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GW2 Leaked Balance Patch notes are fake

Arenanet community coordinator Allie Murdock has confirmed that the leaked balance patch notes on Reddit are fake and made up by players.

Hey everyone,

I’m sure you have all been wondering whether the ‘Leaked Balance Patch notes’ we have all seen on Reddit are true.

I am here to say that they are not. It appears the poster has taken some of the notes that we have in this thread in an effort to make their own look more legitimate, and mashed them together with some imaginary notes. These are not real patch notes.

This is a reminder that when patch notes are posted by a source other than ArenaNet, they should not be trusted. Particularly in the context of a “leak.”

Thank you for understanding!

Jorne, we have spent a good part of the day removing posts. We do not work on the weekends and wanted to make sure that those on these forums and those in Reddit understand that they are not true.

If you look at the Reddit thread, many of the comments are of people reacting and believing these notes. We do not want people to be upset by fake patch notes.

Does that make sense?


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