GW2 Lovestruck Weapon gallery

A gallery of the GW2 Lovestruck weapons available from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist with the Edge of the Mists update

Please note that the 2nd picture from the left is an animated gif showing the animation. Chat codes are provided by that_shaman.

Looking for models! If you own any of the Lovestruck weapons, I would love to grab some high res screenshots of ingame. Please contact me ingame via mail/whisper – IGN is Dulfy (US servers only)

Lovestruck Axe – [&AgFbrwAA] – Modeled by Meghira Strega


Lovestruck Anlace – [&AgFerwAA] – Modeled by Just Stop Breathing


Lovestruck Focus – [&AgFhrwAA]


Lovestruck Greatsword – [&AgFkrwAA]


Lovestruck Hammer – [&AgFnrwAA] – Modeled by Crilt


Lovestruck Longbow – [&AgFqrwAA] – Modeled by Old Sayid


Lovestruck Mace – [&AgFtrwAA] – Modeled by Fabrizio the Fish


Lovestruck Pistol – [&AgFwrwAA] – Modeled by Corvo Moretto


Lovestruck Rifle – [&AgFzrwAA]


Lovestruck Scepter – [&AgF2rwAA] – Modeled by Kade Parageist


Lovestruck Protector – [&AgF5rwAA] – Modeled by Essmee


Lovestruck Short Bow – [&AgF8rwAA] – Modeled by Celawyn


Lovestruck Staff – [&AgF/rwAA] – Modeled by Meghira Strega


Lovestruck Sword – [&AgGArwAA]

Lovestruck Flame –
[&AgGFrwAA] – Modeled by Arrile


Lovestruck Call – [&AgGIrwAA] – Modeled by Diviner


  • Anon

    One might say I’m lovestruck by the look of these weapons.

    • Vael Victus

      You could say players will be lovestriking monsters with these weapons.

      • Anon

        What a lovely response.

  • Dude love pizza

    wonder if they have any special effect or sound

  • OneBigPear

    When I read “Lovestruck” I was dubious; the danger of being too twee was high. That said, these might be the best armour skins in the game thus far IMO!

    • Rajani Isa

      I’d have to disagree. Pretty crappy armor skins >.>

      Awesome weapon skins though :p

      • OneBigPear

        Crap! You’re right of course. 🙂 WEAPON skins. Although if someone cobbled armour out of these, that would be mighty impressive!

  • Scott Brunson

    Man, these are the best Gem Store weapons yet :O

    • They’re not Gem Store. They’re Black Lion Weapon Trader weapons.

      • Scott Brunson

        oh of course they are : why would i have remotely gotten my hopes up.

        • Braghez

          Better like this…they ll soon be for 70 g in the TP xD wich is less than 800 gems or so XD lol

          • Utaag

            Bought 3 of these for a 55g bid each, they will go up to 3 tickets at the black-lion trader, and after a couple months may go as high as 150g each like the dreamthistle skins.

  • nopikam

    They’re pretty nice. Simple but nice.

  • Genesis

    Sailor moon will be proud.

  • Banjal

    Nice to see the Devs spending time on more RNG cash shop weapon skins.

    • Tide

      That you can buy off the tp with no rng! Hurray

    • shodannet

      Yes… devs made these -.-

    • Jason

      You’re not doing Ein justice with comments like these.

      • Banjal

        I’m just saying my opinion.If you like to pay RL money for a chance of RNG skins go for it,it isn’t my money.

  • Sorana
  • rulqua

    I kinda like these actually.

  • Jasarek

    I really like these as well. Someone asked earlier, and I didn’t see a response…are there any unique effects or sounds associated with these?

    • Dunno about sound but I am uploading an animated gif of every weapon, it is the 2nd pic from the left

  • S

    Sailor Crystal Powerrrr… Maaake up!

  • HamsterMasterSamster

    Damn. These are lovely D: I didn’t want to want them!

  • Calisia

    Love staff with necromancer effects too.

  • gaytroll

    Nice we got new gay weapon….And who will buy that ?

