SWTOR: More Rancor mounts coming to SWTOR in the future

Eric Musco went on the forums today to inform players that they can expect more Rancor mounts outside the PvP ones in the near future.

Announcing End Season 1 Rewards | 02.21.2014, 05:01 PM

Hey folks,
One of the things I have seen quite a few questions around is the exclusivity of the Rancor mount which Tier 1 PvPers will be receiving at the end of Season one. I wanted to talk a little bit about Giradda the Hutt’s Rancor mount and the other mounts you will see coming in the future.

  • Giradda’s mount, the armored and tattooed Rancor is a unique appearance that will be exclusive only to our PvP Season one, Tier 1 reward winners.
  • Inside of Nightmare Dread Palace, our Operations players will have a chance to get a very rare mount, a Cyborg Rancor. This will also be a unique appearance of the Rancor which is exclusive to our Ops players.
  • Finally, at some point in the future we will have some more “basic” Rancor models which will be available in other parts of the game, such as the Cartel Market packs.

In short, the specific appearance for the Arena mount and the Cyborg Rancor Ops mount will be unique models, but you can expect to see other Rancor mounts around the fleet in time. Hopefully that answers your questions.

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12 replies on “SWTOR: More Rancor mounts coming to SWTOR in the future”

EA were MT is king over gameplay.Well the S1 rewards were terrab bad anyways who cares.It’s a PvE game only.

Though I agree, it would have been cool to have something exclusive to the PvP masters, selfishly since I’m not going to be able to reach Tier 1 to get it I’m glad there will be others so I can get one haha.

Well then.
Good to see that BioWare truly is milking that Rancor to its highest potential. Not surprising in any way whatsoever. Looking forward to seeing these brutes all over the menagerie that the Fleet has now become…

How long until we get Bantha mounts?

thank goodness! The first think I wanted when I started playing the game was a rancor mount. I don’t do pvp so I’m glad I will dtill get a chance to get one.

There will be as many Rancor as there are Tauntaun variations, You will see! They will flood the Cartel Packs with that stupid pet…

So Pvers get all the titles like enternal warrior, they get the crest of the dread master. Not to mention the rest of the titles AND THE REST OF THE MOUNTS! They get all the praxon and super rare mounts. We’ve had the korrealis, the death rider and now this and even this will be for reskinned for others. This isnt fair. I dont care if this game is based around PvE or not they are spitting in the face of pvpers. They make the mounts 1500 as tier one, making all the pvers que and now they will reskin same shit for CC. Fuck this honestly. pvers are spoiled shits who get way too much content and then still bitch about it.

Waaaa, I want a mount all to myself. Now, I’m not special anymore mommy! Waaaa

Really, just quit swtor so people that don’t take this shit as serious can have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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