GW2 Musical Harp and Box of Chocolates in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore was updated today with Musical Harp for 800 gems and Box of Chocolates for 250 gems.

Musical Harp – 800 gems

  • Player Instrument
  • Cannot move while playing it, notes are fixed length, 3 octaves.


Box of Chocolates – 250 gems

  • Infinite Use Costume Brawl consumable
  • Can be used with combat armor


Skill Description
#1 Bowling Bonbon Bomb- Roll a bonbon bomb that explodes after it has traveled a short distance. 900 range

Mystery Chocolate: Eat a Mystery Chocolate to perform a random costume brawl ability (10s CD)

  • Gain protection for 3s that block all other skills
  • Summon a Romantic dinner you can throw at other players
  • Shriek on other players
  • Puke on other players
#3 Scatter Used Chocolate Wrappers (10s CD): Throw wrappers on the ground to knock down other costume brawlers
#4 Dark Chocolate Candy: Eat a Dark Chocolate candy to shrink in size
#5 White Chocolate Candy: Eat a White Chocolate candy to grow in size
  • Nice ideas.. but hm. Not overly impressed. Guess the chocolate box is alright but not something I’ll go out of my way to get. πŸ™‚

  • I am going to start going everywhere with the Box of Chocolates and use the 4th skill, mainly on jumping puzzles.

    • A.G.

      I was just on a JP train and maybe half a dozen of us had the Box of Chocolates, we were all thrilled and entertained by the results. I ducked under a branch and the camera didn’t try to bash my head in! And of course, once we made it to the end chest, we all started throwing bonbon bombs at each other.

  • x3n0n

    i wish minstrell could perform music too. i’d even pay the cost of the musical instrument to give my beloved focus the ability to be played

  • Pain

    Please someone confirm if you can stack skill 5 with “Growth Tonic” consumable.
    That would be epic.

    • Crosknight

      sadly it doesnt: just tested it

      • Pain

        Thats a shame πŸ™
        Ty for answer.

  • EleniRPG

    “Summon a Romantic dinner you can throw at other players”
    This made me laugh πŸ™‚

  • Alfus90

    How long do the grow/shrink effects last, and more important do they persist after switching back to default gear and entering combat?

    • They do not persist πŸ™

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