SWTOR Galactic Ace Starfighter Pack Preview

A preview of all the items contained in SWTOR Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack. Updated with videos of various emotes, mounts and pets.



Exposed Exovert Armor Set



Individual parts

Details Show

Naga Sadow’s Armor Set



Details Show

Ambitious Warrior Armor Set



Details Show

Casual Combatant Armor Set



Details Show

Zayne Carrick’s Armor Set



Details Show

Ironclad Soldier Armor Set



Details Show

Arkan’s Armor Set



Details Show

Forest Scout Armor Set



Details Show

Timberland Scout Armor Set



Jungle Ambusher’s Armor Set



Details Show

Marshland Ambusher’s Armor Set



Series 510 Cybernetic Armor Set



Details Show


Firmament Tauntaun


Jundland Dewback


Corellian Stardrive Flash – Modeled by Karilyle of Harbinger


Adno Firewasp


Droid Sidecar


Rark K1-A


Korrealis Duke



Model F-T6 Rycer


Mini Mogul OR-1



Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Besh


Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Besh


Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Besh


Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Pistol Besh


Unconquered Defender’s Saberstaff


Unconquered Defender’s Lightsaber



Khem Val Customization 15


Pushups (Regen item)








Galactic Starfighter

  • Republic’s Orange-White Color Module
  • Imperial’s Turquoise-Grey Color Module
  • Republic’s Black Purple Gas Canister
  • Imperial’s Purple Gas Canister
  • SR-02 Republic Scout Paint Job
  • SI-02 Imperial Scout Paint Job
  • Republic Purple Engine Reactant
  • Imperial’s Blue Core Engine Reactant

Dye Modules

Pale Purple and Medium Gray Dye Module


Secondary Black Dye Module


  • fadpug

    nice work dulfy! as always!! but why are the armors all look skimpified! too much skin imo !!

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    So far the gear locks not good in my opinion lol.

  • Alec

    Best pack in a while! Finally moddable Aspiring Knight’s set. I wonder if dyes work with tabard? Keep’em Jedi robes rolling, less reskins Bioware.

    • Alec

      Oh wait.. It’s the nasty half-naked one…

  • psyc

    who designs this crap

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Someone who has different tastes than you apparantly.
      How about you suggest some nice outfits instead of just saying “this is crap”?

      • Alec

        Plenty of good outfits were suggested and they insist on making reskins and skimpy gear in massive amounts.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Oh you mean the skimpy gear that was suggested in the 98 pages long “Skimp’d male character gear” thread on the forums?
          Yeah, 977 posts in that thread which has 173.630 views… nobody wants that kind of stuff right?
          Nope, nobody wants that at all…

          • Lorde

            show’s how fucked up this community has become

            • Merdo

              I agree its like people are brainwashed or high or something every cartel pack is almost so similar yet people are like OMG it has 2 new textures or colors on it, its amazing!!!

        • psyc

          Im speaking more about the outfits mainly don’t get me wrong i love the game been playing since beta.

    • F3

      I think it’s made in China. Maybe they do it after work, when they finished modeling armor for a cheap free2play fantasy game?

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Yes! Zayne Carricks outfit! (well, one of them)

    And naga sadow… might make me roll a sith pureblood actually 😀

    • Eric

      Naga Sadow was the name of the Closed Beta server I started on in this game, and is also one of the greatest sith lords! I will be swapping out my Marka Ragnos set for this set on my Pureblood Sorc most definitely!

  • Josh Hamano

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR ZAYNE CARRICK’S ARMOUR THAT I HAVE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS. I have wanted that outfit for sooooooooooooooo long. Like since they started introducing Lore armour back with Revan’s. Super stoked.

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Hmm… I was hoping they would stick with the “droid” look of the new cybernetic set…

  • Phira

    “sexy battlemaster” what a joke. -.-“

  • Magnus

    ERMAGERD. The Flashfire pub ship themed mount in this pack. I can’t spend the monies though… But I want that super Fkin bad.

