GW2 Memories in Your Hand Rubble Pile achievement guide

A guide to all 30 Rubble Piles you need to locate for the Memories in Your Hand Escape from Lion’s Arch Living World achievement. They seems to reset around daily reset.


The Rubble Piles appear to reset at daily reset and are account bound (i.e. only grab once per account). You only need 30 Rubble Piles for the achievement but all 40 are listed here and you need to gather them daily if you want to 250 Found Heirloom rewards (Halo and Devil Horn, see bottom of page)


Video (only covers Rubble Pile 1-38)

1. Right at entrance to Lion’s Arch at Canal Ward


2. Undernearth the bridge


3. Behind the former trading post (jump down from the back of the trading post)


4. Go inside the water and you will find the sewer system


5. Below a walkway


6. Next to a veteran mob


7. Below the former asura gates


8. Undernearth the wooden plank


9. Outside the walls of Fort Mariner


10. At top of the lighthouse, you need to enter the lighthouse and climb the stairs to reach the top


11. There is sort of a secret cave here at bottom of the cliff on the ground/water level that contain this pile of rubble


12. Near the water in a semi cave like structure


13. Next to a bunch of mobs by the beach


14. There is a cave north of the marker White Crane Terrace, this cave has only 1 pile of rubble


15. There is another fairly long cavern south of it with a small entrance around that area. There are 2 rubbles inside this cave.


16. Go deeper inside the cave and you will find another


17. Right next to the waypoint


18. Inside cave below guarded by Aetherblades


19. Next to the entrance to Bloodtide Coast


20. Near the beach


21. Run through the waterfall, in a cave behind the waterfall


22. Behind the mill


23. At the water level beneath the large island


24. Cave east of Farshore Ward guarded by an elite


25. Behind the Inn


26. Base of the waterfall next to the jumping puzzle


27. Inside the cave but to the right of the rocks that mark start of the jumping puzzle


28. Go up the rocks near the jumping puzzle exit and you will find it in a corner


29. At the end of a dead end


30. Go up the stony ramp next to 29 and follow it until you see a wooden barricade with a broken asuran gate nearby


31. On top of a rock. To get to this one, you have to take a convoluted path up a wooden ramp (follow the arrows).


32. Exact same path you took in 31, except you are going to a different hill a bit more to the south


33. Inside Hooligan’s Route/cavern. Extremely hard to reach due to the high density of elites/veterans with a high respawn rate. However, there is an easier way by running via the left side of the cave, dodging whatever enemies that you come across. Near the back of cave you can climb up the slope in screenshot #2  to and jump across the gap (thanks BrownieC for the tip).


34. Hidden in a cave


35. Inside Lost Grotto accessed via the sewers (take a right after entering the sewers)


36. Go up east from Canal Ward waypoint and then jump down on the wooden plank leading to a nearby structure


37. Not far from the Postern Ward Waypoint


38. Behind the bottom most waterfall (the one that goes down to the water level) is a cave you can enter. If you find a wall behind the waterfall, then you need to jump down to the waterfall below.


39. In the Hooligan’s Route/cavern that is home to #33, if you go to the NE corner you can find a tiny cave entrance in the water. Go through the tiny gap submerged in the water to find find a cave that contains Rubble Pile 39.


40. From Rubble Pile #17, take a left and you will find a gap in the wall that allow you to climb up (watch out for a group of patrolling Aetherblades). If you keep following this path, it will take you to the vista/diving board. Near the diving board is a wooden ramp leading down. About half way down the ramp you will find a ledge on the wall you can follow which will take you to a cave behind the waterfall that houses the final rubble pile.


Found Heirloom Rewards

At the refugee camps in Bloodtide Coast/Lornar’s Pass/Gendarran Fields are vendors that will exchange 250 Found Heirlooms  and 10 gold for Selfless potions (Halo effect) and Thoughtless potions (Devil horn effect).It will take you a couple daily resets to get 250 needed but you also get them from bags that are given out when you reach each new tier of citizens rescued.

  • Found Heirllooms can also be obtained from bags that are rewarded at various tiers for # of citizens rescued as well as very rare drops from Alliance Supply Bags (10 from ~500 bags) that you get from killing mobs and doing events inside Lion’s Arch
  • These are unlimited use, and can be used in combat (it is like the food/combat potions except they do not conflict with the food/potion slots and have their own slot). No cooldown on its use.



