Patch 2.6 SWTOR

SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards Tactical Flashpoint guide

A guide to SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards Tactical flashpoint introduced with Patch 2.6.


How to access

Kuat Drive Yards is a tactical flashpoint, meaning it is role neutral (i.e groups have no traditional tank, healer, 2x dps requirement). It is designed for level 15 to 55. Well geared level 55 players (i.e. in full 78s) can solo most of the scenarios but might have trouble with the final boss depending on how much DPS you can dish out.

To access Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint, you can either queue for it in the Group Finder or go to the Mission Departure elevator on the fleet and pick Starfighter Launch Deck.


There is a one time starter quest inside the Starfighter Launch Deck as well as reputation vendors.


On every run of Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint, you will encounter two different scenarios (“trash” scenarios) and a boss scenario at the end. For the “trash” scenarios, they are randomized from a pool of five possible scenarios and it is virtually identical on both factions except the mobs are switched to be faction appropriate (i.e. Republic players will encounter Imperial Defenders and vice versa). For the boss scenario, it is also randomized from a pool of three possible boss scenarios. The boss names are different between the factions but they are identical fights except the ability names are changed.

Pool of “trash” scenarios (each scenario should take no longer than 15 minutes in a full group)

  • Cannon Emplacement
  • Central Armory
  • Hangar Bay (fastest, in/out under 5 minutes)
  • Holding Cells
  • Starship Assembly

Pool of boss scenarios – Empire

  • Major Benes
  • Master Khoris
  • Station Guardian One

Pool of boss scenarios – Republic

  • Lieutenant Krupp
  • Lord Modo
  • Station Guardian One

Elite Defenders

Every scenario has an elite defender. This is a champion mobs that drops one green or blue reputation token every single time. It also have a chance to drop a KDY Construction Kit you need to purchase some of the reputation goods depending on if you get a rare or common Elite Defender.

  • The common Elite Defender, Load Lifter BN-55, only drops one green reputation token. Other named ones are a bit more rare and tend to drop one blue reputation token and a KDY construction kit.
  • Since the Elite Defender only drops one reputation token/KDY construction kit, you will need to roll for it if you are in a group.

Which champion you get as the elite defender and their location is totally randomized. They are usually located near the end of the scenario. There is also a bonus objective that involves killing x number of mobs and the Elite Defender.

List of Elite Defenders

  • Load Lifter BN-55. 180k HP – (Common)
  • Jojun the Hunter – 260k HP – .(Rare)
  • AX-871 – 260k HP. Sniper – (Rare)
  • Drezin the Shipwright – 260K HP – (Rare)
  • Len’na the Stalker – 266K HP – (Rare)

Cannon Emplacements Scenario


  • Disable the Forcefield Generators: 0/2
  • Find a way to disable the Cannons
  • Disable the Control Consoles: 0/3



You will need to disable the forcefield by interacting with the two generators on either side before continuing. There is nothing special about them but they are guarded by a bunch of mobs, some of whom can be knocked off to their death.


Once the forcefield on both sides is disable, you can proceed to the very end of the scenario, where you will find weapon stockpiles. Interacting with them will give you grenades you can throw at the three control consoles to disable them and complete the scenario.


Bonus: Loose Cannon: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. Rewards 8730 credits.

Bonus: Saboteur: Destroy Enemy Supply Drops: 0/20. Rewards 8730 credits. Don’t worry if you can’t find all 20 supply drops in one scenario as this bonus can be continued in the next scenario.

Central Armory Scenario


  • Destroy Munitions Stockpile: 0/3
  • Destroy Warheads: 0/3
  • Destroy Bombs and Rockets: 0/3
  • Destroy Missile Stockpikes: 0/3
  • Destory Station Guardian Prototype: 0/3


Fairly straightforward Scenario. There are 4 rooms in the Central Armory and each room contains a specific objective you need to destroy. Here is a map showing the 4 rooms and their objectives, which could be randomized each attempt.


Munitions Stockpile Warheads
swtor-munitions-stockpile-kuat-drive-yards-tactical-flashpoint-guide swtor-warheads-kuat-drive-yards-tactical-flashpoint-guide
Rockets and Bombs (only Rockets shown) Missile Stockpile
swtor-rockets-kuat-drive-yards-tactical-flashpoint-guide swtor-missile-stockpile-kuat-drive-yards-tactical-flashpoint-guide

Bonus: Total Disarmament: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. Rewards 8730 credits.

