GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch and Launch of Atlas

GW2 announced today the final installment of season one of Living World, titled Battle for Lion’s Arch. Also introduced today is Atlas, an interactive map loaded with art, videos and other contents.

The final installment, Battle for Lion’s Arch will be released on March 4, 2014.

  • Reception for recent Living World releases being more positive since Tower of Nightmares update
  • The Lion’s Arch event was suppose to require as much coordination as Twisted Marionette event but ended up overtuned

The Atlas can be accessed on

There are 9 items to discover in Lion’s Arch and in the surrounding zones. You can either find them yourself or use the aid below


There is a place on the top right corner where you can put in coordinates (I would type them in by as they tend to change with your mouse cursor if you try copy/paste). Once you find something, there is a book icon that pops up you can click to view the items you found.


If you are super super lazy, you can also click on the links below and it will take you directly to the location.

  1. 15866, 14048
  2. 16149, 14443
  3. 16176, 14494
  4. 16303, 14424 (sound file)
  5. 15810, 15139
  6. 16003, 15439
  7. 15936, 15572
  8. 16404, 15363
  9. 16549, 16152



  • koffein

    if you explore the atlas you can find 9 clues and collect them to your library

  • Lord

    Battle for Lion’s Arch was the Final Chapter from GW1 (in Kryta) when Queen Salma fought the remainning Mursaat and White Mantle ;-D

  • MauricioCezar

    Can anyone post pictures of the atlas? I can’t acess the website from where I am =)

  • internb1tch

    I can only find 6 of 9. Missing 4,5,6.

    • Magnusito

      5th: 15863, 14052
      6th: 16548, 16157

      I’m still missing 4th.

      • Braghez

        Imo, they didn’t upload it yet… because when i looked 5-6 weren’t there…and i checked well all around LA xD they were added recently

        • Magnusito

          You need to pass the mouse over the secret point to discover it, I think.

          • Braghez

            Yeah, i noticed XD just found it now…it’s a sound file at 16300-14425, seems like something big and mechanical landing….i bet it’s Hero-tron!! xD

  • Pipra

    That video was exceptionally ‘meh’.

    • Braghez

      True…it didn’t show anything to create hype…even if some details you can see in the Atlas are quite tasty…like the watchwork boss and the interior of the mega drill…but the video was totally “meh”…it would be cool if it was a battle speech before the fight, but…the voice wasn’t suited at all this time and ended up making it a floppy speech imo…

  • Gabriel Duarte Mafra

    Will we still be able to do the achievements from the current living story after March 4? (probably not, i guess).

    I’m working in another country and will be back home in March 3, i believe i wont have time to do all the achievs in 1 day =(

    • Braghez

      You will have two more week as always i think…but not sure…depends how this event change the ones already in LA

      • Shaz

        We don’t have any details about the upcoming event, so it’s unknown technically. However, escorting people “out” doesn’t seem to correspond well with a “counterattack” scenario. Also, many LS updates lasted only 2 weeks before they disappeared, so it’s not “as always.” Good luck on the new stuff that starts right after you come back home, though 🙂

        • Braghez

          All LS lasted two weeks plus two since they’ve put them in this format, they clearly stated it before and it is to let all players have the time to complete all the stuff…even the tower of nightmare was there for a month and overlapped for some time with the wintersday patch…otherwise it would be pointless to keep the LS achievement window if you can’t do them anyway…even the marionette was still doable with the members of the priory instead of the heroes 😛
          Still, we have to see the “format” of this assault prob the last part will be an instance against scarlet in the mega drill, so they will be able to put it in the fractal later too xD …to me the event will probably stay around the same… but there will be some more events at the end or so that will grant access to the drill…but, who knows xD we ll see

    • Own De Pwn

      If it helps, it’s not too awful difficult to get the majority of the achievements in one day, if you can set aside 4-6 hours and have a great guide like dulfy. I got 100% in five runthroughs of the event, which runs every hour.

  • Николай Пахомов

    Stiil mising 4th item at Atlas(

  • Salad

    16300/14423 soundfile

  • This was helpful for me to find the missing pieces, this interactive map is great for someone like me who missed all the living stories as I only got the game in Nov 13′ 😀

  • asdawd

    That clock work hammer person got such a nice spinal blade backpiece :<

  • Sylar

    Does this have anything to do with in-game? (ie. achievements etc)

    • Braghez

      No, just a nice way to show screens of new stuff incoming, sounds and tracking back past LS

  • Katz

    I can’t find the lower left one in the composite picture. The running female aetherblade.

  • Zarremgregarrok

    1,4 and 9 do not show up for me on the map… weird
    Oh I need to click the middle of the screen when I click on the link provided and the picture dot appears.

  • Raven Mercer

    I really hope that this final battle brings a lot of promise!

    • Lord

      Yep, a new dragon 😀

      • Raven Mercer

        It’s about time ^ ^ a new dragon or zone would be great

        • pasty muffin

          point of new dragon when they haven’t done anything past zhaitan?

          • Braghez

            Point is that story wise , zhaitan is dead XD there’s no influence…but…i mean, in no games there’s any influence after you killed a boss…the minions will always be there, you can’t remove them…you would make some zones totally die without it’s main enemy…and you can’t change much the zone itself or you have to create two overflows…one before and one after the boss fall.

        • Lord

          Sure, that’s should be great !
          A new dragon and severall zones to discover his environment.
          And so, a new dungeon to fight him like zaithan
          I hope Dragon’s Lair is not under Lion’s Arch 😉

  • wazzupyo

    i cant open the atlast

  • Daniel Ng has more useful purpose.

  • Charles F. Morissette

    ANet is pretty delusional if they think people started liking the LS more since tower of madness – that’s about when most of the chats I partake in go “WHY ARE THEY STILL GIVING US 250+ MAN INSTANCES???” universally.

  • Magnusito

    There is new data to discover, guys.

    Coordinates are:
    1. 16005, 14878
    2. 15458, 14915
    3. 15745, 14604
    4. 15929, 15378
    5. 16126, 15007
    6. 15802, 15327
    7. 16640, 15365
    8. 16044, 14685
    9. 16312, 14930

    Still missing 10.

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