This guide was created with the help of various readers on, Daniel, and amileia on reddit.

  • Alcaro

    There are two ‘9’s on the map! :X

    • Oops, one of them is suppose to be 19. Fixed

  • Josh Spyker-Elias

    there’s another one southwest of #12 on your map, in a cave. =)

    • Josh Spyker-Elias

      didn’t notice it wasn’t on your map, another located on a cliff in Hooligan’s Route.

  • Whatsername.4128

    There’s a few more than 30, we’ve been working on them over at Reddit!

  • Duncan Idaho

    There is one in Hooligan’s Cave too btw.

  • Amileia

    I’ll repost my map here since there’s a few missing. Thank you for the detailed guide!

    • Thanks for all your maps, they were extremely useful! 🙂 I really wanted be lazy and just use your maps but I tend to visualize a map with all the white name markings/POI/waypoints better so I created my own based on your reference. Anyways, just wanted to say I really appreciated all the work you put in and this guide wasn’t meant to take away from anything you did 🙂

      • Amileia

        The thought of that didn’t even cross my mind! o.O I was looking forward to your map and guide X3

        I would consider myself the lazy one, as I wouldn’t have been able to put in the effort to make all the screenshots of each location. It was just a quick map I was making for my friends and guildies, and I ended up posting and updating it as more people added info.

        Hopefully the map will make it easier for you to nab the missing locations! ^.^ We might not even have all of them… some are very cleverly hidden.

      • Amileia

        Updated with 40 rubble. It is rumored there are only 40 of them, but we’re unsure of that at the moment.

  • Rickar Khale

    If you go in the sewers like you’re going to the Whispers ‘hidden cove’ area, there’s a pile right near the wooden ramp leading up to the ‘bed and breakfast’.

    • Isn’t that just #35 the lost grotto one?

  • Tand

    Normally you would roughly have a 50% chance of getting an heirloom from the piles. Recently visited ~13 rubble piles and have not gotten a single heirloom. Drop rate lowered/bugged/daily cap reached?

    • The drop rate from these rubble pile is 100%. They do not give out again until the daily reset

      • Vhako Vigorclaw

        Any idea if they are linked to the account or the character. i.e. are you able to grab all of them again with an alt?

        • Doomer1

          They are linked. I came in again with two other characters and got nothing.

  • Craiginatorw

    MIssed one outside Postern Ward Waypoint

  • katreyn

    Thank you as always. I found a lot on my own, but def some hidden away. Also glad to see they reset.

  • iFruit

    Dear Dulfy!
    Specifically registered to say THANK YOU for all your work on GW2. Your guides were immensely helpful to me!
    I wish you all the best.
    P.S.: small off topic – I noticed there is a Charr named Dulfy storming the gates in the Ascalon (dunno the name) fractal – I truly hope it’s a dedication to you! 🙂

    • Joel

      Its siege master Dulfy defending the gate, i.e. you have to kill her x_x
      And yes it’s dedicated to Dulfy.

    • Yes it is, did they turn her into a Charr? Was a human last time I checked haha

  • Ganyu Z

    I found another one, that’s not in your map
    A bit left from Lornar’s Entrance Waypoint (left from map perspective)

  • Rithaldur

    I found one, near Claw island WP is waterfall, right behind it is one rubble

  • There is another rubble pile right across from the Postern Ward Waypoint. Thanks for the amazing guide 🙂

    • Thanks, I will get them added in 🙂

  • And the one near Claw Island in the Waterfall that Rithaldur mentioned.

    • Hmm there is a wall behind the waterfall for me. Do you mean the top waterfall? trying to figure out how to reach it

    • Nm, I got it

  • Luke Bailey

    Can these only be obtained once per account?

    need 250 of these for a potion and I don’t want to waste countless hours farming all damn week only to end up with 249 before the event ends which is always my shitty luck >.<

    • Has daily reset I believe

      • Luke Bailey

        Yes I tried it today and they do reset daily which is awesome 🙂 thanks

    • Trem

      once per account once per day

  • Moonster

    I found one near point 17 under vista behind waterfall, thanks for guide 🙂

  • Ricky

    So do you need to get all of these in one day/event? Or can it be done over a period of time to get the achievement?

    • Can be done over a perioid of time and they reset with daily reset as well

      • Dogouse

        I believe that you need 30 different piles for the achievement. One’s I’d already done weren’t increasing my total today.

