ESO Auridon Skyshards Guide

ESO Auridion Skyshards locations guide. Auridion is a level 5-15 zone for the Aldmeri Dominion.

Map of Auridon Skyshards. Click on any of the icons to jump directly to that skyshard

Map of Auridon lorebooks (provided for convenience)

  • Hover over the icons to see the book name, click on an icon to jump to to that lorebook.
  • Red icon = Auridion Lore
  • Blue icon – Other lore books

1. A Landing of noble’s blood – Vukkhel Guard Wayshrine

  • On the second floor of the manor, exit to the middle balcony to get it


2. Adorns Valano’s terrace – Vukkhel Guard Wayshrine

On the second floor of Valano Manor, accessed via one of the side doors on the second floor that opens to the balcony


3. Offered to appease riled ancestors – Tanzelwil Wayshrine


4. Watching the sky in a Tower of Swords – Skywatch Wayshrine

  • Top floor of Fighter’s Guild in Skywatch


5. Between cursed ruin and shrine – Quendeluun Wayshrine


6. Near Meromo’s Refreshment – Mathissen Wayshrine


7. Contemplation’s overlook – College Wayshrine


8. Up and west in the broken dawn – College Wayshrine

On top of the stairs of a broken building in Dawnbreak


9. Gleaming beacon, ship-guide – Firsthold Wayshrine

This skyshard is located on top of the light tower, which you access by going up the stairs from the main gate and go left to go up to the rock that houses the light house.


10. Ancient Chamber of Golden Glow – Quendeluun Wayshrine


11. The Heritance stakes this claim – Windy Glade Wayshrine

Inside Del’s Claim mini dungeon


12. Near the folly’s end- Mathiisen Wayshrine

Inside Entila’s Folly mini dungeon, on the second level (accessed via a ramp up near the end of the dungeon)


13. Held in a corner by the House of Troubles – Greenwater Wayshrine

Not far from the entrance inside Mehrunes’ Spire


14. Blood-drained thralls stumble past – Tanzilwil Wayshrine

Inside Ondil mini dungeon


15. Corpses from another age walk here – Quendeluun Wayshrine


16. Hidden home in the gully’s wall – Tanzelwil Wayshrine

Deep inside Toothmaul Gully public dungeon


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Trust me, you want Dulfy covering ESO. She’s probably the single most valuable resource in all of SWTOR.

number 10 was moved to the bottom right hand corner of the room with the giant snakes in the bottom right hand corner of bewan

Thank You for taking the time to make this. The console versions are slightly different but all in the general areas not hard to find! Very much appreciated!

the map for 15 has completely changed. There’s a path that connects the two larger rooms, and the skyshard is in there.

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