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SWTOR Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack Preview

SWTOR Space Jockey’s Starfighter’s Pack Preview. This pack was released on April 1, 2014. Updated with videos of various emotes, mood, and speeders.



Daring Rogue’s Armor Set

Details Show

Dashing Hero’s Armor Set

Details Show

Mission Vao’s Armor Set

Details Show

Saul Karath’s Armor Set

Details Show

J-34 Biocontainment Armor Set

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K-32 Hazmat Armor Set

Series 901 Cybernetic Armor Set


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Scout Trooper Armor Set

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Interceptor Armor Set

Ancient Infernal Armor Set

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Berserker Armor Set

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Scrublander’s Armor Set

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Wastelander’s Armor Set


Razalon FC-1 – Modeled by Serena of Harbinger


Tion SY 3 – Modeled by Aper of Harbinger



Korrealis Count

Armored Grassland Varactyl

Meirm Badger


Meirm Iguana

Forest Assault Tauntaun

Charcoal Dewback


Model Red Hutt Barge

Model SGS-41B Comet Breaker


Indomitable Vanquisher’s Lightsaber

Indomitable Vanquisher’s Saberstaff

Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Cresh

Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Cresh

Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Cresh

Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Cresh


Title: Space Jockey
Title: Starfighter’s Collector – Super Rare

Video of Emotes/Mood/Regen item



  • Emote: Double Holo Hoop
  • Emote: Bound
  • Emote: Fresh
  • Emote: Waltz


Mood: Pout

Toy (regen item): Mime

T7 Customization 7
swtor-t7-customization-7-space-jockey's-starfighter-pack swtor-t7-customization-7

Galactic Starfighter

  • Imperial’s Red Engine Reactant
  • Republic’s Purple Gas Canister
  • Imperial’s Mint Green Gas Canister
  • G1-04 Imperial Gunship Paint Job
  • GR-04 Republic Gunship Paint Job
  • Republic’s Medium Green-Green Color Module
  • Imperial’s Crimson-Orange Color Module

Dye Modules

  • Medium Yellow and Deep Gray Dye Module
  • Primary White Dye Module

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

133 replies on “SWTOR Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack Preview”

some nice armors, but more emportanly some new armor models 😀 5 of my chars just found their new looks and alredy have 2 ideas on new chars to make with this armors 😛

Two new types of mounts, both very nice, the two new Meirms look great, especially the Iguana, with its Aussie colour-scheme, the new Dewback looks cool, the weapon, except for the pistol are really nice, emotes are ok, regen item is hilarious, gear set are alright, the good ones are the Interceptor, the Beserker, Ancient Infernal, Dashing Hero and the Hazmat/Biocomtainment sets.
Cheers Dulfy, looking forward to the packs release!

Saul can’t be dyed propperly. The yellow parts do not change, what makes it useless for me.

Mission’s armor is nice, I was already missing it.

One or two nice mounts, fair enough.

And maybe 3 new dances to collect for my Twi’lek…

Much recoloring of existing armor… or slightyl changed existing armor…

T7 customization. Errrm is it too much to ask für only 1 Scorpio customization before they flood us again with customizations for companions that already have a load of…!?

Nice job, but i’d reall like to know how you can have all this informations, coz we can’t visualize items inlive server and PTS is not open.

Yes you can, just click on anything from previous packs and keep the window open. Then click on the magnifying glass icon on the new stuff and they will appear in that window you kept open

HI dulfy thanks for the Info … may I ask a question when you cover the Live pts 2.7 update can you see if we can R.E . from the 78 token gear ….

Says a lot about the people coming up with their armor designs that the best armor sets are lore sets which were already basically designed by other people.

And again no real jedi oitfits but cool Sith outfits there is plenty of in the greedy gambling packs.The way bioware love to piss on republic players make me sick.Well for those that play it that is, like everyone i know we have left and unsubbed.But i do follow the updated and bioware never sissapoint when it comes to shitting on the players 🙂

Kinda in the same boat, although I am for the Imp 🙂 Been playing this since beta and finally unsubbed this month. Long story short, not a whole lot of folks out there that has/wants to do any group and since I can only solo so much and not a lot of folks in queues based on the time of day I play, there’s nothing left for me to do. I do like to keep up w/ the updates to see if its worth coming back.

I am not the only one who wants some Jedi robes after 2 years. :/ I hate how Eric said that two traditional-like outfits will be coming in the future cartel pack and other will be a direct purchase. It was a while ago now and they’re nowhere to be seen :'(

I like the shape of all Meirm mounts, but there is not a single one with a coloring I like.

We now have enough Tauntauns, I think…

Haha Mr.Bison outfit (Saul Karath)!!! xD
The new blaster rifle looks a lot better than the previous versions… can’t wait for the next pack to come to (probably) have it in red and while coloring.