  • X Samu X

    Dulfy If u are intereting in this I make a video off this Achievement . This video is in Spanish but u and all people no have problem to find 31 or more piles of rubbles with this video.

  • Laura

    Hey Dulfy! Thanks for the guide, awesome as always <3 One question though, for you or for whoever purchased the potions, I read on wiki that they`re account bound, but I suppose they`re permananent or what's the deal with them, because they do cost quite a lot… Thanks! ^^

    • I think they are permanent but no one knows for sure since no one has it yet

  • :)

    How long do the Selfless/Thoughless Potions last for?

    • weeheehee

      1 hour

  • Claudia Asukla Biagioli

    Selfless potions and Thoughtless potions are endless?

    • I think so yes

      • Claudia Asukla Biagioli

        Thanks 🙂

  • Vinava

    There’s 2 rubble piles in the hooligan cave. There is a connecting water cave on the top right of the cave you swim into.

    • Amileia

      I updated my map with them; found it this last round :3

      Hopefully Dulfy will be able to get on it soon too.

  • Mewlly

    13 not labeled.

    • Mewlly

      Sorry I meant there is a blank label south of 13.

  • where

    where is the cave to get 34? i cant understand the trayectory, also no show where is the cave

    • If you can’t find it, maybe watch the video. Should give you an idea of where it is

  • Alvarzar

    Hey Dulfy, didn’t see this one on your map and wanted to help out. It’s in Hooligan’s pass go all the way north in the cave and on the right side of the top there will be a small opening to swim through to reach this rubble. You can see it in the mini map.

    Keep being awesome btw, i love your guides

  • BrownieC

    Hello! Noob here, but I thought I’d lend a hand to Rubble #33. Accidentally found an easier way round tonight. (HUGE apologies for using your own screenshot to show what I did, but I don’t do stuff like this, so I used what I could. Sorry!)

    I ran up the *left* side of the cave, dodging enemies and almost to the back when I spotted the slope pictured. From what I could tell, there are no enemies near there and any that follow you don’t come that far. I ran up the hill as shown and jumped to the outcropping and made my way with no troubles.

    • Cool ty, I added the tip in 🙂

  • Nerevan

    Hi, got the pile Nr. 40 for you; it’s quite tricky to find. It’s at the former Aetherblade Retreat Dungeon entrence from Dreagon Bash. To get there you have to reach the Pile Nr. 17 and follow the path to the viste and the diving googles. But instead of walking up the way to the vista, you walk down and jump on a small ledge on your left. Keep jumping, since you can easily fall of the ledge at the beginning. Eventually you will reach a small cave underneath the waterfall at the former dungeon’s entrence.

  • havoc

    are thoughtless potions endless?

    • Ya someone just got it about 7 hrs ago and they confirmed that it is unlimited and can be used in combat etc.

  • David Leech

    Slightly off topic, but I can’t see it being discussed anywhere else….

    As I climb the house, on the way to rubble 31 and 32, to the north, I can see a Grand Chest on top of a outcropping of rocks. But I can’t find a route to it.

    Anyone else got there and can share the route?

    I’ll take a screen shot when I get home today.

    • RabidCoqui

      Are you referring to the chest for the troll’s end JP?

      • David Leech

        that may be it… i never realized it was visible from there.

        • Nyrinth (Gandara)

          Are the JP’s still do-able ?

          • Joel


  • Failure

    Heirloom number ’40’ is not possible to obtain because that entire area is filled with OP mobs that 1hit you as soon as you go near it. I died 3 times trying and ended up quitting, cba.

    • Hmm I got it a couple times it isn’t really hard. Just have to run through them really fast. Plus I am on my mesmer too so not a tanky guardian

      • Failure

        I have a Ranger, I’m constantly in combat so I’m slowed by like 50% even with the 25% speed boost signet. I’ve tried doding like mad, makes no difference. It is not possible to get past the volley of arrows that is spammed at you when you get near. Even killing the mobs does not prevent this happening.

        • Ranger

          I never died there with my ranger full berserk build… so definately not so hard.

        • Helzz

          If you’re getting shot by a volley of arrows, my guess is you’re probably going near the Tengu gate (The Tengu are the ones shooting the arrows). You should not need to get close to that gate to try and get #40. The rubble next to that contested WP is the path you want to follow. As if you go just a bit NW, you should see a wooden plank, you take that path and follow it around and up.

