GW2 Captain’s Airship Pass from Gemstore

Video showing the Captain’s Airship Pass you can purchase from the GW2 gemstore. The permanent version costs 1000 gems while the two week version costs 150 gems.

The Captain’s Airship Pass will take you to an airship above Gendarran Fields on top of the Vigil Headquarters/camp area. You can expect the following amenities onboard the ship with easy access.

  • Daily activity NPC (i.e. Southsun Survival, Sanctum Sprint)
  • Crafting NPCs
  • Guild Armorer/weaponsmith/commendation trader/registrar/promoter/bank
  • Retrainer (re-trait NPC)
  • Mystic Forge
  • Black Lion Trader/Weapon Specialist
  • Bank
  • Laurel Merchant
  • Exit buttton you can use to access Southsun Portal/Fractal of the Mists portal below the airship.
  • oic

    I guess the only difference between this and Royal Terrace is the Daily Activity NPC and exit button get your access to southurn portal and fractal

    I still prefer the Royal Terrace view and ambient sound though.

  • narg

    how this work with multiple characters ?? is this acces for “account” or I need purchase this pass for every characters I have ??

    • You can xfer them between characters using the bank but it is really inconvenient. It is best to buy one for each character

      • narg

        I mean permanent acces ofcourse, I am not that rich to spend 10 000 gems 😀

  • Paradox

    No pass = no access to daily activity?
    Also, same question as narg… account wide access or character bound?

    • M P

      laurel vendors for daily are in wvw and every other big city.

      • AysonCurrax

        he/she is refering to daily activity like southsun survival which apparently cant be accessed by other means for now. atleast i havent seen the npc in the keep.

        • They are in the racial cities like divinity’s reach/hoelbrak etc.

          • Gamer Grandma

            Newbie question, could you post a map to the daily activity locations. Thank you

    • narg

      daily activity will be in LA always

  • Kakkio

    Hi, i have a question…without a pass we can’t use the forge?

    • AysonCurrax

      there is one in vigils keep aswell, not just on the airship. take another look my friend 🙂

  • Ares Zax

    So the Airship can be accessed from any map by just double-clicking on the Pass? You don’t actually need to talk to the golem NPC to go up there?

    • Correct, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the pass 🙂 The biggest draw is that you can immediately port to the ship from whenever you are, via just a click of the pass. Exceptions includes wvw/spvp/home instance.

      • Ferozstein

        1. Does it work from dungeons?
        2. It doesn’t port you back to where you used it, right?

      • Vana

        I’m also curious if it always ports you back to the base of it, and if at any point there are access to WvW or PvP portals?

  • Waldo

    So they turned LA into a paywall GG

    • Decapitated Bunny

      What are you even? What…?

      • Paradox

        Basically, ANet took the convenience away of having mystic forge, trade
        post, crafting stations and bank all in one queue-less zone and sell it
        back for 1000 gems per character. Alternatively, you can either:
        – zone a lot between crafting stations and forge
        – go Eternal Battlegrounds, which is not always an option (queue or enemy
        capped the area where forge and crafting stations are located).

        So yeah, the convenience of having it all in 1 zone (LA) is put behind a paywall. One with a hefty price if you have many characters.

        • anon

          all of that has just been moved to the vigil keep in kessex hills… it’s actually even closer to each other than when it was in LA what the hell is wrong with you people? At least read the release notes or enter the game for 5 minutes before bitching ffs

          • Paradox

            You went to vigil keep and -without buying a pass from gem store- you got access to crafting stations?

          • Paradox

            Arenanet’s Mark Katzback’s quote:

            “The crafting stations did not get moved to Vigil’s Keep. However, you
            can travel directly from Vigil’s Keep to one of the other cities of
            Tyria at no cost via asura gate travel, all of which have crafting

            Don’t pretend it all got moved to VK. It didn’t. It only did if you spent gems in the shop.

          • Genius

            Fucking wrong lawl. La had crafting dumbass.

            • Raymond Hawkins

              Rata Sum is much better for crafting.

    • Milk Banano

      Yeah Arena became so damn stinky greedy since they started maintaining GW2, especially in Europe. Oh my goodness, I am starting to defend myself against every item that is interesting from the gemshop, because I realize I just couldn’t buy it all without ruining myself sooner or later. What makes me buying nothing at all anymore, exept maybe the bit that I can afford to buy for the little amount gems I get trading for Gold, fuu Arena. *sadquaggan*
      Very disappointing to see so much interesting items go, because they are limited.