Ok the Razalon and Badger mounts are just slick looking. Gonna have to get my hands on them when this pack comes out. Speaking of which, Dulfy, any indication as to when the new pack will drop?

Sounds logical. Either way looking forward to some of this stuff. I just need to clear out some room in my cargo holds. Hoarders could do a week long special on my toons.

Still no traditional Jedi robe yet. Yet they still keep releasing these lame “nude” robes. As someone stated below it’s been like 2 years and Eric said it is coming soon. Perhaps it will come out when the Jedi/Sith story comes out in April.

Technically yes, but I’m not looking to wear a robe that has Bill Belichick short sleeved arm length. It’s too thin looking and has clipping issues. I’m talking like somewhat baggy, like the Ragno’s robe.

The “standards” you guys ask for are impossible for them to cater to. No matter what they release you always find a reason why it isn’t exactly what you want.

Traditional jedi robes have been in the game since launch and they’ve added multiple new versions since then.

The Dashing Hero’s Armor Set would be decent if it had a proper chestplate instead of hanging open like that; I suppose it plays to the ‘half-naked female’ gamer fixation to have all of these pieces.

I was using Jolee Bindo’s Robes, Cassus Fett’s Gloves/Bracers/Boots, on my Jugg with a Deep Gray and Black Dye, looked pretty sweet. I switched to something else recently, so that outfit is on Jaesa.

Actually in Street Fighter 2 he started the fight by throwing his cap away, so it’s pretty much dead-on a Mr. Bison copy XD
Other trivia, the original names where Mr. Bison for the Boxer and Balrog was the last boss (Mr Bison now). The same as the Demon who killed Gandalf.

The Badger isn’t half bad. It’s about time the Meirm line gets a cool design. I am kinda digging the berserker set as well but the rest of the pack not so much. The packs always seem to be a hit and miss for me. For those looking for traditional robes like others said look at the Relnex and even the Visas Mar set.

Totally agree, thats why swtor fails so much …the only star wars is just printed in the box and the glowsticks.

Then don’t play it. I will never understand why the hell people insist on complaining about damn near everything they make.

You know how it is, some people aren’t happy unless they are bitching about something. All you can do is point, laugh, and carry on leaving them in their miserable existence.

Or the fact that this is the only real Star Wars game you can fully customize yourself (MMO). So people want it how they want it.

BW dev1: “Hey, people who played SWG really loved this mount. We should do something like that.”
BW dev2: “Definitely but we need to prepare for the griefers who will complain that we’re bringing back the things that they loved dearly.”

I’ve been waiting for the “Mission Vao – Set”, BUT WTF and WTH have they done with the boots..?!?! Making the pants 1/2 texture for “the Pants” and 1/2 for “the boots”.!! They gotta be kidding.!! Why didn’t they made them like they should have been..? (They should have been like the boots Satele is wearing – “thigh high boots”.!)
*crying tears* =°(

Question the infernal armor does any one know if there is another armor in game that uses the rib cage armor texture in game? wanting it for my mara but i could do without the cape and pauldrons. Also very happy with what they did to the assault rifle in this pack we need more non makes no sense at all space guns and more “can kinda get how that is a working gun” guns.

Saul Karath is from KOTOR. He had a completely different outfit in KOTOR. This one here is based on an outfit that was later introduced in some of the EU stuff. The artists for the EU outfit may have drawn inspiration from M. Bison but the actual character Saul Karath and his original incarnation in the KOTOR game had no resemblance to M. Bison.

I like the new mounts and the hazmat helmets. Will definitely find a use for that helmet on some toon. Wish they’d make more new ‘heavy looking’ armor sets. Also yay new T7 cust!

Out of curiosity as question to the SW aficionados. Is Saul Karath a bigger mass murderer in a single event than Grand Moff Tarkin, and who is the biggest of all?

Not sure which planet was more populated but it would have to be Tarkin. Tarkin ordered Alderaan to be destroyed. That was his call. Karath was simply following Malak’s order to destroy Taris and he did that begrudgingly.

Tarkin destroyed an entire planet with all life forms on it. Karath just destroyed the cities on it, so less “civilized” life forms could survive. While Tarkin ensured Alderaans population a more or less quick death, Karath on the other hand left the surviving Tarisians to suffer and be eaten alive by Rakghouls or killed in the ensuing chaos. I would say Karath’s/Malak’s act was much more sadistic and useless, since they only wanted to stop the escape of one man and failed. Tarkin erased a whole planet from the political landscape and achieved at least the secondary goal of removing an obstacle for the Empire’s policy changes after the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. From my point of view, the title of biggest mass murderer in Star Wars history would therefore go to Grand Moff Tarkin because he also acted out of cold strategical motives. A man like that would not even think that he did something wrong, while putting Saul Karath in front of a Republic tribunal could have led to his admission of remorse.

