GW2 Remodeled Flamekissed Light Armor and Radiant Hellfire Boots

A gallery showing the new remodeled Flamekissed Light Armor in the gemstore for 800 gems. Also included are the newly added Radiant/Hellfire boots rewarded at 21k achievement points.

Remodeled Flamekissed Light Armor

Human Female


Human Male


Norn Female


Asura – Modeled by Old Sayid


Charr – Modeled by Old Sayid


Radiant and Hellfire boots

These boots are reward at 21000 achievement points

Hellfire Greaves [&AgHnwgAA]


Radiant Greaves [&AgHxwgAA]


  • Jeremy Barnhill

    They mentioned being able to get a refund if we purchased the other set. Any word on how to go about that?

    • Flame-scammed

      Support ticket…go to their forums/news pages and click “support” up at the top of the page then get in line. I thought we were getting a new skin, or at least something MUCH more in line with the human t3, not…this… And all because some whiners who didn’t drop any real money on it, and who also have ZERO issues with an asuran npc wearing their sacred w/e blah blah happy crystal holding rainbow claptrap SPECIAL armor (Lies)… Yea, they messed up bad putting the original in the gem store, but they messed up far, far worse now by keeping the real money and only offering the chance to get screwed again if you don’t like the rather lazy thing they did with it. Also, those new weapons…seriously? I been sweating this change for months, turns out I got screwed and obviously their art dept was busy on something more important than what people already paid for. GG

      • Jeremy Barnhill

        I agree, the only reason I bought this in the first place was because of the skin. I play a few hours a night so I consider myself a bit more than a casual player and I am NOT spending 100+ GP on cultural armor that is essentially just a skin. To many people bitching about it ruined it for everyone else..

  • Banjal

    Whoever did this reskin needs to fired.

    • Aura Odum

      Heh. Heh. FIRED. GET IT?!

  • elli

    this is the feathered armor and they added the flames on, so much for not using existed skins….

    • Sty

      Not really surprising, as corresponding medium/heavy armors already were existing skins with added flames.

    • Kyrmana .

      not like they did sth different for medium (Rawhide) and heavy (Battler).

  • Mina.Harker

    OMG I am impressed with Anet’s creativity…

  • Clayman

    I claim for refund, where can I get my repayment?

  • she necromancer

    how do we refund?

  • Michael Hansen

    Its just puzzling to me that this is the same art team that gave us the Phoenix, Magitech, Braham’s and Aetherblade armors, as well as the Zodiac, Dragon’s Jade and Aetherized weapon skins. Its not “the norm” so I guess I’m not all that upset, but that just makes it harder to understand.

    Well, some people like them I guess.

  • Oliver

    Yeah a refund would be nice but I want my T3 exotics back too. I’m not deleting my full exotic set so they refund 800 gems.
    People had to whine about it looking like cultural didn’t they? Damn them! I skinned my full T3 cultural set because I thought this looked a little nicer.

    • Jeremy Barnhill

      They never said that we would have to delete our armor. They have the items in the Trading Post now where you can separate an item from a skin so it stands to reason they can just change to the default skin.

      • Oliver

        I did the refund when they made the gathering tools account bound I had to delete my other 7 soul bound sets in order to receive the refund. As for the armor I don’t know and I’m forking out the money to buy stones when I purchased the set I wanted and they changed it.

  • narg

    why is human male helm so gay ?? 🙁

    • dfassa

      You say that as if it’s a bad thing. Almost like you are ashamed of something.

      • Cam

        Sry bro, it’s an adjective like it or not. That’s just how language works.

        • d875684

          Gay as an adjective? Oh I get narg and cam are extremely happy with the male armor, since gay means happy 😀

          • shodannet

            Says a lot about cam doesnt it

          • narg

            cam maybe, me not 🙁

      • narg
    • Don

      Maybe its just the color, black would look a bit meanacing.

      • narg

        whoa homophobic racist Jokes, you rule, man! 😀

    • Faze

      Whoever downvoted this is obviously a anet fanboy.

