GW2 Things to do in Lion’s Arch before the patch

With the GW2 patch Escape from Lion’s Arch arriving tomorrow, Lion’s Arch will turn from a friendly social city into a deadly combat zone. Here are some things to do before Lion’s Arch turns into Lion’s Den.

1. Map Completion

If you havn’t completed Lion’s Arch map exploration yet, this is the time to do so. You can probably still do it after the patch but probably not without harassment from Scarlet’s minions. This is especially important if you going after a legendary soon as you will need world completion for it.


2. Jumping Puzzles

There are 3 jumping puzzles in Lion’s Arch. They will likely be accessible after the patch but it is better to be safe than sorry. You also need jumping puzzles for the monthly and Urmaug’s secret/Weyandt are really easy to do for the monthly.

3. Diving Goggle location

For that Dive Master achievement, there is one location in Lion’s Arch


4. Moa Race and Mini Yellow Moa

Are you swimming in gold or perhaps a die hard mini collector? If so, then you need to do the Moa Race. The fate of these moas are not exactly known but who knows if Scarlet’s minions won’t grab some moas and roast them for dinner. Think of Meep!

The Mini Yellow Moa can be obtained for 125 Race Track Vouchers or it can be brought on the TP (50 gold and increasing at time of writing).


5. History Buff achievement

Under General –> Exploration section of the achievements is one for History Buff. This achievement is only worth 2 achievement points but you get a skill book that give you 5 skill points. You need to visit various locations in Lion’s Arch and it is a safe bet that it is easier to do now than after the patch

6. Weapon skins

There are two set of weapon skins unique to Lion’s Arch. These are the Lionguard weapon skin and Pirate weapon skins. You can find the Lionguard weapon skins in Fort Marriner if you go near the jail (gotta go up the stairs to the wall and take a right). It is likely the vendor will still be there after the patch but nothing is certain.


The pirate weapon skins are located at end of Weyandt’s Revenge jumping puzzle and they cost the same – 9800 karma per weapon skin.

7. Royal Terrace Pass

If you got a 2 week or the permanent version of Royal Terrace Pass, it is time to whip them out for tomorrow. While everyone else will be crammed in Gendarran Fields, you can enjoy the fine luxury of everything the Royal Terrace has to offer. Being wealthy has never being better in Tyria. Unfortunately they are no longer sold in the gemstore but it would be a golden opportunity for Arenanet to bring them back again.


8. Sonder the Seller

Sonder the Seller is a merchant in Lion’s Arch that exchange past event currencies (i.e. Zhaitaffy, Candy Corn) for various items. He will probably remain after the patch but if you got any spare currency, it doesn’t hurt to use them now while the merchant is around.


  • Nick

    Much appreciated, Dulfy 🙂

  • Old Man Yawl

    Yes, thank you so much for making me think to do map completion for my alts! btw, what about Sanctum Sprint? Will this be our last chance to get achievements there?

    • I am pretty sure all these daily activities NPC will be relocated somewhere else so no need to worry about it

  • Tyson

    I’ve been WvWing since.. Forever.. How do you get the last plaque in Malchor’s leap? Or to be more precise, how do you get TO Malchor’s leap from LA?

    • Malchor’s Leap is in Orr. You can waypoint there or if you never went there, go to strait of devastation

  • jake

    Thank you so much, great work as always Dulfy

  • Vic

    Maybe also deafeat Poyaqui for the Blecher’s Buff activity since he’s in LA ? 😀

  • Lord

    Question : Point 6. All of them are weapon skin, not weapon ?
    So you can buy them unlock them for PvP skin ?
    If yes, that means you need 372400 karma for all the skins (19 weapons * 9800 karma/u* 2 set skins)

    • Dominic Markert

      nope, all of them are actual weapons, so you can’t use them to unlock their pvp-skin.

  • Ares Zax

    Forget Meep! Motti is mah boi! I got so many wins off him, so time to return the favour! *mounts Motti and rides him into the sunset*

  • Demigod

    For over a year u have been my home
    but now i must wander forever alone
    Friends and family have now been separated
    and lions arch u have been desecrated
    Together u brought all the races
    so many different styles and so many faces
    May u live on in us forever
    and may we forget what u stood for never
    Now i shall go and weep
    for with u has died my favorite moa MEEP….

  • Great advice! I finished everything the night before the update.

  • shakah

    OMG I SHOULD HAVE READ THIS SOONER!!!! omg FML .. NOW i cant do this achievement stuff in Lions arch anymore. omg so depresed!!!

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