  • Jerry

    Wow, the artists are finally starting to not suck!The last pack was decent and this one is better. The slutty battlemaster looks kinda stupid though, why couldn’t they leave it as it was. Naga Sadow looks good and it’s also good the rakata smuggler gear is back.

  • Carter Kinoy

    And they STILL need to make Darth Nihilus’ Robes, along with KOTOR 2 style robes in general. : /

  • Tyvari

    Exposed Exovert Armor Set < Disaster!

  • DocVak

    A Rark and and Ando combined… Interesting. I like it. Also, Droid Sidecar and Zayne Carrick’s Armor. Very very nice. Kinda reminds me of something off the original Assassin’s Creed.

  • Vos_L

    The armor is pretty blah….but some decent mounts. Interesting that they added a companion customization….hope they continue adding more of those in future packs.

  • martin

    Wasn’t Korrealis Duke in the previous pack?

    • DocVak

      As well as the Taun Taun yes. But there’s nothing wrong with that is there?

      • Leniala

        That’s actually quite good because I slowly run out of credits to buy all those wonderful mounts 😀

    • Korven

      Actually in the first pack it was the Duke SE, this pack it’s the Duke with no SE. What’s the difference? No clue.

      • Vorpaledged

        The difference is that the Duke SE has the top off of the passenger side, this does not. This is exactly like the original four Korrealis models which were officially discontinued, Lame Bioware, could have at least made it a different color!

  • Someone


  • F3

    Very disappointing pack.

    And why has the Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Pistol Besh a different color than the rifles?

  • George

    No new color crystals ? 🙁

  • Karagga pet. That is all.

    • DocVak

      Yes. *head nod in agreement*

  • tommythepower

    Actual STARWARS looking armors that dont look like a disco show nice ! This stuff looks like something you would see in the m,ovies.And those new speeders will be a winner with many.

    • F3

      They are 95% copy and paste of old armor. They don’t look more Star Wars than the ones before.

      • tommythepower

        Clearly this is your first week in the game, go away when the adults are talking.

        • Rondowar

          He’s right though, the last two packs had more reskins than new :/

          • Jason

            Do people still not understand how the packs are done? They’re created in batches of 3. The armor sets and weapons get progressively more detailed/extravagant as they’re released. This last pack was the first of a new set, and this upcoming one is the 2nd.

      • Saratje

        Many high-end and addaptive gear is covered top and bottom with LED lights and glowing markers, making Fleet look like a Vegas district if you drive by fast enough. This armour doesnt for a change.

  • tommythepower

    BTW FINALLY some good looking trooper armors without backpacks etc that is more camo colors.You will see lots of troopers going for these.

    • bleeters

      I’d be more keen on the ironclad soldier chest if it didn’t have two shoulder pads, but the other stuff turned out pretty well.

  • dodgerfn

    The droid sidecar looks cool, I wonder how “wide” that thing is going to be in game? Might take up a lot of real estate lol. Love the push ups regen also!

    • MrM

      Itll probably be no bigger than the Duke

  • A’ranel

    Gotta say, the Zoolander mood is pretty amusing

  • darkfather

    Ambitious Warrior Armor Set is already in the game, ive had it on my Sentinel for ages. Furthermore, yet another armor set that has crap hanging off the mid-section attached to chest…when it should be attached to BELT so you can choose to wear the chect piece without the flaps hanging down….Bioware really needs to STOP that crap, Most everything else in this pack is boring as usual.

    • Siniscious Rindix

      *cough* leave..

    • Skyward

      “Ambitious Warrior Armor Set is already in the game, ive had it on my Sentinel for ages.”

      At this point I really shouldn’t have to explain that these sets are adaptive, meaning all classes can wear them, right?. I mean it’s been so long since these packs started I certainly don’t need to spell that out by now… Right?

    • A’ranel

      and the point is that now people can wear it who don’t wear medium armor

      • Vos_L

        Yeah, not sure why people haven’t figured this out yet. Many months ago they asked the community what sets in the game that they wanted as adaptive sets. The Aspiring Knight’s set was probably one of the most requested sets.