  • Iris Nguyen

    I thought it could be worse but it is not bad at all. On the Female model. And I’m not surprised it will be a re-skin.

  • Alex

    21k achievement points for the boots…..suddenly a legendary seems easy to get

    • shodannet

      Long term achievement is long term

    • The Spirit Molecule

      there’s already a guy with 19k, and most if not all active people have 14k+ AP

      • Kada

        you’re high.

      • zaw

        well i play active for around 8-9 months (mainly dungeons/fractals but not only) including dailies/monthlies/living story and some pvp. im lamost at 8k. if i were achi hunting, id be aroudn 10k. its stil quite far to 21k…so we got to play few years to get a damn boots skin?

      • Lulz

        Lol this is stupid. Not “all active people have 14k+”.
        I only have 4k and i’m active, i just play most of my time in WvW and not rerolling and doing stupid shit like doing story quests for each race.

  • Ares Zax

    Heh… From one reskinned armor set to another. XD It does look pretty awesome though, and I think Feathered is a decent base armor set to use.

  • Utaag

    i’m glad I didn’t buy a set when they came out, and I’m also srry for those that did.

  • Vael Victus

    Not bad at all. Female could have a bit more armor: that’s a hell of a push-up bra. I love those hellfire boots!

  • Shar

    Lol, charging 10€ for a reskin.

  • Shifted

    Hey, people got pissed because we tried to sell reskinned stuff. So lets reskin that reskin. Yo Dawg.
    Anet pls.

    • Chez

      People got pissed because it was a reskin of a race-restricted armor (human T3 cultural) rather than it being a reskin, hence they never took out the heavy and medium models.

  • ImSofaKingGood

    Human and Norn females look good, the rest look bad. IMO anyway. Cool to see new Radiant and Hellfire gear. But those 21k achievement pts are gonna be nuts….

  • wuanie

    Anet: “We are so sorry about the reskined version of the T3 human armors. Now, let us make up to you by reskinning that reskin to another reskin.
    Honestly, Anet, really? have your imagination and artistic sense have stooped to such contemptable bottom?

    • Kyrmana .

      You’re making the same mistake as the one 2 posts down. They REPLACED a reskin with a resekin. And really, why did you expect something different.

  • Alex Walker

    Well in probably 2 weeks someone will have the grieves

  • OneBigPear

    1) The new Flamekissed pretty much had to be a reskin of an existing armour. If they gave light armour wearers a brand new set while medium and heavy were reskins, the outrage would have been deafening.

    2) I personally think this looks better than the original version (base dye colours make a huge difference, it looks fantastic on a lot of the darker colours). It WILL be mine, oh yes! 🙂

    3) Do you get both sets of boots at 21,000 AP or do you have to choose one?

    • IHateTheStupidAchievements

      3.) You have to chose one 🙁

      • Kyrmana .

        You get the other one later

        • Sty

          Probably at 24k AP.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I knew it ! I knew they were gonna make a full set 😀

    I’m gonna use radiant on guardian and hellfire on necromancer 😀 amazeballs

  • jackpot69

    As a total dude i am, need say the new flame kissed back looks Fracking sexy! O_o

    • jackpot69

      Female back, i mean 😀

  • Ohh come on 21k Achievement points for boots. Its going to take a long time to get them.

  • marco_j_s

    21k achievement pts? that’s ridiculous.

  • Jeremy Barnhill

    So I got my gems refunded but I still have the skin…also this is an exact quote from the email…
    “Thanks for getting in touch to discuss your concern related to the
    Flamekissed Armor. As you know, the development team will be changing
    the Flamekissed Armor in the future. In the meantime, we are happy to
    accommodate your request.”

    So they are reskinning it AGAIN?

    • Likely copy/pasting old response

  • Hachi-chan

    21k achievement pts ._. oh God. And having the whole set seems so awesome ;-;

  • Thomas Hutton

    Does anyone have the item codes for the Light flame gear?

  • Andrew McCunn

    21k achievement points? Hah, just 16k more to go! I got this…

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