SWTOR: End of Season 1 PvP rewards revealed

SWTOR released the details of Season 1 PvP rewards today on the official website. Players at the top tier can received a rancor mount.

With the culmination of Season 1 quickly approaching, we know there is a lot of interest in what this season’s rewards will entail. Firstly, the end of Season 1 will come with Game Update 2.7 and your rating when the servers come down for the update will determine which Tier you are in and what rewards you gain! The higher your Tier the better your rewards!

One important note before we get to the break down of rewards is that the rating we are using to determine the Tier you are in is Highest Earned, not Current, so no need to feel like you are risking Rating by going after the next Tier up! Go Berserk!

To see your Highest Earned Rating check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI. The Rating displayed on the Leaderboards are the Current Ratings, not Highest Earned. Speaking about Leaderboards, once Season 1 has come to an end all Ratings will be reset and the Season 1 Leaderboards will be archived off so you can always look back at who was tops in previous seasons.

(Also note that players that are caught abusing Ranked play to adjust Rating will be disciplined and will receive no rewards from Season 1.)

You need to play a minimum of 10 ranked matches to be eligible for a reward and all rewards are specific to the character with the rating and will not be in collections

Tier Rewards

(Based on your tier at the end of Season 1)

Tier 5 – Rating 0001-1149
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title
Tier 4 – Rating 1150-1224
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 4 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
Tier 3 – Rating 1225-1299
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 3 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set

Tier 2 – Rating 1300-1499
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 2 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set

Tier 1 – Rating 1500+
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 1 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set
  • Giradda The Hutt’s Rancor Mount

(Note: Giradda the Hutt’s Rancor Mount not shown to final scale)

Are you good enough to sport Giradda’s Rancor? Get the group back together for one last hurrah or brave the solo queue and show them all!


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46 replies on “SWTOR: End of Season 1 PvP rewards revealed”

The armor and weapon are just reskins of the Obroan items with some lights on them, which are reskins of the Dread Forged PVE Armor.

I don’t do PvP anymore and I really really really hope that they never make the rancor mount available as a reward for something else or in the cartel market. Let top PvP have something exclusive.

Whilst it is nice to see the most hardcore of the hardcore PvPers get something that is actually unique for once, one can sadly guarantee that BioWare would want to milk that Rancor mount to its absolute potential: The PvPers get the one which is garish and showy, whereas everyone else – including those same PvPers themselves should they wish – gets a shot at a plainer variant either through the Cartel Market or as a future Reputation Mount.

Although I have never, ever, bothered with Ranked PvP, I really, really hope that that Rancor stays as a Tier-1 PvP reward only, as an ideal. Whilst it may not be exactly the type of reward those at the top were looking for, it would be very, very galling to see countless of people wandering around Fleet with different – potentially better – variants of what, so far, is the most unique thing ever to be given as a reward in-game.

Just realised. This will be coming out when NiM Dread Fortress is out.

If they continue with the tradition of “Rare Speeder from Nightmare Modes”, then we MAY well see a Rancor (Grob’thok style possible) drop as a rare loot piece. In this regard, the sanctity of Rancors being a rare mount that require work, and not credits or Cartel Coins, to gain, whilst slightly spoilt, is still in some way preserved.

if Only I pvp’d sooner, I would love to get that mount, so just how high does your ranked rating have to be to get that?

OMG, I want that Rancor soooooooooooo bad! I haven’t been this excited since the Tauntauns were released!! haha. Ahhhhhh why didn’t I PvP???? Guess I know what I’m doing for the next month,…………….

The ugliest truss-bridge-like Assault Cannon is back?!


There will be much PvE QQ because you get the Rancor mount only by ranked PvP.

Actually there has been a lot of debate what DP/DF NiM rare mount will be. The only 2 that peeps thought of was a Rancor or a Kell Dragon. But as we all know its going to be a Cyborg rancor, as opposed to a more shinier rancor for pvp

There’s actually people that think ”Giradda the Hutt’s Rancor Mount” means I rode it? That’s why the Human Race will fail.

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