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GW2 Ready Up Feb 14 Livestream notes and Ascalonian Finisher

Notes on the latest GW2 Ready Up PvP Livestream which will discuss upcoming removal of glory as well as previewing the upcoming Ascalonian Finisher

Josh Davis & Jonathan Sharp

Glory Change

  • In the maintenance build coming up in March, glory will be removed. 2 Blog posts already published about it
  • Use all of your glory boosters as they will be phased out
  • Fill out your PvP locker as they are important in the new PvP system, salvage any extra weapon/armor you got
  • Use your PvP crafting mats

Finisher Preview

Coming out Feb 18 in the gemstore


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

32 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Feb 14 Livestream notes and Ascalonian Finisher”

Fill out your PvP locker as they are important in the new PvP system, salvage any extra weapon/armor you got
Use your PvP crafting mats

Why ?

Indeed. You salvaging items to get crafting mats, you use crafting mats to create new items. Dulfy, some kind of oxymoron here. You are basically saying destroy everything. But why?

There is no oxymoron here, you salvage any extra armor/weapons that don’t fit into the pvp locker and use the resulting crafting mats to craft what you don’t have. The goal is to use up everything to fill your PvP locker as everything else but the armor/weapon in your locker is going away soon.

In summary, the following will be in effect after the maintenance update on March 18:

1) Only PvP weapons and armors (1 of each kind) will be stored and saved in the PvP Locker.

2) All PvP upgrade components, PvP crafting materials, PvP salvage kits, and glory boosters (whether in the PvP Locker or not) will be permanently phased out or removed by then.

3) Glory earned by players until March 18 (before patch) will not be removed YET. Players can still exchange these points via the Glory Rewards Vendor (Kodan NPC).

4) After the March 18 update, all PvP/rank matches and other related sources will no longer award Glory. All Rank XX (1..80) Glory Vendors will also be removed from the system.

(Please correct me if I mentioned something wrong.)

However, the only thing that is not clear to me are the fate of all existing PvP Achievement Rewards Chests and Match Win Reward Chests. Will these be removed totally by March 18 as well? Or will these have updated loot tables after the update (just like when ANet introduced the new loot tables for all PvE bags and chests after the Scarlet’s Invasion / Magic Find – Luck patch)?

P.S. Sorry for the lengthy post.

I got 70 glory booster, and I will not have time to use all of them.
I have family life beside GW2.
And I do not know who can play 24/7 during a whole month.

From the moment I made that post till March you only need 300+ boosters, if I had said 18 March it wouldnt even been 800 boosters. So no I don’t have over 800 boosters.

So if you are currently away from the game, when this new update hits you will lose all the armor you have equipped on your spvp character thats not in the locker?

That would be incredibly useful. Now if only they make pve armor reusable on different characters like pvp armor is. *fingers crossed*

Personally I buy tomes to level up my pve characters (especially the ones that have just started, it’s so useful to be using a level 20 when you start the first area)

Or if you’re in need of inventory space buy the 20-slot bags, 6k glory and 6g is a bargain if you can’t make them through crafting.

I have 230+ boosters….there is no way for me to use them all (I don`t plan on going bot mode and playing 12h a day)…They got to give them some value after change (like make them gold boosters or something)

Question concerning the Super Weapons skins : Are they the same for the
green version (obtained for 50 bauble bubbles) and the gold version
found randomly on the SAB reward chest ?
Just to know which one I have to unlock for PvP.(I have the green and gold Super Hammer skin)
Thanks for your answer

New Finisher: Yo dawg, I heard you liked zergs. So I put a zerg on your finisher so you can zerg downed zerglings while you zerg.

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