    • Paikea

      yeah that crap hanging from waist of chestpieces really annoys me, so many good pieces ruined by that..

  • Unknown

    Why are many of you saying disappointing pack? It’s great…show some respect!

  • Havik79

    What a surprise 2 new boob tube tops.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      clearly thats how they making they’re money, i find it pathetic really

    • Eric

      there are several threads on the official forums requesting and “creating” more revealing armor specifically for male toons. The devs are just listening to a very vocal fan base.

  • Trogdor

    Aside from the new mounts, this pack seems kind of lame. None of those armor sets are appealing.
    And what’s up with the Rark K1-A? They just slapped the back end of an Adno speeder onto a Rark speeder. Boom, new model!

    • Amrophis Bob

      IMO, a bigger ass is what the Rark speeders really needed. They could have come up with a new rear like with the Irakie speeder, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    want those pushups

  • metakel

    what about the exposed shit, they didn’t even make non-exposed and it looks super gay i agree with trogdor, and unknown who commented about it being a good pack is a dev spy

  • metakel

    reskining, and reposting is how the devs get money out of us, these are the worst packs yet hardly any thing new, please if any devs are looking at this page only morons like your new cm stuff please rethink nexts packs.

  • HumorPrint

    Miniature AT-ST mount or STFH… (stay the fck home)

    • MrM

      But AT-STs haven’t been invented yet…

  • Eric

    OMFG! Cobalt Durasteel! Brilliant brilliant brilliant! I wonder when they are gonna drop “Magnum” on us? That would be a beast of an emote!

    • zenight

      I hope “Magnum” is a regen item that has you stare down a hutt-ball being thrown at you : )

  • zenight

    Nice an orange belt that goes with the battlemaster set my Juggernaut uses! The belt in that set was blue, now I can have a full set.

  • shadow

    welcome Zayne Carrick…

  • yep

    No color crystal again??? OMG GUYZ, NAGA SADOW ARMOR HAS THE EYE BALL, ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!

    • Vos_L

      There are already far more than enough color crystals. They don’t need a new one with every pack.

      • yep

        Why not? There could be several more crystals in the game, that way people are different.

        • Brett

          Maybe they are fazing them out. The top tier crystal hasn’t changed in over a year, maybe they are planning on raising the tier after the ICE packs are embargoed. Over a year ago they said the crystals were higher than what they wanted, but its been a long time since. I never heard anything about this but it would make sense.

          • BrianDavion

            I’m of the opinion they’ve just run out of ideas for colour crystals and for some reason are shy about reusing them. even though I think colour crystals are something they could get away with putting in new packs

  • Erik

    Did they take the Korrealis Duke out of collections? I don’t see it anymore?

    • annon

      it’s in the weapons section for some reason

  • ramblingjac

    Yeah, I want almost everything in this pack. Time to check which alt has the most room in cargo!
    Seriously, Zayne Carrick AND Naga Sadow in the same pack? And the Arkan cloak! And those variant Interstellar Regulator rifles? I need those. I was happy enough to finally get the adaptive Aspiring Knight’s set!

  • Errtai

    I see lots of Republic gear turned into Cartel gear so that the imps can use them too. Ah well… The speeders are nice though.

    • zenight

      Hopefully someday we’ll get a CM version of the Imperial Dancer Bottom, I really want that unique looking leggings on my shadow.

    • Amorphis Bob

      Pubs got most of the cool imp gear as CM stuff already

  • MrM

    I need to know what Mood: Cobalt Durasteel means. Does it make us glow blue or something?!

    • Kjara

      XD It’s a reference to the movie Zoolander (“Blue Steel!”), and I can’t wait to see it in action.

  • Cyvaris

    So….that Arkan set looks a lot like the old top tier PvP/PvE…could they…would they release it in packs?!?

  • John Sno

    So more faction free copies of old gear…. 😐
    Also looks like they stopped offering color crystals

    • Augusstuss

      I’ve been so waiting for a Chocolate Brown – Diarrhea Brown color crystal…

  • Katie A.M.