Bonus: Saboteur: Destroy Enemy Supply Drops: 0/20. Rewards 8730 credits. Don’t worry if you can’t find all 20 supply drops in one scenario as this bonus can be continued in the next scenario.

Hangar Bay Scenario


  • Defend the Hangar
  • Defend the East Hangar
  • Defend the West Hangar
  • Defend the Hangar again
  • Reach the Hangar Control Console
  • Defeat the Enemy Command Team
  • Secure the Hangar



This scenario is one of the fastest scenarios. All you have to do is head to the location the objective tells you to and groups of enemies will drop down and attack you. For the objective where you need to reach the Hangar Control Console, head upstairs. There will be a small party of two elites and a strong waiting for you near the console.


Bonus: Hangar Offensive: Defeat 35 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. Rewards 8730 credits.

Bonus: Saboteur: Destroy Enemy Supply Drops: 0/20. Rewards 8730 credits. Don’t worry if you can’t find all 20 supply drops in one scenario as this bonus can be continued in the next scenario.

Holding Cells Scenario


  • Find a way to open the Outer Doors
  • Access the Cells and Free the Prisoners: 0/10



You will arrive first at the Central Chamber. From here you will need to find a way to open the Outer Doors. This is done by interacting with this panel on either sides of the room and then interact with the middle console once it becomes active.


Once you have done that, head to either West or East Holding Cells. Before you can open any of the holding cell doors and rescue the prisoners, you will need to interact with this console at the start of the room so the doors can be unlocked.


West and East Holding Cells contain 5 prisoners each so don’t leave until you have rescued all 5 prisoners.

Bonus: Cell Damage: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. Rewards 8730 credits.

Bonus: Saboteur: Destroy Enemy Supply Drops: 0/20. Rewards 8730 credits. Don’t worry if you can’t find all 20 supply drops in one scenario as this bonus can be continued in the next scenario.

Starship Assembly Scenario


  • Assemble the Starship



This is a scenario with more of a puzzle focus. You will find an Assembly Control Station near top of the map. You can’t quite use it until you find the 3 access codes.


Electronics Assembler Access Codes can be found near the Assembly Control Station on a table. There are also hints for the assembly process located here.


Weapons Assembler Access Code is located in the room all the way to the west near a holoprojection of some alien monkey. Note, the exact locations of this access code can change but it is around that room.


Finally, the Propulsion Assembler Access Code is located in the east room. Note, the exact locations of this access code can change but it is around that room.


Once you have all 3 access codes, go back to the Assembly Control station and unlock all 3 stations. You can also go over the hints placed on the table with the Electronics Assembler access code. There are at least four sets of hints/solutions. Which one you get is random. They are all fairly simple logic puzzles.


Set 1 (6 datapads) Set 2 (5 datapads)
swtor-starship-assembly-scenario-kuat-drive-yards-tactical-flashpoint-guide-4 swtor-starship-assembly-scenario-kuat-drive-yards-tactical-flashpoint-guide-5

  • Electronics: Long Range Scout Package
  • Weapons: Prototype launcher v.4
  • Propulsion: Czerka K-57 CE
  • Electronics: Prototype “Infiltrator” Package
  • Weapons: Merr-Sonn LCL-1 Light Las.
  • Propulsion: Celestial Industries Powerhouse
Set 3 (6 datapads) Set 4 (3 datapads)
swtor-ship-assembly-kuat-drive-yards swtor-ship-assembly-kuat-drive-yards-2
  • Electronics: Rapid Recharge Package
  • Weapons: Heavy Laser V6
  • Propulsion: Vokoff-Strood STAR-94
It is likely that this is a bugged version of set 3 as 3 of the hints given here are identical to 3 of the hints on set 3. Try same same solution as set 3

Once you clicked the right one, go back to the Assembly Control and select Execute Autoassembly Task.

If you selected the wrong ones, six elite Security Response Droids with 75kHP each will spawn and you will need to defeat all six to proceed to the next scenario.