          I also main a ranger and I’ve never had much problems with being in combat most of the time. Are you setting your pet to passive? During the run, I always use a high toughness pet like Drake or Bear. If you keep them in passive, the majority of time mobs will go after them, and since they are passive, it won’t cause you to get into combat mode if they are hit unless you’re hit yourself.

  • Oranisagu

    thanks for the great map!
    just one minor critique: the sequence is mostly a very quick and direct path through all of them – except those you added later on. it would be amazing if those were in sequence as well, so we could just follow the map from 1-40 in one go.
    i.e.: after 13, it would be best to do 31/32 (as we’re right near the way up there), then 14-18, then 34 and 40 before porting to 19.
    or 39 right after 33 as they’re in the same cave.

    I know this would mean having to renumber most of the sites again, but it would lead to one smooth run.
    (I checked if it’s possible to use google maps with a custom image to create stuff like this, but it’s pretty complicated and requires a good amount of javascript knowledge)

    • Already made the video with 38 of them so changing the map now would confuse things 🙁

  • GreedyScarlet

    I have 175 herilooms atm and I have gotten zero amount from the supply bags, are you sure they come out of there? I am pretty sure I have openned way more than 2000 of them.

    • Ya it was mentioned by a couple people. Drop rate is extremely low though

      • shodannet

        Yeah, definitely happens, especially since I hit 30 heirlooms but didnt pop the achievement (cause I hadnt obtained 30 from searching the rubbles)

        • Booze

          That’s cause they come from Group Effort pouches too.

          • weeheehee

            i’ve gotten about 10 or so from bags. Maybe i’m just really lucky

  • Tristan

    Warning: Bags full, you will not get an heirloom but the environmental weapon of a bone with bone crack. Just thought I’d let you know…took me awhile to figure out what was going on.

  • Hachi-chan

    there’s a better order to them

    • TerrabyteX

      yeah using the graph theory. I have the same route as you do Ana.

      • Hachi-chan

        I guess it’s too late to change the map now but probably most players have their own order by now.

        • TerrabyteX

          but i still think your map will help people. Also me giving you a +1 obviously helped :p

          • Hachi-chan

            thank you 🙂

  • Lanca

    Hi and thanks for the map.

    I added some information on your map if you want to run 🙂

    • Lord

      Thanks a lot, this is really helpfull. That gave me some clues for faster ways.

  • Deadly Cuddles

    There is a 41th Rubble in the Sewers under the Bank.
    Go into the sewers, take a right and go straight ahead rights on the right side when you enter the area past the cave.

    • That is #35 I believe

      • Deadly Cuddles

        Hmm I may be wrong, yeah I forgot about that one xD

  • G27

    I’ve been leading speed runs from the Bloodtide Coast entrance using this route. Even with a 30+ zerg we can finish in time to hit the events at the 40min mark. Enjoy!

    • Flawian Zasępa

      Thank you. Original route is horrible.

  • Kate

    They’re now resetting with the event for me as well as apparently being per-overflow/queue, so it’s gotten a lot easier to get.

    • Koka

      Are you sure? I don’t think so… I tried today, and no matter if I am on my server or guesting, or in overflow, I can still only get 40 per day.

    • umbrellachimes

      I did a run earlier in the day before I went to bed. Dailies reset at 1700 for me, so I didn’t plan on doing another heirloom run.. however, I was just in LA and at the end, I noticed the rubble piles were highlighting and activating on find. I think you might be right.

      • They are highlightable when you change maps but you won’t get anything from them

  • Target

    Any idea when the heirlooms are being removed? In the patch on the 4th?

    • Hachi-chan

      ” Also, heirlooms and found belongings can still be turned in for items.” patch notes 🙂

  • Zarremgregarrok

    Does anyone know if the rubbles will remain present in the next patch? And if they will still drop the Heirlooms?

    • Hachi-chan

      ” Also, heirlooms and found belongings can still be turned in for items.”

      • Katie

        That doesn’t really answer the question. It says they can still be turned in but not if they’re still dropping.

        • Hachi-chan

          Rubble piles are still there. I suppose you can still get them.

    • Katie

      Confirmed, you do still get heirlooms from rubble piles.

  • Yrrabaka

    hello im trying 2 get this achievement but if i get them from al the difrend places my achievment is still stuck on 3/30

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