  • Iris Nguyen

    Much Sailor Moon x__x

    • Ares Zax

      I see I wasn’t the only one to think of that when I saw these weapons. XD I do like the designs in general though; some very fine details on them. The glowing heart tends to make me think of those cheap toys you can buy in a store though, so I probably won’t be getting them.

    • HaveMercy

      Yeah, I know, right? Months ago I saw a picture somewhere of a group of GW2 characters modeled after the five original sailors. I really hope the Sailor Moon of the group gets the staff or the scepter and posts another picture.

  • rich

    Could have been so nice it these were white base color with Gold trimming. Who equates loves with tarnished gray color????

    • shodannet

      Suits me: reminds me of old love-themed relics/items that have stood the test of time

    • ImSofaKingGood

      I had similar thoughts. The models are decent but the gray color doesn’t suit it… What a shame.

  • Raven Mercer

    Very interesting weapon themes! Not bad at all ^ ^

  • cami

    yes they are nice skins, but the thing that annoys me is thay a lot of them are just ascended weapon skins, or champion weapon skins… but apart from that they r ok

  • oneman

    kingdom hearts ?

  • Faollan

    ArenaNet presents: the Sailor Moon collection 2014

    • The Spirit Molecule


  • wuanie

    Wow, pretty cute to look at. But at the same time, i missed the solemness of world where human struggles against dragons because it is being turned to a virtual Disney Land theme park with folks carrying cute stuff running around. How undignified.

  • Jonathan Adler

    Sometimes they be making them rifles and I be thinking to myself, “is they even anatomically correct?”

  • gondz605

    wow Happy valentines day XD

  • The Spirit Molecule

    First set of weapons after a long time that are actually pretty cool. They have an American McGee’s Alice feel to it.

    • Aš Susivėlęs

      You’re joking, right? This is THE crappiest skin set so far…

  • nathan goossen

    ahm love the greatsword skin but the heart dont appeal to me =)

  • Weir

    These is one of my favorite weapon sets in the game. It’s just sad that they don’t fit the dyes I have on my character. 🙁

    Someone got the name of some dyes that will look good together with these skins?
    Currently using this armor and dyes:

    • Val

      Actually Im using Celestial/Abism/Blood mixing up with set of Arah/Ascended/phalanx on a female human warrior and the shield is really cool :D(a bit expensive, but i get those dyes a year ago…)

      • Weir

        Abism? Abyss you mean?

        • Val

          Yes, thanks!(in spanish is Abismo xD)

          • Weir

            I’ve been looking at celestial but I’m not willing to spend that much gold on a single dye.
            Hmm, Icing might be a cheap replacement?
            Then the only dye I need is a pink’ish color that matches the hearts.

            • Val

              I’ll try Black cherry(~1g)/icing and the weapon 😀 (preview the shield with that combination!)

  • keetster

    Thanks Dulfy. You probably hear this lots but your website is a great GW2 resource. It would be much less fun without your efforts. Keep up the good work.

  • Only the shield seems to be nice in my opinion.

  • penguinpoolooza

    Anyone know what armor the character with the staff is wearing?

    • Cobalt

      The bottom is definitely arah light, but Im not sure on the rest.

    • Cristiona

      Chest piece is T2 human cultural

  • GiGi

    Love, love, love them skins (besides bows and greatsword, though). ^^ No Disneyfeel at all, they are just plain pretty skins. The combo of red hearts and dark grey steel is quite appealing. If they would have used white and gold, *that* would’ve been Kitsch Kingdom. 🙂

  • TeraFlop

    Sad that you can’t just buy them directly and gift them. Seems valentines themed things should be giftable.

  • Hachi-chan

    Which one of these skins will be the most expensive? What do you think?

    • Sword maybe? seems really popular.

  • Movi

    gonna get a sword for my mesmer, at least untill i get Bolt :), looks great with my white and pink armor

  • Chev

    Some gorgeous weapons, why do they have to make them so damn big? That pistol looks awesome, then you see someone holding it and it looks like a cannon made from cardboard.

  • Poeros

    In the name of the moon, I will punish you!

  • sonokoto

    That staff looks so Sailor Pluto.

  • Acidicore

    …well, guess it’s high time to make my asura guardian, deck her out in something cute with a “Doki Doki Kawaii Fun Time Desu” name and mannerisms.

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