GW2 release: Escape from Lion’s Arch

The next GW2 Living World release Escape from Lion’s Arch will begin on Feb 18. A short video was provided on the official site to tease the upcoming content.

Key points about this release (from Massively’s preview)

  • All essential services unique to Lion’s Arch will be redirected to Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields
  • Personal Story will take through a new entrance
  • Lion’s Arch will still be explorable for map completion, but not as safe to explore as before
  • Ho-Ho Tron is coming back this release, but with a new title and personal mission (John Ryan on Twitter)
  • ice

    ooo miss hexalot @far shiverpeaks

    • Irelia The Frozen


  • Mattehue

    This sounds like it will be interesting. Watching LA being attacked should be fun for the LS.

  • Roy


    “Personal Story”? Was that intentional, or did you mean “Living Story”?

    • Personal story, there are entrances in Lion’s arch for various personal story instances

      • Roy

        Ah, okay. I see now. “Personal Story will take through a new entrance.” I interpreted that as “Personal Story will take players through a new instance,” which could indeed serve as foreshadowing to the Big Plot Twist that Arenanet has been boasting for the end of this Living Story arc.

        But alas, I guess “Victory or Death” will be the last chapter in that book for the foreseeable future.

        • the dude that said your dumb

          no it means you don´t have to throw away your life jsut to play personaly story mission which chronological wise happen BEFORE the living story.

  • Pacman

    hum does it mean that lion arch will not be the meeting for all players anymore ? Wow cataclism like in gw ?

  • GLaD

    I’ve always wondered… how is there a city called Lion’s Arch if there are no lions in Tyria? I’m guessing Scarlet pondered the same thing, and that’s obviously why she’s so pissed.

    • ava

      Its named afther the lion gaurd, itwas founded by sal d’allesio and the lion gaurd before the end of the first guildwars (guildwars 1)

      • ava

        Then became the seat of power in Kryta, Lion’s Arch housed the royal palace of King Doric and his line until after the last Guild War.

        • Sty

          Ok, but why Lion’s Arch and not Lynx’ Arch or Mergoyle’s Arch for instance. It is probably an influence from Kamadan, as the two port cities used to communicate and trade.

          • Harryboltz

            I more wonder… how they could know how Lion looks like when they never saw any in real life ….

            • Sty

              People from Kamadan should know how lion looks like, as there are lions in Elona.

      • Agrante

        In GW1 there were plenty of lions.

    • rich

      I hear you! Without Lion’s existing in Tyria, how and when were they even created to be used as a symbol? Did they exists at one point in time and are now extinct?

    • Chris

      Because in olden european times Lions were considered mystical creatures that were often used in regalia denoting nobility and strength. England’s national animal for example is a Lion while Scotland’s is a Unicorn!

  • GLaD

    Also: “All essential services unique to Lion’s Arch will be redirected to Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields”

    I’m wondering if this is a precursor to the possibility of being able to join any of the 3 factions, instead of being limited to 1?

    • RabidCoqui

      Doubt it… basically, LA will be where the next LS happens and it won’t be in instances but on LA map itself. In order to allow folks to do the usual stuff they currently do in LA without getting attacked, services will be available in Vigil Keep to give you a safe place to get everything done.

  • Raven Mercer

    Hmmm.. hopefully there will be something new to when she invades, we have seen all these enemies already, and them working together isn’t exactly a major plot twist for invading Lions Arch

  • nrandecker

    Hopefully Lion’s Arch will be gone for good. Nice for players to hang out elsewhere in Tyria.

    • Michael Clarke

      What a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to say. What server do you play, anyway? Because i guarantee you that in BG you will always find most of the players hanging out in Queensdale, participating in one zerg train or another, exploiting the zone for exp pts, karma points and loot. Inane, i know, because there are much worthier foes in zones that remain all but barren a good deal of the time. Another zone that sees alot of zerg train activity, especially since Ascended items became craftable, is Frostforge. Lion’s Arch the hub of player activity? Hardly! Which is odd, because the portal into every race’s starting city can be reached thru asura gates located in LA Lion’s Arch is also adjacent to the Gendarran Fields to the north,Lorner’s Pass to the east, after a shortcut to the Bloodtide Coast immediately to the south of Lion’s Arch. When, not if, LA is besieged players will be forced to pay exorbitant increases in asura gate transportation fees even to get from one zone to another

      • nrandecker

        I play on Dragon Brand and most of the areas it’s pretty dead. Areanet said most of lion arch services will be moved to the vigil keep ,so I guess we will see how much of LA will really get destroyed. I was more hoping this will shake the player base up more so they are more spread out within the world.

  • Ainseland

    ooo deym i have a feelin it will be da same on anime Log Horizon. THE INVASION! (Goblin Lord= Scarlet) (Sahuagin=Krait) (Elite Goblin Mob= Dredge Mob) if u dun get wat im sayin juz ignur me =))

    • Tierr

      english… do you speak it ?!

      • joao_carlos_baptista

        Let me say a truth for you:

        The world is not only Murica…

        • Atlas

          Since this is a blog read not only by native english or americans, but also other europeans aswell (e.g. me), it is much appreciated that everyone here writes a clear understandable post.
          And just be honest, Ainselands post is hard to read kauderwelsch.

  • Pipra

    This sounds outstanding. After the Living Story lull of this past update, I’m looking forward to some updated content.

  • fotm

    what will happen FOTM?

    • Roblar

      Maybe it’ll stay where it is, but with guards and dynamic events like CoF has. I hope not, but it is possible.

      • someone

        Will be at virgils keep as well

  • Captain Slo

    What will happen to moa races?! Meep?!

    • Scarlet started a new restaurant chain called Scarlet Fried Moa and Meep was sacrificed 🙁

      In all seriousness though, not sure. They might relocate the race or shut it down.

      • Lord

        If they shut it down, I should better get the mini yellow moa bird

      • The Spirit Molecule

        D’awww ;_; poor Meep T^T

      • Magi

        Krytan Fried Chicken (KFC).

  • Raizel

    Anyone know if LA wil return back as normal after the end of the release? (I think so but a confirmation would be appreciated)

    • Kuroi

      It won’t. Maybe someday it will be rebuilt, however not for a longer time. Listen to interview with game designers.

  • Ania Borkowska

    I miss Kamadan..

    • Shiroe

      What kind of fake is that? Girl from Poland playing GW? I don t believe in that <3

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