GW2 Escape from Lion’s Arch Achievement Guide

GW2 Escape from Lion’s Arch living world achievement guide.

General Info

The entire Escape from Lion’s Arch event is a cyclical event that starts exactly 4 minutes past the hour every hour and ends at exactly 50 minutes past the hour. Special attention need to be paid to the 40 minutes past the hour mark as that is when some events that occur only once per cycle appears (i.e. some escorts, bosses)

The entire evacuation cycle lasts roughly 45 minutes from 4 minutes past the hour until 50 minutes past the hour.

Entrance event achievements

These achievements are very simple and therefore do not worth a lot of achievement points. Remember that entrance event starts exactly 4 minutes past the hour so be there on time if you want the achievement

  • Breach from the Beach – participate in the Bloodtide Coast entrance event – 2 pts
  • The Northern Gambit – participate in the Gendarran Fields entrance event – 2 pts
  • Cold Comfort – participate in the Lornar’s Pass entrance event – 2 pts

The events are located at these locations. The entrance from Lornar’s Pass is an asuran gate.


Escort achievements

There are two achievements for escorts

Please Follow Me to the Exit – 5 pts

You need to complete in the following escorts

  • Black Lion Dolyaks
  • Children
  • Lighthouse workers
  • Ogres
  • Racing Moas
  • Lawson Marriner

Black Lion Dolyaks and Children are the easiest escort and they always occur around the Trader’s Forum area. The escort event pops up multiple time per evacuation cycle so you have plenty of time to do the escort. You don’t really need to escort them as they tend to complete successfully by themselves most of the time


Ogres and Lighthouse workers are a different story. While they reoccur multiple times, they tend to fail if players are not gathering nearby. Even if you are standing next to their spawn locations, it is likely you will not get event credit as their escorts are short and they move fast. Try kill some mobs around them during the escort for event participation recognition.

  • Ogres escort starts at the Postern Ward area and moves west and then south
  • Lighthouse workers starts at the Lighthouse area and then moves east


Moa and Lawson Marriner escort events only occur 40 minutes past the hour. You want to be there or you will miss them and have to wait for the next evacuation cycle.

  • Moa escort starts where the Moa Race start used to be near Farshore Ward
  • Lawson Marriner escort starts at Commodore’s Manor near Grand Piazza


All Bets are Off – 5 pts

This achievement is for escorting all 7 Moas without any of getting killed during the escort.

Miasma Deployment

About 2-3 times per evacuation cycle and always at the start of each evacuation cycle, you will see 3 miasma deployment events around the 3 major areas of Lion’s Arch. The exact location is a bit random but there is a certain area where these miasma deployments will occur. These events are marked as sword icons on the map as shown below.

  • Top quadrant is where the Aetherblade miasma deployment will occur
  • Bottom quadrant is where the Molten miasma deployment will occur
  • Right quadrant is where the Toxic miasma deployment will occur


Triple Threat – 10 pts

If your map manage to complete the event at Aetherblade, Molten, and Toxic miasma deployment before the time limit ticks down to zero, you will receive this achievement. This will require abit of coordination since if one team is short on players, they may not have the DPS to finish the event before the time limit. These events do scale up so if you have a large zerg there, a lot more veteran/elites gets pumped out.

  • The smaller the zerg at each miasma deployment event, the easier it is to complete it. Try to make sure only a small group only 8-10 players do each event while the rest do escorts/rescue citizens
  • Molten miasma seems to fail the most, make sure players know to kite the mobs out of the protective fire rings and kill the protectors

Luckily, you only need your map to complete all 3 events successfully at one deployment cycle, and not the whole evacuation cycle to get this achievement.

Defend Achievements

During the length of the evacuation cycle, you will see shield icons popup in either Trader’s Forum, Fort marriner, or Postern Ward about every 4 minutes (do not confuse these with escort events, which have the same icon). Which location picked is random but these are rally point defend events. Only one rally point defend event is active at any one time. There are achievements given for successfully completing every defend event in a given location for an entire evacuation cycle but you personally only need to participate in one event at the location to get the respective achievement, as long all the events in that location succeed.

  • Escort events are NOT defend events. Do not mix them up even though they have the same shield icon. Doing escort events will not count towards defend achievements and vice versa.


The defend events won’t run if the Scarlet Alliances are currently holding the rally camps. If you see the crosses swords event at the camps, that means a defend even has already run and failed – you’ll have to succeed the recapture event before another defend event will start.

