ESO Bleakrock Isle and Bal Foyen Skyshards Guide

ESO Bleakrock Isle and Bal Foyen Skyshards locations guide. Bleakrock Isle and Bal Foyen are the two starter islands for the Ebonheart Pact aimed at level 1-5 players.

Bleakrock Isle Skyshards

1. High atop the shrouded Barrow


2. A Hollow victory beyond the iceflows


3. To dig too deep would be no Folly

  • Inside the underground caverns of Hozzin’s Folly


Bal Foyen Skyshards

1. Hidden near the highest hut


2. In the fort, just around the way


3. About to Set Sail


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2 replies on “ESO Bleakrock Isle and Bal Foyen Skyshards Guide”

the bleakrock skyshard for “to dig too deep would be no folly” is at the character location marker on that map. not the red square

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