SWTOR: Minimum of 10 ranked matches required to get season 1 rewards

For those going after the season 1 ranked PvP rewards, you will need to do 10 matches to be eligible for the rewards.

Hey everyone,
I wanted to let you know of an issue I just learned of. Currently, it is possible that your name can show up on the leaderboards with a rating, even if you have technically not yet earned one. The rules that determine you having a rating are fairly simple but I want to make sure I spell them out so that we don’t have a situation where someone is expecting a reward and does not receive one.
In order to earn a rating, you must:

  • Have played 10 games in the Ranked queue. That means 10 solo queue or 10 group queue respectively.
  • Be able to see what your current rank is on the in-game ranked tab.

As long as you meet those requirements, your rating is displaying correctly and you will earn the appropriate rewards. We are working to address the leaderboard issue but I want to ensure that you know of the issue regardless.
TLDR – Make sure that you have played 10 Ranked games and that you can see your rating in game!


By Dulfy

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