      Basically, the airship reminds me of the missing Guildhalls from GW1, where you could eventually have every Trader, NPC and whatnot you want in one place if your Guild buys it together.
      So now they sell Guildhalls to every single player that can afford another 1000 gems?

      However I guess Lions Arch will be back sooner or later, so I don’t worry about this very much yet. Lions Arch already changed appearance a lot during last year.

    • Guest

      Rape meee my friend….

  • Elena Callegari

    dunno if it’s a bug but when i clicked my 2 week pass (which i got in one of the loot bags) it was consumed, so i could get into the ship but i have no way to return to it after i leave

    • Milk Banano

      I found one, too, but didn’t use it yet. I guess that’s just a single use pass, you gotta pay 150gems for the 2-week one.

  • Koka

    So, does this thing has Asura gate that leads to any of the major cities like Royal Terrace or not?

    • MauricioCezar

      yes, a npc that automatically port you to any major citys.

      • Raymond Hawkins

        The Royal Terrace has this also in the form of a portal.

  • Vana

    The description said it has “quick travel to all cities” although I didn’t see any portals to the cities. Does it not have them? And if not, what did it mean by that statement then? And does it have WvW or PvP access portals?

    • Sime

      There are no portals, you must speak with NPC near the entrance to Airship.

      • Vana

        So you have to double-click to enter the airship (if you are anywhere else on the map other than right outside of it), then exit the airship, which takes you to the ground underneath it, where there is an NPC to talk to that will port you to the cities?

        • Plobster

          No when you are on the ship talk to the Ship captain his standing next to the steering wheel wight when you enter the ship’s inner area where the crafting stations are…

          • Jeroen

            Can you return to the place where you used the ticked?

    • Yuffie

      You can travel to another city by talking with npc Helmsman 🙂

  • Illuma

    All the people whining about crafting stations gone from LA and put behind a paywall. Like if LA was a good place to craft. Everything was so scattered apart. Just go to Rata Sum, Everything is close by on the same floor with bank, tp and guild bank in the middle and crafting station split in 3 close-by rooms. Rata Sum is the better LA. Asurans are also the best race.

    • Milk Banano

      In agree to the crafting part. I didnt like LA very much because it was over-populated most of the time and thus pretty slow to load or even had a “noisy” chat.
      However besides this, LA also had portals to the other main cities, the mystic forge and the activities, plus you could jump to LA from the PVP area.

      • Raymond Hawkins

        Now when you leave the PvP area it takes you to the Vigil Keep, which also has portals to everywhere.

        And you /can’t/ transport to the captain’s airship from PvP.

    • Illidan

      I found Stronghold of Ebonhawke at Fields of Ruin the best place for crafting, its all together and there is no one and no much NPCs also so fast loading and no lag…

  • Toto

    So, the 1000gems pass grant an ulimited access to the airship, but does the airship stay for ever?

    PS: Thanks for all your work.

    • Yes stays forever, can you imagine the outage if it is only temporary

      • I am already outraged. There are many really very poor players who won’t be able to afford this ridiculous lockout.

        • Raymond Hawkins

          It’s not a lockout! It’s nothing that’s not anywhere else except for a little extra convenience, which is what gem store items should be. It’s also nothin new as there was already the royal terrace.

          • Accipiter Z

            It’s an extra convenience, but it’s nothing that a causal player could get free at all. They’d have to pay for this, which I’m seeing more and more of with ANet these days.

            Meh, all I’m saying is, I personally don’t have time for it.

  • Max

    Is one needed for each character or is it used by all of them?

    • Well technically you only need one for your entire account since it is account bound and can be transferred to other characters by the bank. However, it is really inconvenient and you really need to buy it for multiple characters if you play them equally.

  • max

    The ones that are currently dropping in LA…are those two weeks or one time use? If they are two weeks, how do you access it again?

  • Cassandra Taylor

    You can craft in in the Borderlands in your servers WvW as well. Also, since you dont have to pay a sub, of course Anet is going to find ways to generate revenue, its what pays the bills.

  • narg

    from start i think its prety expensive with 1000gem, but now, when i start farm and craft in big scale, its lot of running between bank/trade/craft, damned, i should have buy it :/

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