GW2 Selfless and Thoughtless potions

Images and videos showing the Selfless and Thoughtless potions you can purchase for 250 Found Heirlloom and 10 gold each with the Escape from Lion’s Arch update. Added pictures and video of the Thoughtless potion


They can be brought from the vendors at the Gendarran Fields/Lornar’s Pass/Bloodtide Coast refugee camps for 250 Found Heirlooms and 10 gold each. They are sold by two different vendors are are usually next to each other.


Found Heirloom are obtained from the following sources

  • Rubble Piles (40/day)
  • Standard Citizen’s Rescue bags you get from reaching various tiers of citizens rescued (100, 300, 600, 900) in Lion’s Arch. They give out 1 per bag. The Ultimate Citizen’s Rescue Bag you get at 1200 citizens rescued give you 5 Found Heirlooms.
  • You can also find them very rarely from the Alliance Supply Bags that drop from mobs/events in Lion’s Arch or Black Lion Chests. The drop rate is about 10 per 500 bags or even less.

Selfless Potion (Halo)

  • Act as a consumable/buff but does not take the consumable/food slot and lasts 1 hr with unlimited uses (ENDLESS)
  • No cooldown on use
  • You CAN use this with a helm. Remember, this is a consumable, not an armor piece so no clashes there.
  • Account bound
  • Cannot be used inside dungeons, fractals, sPvP Matches
  • Can be used everywhere else including WvW and Heart of the Mists, home instance, personal story

Modeled by Januarry of Blackgate



Thoughtless Potion (Horns)

  • Same as Selfless potions, unlimited consumable, not useable inside dungeons/fractals/spvp matches.

Modeled by St Jeanne D Arc of Blackgate



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

100 replies on “GW2 Selfless and Thoughtless potions”

When you get someone with horns can you get them to run around a bit? I want to know if some basic animations make it look weird-er.

How are people able to get these already? If the patch was released after reset on Tuesday, then that would be 40 for wednesday, 40 for thursday, and 40 for friday (today). I understand you can get 1 badge for each tier of refugees saved, and they are rare drops from the bags, but i dont see how that would amount to 130 heirlooms

Also when you complete the entire living story you get 100 bags of alliance supplies, and the choice of 50 more when you do another one of the individual achievements. I’m pretty sure that has a big impact on it.

Yes, the shoulder is from Vigil order, Hands from Vigil order too, Human Cultural 3 ( T3 ) top. Legs and feet are ascended i think..

Hey dulfy,

Might want to get her to model the halo again and show just how drastic of a change ambient lighting makes. Here’s an album to show what I mean, images at the end showing when it is darker/a slight glow from my zenith spire is next to it.

Ambient lightning does make a difference, as I have tried to demonstrate with the 2 pictures in the middle and right. I am not sure what else is there to show. The middle image appears more transparent due to darker light while the right pic appears more golden due to brighter light

Unless there is something else I am not seeing from your screenshots

You got it, I’m just exceptionally tired and couldn’t tell as much in your screenies as I can when I’m playing in game. I spent far too much time at work/grinding for my halo. I’m gonna go ahead and sleep now. Sorry ><

No, you got it I’m just exceptionaly tired from farming to get the halo/going to work in the middle of it and not sleeping. It wasn’t as obvious as your screen shots as it was in game running around with it on. Part of that too is probably just how close your are to the character.

It is random so it depends on your luck. If say your overflow hit 100 citizens rescued, you can log out to character select and log back in. Hopefully you are in another overflow that is close to 100 so you can get 2 bags in a short amount of time.

I like the idea but the floating horns look stupid. The halo is awesome, but not for evil people like me. I would have liked a bent or broken halo then some weird looking floating horns.

perhaps they made them floating so they will stick out of some helmets? I am thinking they may look good with the achievement reward helm.

Looks nice but what a joke:
Cannot be used inside dungeons, fractals, sPvP Matches
Can be used everywhere else including WvW and Heart of the Mists
rlly wtf Anet way to go.

this takes me back pretty sure those are modeled after the two christmas items from the original GW kind happy for the revival (even if it is in potion form)

It makes perfect sense. The devs don’t desire that you should have in your possession an item, that would give you a limitless advantage over the denizens in the dungeons, etc. Especially, an one that didn’t have a cool-down period connected to it, at all. Theoretically, one could , otherwise, spam the nutrition effect all the way through a dungeon, fractal or etc.

But the Selfless/Thoughtless potions don’t DO anything other than give you a fancy headpiece. It grants no actual advantage to you in combat. Heck, it could even be counted as a disadvantage if using it prevents you from using your other Nourishment at the same time.

it does not affect any nourishment since it was stated in their notes aswell that it takes place of something seperate and doesnt use any of youre nourishment places if i remember correctly.

It can be counted as a disadvantage in combat. Mesmer’s illusions don’t copy this effect… I think they should do something about it :/

I really like the horns after seeing them now. Also, is there no way we can preview these with a chat code or something?

Does anyone know the armor combination on the model for the selfless potion? I think it looks really nice, would like to make something similar for one of my characters.

You can already have the Wings of Dwayna witch have feathered wings in similar color scheme as Halo. Suppose the devil wings are the missing ones.

loving my new halo~ wish it were more standoutish tho..can hardly see it next to most bgs :c plus apparently my name is right where it sits :c

Your halo looks so good with the wings of Dwayna!! I imagine them to both look great with radiant glove and shoulder armor.

Halo has not its own color but get the ambient light. So you can have a red one too. Just remember this when you will take a photo

HI Dulfy, can you correct this :
Standard Citizen’s Rescue bags you get from reaching various tiers of citizens rescued (100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500)
since the patch you get Standard Citizen’s Rescue bags you get from reaching various tiers of citizens rescued (100, 300, 600, 900) which gives you 1.
Ultimate Citizen’s Rescue bags you get from reaching last tier of citizens rescued (1200) which gives you 5 Found Heirlooms.

Thanks a lot for all the amazing stuff you make.

Here are my horns:3 btw, can other people actually see them? Because I haven’t seen a single person with either horns or a halo and I don’t really have anyone to ask whether they can see it on me 😛

Will the vendors still sell the items and 10 gold after March 18. Can’t decide if I want to spend the gold.

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