Fort Marriner Fighter – 5 pts

Succeed in every Fort Marriner defend event during an entire evacuation cycle. Participate in at least one defend event in Fort Marriner and you will get credit, as long rest of the events there succeed.

Postern Ward Protector –5 pts

Succeed in every Postern Ward defend event during an entire evacuation cycle. Participate in at least one defend event in Postern Ward and you will get credit, as long rest of the events there succeed.

Trader’s Forum Triumphant – 5 pts

Succeed in every Trader’s Forum defend event during an entire evacuation cycle. Participate in at least one defend event in Trader’s Forum and you will get credit, as long rest of the events there succeed.

Triple Play – 10 pts

Make sure all three defend events succeed during an entire evacuation cycle. This means every defend event in each of the three locations has to succeed for the entire evacuation cycle.

Boss achievements

Bosses only spawn 40 minutes past the hour and they seem to always spawn in the same locations

  • Champion Molten Berserker spawns in Fort Marriner
  • Elite Aetherblades (5) spawn in the Grand Piazza
  • Champion Toxic Wurm Queen spawns in Postern Ward


Melted and Muted – 5 pts

Defeat the Champion Molten Berserker boss

Aetherblade Broken –5 pts

Defeat the Elite Aetherblades

Antitoxin – 5 pts

Defeat the Champion Toxic Wurm Queen

Special Achievements

Memories in Your Hand – 5 pts

Group Effort Achievements

These only give out achievement points the first time they pop up. These achievements do not show up under Living World and appear as blank in your recently completed achievements.

Group Effort I – 100 citizens rescued – 2 pts

Group Effort II – 300 citizens rescued – 2 pts

Group Effort III – 600 citizens rescued –2 pts

Group Effort IV – 900 citizens rescued – 2 pts

Group Effort V – 1200 citizens rescued – 5 pts

Use this map constructed by rainwhisper on reddit for the locations of the citizens you need to rescue/escort


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

75 replies on “GW2 Escape from Lion’s Arch Achievement Guide”

Hmm, I’ve tried the Dolyak escort event twice this morning and it failed both times. May have to do with the number of players present and scaling, I don’t know. Anyway, still plenty of time to get all the achievements done.

Oh, and thank you very much for the guide, Dulfy!

HI Dulfy,
the First Daily Achievement on tuesday 18th was Aetherblade Slayer (or something like that). Kill 10 Aetherblade in Lion’s Arch

I’ve just did Lawson Marriner escort event and at the end he suddenly disappeared and he gave no credit towards the achievement…Only escort I needed to get 15/15 :/

He didn’t disappear… he died. It happened to me a few times yesterday. The only bug is that it doesn’t tell you if you’ve failed it or not.

What item do you get from the children? The Ogre unlocks the sharpening stone, The dolyaks i think was the tuning crystal, the lighthouse was the the maintenance oil, the Moa’s give you a feather that gives you 30 min speed boost (probably 15%). And the comodore i have not completed yet, but i know his vendor location….so what item can you get from the children, and at what location is their vendor?.

Also where can you get the other buffs inside LA ? I only found the Aetherblade Shield buff vendor from the priory at the small village defense event north of the Moa’s

I don’t recall any such event occurring on any of the events I’ve been to. There’s only lighthouse events and miasma events down there. Also, do you have to personally participate in every event or does the whole map get it?

Anyone else having problem with the traders forum defender achivement? Ive done it like 4 times and it wont give me the reward.

Regarding Power Play / Defend events – To get this, I believe that NONE of the defend events in the entire evacuation cycle can fail. I’ve just completed this and had no failures. The previous evacuation cycle had success and failures at each of the sites, but I was not granted the achievement on that occasion. Regarding your notes above, it’s inconclusive if you actually need to participate in these at all, so long as they all succeed.
The other 3 defend related ones – to get these I believe you only need to participate in at least 1 defend event at that location, but not necessarily the others at that location, as long as they do not fail there.

I believe on the defend achievements you don’t need to participate in every defense for that cycle, only one (as I personally got the achievements with only one participation medal awarded throughout the 45 minutes) but all the defense events for the location (I believe there are 3 or so a cycle?) DO need to succeed, whether you’re there for the rest or not.

Group Effort I-V does award AP for the first time you complete each tier. It appears to be a hidden achievement, but I can’t seem to find anymore info. I’ve only made it to IV so far and it award 2 AP.

