. @_@

As a Republic main, I’m glad the Imps finally have a fighter that looks as good or better than the Republic ones.

No new individual stories, even though that was a huge selling point of the game pre-launch (that, and fully voiced). Obviously it’s expensive and a lot of work but they would have known that to begin with and they could have opted to not go that way sine they’d just back out later.

They can’t code shared storage because it’s a lot of work…yeah, tell that to the other games that code in shared storage after release. Are those games’ programmers better or is it because they have a better engine to work with? If you can code in player housing, then surely you can code in shared storage because the houses/ships/whatever should at least have shared storage (like LOTRO has in addition to the shared vault). Unless each of our characters will have their own house/ship/whatever because they can’t program it so that it’s tied to our Legacy. That would be a shit load of homes for some players.

Overall, this was extremely disappointing for me to read.

Player housing would be very cool. I’d be okay with individual characters having their own player homes, as it would likely be instanced anyway, and it would be pretty odd to have your legacy share a player home.
That said I wish they’d reconsider adding more class story content, since that’s seriously the best part of the game. I understand they take more time and effort to develop, but they’re the most enjoyable part. They’re the part that keeps people playing this game, rolling new alts to experience that fresh storyline. No matter how good you make a planet story, it’s going to be stale after the first or second character you run through it. And also, it’s not going to feel as personal or as satisfying as the class stories do.

I agree with your point on the class stories, and I would add that also the companion stories also helps in that aspect. I for once, loved the warrior story so much that I leveled 3 warriors to max level (and I was considering the level the 4th one… 😛 Killing Baras is sooo pleasing). But their decision of not evolving this aspect of the game is expected since the costs are huge, specially if you consider that this game was considered a fail due to large investment that led to free to play, which they said it wouldn’t happen, and to create the cartel market in order to try to get their investment back… So in my opinion, we are never gonna see new story evolution for a few reasons: 1- the cost is high, 2-If they can get profit with the game without investing too much that is what they will do, 3-and if they get to a point where they lose a big part of subs and players due to lack of story evolution the remaining players wouldn’t be enough to justify the investment in making new story class evolution… This is only my opinion, and I hope i’m wrong, but I sincerely think we are never gonna see new story class questing…

I’m pretty sure one of those pictures (Jedi + Consular comps +Satele etc) is from the End of act 3, what’s that doing there?

Well, Class stories are done. And we got a new “exciting” faction arc this year that, like makeb, will likely shit all over the class stories that were already done. Yippee? Why can’t they at least continue the themes of the class stories in the faction stories and weave them together? Ya know, instead of the Makeb style of “Hi there *insert class story achievement here*! Now go do some “elite” grunt work that you wouldn’t have given a crap about if we actually bothered to stay true to your class story!” Just a crying shame and why I unsubbed.

“Next tier of PvP” crap, just finally got my Obraon relics and completed my Conquerer gear on all my 55s…

Hopefully it’s just ranked orange gear or something.

They’ve been saying over and over and over since ROTHC came out that they wouldn’t be doing any new class stories. I’m not sure why people continue to act surprised when they hear them say this. BW has been saying this for 10 months now. Also, that guy is high as a kite if thinks they are adding player housing. Not only did they not say anything that would lead anyone to believe they are working on player housing, but this is yet another topic that they have repeatedly addressed. They consider player ships to be our housing and they aren’t going to be doing any separate housing….at least not for a long, long time.

Doesnt mean they cant expand companion quests or add new companions even if it was a choice of factional companions to a new planet , introduce them from a storyline like Mira and Hanhhar and make a choice which to keep. Making new planets storylines a little more interesting and involved than go here collect this for the empire / republic to help war effort. Makeb was not so bad but for a fully voiced MMO they can do so much better and they could do so many lore planets

When will season one end? The PvP blog says about six months. Season started November 2013, right? So it will be April/May/June…

For those who are doubtful on the player housing, swtor_miner did find a few relevant files a few patches back (I forget which one, sorry). Nothing that provides any detail, but enough to corroborate the story that they are being worked on.

I decided to look it up; the first files were in 2.4.3.
Link not included to protect Dulfy (not sure what the official stance on this would be, so not going to risk it)

Eric stated that the only problem they have with data mining is when wrong information is given out. Otherwise, they’re aware that there is nothing they can do to stop it, as once the information is on your computer, it’s yours.

I’m okay with no player housing, I don’t see that happening. Class stories are done. I’m okay with that as well. But we do need a lot more fresh and new flash points to go with a new over all story arc with some new OP’s to go with the story as well as fresh new events. This last one was good. The bounty contracts are okay but I’d like to see some better things to work to get. Just don’t keep bringing back the gree event. The Racghoul was okay not bad. Let’s see some fresh ideas for events. Maybe some pirates are creating some blockaids of food and supplies with ties to the Intergalactic Trade Federation or something.

Why would you say to not keep bringing the gree event back? It is already coded, it doesn’t take any development time to keep it going. It may not be fresh material to many of us, but it is fresh material to someone; no reason to essentially remove content from the game by not keeping it coming around. After all, you aren’t forced to take part in it 😉

Sure bring it back for those who want to participate and for those who are new to the game. As you said I don’t have to participate in it. Therefore that is exactly what I will do or not do. Thank you the counter argument it is greatly appreciated.