Bonus: Disassembler: Defeat 50 enemy forces, defeat the Elite Defender. Rewards 8730 credits.

Bonus: All Assembly Required: Correctly assemble the Starship.

Bonus: Saboteur: Destroy Enemy Supply Drops: 0/20. Rewards 8730 credits. Don’t worry if you can’t find all 20 supply drops in one scenario as this bonus can be continued in the next scenario.

Major Benes – Hangar Approach Scenario

Health: 351k (at level 55)

Special Attacks:

  • Grapple
  • Handful of Grenades
  • Mortar Volley
  • Call Reinforcements



Major Benes’s main special attack is Handful of Grenades, which is a debuff placed on you that will explode and deal AoE damage if you don’t remove it. Depending on how many players in your group and how well geared everyone is, you may able to ignore this mechanic by simply spreading out. Otherwise, you will need to run to one of the two stations located on either sides of the room and interact with the console. This will place a blue circle you need to stand in until the blue beam hits you, removing your debuff and placing a red circle on the ground that you need to avoid.

  • The explosion from Handful of Grenades will knock you down and interrupt anything you are currently casting.
  • Have everyone to go the same station as there is a delay before the station is useable again. If both stations are used at the same time then you have nothing to use for the next round of Handful of Grenades


Other than Handful of Grenades, the other attacks that Major Benes has are Call Reinforcements, which will summon three adds with around 9k HP each that will open up with Full Auto, which can hurt a lot so they should be killed ASAP. Major Benes also have a Mortar Volley attack which is fairly easy to avoid (yellow) unless you are soloing this guy with your companion.


Master Khoris – Command Platform Scenario

Health: 781K (at level 55)

Special Attacks

  • Leap
  • Force Distortion
  • Arcing Slash
  • Force Shockwave



Master Khoris’s main special attack is Force Distortion, which places 5-6 blue circles on a party member over a time interval of a few seconds. If you fail to move out of these blue circles, these circles will turn yellow and you will be stunned in addition to taking massive DoT damage. You may need to move Master Khoris around to avoid the circles he drops.


The other two attacks to be aware of is Arcing Slash which is a massive frontal cone attack that is hard to avoid for those in melee range. He also have a massive knockback called Force Shockwave. Luckily these two attacks are not as frequent as the Force Distortion attack and is only a concern mostly for melees.


Station Guardian One – Security Maintenance Scenario

Health: 458K (at level 55)

Special Attacks

  • Activate Support
  • Activate Suppression
  • Hail of Bolts
  • Slow (Blue circles)
  • Full Charge Volley



Station Guard One will summon two type of droids through Activate Support and Activate Suppression. Every time he casts Activate Support, 4 Support Droids will spawn and channel an ability called Empower to increase his Charged levels. Each droid has around 9k HP. Once this Charge level reaches 100, he will unleash a special attack called Full Charge Volley, a huge beam that does about 13k damage to anyone hit by it. He is immune to all damage while charging up this ability.

  • If your group  have enough DPS, you can simply ignore the droids and just focus on the boss. He will lose all the stacks of Charged levels once he uses Full Charge Volley
  • If your group’s DPS is low, you may need to split up to kill the support droids as otherwise they would increase in numbers and charges up the Guardian to 100 stacks very quick.


When Station Guardian One casts Activate Suppression, he will summon 2 Suppression Droids that does nothing but attack you. In addition to these Suppression Droids, you also need to watch out for a conal attack from Station Guardian One called Hail of Bolts. This is an AoE attack you can easily avoid since the Guardian cannot turn while channeling this attack.

  • Watch out for blue circles on the ground, these won’t deal damage to you but they will slow you if you step into it so use Force Speed, Hydraulic Overrides etc to run out of it.


Lord Modo – Command Platform Scenario

Health: 781K (at level 55)

Special Attacks

  • Leap
  • Force Crush
  • Arcing Slash
  • Force Shockwave



Lord Modo main special attack is Force Crush which places 5-6 red circles on a party member over a time interval of a few seconds. If you fail to move out of these red circles, these circles will turn into red pools and you will be stunned in addition to taking massive DoT damage. You may need to move Lord Modo around to avoid the circles he drops.