    Extremely disappointed the Warrior set turns into a crop top/belly shirt yet again for females. Can’t we at least have a toggle? Because I’d love to have it for my female characters, but without the bare midriff. Ughhhh.

    • Amorphis Bob

      You can buy the non-crop-top cersion from the CM vendors in the fleet basement

    • ChibiSeira

      I just want it without danglies. It’s closer than aspiring knight, but they still look weird (especially for the smug I want that basic idea on).

    • BrianDavion

      it;s a very popular outfit avaliable for sents.

  • ODST_Parker

    I might actually buy this version of that crappy assault cannon. I don’t understand why they have to keep coming up with new and weirder designs for impractical cannons, but since this is the first white and red cannon, which will match my armor perfectly, I might consider it.

    Please… please allow us to use dye modules with weapons someday…

  • Vortex Vids

    A lot of cool new mounts, the sidecar and Rark in particualr, the new repainted weapons are alright, ‘cept for the pistol, looks pretty crappy, prefer the original. The new regen item is a must-have. 😛
    As for the gear, fairly lackluster, but that new Extrovert gear set look like an exposed version of Tormen’s armour, so I kinda want that for my Jugg.
    Finally, the pets are quite boring, much like the emotes and comp. custom.

  • Guest


  • Myhrrer

    So… peaople like that Wizzard/Ming the Merciless armor from Naga Sadow? For me it’s just part of the horrible Expand Universe art that was always wrong.

    • gua543

      You said it, for you.

    • Lunch-lady

      oh let me guess, your one of those star wars fans who like the prequel trilogy

  • omfg

    wtf with all those exposed crap?

    • Saratje

      They got to keep up with the pasties donning Night Elves and bare belly Orion slavegirls somehow I guess. It’s very exposed, I agree and I wouldn’t mind that if only it wasn’t for all those platina blonde Daenerys Targaryen lookalikes with that Cartel Coin photomodel hairstyle.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      There’s a thread on tho forums that is 98 pages long with 980+ posts and 177.000+ views that is demanding more skimpy outfits for men.
      Most of these exposed sets are almost straight from that thread so that’s why they are adding them…

  • Emil Söderman

    Haha, Karagga Pet! Including hat! :p

  • Vicious

    Any word on what GSF items will be in the pack? It annoys me that they’re not added to the collections page.

    • Saratje

      Soon or later I swear it will be disco guns, with each shot being a different colour. That’d be the day.

  • Kalum Truett

    Sweet, was hoping for a Naga Sadow set after seeing the last pack. Funny though, didn’t realize how Roman/Egyptian the Tales of the Jedi series designs were until my toon was running around in a toga and sandals. Made me go back and read that series though.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      It’s actually the reason why I had trouble getting into those series (that and the fact that the force was more like “magic” in those comics)

      Oddly enough tho I love the design in the game 😛

  • Kylmc715

    The emotes and mounts is what I’m going for in this pack.

  • Rumena

    Are the packs coming on 11th or 10th? Because there is a small patch on 10th.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      The packs are independent of patches.

    • Saratje

      As far as I know the original 2.6 patch added the content, they just got to switch it on in the Cartel Market without further need of patching.

  • Jesca

    Carrick’s armour in my opinion will be one of the best Jedi armours in the game, probably the trooper armour too! Stardrive will be epic too – for me those are the important pieces in the pack 🙂

  • merwanor

    Man they have been lazy with this pack, mostly just another pack of rehashed gear with different textures…. They also had to add the “casual combatant armor set” look, but make it skimpy….

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    Awwww they put body parts on the cyber series I was really digging the robot look. :[

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Yeah, same here, I was really looking forward to some more beefy robot parts, but I’m guessing the rest of the series will be half human too 🙁

      Shame really…

  • Adam Romigh

    Anyone check out the changes listed in the patch notes today? Is the blaster pistol now white & red to match the rest of the weapons?

    • Skyward

      It is. It also doesn’t have the scope or the weird front bit anymore. It’s just a white/red version of the current Interstellar Regulator pistol.

