GW2 Zodiac Armor skin gallery

A gallery of the new GW2 Zodiac Armor skins introduced via the gemstore with the Escape from Lion’s Arch update.


This video should give you a pretty good idea of what each individual piece looks like as well as their appearance & animation ingame


Zodiac Light Armor Skin – [&AgEKqAAA]

  • [&AgEYqAAA] Zodiac Light Shoes
  • [&AgEaqAAA] Zodiac Light Vest
  • [&AgEcqAAA] Zodiac Light Gloves
  • [&AgEeqAAA] Zodiac Light Goggles
  • [&AgEgqAAA] Zodiac Light Pants
  • [&AgEhqAAA] Zodiac Light Mantle
  • The blue is not dyeable and tied to helm, chest and pants.





Zodiac Medium Armor Skin – [&AgEJqAAA]

  • [&AgEkqAAA] Zodiac Medium Boots
  • [&AgEmqAAA] Zodiac Medium Jerkin
  • [&AgEoqAAA]  Zodiac Medium Armguards
  • [&AgEqqAAA]  Zodiac Medium Helmet
  • [&AgEsqAAA]  Zodiac Medium Leggings
  • [&AgEtqAAA] Zodiac Medium Shoulderpads
  • The blue is not dyeable and tied to helm, chest and pants.





Zodiac Heavy Armor Skin – [&AgEIqAAA]

  • [&AgEMqAAA] Zodiac Heavy Warboot
  • [&AgEOqAAA] Zodiac Heavy Warplate
  • [&AgEQqAAA] Zodiac Heavy Gauntlets
  • [&AgESqAAA] Zodiac Heavy Warhelm
  • [&AgEUqAAA] Zodiac Heavy Legplates
  • [&AgEWqAAA] Zodiac Heavy Pauldrons
  • The blue is not dyeable and tied to helm, chest and pants.





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142 replies on “GW2 Zodiac Armor skin gallery”

Zodiac – as in the STARRY sky.

If you watch the video up large and let it load HQ you can see the stars in the skin.

Urgh, I have male characters and their versions are just downright diabolical. Not cool Anet. The medium looks ok on a female but the heavy?? Wtf…

Oh goodness. They look like the smurfs.

Also, the Light armour and Medium armour style looks like it’d be more appropriate if swapped. Light armour is to clunky. Medium looks too… ‘soft’.

Pretty visually impressive. I like the “otherworldly” feel these armors lend, although I’ll probably pass on them myself since I like being able to see my character’s actual face and form.

ppl complain alot even after putting such wonderful armor skins… not a single word of thanks….. all the comments including other gw 2 game updates are negative… seriously

They are negative cause this armor is ridiculous. My female toons look like giant Smurfs with boobs, and my males look like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, minus the giant swinging penis.

could at least still be respectful. you dont HAVE to get this, are they forcing you in anyway? oh and its FREE content. they are doing one hell of a good job imo. stop being so picky

the armor is free? did I miss something?

look, the free updates for the living world are nice, but that shouldn’t keep you from criticizing the game, when criticism is due.

but u ppl are not putting positive criticism… i have read all the comments must of the start as my character looks like tat… or is it wow artist who r developing this armor etc etc…

bro… ncsoft is not slapping u with this armor…. u can choose to buy it or not… simple…. but people must has little respect or show some positive criticism… i would like to see u developing armor tat can suppress gw2 armor sets

Well. I just bought all three of these armors now. I love the look. I just spent the last 10 minutes shouting for people to bow down to me, their new god. That is how they look. 🙂 Well done ANet. Love them.

Anyone know if you have to equip all pieces and/or have them all visible to get the blue skin effect, or is it linked to a specific piece(s)?

If you only wear one piece, only that piece will be blue, the rest will be your skin. So it only looks right with all, really.

Anyone else thinking that

A) blue skin is ridiculous.
B) females essentially having breasts uncovered – even more ridiculous.

This armor is terrible.

playing a fem charr ele i want the armor (without the blue skin) just so i can join the “skimpy outfit” club =p

Translation: “this armor doesn’t fit my aesthetic so I’m going to hate it”.

I love it, as long as anet keeps pushing out weird/new things i’m all for it.

Look, if it was like ANY OTHER female set in this game (i.e. breasts covered at least on a bikini level) I would be fine with it (excluding the weird blue skin, but that’s aside the point)

Instead they went lololo perv mode and created something that looks like taken out of a sex shop, (I’m assuming) justifying it by the fact that there’s no nipples, because LULZ BLUE SKIN.