You sure you get those defend achievement if you took part in one at least one time? Just asking cos I took part in Postern Ward and succeed but when the posion meter got full (signel that it’s time to leave LA) I got no defend achievement what so eves. Does those areas got to suceed all the time (within that cycle) in order to get that achievement overall?

All the defend events for that location have to succeed during the entire cycle but you only have to have gotten credit for participating in one in order to get the achievement.

Uhh, with the defense events, I noticed something myself, it spawns cyclically, every 3-5 minutes there is a new defend event, and it turntakes in a clockwise pattern, starting a few minnutes after the cycle starts at the northern defense point, and their always in the same place. Near MF, NW of the eastern WP (near where wurm queen spawns), and in the middle of Fort Marriner. It always goes N > E > S > N > E > S every 3-5 minutes (ish, give or take a bit).

Finally finished the Group Effort V tier which you get after 2000 citizens are saved. It awarded 5 AP and said completed when it flashed up (no more tiers to the achieve). For Group Effort IV, which was earned at the 1500 mark, it awarded 2 AP. I’m not sure about the previous 3 because I really didn’t pay attention.

Also, after some testing it does appear the reason maps don’t reset is due to guild banners/campfires being left on the map which prevents the citizen count remaining the same. I bugged it in game, so I imagine it will potentially be fixed soon. All in all, I really don’t see a legitimate way to save 2000 citizens for Group Event V in one round.

How is it possible to rescue 2000 or even 1500 citizens? I did this event like 5 times and never did I pass over 520 citizens…

It probably is. It’s just that most people are running around doing the events. If they put the achievement into the living world section, you can be sure there would be commanders shouting stuff like “we’re just going to farm civilians for this run”!

Should the event stack or does it reset every time? Because 2000 citizens in less than 45 minutes is quite the ordeal.

Resets every time. They also changed it to 1500 citizens for tier V. It just requires much more coordination than the classic ZERG THE EVENTS strategy lol. People actually need to go around the map to rescue all the citizens standing around.

Hi dulfy, what rewards does each tier give? I did 1 till 1500 and all i get is the standard citizen reward and nothing else. It says we can get Spinal Shards, Refugee’s Belongings, and Found Heirlooms. Do these appear from the standard citizen bags?
Also how do we get chance at past LS rewards? And what king of rewards are they?

***Those who remain until the miasma reaches lethality, participants will
be rewarded with daily Dragonite Ore, champion bags, Blade Shards, and
masterwork items.

For players who attain the highest tier, there’s a chance for
ascended materials and rewards from previous Living World releases.***

Does this mean we have to stay inside until the miasma kills us at the end of the event and we arrive in the “ghost fields” to be revived by other players? Or can we leave after the announcement is made to get out and still earn the end event rewards? The wording confuses me a little.

For some reason I don’t get the Aetherblade Broken. Made it 2 times..
I get “Melted and Muted” And “Antitoxin” with first kill..

After clearing the entrance (any one of the three entrance events), when I go into LA (tried on CD, DB, JQ) I see a full miasma level with no civilian count. Defend events also do not pop up. Anyone else experiencing the same?

Got Group Effort V – 1500 citizens rescued with TTS, no counter bug. It rewards Ultimate Citizen’s Rescue Bag. Mine had a Recipe: Toxic Focusing Crystal in it and some random junk. Some other guy apparently got a Recipe: Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic.

HI, Althougth the Group Effort V is now 1200 citizens rescued, someone told me this weekend that there is an hidden achievement : Group VI – 1500 citizens. This one provides 5 achievement points (repeatable) and the same reward as Group V (Ultimate Citizen’s Rescue Bag).
Can anybody confirm this with a printscreen ?

Seems to be a hidden achievement called “Seen Better Days”. Objective: View a Lion’s Arch vista. Worth 1 point, but counts towards Extraction Complete. You can do this achievement even if you’ve already viewed the vistas.

not sure if anyone can help me here, but i need the two vistas close to traders forum, in the new lions arch battle, can can’t seem to find the way up to either of them if anyone has links to details i would be very very grateful, thank you.

same issue =< i took the north one @ trader's forum. u can link from the 36th rubble from dulfy's guide. the other 1, i cant reach it. any help please?

Same, trying to grab the vista on the ship prow 🙁 I know there’s got to be a way there…. No luck yet.

Can you please tell me where they put the daily activity person that used to be in LA? I can’t seem to find her to complete the Daily Participation Daily Acheivement. Thanks

Is it too late to do this achievement track? I just got back into the states after a long winter vacation

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