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GW2 WvW Spring 2014 Tournament

GW2 has announced a new WVW tournament for Spring 2014 which will lasts from March 28 to May 16. Rewards includes two new sets of weapon skins, obsidian shards, dragon ore, ascended accessories and more.

What Makes This Tournament Different?

In addition to the new matchup structure, there are some other significant changes to the tournament from Season 1.

To begin with, we are introducing a completely new type of reward for participation in the tournament. All players who complete the meta achievement will receive a set number of tournament tickets based on world placement which can be exchanged at a vendor once the tournament has completed for a variety of items. These include two brand-new sets of weapon skins that can’t be found anywhere else in the game, obsidian shards, dragonite ore, ascended accessories, and more. We felt that the rewards from Season 1 just didn’t match players’ expectations for a variety of reasons, and we wanted to remedy that in as many ways as possible. We’ll have more specific information in the future about the rewards, including the costs of the items and the number of tickets each world will receive.

The achievements for the tournament have been toned down to be more achievable for more players. The values are more in line with what we expect most players to be able to accomplish over the course of the seven-week tournament. They have also been designed with the expectation that a player who spends the whole tournament in the Edge of the Mists can achieve the meta. Every single achievement has an associated item reward as well as achievement points.

Finally, we have also made some changes to the way we determine which world you belong to for your tournament rewards. Instead of being associated with the first world you log in on during the tournament we are tracking various activities in WvW to more closely align your rewards with the world you played on. We’ve also added an NPC to all the WvW maps who can tell you which world you are currently associated with.

We’ll See You in the Mists!

With a more competitive Swiss-style tournament structure, more attainable goals, better rewards, queue improvements, and the option to fight in the Edge of the Mists even when other maps are full, the Spring 2014 Tournament is the next step in the evolution of WvW! There are going to be epic battles across the Mists and the ultimate victors won’t be decided until the very end. There are going to be new rewards to fight for, new achievements to achieve, and never-ending battles in the Mists. Onward to victory!


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13 replies on “GW2 WvW Spring 2014 Tournament”

He means that he hopes all the Achievement hunters who flooded WvW in the previous season will goto EotM this time and not affect the WvW battle.
(Additionally, it’s in their best interests to let the WvW crowd do the best they can to increase personal rewards)

best reward ever. not like i already have like 5000 of those in my bank from doing tequatl every day same goes for bloodstone dust. Also, Season 1 had rewards? I dont quite remember anything worthy of being called such.

New weapon skins.. Dragon ore… I Just crafted legendary but fuck it- im changing a game. Good that elder scrolls online is out soon.

They always told that they would put new stuff and make it more viable in different ways lol, why rage so much ? And weapon skins have been coming out since…start of the game ? xD lol…they put finally rewards worthy a world league like WvW is, and you give up on the game ? ahahahah…sorry but i find it stupid..

I’m still a bit confused. Apologies for the noob question but what exactly is the “Meta Achievement” – can I see this on my Achievement Tracker? (I’ve just came back to the game after 6+ months off) Thanks

The Meta Achievement is an extra achievement that you get for completing a certain number of other achievements in a category… I believe you need to complete 10 wvw tournament achievements to get the Meta… you can oc complete the others for extra chests and points 🙂

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