SWTOR Producer’s Road Map for 2014

SWTOR Producer’s Road Map for 2014 detailing some of the releases we can expect in 2014.

I know there have been a lot of questions around the forums about what kind of content you can expect from Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ in 2014. I’m here today to give you all a bit of information about what we’re working on! As always, these dates are subject to change, but I will give you our best estimate based on what the teams are shooting for as of right now.

We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you, but first I’d like to take a moment to give the teams working on The Old Republic a giant hug. In 2013, the team fulfilled the promise of delivering Game Updates every 8 weeks, and introduced an enormous amount of amazing quality gameplay content and new features. Star Wars: The Old Republic has really grown and changed over the last year – veterans that have been with us since launch know what I mean.

Let’s talk about some of the things coming next:

  • February 4th: Game Update 2.6 – Galactic Starfighter Digital Expansion, Free-to-Play Launch
    • Galactic Starfighter is now available to Free-to-Play players
    • SIX new Galactic Starfighter ships featuring a new ship role, the Bomber – tough support ships that deploy mines and drones on the battlefield. They can even place Hyperspace Beacons which function as mobile respawn points for their allies!
    • This update also introduces Galactic Starfighter Detailed Scoreboards with loads of new post-match information about your battle performance
    • Your personal Galactic Starfighter Battle Record with detailed lifetime battle stats, and the ability to link each stat to chat
    • Kuat Drive Yards is a vital starship construction site that is of interest to both factions, and forms the setting for a new modular type of flashpoint that contains different scenarios each time you play it. Kuat Drive Yards Tactical Flashpoint scales in difficulty with your level and is available to players starting at level 15
  • March 14th – March 17th: Double XP weekend!
  • April 8th: Game Update 2.7
    • Two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban where the Empire and Republic confront each other directly, initiating a new storyline that will span updates across the entire year until its galaxy-shaking finale
    • Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress Operation and a new tier of gear
    • New Huttball Warzone on Quesh
    • New Galactic Starfighter Battle Zone
  • June 10th: Game Update 2.8
    • Nightmare Mode Dread Palace Operation
    • New ships and an entirely new Ship Role for Galactic Starfighter
    • And much more… this is going to be the biggest update up to this point – we will reveal more once we are a bit closer to June

There’s a lot of stuff being worked on! The team that brought you 2013 is still here and working hard to bring you another action packed year. As I write this we are actively developing all of the above as well as PvP Seasons, new Flashpoints, new Operations, new gear, performance improvements, and changes coming to Classes. Expect to see two digital expansions in 2014 just like you did last year, with one similar to Galactic Starfighter in scope and one more closely resembling Rise of the Hutt Cartel. We reserve the right to adjust our plans based on bad reasons like Snow Days in Austin(!) or good reasons like your feedback, but our current plan is to deliver all of the above to you in 2014.

There is one change to our development cadence I would like to share: In order to increase our testing time before Game Updates, we are going to move to a 3 week cycle between minor patches, instead of two weeks. While this does mean we are moving to a 9 week cadence for the major content updates, we feel the benefit of catching pesky bugs and improving quality is worth it and we remain committed to hitting our deadlines for all of our major content updates this year.

As we get closer, we’ll have a lot more juicy details on these new features – keep your eyes glued to the forums and for more information. Also join us at our Community Cantina Tours as they continue this year; we have a lot of new cities on the list and we look forward to chatting with you about what you’d like to see next.

We are excited for 2014 and hope you are as well! Thanks again for your incredible support over the past year!

Bruce Maclean
Senior Producer


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

61 replies on “SWTOR Producer’s Road Map for 2014”

Overall pleased with this.

The new story arc sounds very interesting, and that it will bring back content specific to each faction. Definitely a fan of feeling Imperial-y, rather than cookie-cutter generic strike force. The talk about a “galaxy shaking conclusion” is awesome and worrisome at the same time. -> Are they planning on wrapping up loose ends and closing swtor? Has there been any guarantee they don’t have a finish date planned for the game?
GSF sounds really interesting too. Hoping the bombers are as exciting to play as they sound.

Anyway, as always, thanks for the work Dulfy!

Good to hear someones excited about flying a bomber!!!! Bomber pilots rule, fighter pilots drool, UAV pilots….uh, well nuff said.

I think “galaxy shaking conclusion” is just marketing hype / indication that the conclusion will make a big impact to the story. They said the same thing about Oricon and the Dread Masters.

Huh, from reading Miner’s info from the past, The Tython Vs Korriban Flashpoint was renamed to R.P. planet. Wonder if they were just really 2. (technically 3) separate flashpoints. Either way I really hope the story gets deep and they make a Jedi/Sith faction themed Rep with cool datacron heal items and pets.

Not super thrilled about 8 more weeks of HM DP and THEN NiM DF, but overall it looks promising. Can’t wait to see what else will be in 2.8. And I’m glad PvP is getting some love too.

2013/10/02 – 2.4 release of DF & DP
2014/04/08 – NiM DF (6 months of no update to DF)
2014/06/10 – NiM DP (8 months of no update to DP)

Given their track record, who knows how long they will leave NiM DF & DP before adding a new Op. So we’re looking at a year+ of miliking the same 10 bosses? I defend this game all the time, but that is bullshit. Shit like this is what makes me want to cancel my sub.

Yeah, my guild is not great at raiding by any means and even we are already nearly done with current content (we’re coming for you council!). If the casual gamers are already done 2 months + early I can’t imagine how the really good raiding guilds feel. That is a LONG time to wait for new things. Fortress already makes me want to shoot myself and we are stuck with it for at least another 6-8 months? Ugh.

