SWTOR Patch 2.6.1 patch notes

SWTOR Patch notes for Patch 2.6.1, which is scheduled to deploy on Feb 25 after maintenance (3AM PST to 7AM PST)


New Mount! The Desert Sleen creature mount can now be obtained from the Bounty Brokers Association vendor in exchange for 50 Completed Bounty Contracts. It requires Legend rank with the B.B.A.
The new title “Conscript” is now available! This title is granted to players joining the Star Wars: The Old Republic community through Amazon, and is also available for purchase on the Cartel Market. Cost: 10 Cartel Coins


  • The Item Modification Stations in the VIP areas of the Republic and Empire Fleets now work correctly.
  • The achievement “Galactic Beastmaster” no longer requires “Beastmaster of Ilum” to complete.
  • The Starfighter Launch Decks on the Republic and Empire Fleets now grant Rested experience.
  • Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors will now be able to receive the “Species: Ugnaught” Codex entry by interacting with the Lore Object next to Rudd in Nemro’s cantina on Hutta.
  • Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors will now be able to receive the “Species: Evocii” Codex entry by killing any hostile Evocii on Hutta.
  • The +10 Endurance Datacron on Makeb will properly grant its corresponding Codex entry.
  • The +10 Presence Datacron on Makeb will properly grant its corresponding Codex entry.

Cartel Market

  • The Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack items can now be previewed in Collections.
  • The Korrealis Duke no longer thinks it’s a weapon and has moved to the correct category in Collections.
  • The “Pushups” Rest and Recharge item now ventilates Heat when used.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • During the Station Guardian One encounter in Kuat Drive Yards, the red ground indicator for the Hail of Bolts ability will remain in a fixed position.
  • Players will no longer be pushed into the environment when Lord Modo/Master Khoris uses the “Force Shockwave” ability in Kuat Drive Yards.
  • The Reprogrammed Repair Probe in Kuat Drive Yards will now properly attack and use abilities after casting Alarm.
  • Master Khoris/Lord Modo in Kuat Drive Yards can no longer stun companions with Force Distortion/Force Crush. These abilities will now only deal half damage to companions.
  • In Karagga’s Palace, Force Barrier and Entrench/Hunker Down are no longer interrupted by Bonethrasher’s Overhead Smash or Sweeping Knockback.

Galactic Starfighter

  • Properly executed defensive maneuvers will now avoid lock-on from Missile Sentry Drones and Seeker Mines.
  • Due to a strike organized by the Capital Ship Defense Operators, the Capital Ships in Galactic Starfighter’s Team Deathmatch mode will no longer fire at opposing players.
Component + Crew
  • The Railgun firing arc on Gunships is no longer dependent on the primary weapon that is assigned to the ship.

Items + Economy

  • The D6-S7 Astromech now properly appears when summoned.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Tactical Flashpoint daily reward now resets as intended.
  • Addressed an issue with The Secret War and The Ranken Initiative where group members were not getting quest updates if the group leader was not on the same quest step.
  • Smugglers will now properly be granted the Codex entry “Smuggler: Butcher’s Bane” and its corresponding title when completing “The Butcher.”
  • Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors who have completed The Sand Demon/Demon’s Blood missions will be properly granted the “Bestiary: Sand Demon” Codex entry. Those currently on the missions have had them reset.
  • Jedi Knights are now granted the “Persons of Note: Darth Angral (Knight)” Codex entry when completing “Race to the Ruins.” Knights who previously completed this mission will be granted it automatically.
  • Kenneth

    No date on the new pack?
    Thanks for posting Dulfy!

  • Little Dragon

    To be honest, I have beastmaster of Illum, but I miss a lot of species codex entry… But at least, they are trying to correct it.

    • Vuun

      It’s already possible to be have the Beastmaster of Illum codex entry and the title, indeed. You just have to kill an Asharl Panther during the Gree event, a Feral Kath Hound on Alderaan and a Young Bogwing on Belsavis.

      • Little Dragon

        I know. So thats why I don’t understand, why they removing it, instead of do something about codex entries, what you are not able to get.

  • Nebber

    What’s a sleen look like? Is this an existing animal in game that is now a mount, or a new animal?

    • Hostus

      Like this 🙂

      • r56

        Whats the difference to the Zelda-whatever beast?


        • Similar model but different creatures/skin/color scheme. Notice how the Zeldrate have teeth sticking out while the Sleen has tongue sticking out etc

  • Khadan

    It’s a lizard. See a lot of them on Hutta and some on Tat.

  • Amodin

    And yet, still no fix whatsoever for Black Talon, Foundry and Esselles crashes when the ships you are on, go to light speed. Been over a year now?

    • DaGhostDS

      Dont skip dialogue and watch it completely.

      • Amodin

        You can either skip or watch, it doesn’t matter. You still crash at times.