Too far, without actually making attractive gear. I haven’t been in the game for a while now, but seeing this.. I hate to be a critic, but it’s not good.

Not sure. I just go in now believing that any cape or long jacket is going to clip through the bottom of the speeders. It never shows it clipping on the preview, but as soon as you equip it, it always clips through. This has always been frustrating.

Question regarding the purchase of Cartel Market items:

If I purchase a cartel market item from the GTN, am I able to transfer additional copies from the cartel market to my inventory. Or, does the ability to transfer additional copies only apply when you have purchased the item directly from the cartel market?

“If I purchase a cartel market item from the GTN, am I able to transfer additional copies from the cartel market to my inventory.”
I feel the need to clarify and elaborate upon the answers here.

Cartel Market items get added to your legacy’s collection when the item becomes permanently bound to your character (for example, when you ‘learn’ a mount, equip a weapon/armor, or slot a color crystal).

To elaborate on what TJWoo said, armor only becomes added to your collection after you equip the entire set. In many cases, that set is made up of several items, and they must all become bound to the same character before the set is considered added to your collection. In other cases, the ‘set’ is only a single item (For example, the various color Efficiency Scanners) and this is the only item you need to unlock the corresponding collections entry.

Once an item or item set has been added to your collection, THE CHARACTER YOU WERE ON WHEN YOU ADDED IT may use the collections interface to dispense INFINITE copies of that item for FREE. The copies, however, are BOP – they are bound to the character you’re on when you click the ‘claim’ button.

Now here’s where what Dulfy said comes in. Once you have the thing added to your collection, you have the option to unlock it account-wide by paying Cartel Coins. If you do this, you can claim infinite copies of the item on any character on your account.

So for example, say I buy a Cartel Market pistol and equip it on my Mercenary. I could then go into my collections and click the button that says ‘claim a copy of this item’, and I’d receive another pistol to put in my offhand. I could claim copies for my companions that use blaster pistols, too.

If I wanted to get that same pistol on my Gunslinger, I would have to either pay cartel coins to unlock it account-wide, or obtain another one that is still tradeable. In the latter case, I would equip the pistol on my Gunslinger, and then I could vend infinite copies of it on both characters; that Gunslinger would be added to the list of my characters who can claim copies of this item.

This ran a bit long… hopefully I didn’t confuse you.

Though you should know that if you are buying a piece of armor that is part of a set you must have the COMPLETE set before being able to unlock it in collections.

Not sure where to put this comment: Beautiful new site design, very stylish! I have one request, though. Could you make the header static (i.e. so it does not scroll with the page)? On my phone and laptop, I lose 1/4 the screen to your header while reading your articles.

I wish I would have seen it. Sounds like a refreshing change for game site design, at least from the female perspective. Well, that is, if it’s like the online lingerie stores I frequent.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought about this!

I even saved some “Mr. Bison” name variations, just in case!

Some new stuff and some re-skins but nothing really spectacular in this pack. It seems they’ve made variations of almost every kind of NPC costume in the game, just about. You’d think that after so many gamers requesting just a basic set of the same Mandalorian armor, like the NPC’s wear, that Bioware would have come out with some by now. Is it really too much to ask? Heck, right now I’d be happy with even a set of KOTOR Neo-Crusader armor (basic version, not the Cassus Fett version), since they seem on a kick of making costumes from characters in previous games and comics.

This pack is FANTASTIC! BW must be trying to make up for the failure of the last pack. *The flashfire mount was the only great item*

Noticed that the FC-1 is very familiar. It reminds me of Bloodfin, Darth Maul’s Speeder Bike. Actually, Bloodfin is called Razalon FC-20 Speeder Bike so lol I reckon it’s an attempt to make one that looks like it for this era.

This shipment shall be forever known as the Underboob shipment. And that is not a bad thing at all. God bless America.

Geddon! Armoured Pasties would be ‘ansome, Think they can get that in for 5th March (St Piran’s Day).

you know, it’s very misleading when you expect the oldest posts to be the first. I was very confused when the timeline went in reverse reading the comments.

Awful thanks babe 🙂 I think I was the first to buy it on the shadowlands server 😛

I would bespamming the search button, lol, between pvp matches. I didn’t mind the price,

and unlock it right away for all toons. Love it.

I saved TONS of credits just for this day, I know, 2 days bound for any lucky guy who got it from a pack, waiting for it to be posted on the GTN, that’s why I asked, thanks again 🙂

Agreed… We need to know how bad it will clip. I can’t believe this is still an outstanding issue.

The shoulder armor is very understated on these, it needs to be larger. But only need the shoulder armor on one arm really.

Got two Charcoal Dewbacks, one emote: bound and one emote: waltz. WTT for Razalon or Tion. Jourus on Jung Ma server. Thanks again Dulfy for the coverage. Almost immediately when the pack went live. That’s some good journalism.

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