We are gouging our eyes out doing the same shiz over and over again. I think all 12 of my char and all thier comps are full 78s. (exageration but almost true)

i would be so happy if they abolish all companions, they are the most annoying aspect of the game to me, next to dailies lol.

Yea, it is way too long for the same Ops….but I am hopeful that there will be a new Op in like August, so that won’t be a year.

So, I’m pretty excited for most of what is on the list. The Flashpoint stuff looks pretty awesome, and getting two new expansions this year is awesome, I wonder if it’ll raise the level cap to 60? And if it adds a new planet (Or more then one) It’ll give me more stuff to record, so that is always nice. And with some of the story stuff they talked about at the community cantina, it looks like this will be a fun year.

Of course, this is just me being positive, which I know will label me as a BioDrone or a defender.)

“New Tier of gear”… I haven’t finishing re-gearing from the last one, after March all my characters will be considered garbaged geared for OPs, great.

My guild has had HM DF & DP on farm since late October. Many of us have multiple alts already decked out in BiS 78s. If 6 months is still not enough time for you to get geared, you have only yourself to blame. Besides, whenever a new tier of gear is introduced, the lower tiers are usually made easier to get with commendations.

I have 8 characters, I like playing them all, I play the most out of my guild and have the best gear… I’m pretty sure after March the few guys still in my guild are going to leave because of this.
I guess I shouldn’t have geared my alts with the commendations I had, from now on I’ll hoard them on my main 2 and only upgrade my gear once a year after the new Tier makes all my grinding useless.

I have 9 characters. 4 of them are decked out in 78s. I play ~20 hours a week. Getting geared is really not as difficult or time consuming as you make it sound.

Unless you have friends you like playing with you who can’t/dislike grinding a video game like it’s a job…

That’s great, more power to you. But they do not all need to have 78 gear. Also if your guild is quitting because they are adding new content…well…I don’t even know what to say to that, but its one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

i cant say that I like the idea of my 78 geared toons becoming obsolete for new content. I do think they need to bring out new gear etc, in my opinion, I think they bring the new gear rating out too quickly.

lolz at the fact that youre complaining about gearing 8 toons in endgame gear “because you like playing them all” and then trying to make it sound bad that they are putting out a mode of content and gear. “it’s all about me and my 8 toons” it’s really not and change your diaper.

I’m trying to gear 2, I haven’t finished yet. I already get told my 38k tank is not “geared enough” to tank SM ops (not even the tough ones, just SnV and TfB)

You see the problem now? I would love to gear myself but if they do what they did last time, with FP giving gear that will be obsolete how can I hope to get gear to tank an OPs when people only accept over geared toons?

Right now for hard OPs only those who already have the gera rewarded for those OPs are allowed in, see the conundrum if you can’t keep up now?

A new tier of gear doesn’t necessarily mean new items from ultimate comms, however. They added Kell Dragon gear without changing the comm purchases, so it’s entirely likely that it will be a similar situation.

True, but it would make things much more convenient if they set it up to save your first and second specs plus hotbars.

Commando Full Auto and mortar volley still miss a few ticks. Only hits during the last tick. PLEASE fix!!!!

Have you checked your accuracy? Both can miss on ticks due to your accuracy or the enemy having a high defense rating.

Also, are you aware that this is a fan-site, not a SWTOR bug forum and that likely no devs will ever see your complaint here? Go to and start a thread so that if people are having a problem like yours they can post there as well and/or cret an in-game ticket.

Wish they’d do more class content, or at least some more companion conversations/dialogue or something.
Hell, I’d take the ability to just reset the class stories and companion convos we already have, so we can do them over again with the same character, possibly exploring different choices. Plus you’d get to see your character go through all those cutscenes again, but now they get to show off all of that fancy gear you’ve put so much work into obtaining.

so this rise of the hutt cartel size expansion their doing gonna assume we have to buy it or giving it free for subs

this sounds like what happen in lord of the rings online with a lot of their expansions released it early and then the things were broken for such a long time before they fixed it

Actually, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if their new tactics is to release content like that for free since the cartel market is bringing in so much money and this kind of update is what keeps people purchasing things on the CM.

It would be nice to see some actual new mechanics for a change, rather than all these operations fluff that people repeat obsessively just to get a few good pieces of armour. Something like guild starships, player housing, or a day/night cycle would be more like it!

I would like these things but really, how much time would you spend with any of these things that would make them worth the development resources? I can see ‘guild starships’ being more like ‘guild ghost ships’ for most guilds, unless you’re in one where like 100 people are online at any given time and a bunch would want to be hanging out in the guild ship rather than planets, fleet etc. etc. Otherwise it would be kind of silly. This might have made more sense at launch when 1.4m people were playing, but now….mm not so much.
How much time would you spend in player housing? Doing what?

Legacy bank or some form of shared storage. Thanks. Just thanks. The player base has only been asking for it since legacy arrived.

So in your mind we should stop playing because we don’t get what we ask for? Or am I just completely confused about what point you are trying to make here.

Please give be a definition of what you mean by : “Cannot be interrupted” – Jedi’s Master Strike is often “interrupted” (says so on screen) when fighting Elites or Strong. I realize that if someone pushes you out of range the ability is “interrupted” so it cannot be completed, but I’ve also experienced an “interruption” by freezing and choke holds. So, what gives….can Master Strike be INTERRUPTED or not?

i wouls love to see the champion battle master set to comeback i was playing and a guildie of mine showed it to me so i ask BW please bring it back. and also an fix on the bugs going around a few flashpoints like black talon at the end we disconnect and have to log in again and again expecially if we are a new lv 50 grinding for classic commidations and fix the broken gear moving around if these problems get fixed im happy to continue to play

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