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GW2 March 18 Glory Change FAQ

Allie Murdock posted a FAQ for the upcoming glory change players can expect with the March 18 update.

Since the announcement of Glory removal, there have been a lot of questions popping up about what this means. As such, we have put together an FAQ to help answer some of these questions. If your question isn’t listed here, it is likely that we are not ready to discuss it at this time.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the March 18th maintenance build is not the next phase of PvP rewards. For reference, check out John’s blog post here. This build will only remove glory and increase rank points earned.

Q: Why aren’t people with glory boosters being compensated with different boosters or something along those lines?
A: We will not be converting glory boosters because we announced that we would be phasing out glory in John’s blog post and it wouldn’t be fair to the players that used up all of their boosters since then in preparation for it. However, players that spent gems to purchase glory boosters directly will be eligible for a refund. For those that did purchase them, they can file a ticket here.

Q: Do we need to put our PvP armor in our locker on 3/17 so it can be “converted” or can we leave it on our characters?
A: No, this is not the next phase of PvP rewards. This is a maintenance step that we need to do as we make the bigger transition.

Q: Will we be able to craft PvP related gear after 3/18?
A: Yes, you will still be able to craft PvP related gear. This build is a maintenance step that will only remove Glory and increase rank points earned.

Q: Will rank points remain the same?
A: Starting on 3/18, we will be awarding increased rank points in all areas of PvP.

Q: What is happening to the rank reward chests and their respective vendors?
A: The chests will be removed from the game as a reward. You will still keep the ones in your inventory until they are used, but we will no longer be giving them out or selling them in any avenue.

Q: Will we be able to sell PvP materials to npc vendors similar to tournament tickets?
A: These materials are not being removed as part of the maintenance build. In this update we are only removing glory and making an adjustment to the amount of rank points earned.

Q: Will we eventually be able to use PvP rank/cultural/dungeon armor skins in PvE/WvW?
A: Yes, players will eventually be able to take their looks across game modes; however, this will not be happening as a part of the maintenance build on March 18th.


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