  • Matthew Bernbaum

    Cobalt Durasteel….thanks Zoolander…thanks

  • Jourus Solaris

    New pack hasn’t dropped yet. They give a reason why yet?

    • Mupf

      18:00 (CET) now it’s in the Cartel Market!

  • James Best

    Another cartel pack that looks lazy and rushed.

    • RiseAgainstStupidty

      Another person who insists on complaining. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Simple as that, so hush.

      • Edward T. Riker

        look someone ^ hurted by truth.

      • darkfather

        I guess you would enjoy Nazi Germany….you know, a place where opinions were silenced and people just told to STFU and accept it. Hey, if YOU dont like what HE says, move the hell on and YOU STFU? Heh? How about that?

    • asaintofmmos

      bioware just needs to give up and shut this game down asap its clear they dont care about it and its going to get killed when a sandbox mmo comes out

    • StandAgainstLimitingFreeSpeech

      I love how my comment got deleted. So I’ll just put it up again. “Another person who insists on complaining. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Simple as that, now hush.

      • GLaD

        Except James has a very valid point. Bioware is phoning this stuff in. Original content in SWTOR is anemic compared to many other MMO’s. Bioware disrespects players by shoveling out re-skin after ugly re-skin in the Cartel packs. And they’re basically giving the finger to subscribers with that paltry cartel coin allowance.

        If you use other sub-based MMO’s as the barometer, we SWTOR players should be getting every Cartel Market item for FREE simply by virtue of the fact that we PAY for the game every month. It’s like paying for cable, but then getting charged for every show you record on your DVR.

        Things were going so well when RotHC came out, but ever since my guild had DF-HM and DP-HM on farm last Thanksgiving, there hasn’t been a whole lot to do for PVE-centric guilds. I started playing Guild Wars 2 to pass the time and I’ve seen more original content from ArenaNet in the last 4 months than Bioware has offered up in a year. And it cost me $0.

        With ESO and Wildstar on the horizon, Bioware needs a miracle to keep SWTOR relevant.

  • PhantomSheep

    Dulfy, you are the most reliable part of SWTOR. Thanks for always being so on top of everything.

  • Mupf

    Btw, BioWare corrected the wrong preview of the blaster pistol. It’s now red&white.

  • Korven

    Items not in the preview that I received: Pale Purple Medium Gray Dye, Secondary Black Dye, and Imperial’s Turquoise-Dark Gray Color Module.

  • darkfather

    Ambitious Warrior Armor Set, where is it in collections?

  • dodgerfn

    Thanks for the vid of the emotes. Gotta have the pushups and starslide!

  • RiseAgainstSlaveryToTheSystem

    Shit, Dulfy apparently has a hard on for me. Two of my comments Deleted, and I am clueless as to why. So please before you Delete my comment this time, explain to my why.

    • Your comment was deleted along with a bunch of other people’s comments because the entire comment chain evolved into insults and name calling. It is nothing personal against you or the comment you made but people started comparing your comment to Nazi Germany and then the entire comment chain gone south. I decided to cut the comment chain before it gets too far as I want to maintain a civil discussion environment.

      • Guest

        really this should be deleted as well i mean their was no reason to comment like that

        • Augusstuss

          Why? Are you afraid that just by mentioning the name, Voldemort, who’s name we dare not to say, may get you in your dreams? Grow up or stay far from internetz.

          • GameEntity

            Seems I have a fan. Copy cat much? Jeez… xD

            • Augusstuss

              I have no idea who the hell you are and doesn’t even want to know, yet alone copy someone like that.

    • david2tm

      IM-not-so-HO you, mister, should be banned for the first word of your comment only.

    • Not sure which second comment you referring to but I only saw one comment I deleted from you, if there is another one let me know and I can restore it

    • Konoha the Wiper

      really this comment should be deleted as well, there was no need to comment in that manner

  • Vicious

    No GSF ships in this pack?