The other two attacks to be aware of is Arcing Slash which is a massive frontal cone attack that is hard to avoid for those in melee range. He also have a massive knockback called Force Shockwave. Luckily these two attacks are not as frequent as the Force Distortion attack and is only a concern mostly for melees.


Lieutenant Krupp – Hangar Approach Scenario

Health: 351k (at level 55)

I wasn’t able to get Lieutenant Krupp’s scenario on the PTS but if it follows pattern, it will be identical to the Major Benes encounter except for different ability names.


Rank Rep Cumulative Rep Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach (12672/week) Legacy Title*
Outsider 2500 2500 0 0 0
Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0 0  
Friend 7500 15000 1 1 1
Hero 10000 25000 2 1 1  
Champion 15000 40000 3 3 3
Legend 30000 70000 5 5 5  

There is a max limit of reputation you can earn per week (usually 12000). However, you can go over that cap slightly if you use a purple rep item right before you hit the cap. Depending on your guild reputation bonus, the optimal reputation point to stop and consume the purple rep item have being calculated.

  • With 0% guild reputation bonus, you can reach a max of 11970 + 1440 = 13410 reputation/week (subscribers)
  • With 10% guild reputation bonus, you can reach a max of 11979 + 1584 = 13563 reputation/week (subscribers)


Reputation Items

  • Green:Sacking of Coruscant Hologlobe
  • Blue: Forward Command Shield of Duty/Kuat Service Ribbon
  • Purple: Ranken Medal of Valor/Medallion of Hope

Gaining Reputation

  • You get a single green reputation item from the elite defender (common). If you kill the rare elite defender, it will drop a blue reputation item instead. (If you are in a group, you will need to roll for it but this elite defender can be soloed by those in good gear i.e. 78s)
  • You get one blue reputation item from killing the boss in the boss scenario (everyone gets one)
  • You also get one blue reputation item for completing the flashpoint quest (immediate repeatable without daily lockout).
  • You get a purple reputation item for completing the one time lead in quest.

KDY Construction Kits

  • Rare versions of the Elite Defender tend to drop 1 KDY Construction Kit
  • The boss in the boss scenario drop 1 KDY Construction Kit sometimes (not guaranteed)
  • Tip for kit farming: Get a stealth class and then enter the flashpoint solo. Check to see if you get the rare spawn version of the Elite Defender (i.e. anything but the Load Lifter). If you do, kill it. Otherwise reset active phase and go at it again.


Achievements (Normal Mode)


Defeating opponents

Holding Cells Scenario

Note, to get these achievements, the prisoners need to survive until you access the elevator to the next scenario so make sure you clear all the mobs first before freeing the prisoners


Boss Scenarios

By Dulfy

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114 replies on “SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards Tactical Flashpoint guide”

Is there any daily/weekly to go with this new FP? Or is it soley there to gain reputation – ie this wont help in gearing up/gaining Ultimate Comms for Lv 55’s?

Well you can rep up pretty easily by running through the flashpoint repeatedly since the last boss drops a blue rep item (everyone gets it) and there is a flashpoint quest you get automatically when you enter what give you 1 blue rep per completion.

these totals i gave are assuming your subcriber by the way and in guild getting the 10% reputation bonus

Very thorough, thank you. How long were your typical runs through this? Did some scenarios take longer than others?

Fastest is Hangar Bay scenario as you can finish it in under 5 minutes if you don’t bother with the bonus objectives (they just give you credits anyways). Rest were kinda similar in length, except maybe Holding Cells as i felt that took a bit longer.

I noticed you said it is possible to solo; what kind of gear/class can solo these? I take it running a duo at 55 is very doable then? E.g., if i bring my geared healer guildie with me? I’m trying to get an overall sense of difficulty. I have 7 sm/hm ops geared toons i can run on these and wondering how much help i’ll need.