So, my problem with this is:
A) This is reaching the TERA level of unnecessary sexualizing.
B) Game is rated Teen,

That’s all.

r born in saudia arabia kind of countries…. this game for god sake… i would like to see some sexy as well non-sexy armor

u r welcome to keep ur girls covered head to toe

i would like to point out that games like neptunia victory are teen and they have bouncing breasts not trying to be rude in saying you might dislike this armor or not just stating that there are plenty of games already out there with way more and teen rating then this and i dont see rage for it and heck maybe there is but it doesn’t stop them from making the games

by the way teen r aware of sex activities and major of teens are sexually active

and haven’t u heard of teenage pregnancy

Wow, so much time passed to work for another ugly skins, and another gems-store-end-game-content….

ANET are you serious ? Since when did we get new armor skin in playing game ,with token or any way of playing ? And dont speak me about ugly ascended crafter armor !

Go on like this, you just crush your own game update after update !

There will be new armor skins available through the wvw tournament, there are new skins available for beating the 3 headed wurm. The new back armor for this event is cool looking…

Your argument is invalid.

First its weapon skin for wvw, and we don’t have see it.Then, i will not farm the wurm, and its always about RNG and reskin ! Also its not complete armor fan boy.

We get dungeon and fractal, nothing new to exchange with the token, or karma or any currency, only gem and gem store skin 99% of the time, so its yours arguments that are not valid.

You only play to get gold for everything or credit card for gem,there is not enough content or new content while you play.(1 year and half remember that) . Even if you get luck, or gem, most of the skins or reskin in gem-store look like weird….

You could always buy gems with gold. These armors are less “gem shop” than they are simply expensive. If you want a cultural armor, for example, spend $10 and sell the gems for the gold. Same difference.

Well, I want to play content and then be rewarded with such stuff. It’s not interesting for me to farm gold und just buy stuff from the shop.

Agreed we could see a bit more of that. Just note that these gem store sets are essentially just expensive, and not cash shop-exclusive.

If we could change the blue color, I could definitely make these work between two characters, but that blue…. it’s just a bit much. Still, like that we get free dlc every two weeks without a sub, beats the crap outta all the other MMOs. Now the new backpieces, sweet, except for needing lvl 500 crafting. Just don’t have the time or patience to grind out the gold for that, especially with the ugly (imo) Ascended armor.

I like that this armour is more ‘unique’ with the skin effect of sorts but the actual bits of armour do look a bit… weird. Not to mention every female armour has the breasts pretty much as exposed as they would be allowed.

Heavy set is the only one worth picking up I.M.O. but I play ranger anyway.

It’s worth pointing out that one thing that isn’t readily discernable from the screenshots is that the blue skin textures have clouds/stars etc. floating INSIDE the skin. So it’s as if your body is hollow and looks out into the sky/space. (Wonder if it looks different at night?) You can get a better look at this in the video.

Ugliest garbage I’ve ever seen from ArenaNet in nearly ten years of Guild Wars. Way to completely waste time and resources creating something so unbelievably hideous.

I actually like the Zodiac look on my Asura. Minus the creepy Helmet of course. The Blue glow works rather well for me, and I’m planning on getting Ghastly weapons to further accent the glow.

After 1,5 years of GW2 armor “art” I know better than looking forward to new armor skins. And yes! Saved money again. Woo-hoo.

If the glowing skin part was re-colorable, that would impress me. Otherwise, kinda disappointed. At least I can look like a squid with that heavy helm. Maybe rename myself Squidward lol.

But didn’t the weapons carry the actual zodiac animals onto them? Not that I don’t like these, but I mostly saw just that they make you all star-y.

Nice heavier look for Light armor though.

If this was CoH, I’d already bought the pack.

those whining about the female armor exposing the breasts too much seem to ignore the fact that the male ones expose the chest and upper body just as much. them double standards.

The ratio of female to male when it comes to hyper sexualized armour isn’t comparable so you can’t compare these either. Men will never be hyper sexualized the same way. Yes they are sexy, but the female ones leave nothing to imagination, why aren’t we seeing tiny thongs on the males then? That’s literally the only sexualized spot on a male’s body.

At least it’s going in the right direction, so try to be happy for that instead.
Sometimes you need to appreciate the small steps towards equality, you can’t change the world over a night.

One thing I don’t like with the most armours in games is that they are completely unrealistic and unfunctional. Dark Souls has pretty great armours though.

I’m sorry but to say the “only sexualized spot on a male’s body” is the crotch is quite literally missing every way in which a male is sexualized.

I’d just like to say that, as a heavy armor class, I HATE HATE HATE armors that expose the male chest. It’s ridiculous for either sex in any situation, but heavy armor mean awesome and huge and bulky tanks, not Fabio with spikes.

Love this armor. You all whining little babies always need something to hate on. I feel pity for you… souring up your day to yourselves like this…
Do you need to buy this? Huh? Nope. Just be happy and don´t let your happiness depend on a GAME (yes, it´s a game).

why are ppl complaining so much 😮 this is the best armor they’ve released in such a long time. it doesn’t really match any of my toons, but it’s different and it’s obvious they put a lot of work into it instead of simply reskinning cultural armor with a flame effect.

