GW2 Magnus’s Eye Patch and Thresher-Sickle 5000 in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore was updated tonight with Magnus’s Eye Patch for 400 gems and a permanent Harvesting Sickle called the Thresher-Sickle 5000 for 1000 gems.

Magnus’s Eye Patch – Skin- 400 gems

  • Two eye patches are provided, one for left eye and one for right eye. It is a skin for your helm slot. Only one eye patch can be worn at a time
    • [&AgGmwwAA] Magnus’s Left Eye Patch
    • [&AgGowwAA] Magnus’s Right Eye Patch
  • Two dye slots, one for the band, and one for the patch



Thresher-Sickle 5000- 1000 gems

  • Unlimited use, account bound


  • Lenowarelf

    not a must have…

  • Lord

    does the sickle provides special bonus ?

    • Nope

      • didn’t they previous version cost 800 gems? Looks like inflation isn’t only affection the gold in game 🙂

        • MauricioCezar

          Previously was soulbound, all new ones are account bound. They stated this a couple months ago. (Even while we could change our soulbond ones for acc bound ones).

          Also, about the sickle, I’m already happy with 2 full sets infinites. One for my main, and one another for my alt-completioners. 🙂

      • Lord

        too bad.

        I hoped they should add something like the gemstore Watchwork mining pick.
        For example a toxic pristine sample…

      • Roy

        I don’t have an unlimited sickle, but I had heard that it gets all of the plant in one go (I’m skeptical of this claim). Like when I harvest herbs and I get garlic, but I can harvest it again and get peppercorns, and sometimes I can harvest it again and get thyme. Do you have to keep standing there and pressing “F” as with the regular (orichalcum, mithril, etc.) harvesting sickle, or does the unlimited tool actually harvest it all at once?

        • Joshua Fan

          All sickles “get all of the plant in one go”, it’s just that (when they fix WvW bonuses in PvE) there is a chance to get bonus harvests, for which it basically counts as a new plant.

          • Roy

            I guess that would explain the different herbs available from one herb patch. I hadn’t really thought about it that way before. Thanks! And I suppose the guild gathering bonus would also do that.

            The Consortium sickle animation is faster than the plain tools. How quickly does this one execute?

            • Braghez

              The execution should be roughly the same for all of them…it’s just an animation 😛

              • enyv

                Nah, the Consortium Sickle animation actually executes faster. It takes about a second less to harvest land plants with it than with other sickles, including this one.

  • Tom

    its 1000 not 100

  • sucat

    Does the sickle speed up harvesting like the Consortium sickle? It doesn’t look like it, but just making sure.

    • irememberu

      It harvests “all” with one command, but somehow it feels slower than the Consortium sickle. Could be the kneeling animation that’s making it seem that way…

  • Quest

    Watching the Thresher 5000 reminds me of PA’s fruit “friend”. It’s a rather dirty feeling.

  • Calisia

    dat gems typo made me look at the store in hope i could buy it 🙁

  • Николай Пахомов

    Thresher-Sickle 5000- 100 gems

    Fix please)

    And…400 gems for poorish eye-patch. Too fat.

  • Kuroi

    it’s 1000 gems instead of 100 gems written in article btw.

  • theres always next week guys….none of this interest me but its okay

  • Bowser Mctater

    Hysterical Animation! I love it!!

  • Guest

    For 1 000 gems( +10euros), i was hoping one for each of all our char (account bound is not enough), exactly like pantheon stuff, they should made that for gem-store armor or weapon too, for now imo, its just rape more and more.

    Count how much it cost when you get 8 char, *3 tools *1000gems, same for armors and same for weapons….It’s just crazy.

    • Guest

      It used to be 800 gems and soulbound. Anet made it account bound due to requests. Still can’t make everyone happy.

    • Max Durak

      Oh God! Why so lazy? Is it that hard to get to bank before switching characters?

      • Guest

        Beeeeh,buy,buy,give your money,beeeeh,dont need a brain, just buy beeeeh…

  • Krystal S. S.

    the eyepatch should be at least 200 gems – not really worth it.

    • Bob Dobalina

      I bought the Phoenix armor just for the skirt for 800 gems and the Kyrtan armor for 500 gems just for the chest piece, so yeah, it’s worth it.

      • Zanshin

        So because you have a lot of money to throw away, it’s probably the same for everyone else?

        • Bob Dobalina

          No, only for people who aren’t poor. Besides, I partially used gold for all of my purchases. It isn’t rocket science.

    • RevengencerAlf

      Subjective value is subjective. Your assessment is not someone else’s. And for the record, 400 gems is “at least” 200 gems.

  • Max

    Got ruined plant fibers when trying to harvest snow truffles with the new sickle…anyone else having problems?

    • Lord

      HI, it is a known probleme with unlimited tools.
      If you try to harvest resources while under attack, you have a chance to get ruined materials instead of resources.

      • M P

        it happens when some trait mechanisms get fired up while harvesting, like getting some boons when hitpoints reach 75% etc which indeed mostly happens when you get attacked. i think that it happens with regular tools too.

  • M P

    do i get this right? you get 2 eyepatches for the price of 400 gems: one for left eye and one for the right one. so 2 skins?

  • john

    no bonus item for the unlimited sickle right?

  • jonex757

    Can I wear both eye patches at the same time?

    • RabidCoqui

      Although that would be funny… and that may have been the point of your comment… you can’t. Each eyepatch takes up the head slot so only one at a time.

  • svfoxhotmail

    Not interested. Working on ascended right now anyways.

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