Jedi Covenant server

Soloed on pts with commando dps on 72s, with treek in heal stance in a mix of 50s-69s (mostly 69s), watchman sentinel in 72s with doc in 66s-69s, sage healer in 72s with HK in 66s. Seemed kinda tough for classes with no heals or with good geared heal companion. Easiest of 3 was with commando, and it should be very easy with a char in 78s

“Seemed kinda tough for classes with no heals or with good geared heal companion” –> I meant “or without” :p

What I didn’t test, but should be my best choice, is a hybrid tank/balance shadow in full dps gear

PS. if anyone can merge my comments it would be great

Well I just duo’d it with a healer friend and it wasnt hard at all. In fact I dare say it is easier than running it 2-person than it is a 4-person because pugs in general are not very smooth-going. I have only face the Load Lifter elite defender so far and he is very easy to solo; the healer helped dps actually. I have only faced Station Guardian One, and we wiped once when the adds werent downed fast enough. After that, no problem. Just have to get adds down. My main is a 3.3k dps watchman sentinel in a mix of 72s/78s, and the healer was a sage in 72s.

So yeah I won’t be queuing at all for these. 🙂

Jedi Covenant server

Most of the flashpoint seems very easily soloable (a healer companion does help, but mostly in avoiding downtime). The real challenge is the end boss, for that you’ll definitely need some source of healing.

When it comes to soloing the end boss, it’s really a matter of luck. I’ve been told that all of the bosses except for the droid are relatively easy to solo with a healer companion, can’t speak for them myself since I’ve yet to try them. The droid, however, is… absolutely horrible to solo, to say the least. I imagine it could be easier for ranged but it’s in no way a push-over, even in full 78s both on yourself and your companion. I did manage to do it as a watchman sent, but it was a 9-minute fight that could’ve been ruined by a single unlucky lag spike.

TL;DR: It’s soloable, but be prepared to have to reset it if you get the droid as the last boss. :S

I solo it with level 67 pvp gear and 21/21/4 (dark maul hybrid) tree assasin, with a full conqueror pvp gear Talos Drelik companion.
Duable by 2 DPS no need healer, not even companions.

The only reason to run it is to max the reputation, and get achievements, and the very slim chance of gaining one of the KDY construction kits.

1 Planetary Comm per Elite Defender and 3 Planetary Comms at the last boss.

Each Elite Defender and boss drop reputation tokens and some drop KDY Construction kits for cosmetic gear / mounts / pets.

No gear is dropped.

just solod this joke of flashpoint and logged off. i keep logging like once a week to look at my lightsabers for 1 nostalgic minute and thats it. sadly to say it but the game is dead

was hopping it cannot get any worse, was wrong again after how many times?.. the road map looks awful as well for someone who knows what real content is in a serious mmo.

not sure about Teso but im really looking forward to Wildstar, been in 2 betas and its a total blast. proper engine, responsive controls, insanely huge LOD, housing, addons etc everything you want its amazing. also the involment of devs in that game is a breath of fresh air, felt like i was playing with them next to me in a net cafe.

ya know you morons who keep saying things like “dont like it? play something else” are a real problem. ya just dont understand what its like to play games these days only to find them going downhill.


He just said he’s going to play something else. He just said it; very clearly in fact. Here, I’ll copy and paste the line for you, in case you didn’t understand somehow:

Yeah Yeah said, “…not sure about Teso but im really looking forward to Wildstar”

You see? That means he’s going to play Wildstar when it comes out. He stated why he wasn’t pleased, then went right into how he’s going to solve is displeasure; by playing another game–Wildstar. Could his lack of enjoyment affect you in-game some how? Will you be thinking about his lack of participation in SWTOR, while you’re doing a flashpoint? Will you lose sleep?

Someone doesn’t like the same game is you: Apocalypse.

..stop it.

Stop it? He said he keeps logging in to only find disappointment, so what do i do but suggest him to play something else, it’s funny how a simple comment and suggestion to make his life better can be viewed as something negative, i meant no ill will by it but yet have ill will meant towards me.

Someone doesn’t share the same opinion about a comment as you do: Apocalypse.

Oh wait, it should be “Someone doesn’t share the same opinion about a comment is you: Apocalypse.”

Wait – you readily admit that you’re always wrong about SWTOR, but then you are certain you are right about Wildstar. Color me skeptical when it comes to your opinions.

its tactical because you don’t need the trinity. you may not get a healer and need to choose your battles carefully. regen your health between fights and such. Its nice that dps don’t need to wait 30 mins just to get in a flashpoint. now all they need to do is add it to the fp daily and weekly missions

The experience is quite good, actually. I don’t know precisely, but I got more than half a level during the flashpoint. Doing all the bonuses, of course. The experience gain might be affected by the scenarios you get, though.