    • Nope

      • JBagKY

        I got an Imperial Turquiose and Grey Dy Module

        • JBagKY

          And I need to check my reading skills; didn’t see it listed up top till after I posted.

  • Mupf

    Three new dances for my Twi’lek to buy.

  • Crin

    Can there be images of the GSF paintjobs posted?

  • AbnerDoon

    I actually got the new ship mount in the first pack I opened. I stopped right there and have not decided whether to keep or sell. In completely unrelated imagery Räeven and Asharafire are out thrashing jedi.

    • DaniL

      Whats the name of the Chestpiece from Ashara?

      • Mupf

        Looks like Sensuous Dress Top

        • AbnerDoon

          Aye it is the Sensuous top.

  • ODST_Parker

    I like the designs of these Regulator weapons, and I absolutely LOVE the fact that their color, white/red, matches my armor. However, it only appears to match the lighter red that currently doesn’t have an armor dye yet.

  • Magnus

    Wait, so I really don’t Fing understand the new mood. What exactly does it do…

    • Raven

      It´s just a reference to “blue steel” from the movie “Zoolander”.

  • AbnerDoon

    Hmm opened only a dozen packs sold all the rest. In those dozen I’ve gotten the Corellian Stardrive Flash twice now. Was I just real lucky or is the drop rate on this high?

    • Drop rate is very low, you just got lucky.

      • AbnerDoon

        That is a first. /woohoo

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    Hmm… First pack in a while where I’ve wanted almost every outfit 🙂
    Gonna be alot of stuff here that I’ll waste my money on.

  • martin

    does the saber have any effect ala volatile etc..?

  • The Architect

    So having cybernetic armor sets now means we can look like the Cyborg species? Cause you know… Cyborg is a species according to BioWare Austin *snicker* and not an additional cosmetic feature of any true species. When do we get to have armor sets that transform us from pure bloods to look like a human species? *roll eyes* gtfo BioAustin.

    • GameEntity

      This person got 4 thumbs down, but he is correct. Cyborgs as a species is wrong. A cyborg is a person, of any race, with robotic parts. All races in the game should be able to have cybernetic features if they so choose. Just shows how dumb and mindless this community is. Ass backwards morons; the guy is right–HA HA HA. Buy more Cartel Market crap please. Continue to reward BioWare/EA for being lame and tacky.

      • 0zro

        Some people think if they like something (like Star Wars in general, or SW:TOR) they can show their love by defending everything. Even all the stupid ideas by the developers.

      • Roger Maxwell

        Bleach yourself please

      • ma’dam sophia

        This armor does exactly that, allows any “species” to add cybernetic parts to them. Also:
        So yes, technically, Cyborg is a “species” in the Star Wars Galaxy.

        • GameEntity

          You are clinically stupid. Read your own link. Your reading comprehension is shockingly pathetic. From your own link:

          “A cyborg was a cybernetic ORGANISM, that is, a LIVING ORGANIC SENTIENT ORGANISM with MECHANICAL PROSTHESES.”

          That means you are flesh and blood but had cybernetic work done to some or all of your body.

          My point: From the character creation screen, A Chiss, Human Miraluka, Mirialan, Rattataki, Sith, Twi’lek, Zabrak and Cathar should all have cybernetic customization options. Whether it was BioWare or LucasArts, whomever made the decision to have cyborg as a race was incorrect–period.

          Think for yourselves sheep…you mindless Cartel Market whores accept anything. Then when someone points out a legitimate error, you mindlessly defend their sub par product. Pathetic.

        • y2z

          People (relative, to include non-human folk) are not born cyborgs. They are something else and as they become mechanized, they become cyborgs. I wouldn’t classify that as a species. Mind you, it doesn’t bother me as much as some people…

    • mad’am sophia

      Maybe some people would like to have their Cyborg look more like a…Cyborg?? Stop crying, no one is forcing you to buy or wear this set of armor on any of you toons.

  • Farlander

    Dulfy, please include CC prices for Collections unlocks on these sets/items? Would be much appreciated.

  • bunny
    • Pants – spymaster, boots – outlaw

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