GW2 Permanent Quaggan Finisher in Gemstore

Pictures and videos of the Permanent Quaggan Finisher in the gemstore. It costs 800 gems.



  • narg

    lol dat pole dancing quaggan slut

  • Jedediah

    Thanks for posting. A bit too slow for my taste. Takes too long to “finish”. I prefer the instant effects of the SAB and Jungle Wurm finishers.

  • VitalSuit

    It needs sound effects… badly.

    • They just added the sound effects and I updated the video

  • Ananda

    Ahh!, again!.. the Quaggan is too big.. :/

  • The Spirit Molecule

    ERMAHGERD YESSS insta-buy !!! 80g well spent.

  • Haha its funny. And it looks like a great way to troll ppl with this finisher 🙂

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