Just tried soloing as sniper with healer companion. In full 78s with 72 geared healer companion and Station Guardian One wasn’t even close to do-able. Maybe it is with a tank.

Soloed it today in Engineering in nearly full 78 (only implants and earpiece 72/75), was very hard due to the stupid adds spawning everytime.
Probably the best is to go for Lethality for this fight.

Yeah I tried on my Sentinel. I got to the last boss..don’t remember what the name was…and it wouldn’t have been a problem if my healer comp didn’t keep getting caught in the conal and dying :/

I’ve only run it twice, but the drop rate from the mobs is very low and there is zero trash dropped. With a PUG you can easily miss out on the bonus mission and so spent 15 to 20 minutes for only $9k.

Besides what Dulfy said above, 1 Planetary Comm per Elite Defender and 3 Planetary Comms at the last boss. No other gear is dropped.

A note to reputation farmers:

If you have several alts that are high enough level to accept the mission, the one-time mission can be done and the purple trophy gained without actually running the flashpoint. However — and you might want to note this somewhere Dulfy — the one time mission appears to bug a lot: I activated the terminal where the GSF crew convo happens (the second “terminal”, after the initial mission start); I queued and ran the flashpoint, but talking to the Admiral did NOT complete the mission.

On another toon, after getting the mission to the point where it says to talk to the Admiral, I abandoned the [TACTICAL] mission that appeared in my log, then talked to the droid Flashpoint Courier nearby to pickup the mission again. Running into the flashpoint, I talked to the Admiral and voila, mission completes. So you dont actually need to do the flashpoint to get the purple trophy, but thats what you have to do to keep it from bugging.

Jedi Covenant server

You cannot enter the flashpoint though unless you are level 55 except through the group finder. At least from my experience last night. This bug happened to me on 2 different toons last night. Everyone else in my group got credit for talking to the admiral, but I did not. After the flashpoint was over, I could not enter back in unless I requed for the group finder. Again, these are all below level 55 toons. I believe I was the owner of both those flashpoints when it happened, so that may have something to do with the bug.

I managed to get the purple trophy without incident on my 6 other 55s simply by dropping the [TACTICAL] mission after the second computer gives it to you, then pick it up after that by talking to the droid. Worked every time.

To clarify, the flashpoint courier droid is unfortunately unavailable to characters level 54 and below. Your only way to get the purple trophy is to queue (then either complete the flashpoint or drop, just let the group know that’s what you intend to do), BUT queuing on one of my lower level alts did get me the trophy. So the bug appears to be the fact that the one-time mission only completes by queuing or by talking to the droid. Technically that appears to be working as intended because thats exactly what the mission says in the log: complete that flashpoint by queuing or talking to the droid. It is really just misleading and not a bug because that second terminal gives you the flashpoint mission and everyone *thinks* that it counts toward the one-time mission, when it doesnt.

Jedi Covenant server

For Krupp, when he buffs you with magnetized grenades, you want to run to one of the devices in the corners of the room and discharge the magnetic field, or whatever it is meant to be 🙂 The devices take time to recharge, so you don’t want to use them without necessity. There are two of them.

I think the flashpoint is OK.

It seems, however, that it may need an ending cut scene, and a nearby exit. It’s kinda funny and awkward how you defeat the final boss and…you’re just standing there. Other than that, it’s fine I guess.

One thing I’ll give BioWare credit for is the star fighter puzzle. So far, it seems to be going completely under-appreciated. I thought it was nice. It fit very well into the theme of the flashpoint. Most people I’ve played with though had–massive–ADHD flare ups and just pressed anything they could to move forward; blowing up the ship every time. It was absolutely disgusting to watch. It really showed me the state of the video game community today; just awful. These are the people new–so called–MMORPGs are made for. Which in my opinion will make true MMORPGs extinct.

Gears of Duty: The MMORPG coming 2015 (…joking but…not really.)

Besides the ending cut scene, we needed something in the beginning too.

Even if we appear by an airlock and then run up to the bridge would be OK.

Just ran it solo and got no kit off the last boss. Major benes. not sure if it was from me not being in a group or just a chance to get a kit.

