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GW2: Additional changes to the feature build balance patch

Arenanet has released a couple more additional changes to the feature build balance patch scheduled for march. New changes includes changes to Elementalist, Engineer, Guardian, Necromancer, and Ranger.

You can view the previous changes planned for the feature build here.

Hi again!
As Allie promised, I’m here to update the thread one more time before it returns to the depths. Thanks everyone for participating and having a civil conversation, relevant to the topic. Here’s a few more changes we’ll be including for the next feature build:

Cleansing Water: This trait no longer has an internal cooldown while in PvP.
Meteor Shower: Updated the skill fact to display the increased endurance regeneration while the player has the Zephyr’s Focus trait. Added a red ring to indicate area of effect for enemy players. Added a white ring for allied players.

We’ve fixed a lot of turret issues that were causing them to behave poorly or inconsistently (many of these issues have been reported via the bug forums, thanks guys!) In the coming patch, you’ll see quite a few improvements in this area. For example:
• Fixed the bug that was causing all turrets to have a lower rate of fire than intended.
• Fixed the bug that was preventing the overcharge for the Rifle Turret from increasing its rate of fire.

This one is more of a bug fix, but will help out nonetheless:
Searing Flames: This trait now activates only if the target has a boon on them.

Fixed the bug which caused your heal/utility skills to be locked out when you exit deathshroud.

Ranger pets are receiving a responsiveness pass and will be much easier to command. For example: Activating your F2 skill will now break your pet out of its current action in order to execute that ability.

Once again, this is not the end of the notes and there’s a lot of stuff we’ll be talking about soon! We’re looking forward to it.


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