GW2 Edge of the Mists WvW achievement guide

A guide to the Edge of the Mists WvW achievement and hidden achievements released with The Edge of the Mists update on Feb 4, 2014. This is a work in progress

Hidden Achievements

These achievements are not visible in the achievement section and won’t be visible until you completed it

Ledge of the Mists – 1 pt

  • Jump off and die, you will get the achievement.

Bucket List – 5 pts

  • Obtained by doing all 3 bucket jumps below: Daring Dunk, Hold Your Breath, Tidal Splash


Daring Dunk – 5 pts – Stonegaze Spire

  • Jump into the bucket, pull the plug (you will get a prompt) and this will teleport you to the top of tower (Stonegaze Spire).
  • From the top of the tower, grab the diving goggles and jump down aiming for the bucket below. If you land inside the bucket, you will survive and get the hidden achievement.


Hold Your Breath – 5 pts – Tytone Perch

  • Exact same thing as Daring Dunk, except it is a different tower this time (Tytone Perch)


Tidal Splash – 5 pts – Inferno’s Needle

  • Exact same thing as Daring Dunk, except it is a different tower this time (Inferno’s Needle)



Blades in the Mists – Kill 1000 Aetherblades – 16 pts

  • There are Aetherblades in the middle of the map, inside the area filled with traps. About 10-20 of them seems to spawn there. These guys are above the area with the golem parts

gw2-blade-in-the-mists-aetherblade-edge-of-the-mists-achievement-guide  gw2-blade-in-the-mists-aetherblade-edge-of-the-mists-achievement-guide-3

Bridge Buster – Destroy 10 bridges – 10 pts

  • You can only destroy bridges with siege weapons (catapult, trebuchet etc). There is usually a bridge outside the walls of each area that you can destroy (destroyable bridges can be targeted and you can see their health). You can build a catapult on the wall and then hit the bridge. Another bonus is that the supply center for the keep is not far so you can run back to repair the bridge after. The map below shows a good area in Overgrowth


No Roads? No Problem! – 10 pts

  • Spend 200 supply building bridges. Only destroyed bridges can be built, you cannot repair bridges. Bridges that can be built will have an icon next to them.


Generator Generator – 10 pts

  • Spend 200 supply by generating generators. Once you capture a generator, you can rebuild them. Generators are like supply camps in normal WvW maps.


Some Say It’s Your Specialty – Capture 2100 special objectives – 51 pts

  • Special objectives are simply all objectives listed below in the objective section (3 on each area of the map, 9 total for the entire map).
  • Title: Ultimate Liberator

Resourceful – Capture 1750 resource generators – 51 pts

  • Title: Ultimate Raider


You can only get the following achievements if your side captures the respective objectives and do the events required to unlock the special ability/items.

BADLANDS (desert)


Nice Ride – 5 pts

  • Transform into a mecha siege devourer at the workshop


Make It Rain – 5 pts

  • Purchase an air-strike grenade at the airport and rain destruction from the sky
  • It costs 25 Badges of Honor to purchase the air-strike grenade. After you have brought it, use #1 skill anywhere (don’t need to have an enemy targeted) to get the achievement. If you just captured the objective, you will need to complete an event that asks you to drill oil from the nearby oil fields before the Champion Balloon Pilot will sell you these grenades.


Wurmhole Traveler – 5 pts

  • Control the Worm Tunnel and then travel through one of the tunnel entrances.




Intruder Alert – 5 pts – Observatory

  • Purchase a Sentry Turret at the Observatory and deploy it
  • The Sentry Turret costs 25 Badges of Honor and after you deploy it you will get the achievement.


Check Out These Guns – 5 pts – Statuary

  • Control the Statuary and fire the Super Cannons
  • Behind the champion is a set of stairs you can climb to reach a Super Cannon at the very top. Just fire it once for the achievement.