Seems to have a chance now to drop a kit. Chance seems to be less than 50%. Only had 1 kit out of 3-4 runs last night from the final boss.

With a geared (69) group of 55 characters, those new flashpoints can be done totally brainless.

Has anybody seen KDY Construction Kits? I didn’t… do they exist?

They tend to always drop from an elite defender that is not the Loader Droid.

The boss seems to have a chance to drop 1. Might be less than 50%.

I had one drop in my group, a low level group, but I didn’t get it 🙂 I ran the flashpoint 3 times and only saw one drop. Pretty rare indeed.

I saw 3 drop in my first 4 runs yesterday and I won all 3 with greed rolls. Then only saw 1 in the next 4, so for me it didn’t seem too rare. Who knows.

I’m up to 5 or 6 of them now. But I have gotten them from a total of about 15 bosses, so they appear, based on my small sample set, to be less than 50% drop rate.

Is the “leaving No one Behind” achievement bugged? i tried to do it once and i just got the “escaping kuat drive yards” achievement. I thought that someone else had opened a cage. Then i soloed it to be sure that nothing interferes and i didnt get any achievement.

I searched the net and i found that on PTS none of these achievements worked.

Did anyone got them?

You have to make sure all the prisoners survive when you interact with the elevator to leave the scenario. So make sure to kill all the mobs first before freeing them.

Thanks for the reply

Since it says “single-handedly” does the same person has to open all the cages or, if all prisoners survive, everybody gets the achievement?

Ok, soloed it again, first cleared both rooms of enemies and then freed the prisoners, achievement popped. Thanks for the help.

Watch out for blue circles on the ground, these won’t deal damage to you but they will slow you if you step into it so use Force Speed, Hydraulic Overrides etc to run out of it.

Ran this boss 3 times last night. These blue circles do very light damage besides slow you down.

in the next flashpoint there will be pink circles on the ground that will “tickle” your character, and they will giggle.

This FP is totally insane , the difficult is so extreme that when tryed to do it with just basic attacks and closed eyes failed the first 2 attempts…
Is me or the dumbing of the game is out of control? A 55 FP that can be solo with a half decent companion and in pvp gear is wrong. This should not be the way. They are cattering so much to the casuals that real mmorpg players leave in droves (if still remains any).

Well I have duo’d it.

I dont advice running anything pve 55 with pvp gear on and a crummy companion. I call out Riker on that. The BS flag has been flown!

Feels more like a leveling heroic than a flashpoint. There are no critical mechanics, no loot, and no way to really fail unless you’re brain dead. Your pretty much show up and press the win button.

Just soloed Lord Modo as a full dread guard Guardian tank with mostly 78 geared Kira DPS companion. Would not have been possible if I didn’t have a guildy grouped so that I could use the med stations though. Very very tough to solo even with the med stations. Might have been easier with a well geared healer companion, I am not sure.

just soloed lord modo without being grouped as shadow tank, mostly 78 gear and tharan in mostly 78. before the burn phase started at about 25% i ate 2-3 red circles but tharan healed me to full quite easily. the burn phase was quite crispy, rotating all my taunts and def-cds. it was much easier after equipping tank gear =D, wiped with dps gear at 5% before.

Not sure if anyone has offered up this strategy for farming Kits, but I’ll share. I’ve gotten my 12 already just solo farming. Works best with a stealth class, but can be done with any that can solo the elite champion. Go into the FP and go only as far as the first ‘Elite Defender’. If it is a rare spawn, kill it and get your kit. If not, immediately EXIT AREA and reset the instance and try again. If you get a ‘you instance has been reset too recently’ lockout, log onto another character and do the same. Got 8 kits yesterday with this stragety. Yes it is boring, but you don’t have to fight anyone for rolls.

Can someone help me in regards to the purple rep? I have no Idea how to obtain, is there some mission I have to pick up?

Just had only 4 datapads.
Same as set 4, but the 4th is:
Everyone: Celestial Industries has issued a recall for several batches of its “Powerhouse” drives due to defective manufacture.
Our latest shipment is on the recall list. Do not mount these onto ships.

Can anyone confirm if the legacy unlocks for Improved Flashpoint Experience works for the Kuat Drive Yards Tactical Flashpoint?