        • Scarecrow

          Switch to fullscreen mode or minimize swtor window when you jump to hyperspace

          • Saliina

            or they could, y’know, fix it?

      • r56

        This doesnt help. It takes as much time to wait for a disconnected team member to reconnect, as it takes to watch the same cutscenes over and over again.

        The game should not crash while doing such a simple task!

        And it’s completely random. in 99% of the cases I don’t crash, but someone other does. But in 1% I also crash, sometimes.

    • Bastila Reborn

      i have never had this issue ive heard about it from others but it never crashes me

  • Josef Tauser

    They still haven’t fixed the robot butt bug : (

    • r56

      What’s a robot butt bug!?

      • Robert Hindy

        If you wear certain “armors” that are no more than a bikini bottom, they are currently messed up to look like a robot butt.

        • Josef Tauser

          I think they messed up the character models, not the armour. Any armour that shows the bum of characters, even NPCs and Companions, has this strange shape.

  • r56

    Yeeks. I safed 100 Completed Bounty Conracts!

    Happy me!

  • r56

    The +10 Endurance Datacron on Makeb will properly grant its corresponding Codex entry.
    The +10 Presence Datacron on Makeb will properly grant its corresponding Codex entry.

    If this works correctly, I can put my Post It in the trash.

    I hope some day the last Datacon (Fleet) will also be present in the codex…

  • rawrgz

    i wish BW would come out with a grind. like the winterspring saber in WoW, which you spent months grinding for it before they made it easy to obtain. I for one hate the BBA event, just to boring for me. they need new things 😮 no hate either, just the events get boring after a certain amount of repeats

    • Josef Tauser

      I think they’ll add more contracts eventually; maybe different planets and new Kingpins.

  • iceberg265

    Dislike the capital ship change.

    • anti-capitalturrent

      I love it, it should also be done in domination.
      But i bet u are one of those who fly gunship and always hug capital ship.

      • Darth Álru

        I dislike it too. Now I can take a group of gunships, hide under opponents’ capital ship and just smash everyone who respawns there. Welcome to the camping. Not fun at all.

        • luiza

          now bombers can just put seeker mines and the like around the spawn point and nobody will ever spawn successfully again. yay.
          I really loved GS, but now it just seems like a waste of time. the premades took all the fun of it, and I have yet to see an update that could balance the scales a little bit.

          • Robert Hindy

            Just go to the 2nd or 3rd Spawn Point.

            If all three are camped, then you were going to lose anyways.

      • Trogdor

        Sometimes that’s all you can do when the other team is significantly better than yours. The capital ship turrets give you a little bit of breathing room when you spawn. Take that away, and said team will be all over your capital ships, blowing everyone up as soon as they appear.
        All it takes to avoid the ‘camping gunships’ is to back off from the spawn areas.

      • iceberg265

        I mostly fly a scout, but when you are on a team of bad and the other team is a premade, sometimes the capital ship is the only way you have a chance to get your kills in. Keep making assumptions though.

  • Trogdor

    “The Railgun firing arc on Gunships is no longer dependent on the primary weapon that is assigned to the ship.” Does this mean my Comet Breaker’s railgun won’t be aiming through a soda straw anymore?

    • Trogdor

      Well I’ve tested both the Quarrel and Comet Breaker post patch.
      The Good: While the Comet Breaker’s firing arc isn’t any larger than it was before, the blue “donut” that obstructs the player’s view outside the bounds of the firing arc has been reduced, i.e. the opening through which you can see clearly has been made larger. The slug railgun on the Quarrel and Comet Breaker now have the exact same UI.
      The Bad: The Quarrel’s scope and firing arc were reduced by about 50% in the process of matching them to the Comet Breaker’s.
      The Ugly: There seems to be a glitch when using Bypass while aiming that sometimes makes the railgun’s firing arc expand to what the Quarrel’s firing arc used to be, such that the firing arc is actually a little larger than the inner diameter of the blue “donut”.

  • Argaria

    Railgun drones still can shoot through rocks, EMP blast still bugged, but we allowed bombers to drop mines at enemy spawn points. Praise the GSF.

    • Josef Tauser

      I know right. I can’t imagine what the developers were thinking when they got rid of the capital ship turrets. Now every team death-match is a race to camp the spawn points first and rocket pod and rail-shot the exact spawn location.

  • Belgalen

    Can you get the datacron codex entries if you already had the datacrons or i will forever have those 2 missing from my codex?

  • y2z

    Desert sleen live? Is it rank 3?

    • y2z

      Checked, it’s adaptive. Sweet.

  • Korven

    Anyone able to get the Conscript title or did they forget to put it in the store?

    • y2

      I couldn’t find it last night either.

  • Chase Braden Carothers

    Wish they’d fix the friggin Dark V title

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