Let It Glow –5 pts – Altar

  • Control the Altar and transform into the Spirit of Light.
  • Behind the elemental is an altar you can interact to get transformed into a Spirit of the Light, which make you immune to all damage for 3 minutes. If you just captured the objective, you will need to kill near air elementals to gather their drops to hand in to the altar before you can interact with it.




Smash Happy – 5 pts

  • Purchase Kodan’s Hammer at the forge
  • Capture the objective first and then you need to hunt down the Ice Imp (may need to wait for it to spawn) in the snow area. It is marked on the map with a champion icon. Once you killed the Ice Imp, return the orb to the Champion Norn Smith and he will sell you the Kodan’s Hammer for 25 Badges of Honor


Thaw That Claw – 5 pts

  • Summon the Kodan Claw at the Shrine
  • You may need to hunt down the kill the previous Kodan Claw first if you want the achievement. The claw is marked as a ranger icon and patrols around the snow area. Once he is killed, captured the objectives and have players step on the 3 pressure plates to spawn the Kodan Claw. The achievement seems to be a hit or miss and may take a couple tries to get it.


The Bells, the Bells! – 5 pts

  • Control the Bell Tower and then ring a bell to summon a Spirit of Koda.
  • You have to capture the Bell Tower first by defeating the champion guarding it and then capture it for your side. Once you have captured it, find Bells around the snow area and hit it (go near it and press F) to ring the bell. These bells can be only rung by a certain amount of players within a short interval before the Spirit of Koda spawns and the bell is no longer interactable. I have a map here documenting some of the bell locations around the snow area. The one I tend to grab is the bell near the resource generator since we tend to hit it next after capturing the Bell Tower.


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34 replies on “GW2 Edge of the Mists WvW achievement guide”

I’m presuming that these achievements are permanent? (Capturing 2100 special objectives within 2 weeks seems like a stretch otherwise.)

Yes they’re permanent, because they aren’t under ‘Living Story’. But under “WvW -> Edge of the Mists”.

It could be, after I said that I went to investigate the middle once again and found that there were in fact no Aetherblades. I only saw them yesterday right when EOTM opened the 2nd time.

So maybe that is the “secret”. They hold the EotM at the start of a match, but once the points are claimed they do not respawn until the match resets.

If anyone needs assistance with the three Frostreach achievements in the meantime:

1- Kodan’s Hammer: 25 BoH, buy from the dude at the forge.
2 – Thaw that Claw: you seem to need to wait until the previous claw is dead (you can see him on the map, little ranger icon wandering around). Then you need 3 people to stand on each of the pressure plates.
3 – The Bells, The Bells! – are not the bells inside the belltower. They’re smaller individual gongs scattered around that third of the map. Then just interact for the achievement.

For the aetherblades in the middle, do not destroy the generators or w.e .. They will keep respawning every few mins. There will be no aetherblades with zergs on the map because everything is destroyed. It’s best to do this on an empty map.

Actually, I don’t think the generators have anything to do with it. I went there at begining of a match up, the aetherblades were there but the generators were not attackable. Once these aetherblades were killed, the generators are automatically destroyed.

Any info will those achies be gone after the EOTM “Living Story” is over? Quite a lot of achies to get for that 2 weeks if so… :/

The aetherblades you kill in World Map events for the “Living on the Edge” achievement also counts towards “Blades in the Mists”

Are they spawning in the middle of the map where you get golem parts? I went there yesterday after the patch and see nothing but 3 probes that knock you back for 8k dmg if you approach them… I stayed there for a couple minutes too no aetherblades.

To be grammatically anal about it, it would actually be ‘a certain number of players’ in that last paragraph because each player is a separate entity. Amount is reserved for things that can’t easily be divided into individual parts, such as liquids, sand, etc.

how can I summon kodan claw or ring the bell if my server controll 95% mists ?? will this event reset itself after time, or I need wait untill other server kill my kodan a retake it back ??

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