Anyone else having problems with the solution for the 5 data pads not working? Been in the instance five times today and three of those times had the 5 data pads and it didn’t solve correctly.

Anyone else having problems with the solution for the 5 data pads not working? Been in the instance five times today and three of those times had the 5 data pads and it didn’t solve correctly.

tip with the Master Khoris/Lord Modo:
After the 25% bubble if you stack together, he rarely does his special attacks. Makes it an easier burn.

There is an additional four set for the Assembly.

In this one the Infiltrator and Prototype Heavy Laser was bad and the Prototype Experimental Launcher was good. The screenshot on the other 2 pads didn’t save. So sadly not sure on what the engine is for that setup.

OK, when facing the station Guardian, I found that if the tank does his/her job right, you can aim the area attack that the guardian does. The best way I found was to wait for him to start channeling his ability, then as soon as it starts, I walk through him, then when he turns around to face me, I repeat until he is ready to be attacked again. By doing this, the raid knows exactly where the attack is going to land.

Assembly is updated now. The ‘bugged’ set 4 now has the full set of datapads, solution has not changed.

Dulfy may want to add this to the Assembly line up cause i noticed something with one of the recorders the one for prulsion that recorder will sime times show up on that table in that room and also that big computer in the far back of the room.

also i noticed through few of my play throughs with the weapons recorder that to also sometimes shows up on the table in the room where you find it.

i’ll see if i can get Screen shot of it but don’t hold me to it i’ve found it a few times both aren’t as often i think it varies with the elite boss thats their like the rare ones the recorders change (all except the electronics) i think is that first recorder with the pads yes? but yea please update that into it and i’ll see what i can do to help you with screenshots unless you rather do it.

In the set 3 you label the weapon by the secondary and the other by the primary. The weapon you’re looking for is the BlasTech HMC-15 Laser.

too bad your guide sucks because set 1 can also be 5 datapads so your information is mis leading and false

Not really mentioned that I saw, but there are now three decorations related to this flashpoint, At Legend you can purchase an imp or pub bomber (floor hook large) from the respective vendor. Additionally for completing all of the achievements you receive the KDY trophy art painting, which is a fairly large landscape that overflows both sides for the hook it hangs on (wall med or lg).

To achieve the painting requires several days of grinding, figure on 70-80 runs considering that after you get nearer the end of the final boss achievement you may finish one and then end up rolling him rather than getting one that you still need to complete. Say you completed Major Benes and Station Guardian 1 but not Master Khoris, you can still roll one of the others as the final boss even if their achievement is complete; this means you may have to make several complete runs just to get the boss you need. It got frustrating for me as I completed SG1 first, then on both imp and pub characters I would still go through both scenarios and end up running into him at least one in five times. Also, in my experience, Lt. Krupp and Lord Modo rolled as the final bosses less frequently than they the other boss for their faction. However that could have just been dumb luck on my part.

On the bright side, but the time you finish grinding out the achievement you will have way more than enough reputation tokens to reach legend and at least enough construction kits to get the load lifter vehicle or one of the starship deco’s, maybe both.

Achievement is at: Legacy>Achievements>Flashpoint>Kuat Drive Yards>Normal Mode>Kuat’s The Matter?

What you need to achieve to get the painting:
Complete prison cells with 1-4 prisoners alive
Complete prison cells with 5-9 prisoners alive
Complete prison cells with 10 prisoners alive

Complete each scenario 10 times

Kill each final boss 10 times

Why does Lord Modo take so freaking long? I just did it with 1 tank and 3 dps and it took 9 MINUTES!

Although “it’s a tactical flashpoint, meaning it is role neutral (i.e groups have no traditional tank, healer, 2x dps requirement)”, I don’t understand people which first queue as healers in group finder, then write in chat that they must not focus on healing “just because it’s Kuat”. Damn, if we have 2 healers with dps and tank, and they are dying because healers focus on doing dmg and attack first, it only prooves stupidity of healers. I hope all people queueing for Kuat know their role “even if that’s only Kuat”. I hate to die as dps when 2 healers stand aside…

There should really be a soloable version of this (15-55 with GSI support droid), then ANYONE being victimised by PUG noobs can find refuge in it.

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