Yes, bring back more recycled content over and over. “snore”. Instead of giving people what they keep asking for time and time again.

And I am about fed up with you people saying “you arent forced to take part in it” when we are the ones paying 15 bucks a month asking for something more and better.

All I want about the events is making them more rare. I mean, we have BCW almost every month – let it be once in a three. The other two give for gree and rackghoul, so that we have one event per month. Whether they add a new event or reincarnate THE GRAND ACQUISITION RACE event then all of them are repeated once in four months.

If they cannot add new classes, then they should at least be making the existing ones more interesting. And no, adding new ops or flashpoints won’t help. I still do the same things, same rotation regardless it’s the good old EV or the new DF/DP.
But adding a new skill tree to all classes would be a nice change. New skill trees bringing new roles to classes to be exact. Guardian healers, Scoundrel tanks, melee Sages… there are many possibilities. Exploring those would be nice change for many.

While I love the idea of more variety in each class, I think it would be terrible for the game to give each class every spec. There is very little to differentiate between the classes as is, and I wish that it were different. However, the recent assassin tank changes are proof that the development team wants there to be no flavor or variety, and all roles should play the exact same regardless of spec. Giving all three roles to every class would just be a means for them to make every class entirely identical as a whole in the long run.

Well, friend, we know the game where where minor class changes are applied every single patch and major ones every expansion and that makes people playing only one class learn to play it again. Sorry, I don’t want this. I really like I play one and the same class through all these two years. Still, I wish set bonuses were changing from tier to tier.

Wait, what, the bomber is named after Walmart, is it a Walmart exclusive or?
I just woke up though so I might be misunderstanding something.

I could never find the first issue walmart cartel cards or gamestop for that matter. So fat chance of grabbing this one as well.

I recently went to my local Gamestop and I don’t know if the kid was lazy and stupid, or he was telling me the truth but he said that they didn’t carry the 60 day time cards or the cartel coin cards either.

They do carry the cartel coin card. The code is printed on the receipt, it is not a physical card and you have to request it by saying cartel coins, that is how it is in the system. Took me two times going to two different stores to figure that out.

“At the Cantina they said that a new story arc would begin with the 2.7 update, and would reach an “EPIC” conclusion by the end of the year.”

No, just the story arc starting with 2.7

“Epic” storyline meaning ONE STORYLINE for all classes, and boring!!! Just like Makeb and Oricon. It’s very obvious to me and others that the team who made and put all the sweat to create this game are gone. Totally different staff now, with EA on their backs ruining it more. It’s a complete 360 to what this game started out as. Very sad it is. Bomber crap, reskins, and recycled storylines. That’s what we get. “Too much coding” to make Legacy Vaults is code for “dont want to put the effort because it is not cartel”…even thought THATS WHAT THE PEOPLE WHO PAY YOUR BILLS WANT!!!!!!!!!

How about a new Huttball map configuration, with trap doors that drop you to your death or carbonite traps that incapacitate you for a set amount of time.

What can you expect from a developer crew… that says a legacy vault is to much coding.


You can expect nothing from that team, nothing! They are just lazy or incapable.

Or… they might have meant that creating a Legacy bank would require completely changing the personal bank/guild bank programming which would end up creating more issues than solving the one that they are trying to solve… I don’t know, to me that sounds much more logical than they are, “just lazy or incapable.”

One such issue that I foresee Legacy Banks creating is removing one of the games most profitable credit sinks: using legacy gear to transfer armorings/mods/enhancements to your alts. In one day, myself and others in my guild can place ~100,000 credits back into the economy by sending gear to alts. That may not sound like a lot, but when tens of thousands of people are doing that, it’s a fantastic credit sink. Keep in mind that the newly acquired better gear on your alts also makes higher repair bills for multiple toons now instead of just your main.

You obviously know a lot about coding and game development.

Legacy vault is a complete and utter waste of resources because a tiny majority are so lazy they can’t just mail items between their alts. You wanna talk shit about how they’re lazy by not doing it, but you are an idiot if you think that the resources spent on making that wouldn’t be taken from something else – like actual story and gameplay content.

Yes. Barring more story, I can forsee myself being bored with this game and moving on in the near future. I have played every class twice thru, light side and dark, male and female, and while Oricon and the like are fun once, that’s like three hours of content and I’m not going to bother repeating it when it is word for word the same on all toons. Not even close to enough to justify sticking around paying for the sub.

This is also the opinion of most of my guild. And it seems like most of the players. If story is their one market share that they do better than anyone else, the reason that people play the game, then why the hell would you not exploit the crap out of that? EA’s blindness is felt once again 🙁

No there isn’t. There may be Makeb- style stuff where all classes do literally the same thing, with the same lines word for word. That has no replay value, I get everything out of it that I need to the first run though and then just have to grind my other 14 toons past it. When the dialogue is “Hello , go kill this thing” that is not story.

It’s still story whether you like it or not.
It might not be the story you wanted, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t story.
If you wanted more class story then you should have said that.

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