Better? They made it blue so they could get away with it. If they kept the characters look, i.e skin etc their rating would sky rocket because it would literarly be stripper wear. You’d see the nipples on the female characters. I think they are hideous and honestly rather sad. I can’t picture anyone wanting to wear this but some people do find hyper sexualized smurfs well, sexy. Each to their own I guess.

I saw this and immediately wanted to get it. I did preview and went through dye and weapons and such and just couldn’t really get into it. Its a nice skin, its just weird looking when you sit down and try to make an armor combination (since the helm is ugly as sin and the gloves and boots are meh). Im sure someone will come up with something sexy, but as for me, I am content with t3 human female light and t3 norn female heavy.

Oh boy, these armors are like a blue punch in the face, definitely worth the gems. However, I guess it’s hard to mix it with standard armor, if you want to keep some normal skin for example. Anyway, Dr. Manhattan would approve! 😉

The armor actually works very well without the helm. On all three weights, there’s a cloth section around the neck, which causes the rest of the armor to appear as a magical bodysuit rather than naked/painted skin. In that respect, it’s, paradoxically, one of the more modest outfits in the game in terms of covered skin.

The only thing I’d tweak for this armor set is the ability to alter the cosmic skin color – I’d buy it in an instant if I could customize it. This could perhaps be done by utilizing the rarely used 4th dye option/slot. I’d love to see this armor in a cosmic black or dark blue skin with silver trimming. Or pink skin with gold trimmings even 🙂

Whether the armor is awesome looking or not is a matter of personal taste, really. Instead of hating, however, we should encourage Anet to keep making new and unique armor skins so that we all can eventually find something that fits our tastes. I’m happy they made the effort and am looking forward to what they can put out in the future. I’d perhaps vote for something more traditional next time though for those who dislike the current trend in overly ornate aesthetics. That and a bit fewer skirts and trenchcoats please!

I absolutely need the light armor for my female Sylvari Mesmer, it looks great! Only without the weird helmet of course. ^^
After seeing all armors on my rather flat character and on the rather big breasted characters in the Video I think that light armor looks great on flat characters, while the other two rather suit the curvier ones… just because of the way the armor pieces are shaped. Anyone else realised this or do you think I’m completely wrong? =’D

You made mistake with medium armor :
[&AgEiqAAA] Zodiac Medium Boots ==> WRONG CODE : Zodiac Light Mantle
[&AgEkqAAA] Zodiac Medium Jerkin => Zodiac Medium Boots
[&AgEmqAAA] Zodiac Medium Armguards => Eodiac Medium Jerkin
[&AgEoqAAA] Zodiac Medium Helmet => Zodiac Medium Armguards
[&AgEqqAAA] Zodiac Medium Leggings => Zodiac Medium Helmet
[&AgEsqAAA] Zodiac Medium Shoulderpads => Zodiac Medium Legging

I hope i will be corrected :p

oh because when i preview it it shows my current dye color on the zodiac armor, would appreciate if that could be looked at again

I feel like a super hero in this ^^
I really love the armor, though i would welcome a little more coverage over the breasts.



…thy breastusses are thy bringer of thy apocalypse…

One quick look at the medium is enough to figure out that whoever designed and approved this armor has no idea where nipples go on a woman.

Reminder that Anet had great armor art abilities during GW1, they made Blizz-like armors in GW2 because “we want the WoW audience”.
Yeah you got the WoW audience by ruining what could have been a great and UNIQUE franchise.
Congratulations Anet.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble here, but ALL of those armors you’ve shown above are from a game called Lineage with the exception of the one at the top left corner which came from Aion. Although both of these games ARE from NCsoft, they’re not from the same developing team so please stop making false accusations and assuming things when you don’t even have your facts straight.

If u want to play as emo gay porn character than U are free to play chinese like games. I don’t think GW2 would stayed unique if the ingame armors looked like thoes from all crapy korean mmos.

If that’s “emo gay porn” to you, you have mental disorders.
Those armors are objectively well-done and detailed, and they come from a game made in 2003.
Oh and next time you try to dispute someone’s point, follow this advice:
– Use punctuation and proper grammar, so to not let out that you are 12 years old and ignorant.
– Don’t use buzzwords but make valid points.
And that “crappy korean MMO” was made by the same company that pays Arena Net, NCsoft, so you’re basically hammering your own fingers here.

Hey queer!

Putting aside your ridiculous claim that those armor pieces are anything above bland, what WoW armor model does the Zodiac armor look like exactly? Because as it stands you look like an ignorant little fuck who doesn’t even deserve the time it’s taking me to type this comment.


Fuck you.

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