ESO Stros M’kai and Betnikh Skyshards Guide

A guide to the skyshards on Stros M’kai and Betnikh, two starter islands for the Daggerfall Covenant (level 1-5).

Stros M’Kai Skyshards

1. Across the water from the western wall


2. The mount of The Grave stands open


3. Crashed through a Saintsport roof


Betnikh Skyshards

1. In the dig site


2. Where wolves prowl eastern ruins


3. Outside a house for the dead


  • Quish’ian’adur

    Does that mean you will be playing ESO Dulfy? 🙂

    • Yup, that is the plan 🙂

      • Guest

        Are you planning on transitioning out of GW2 or SWTOR?

        • Nope

          • Quish’ian’adur

            Great News 😀 So I dont Need to worry where to get Infos for swtor and eso 😀

  • James

    Thanks Dulfy 🙂
    I was asking you about dread seed pieces by pm in

  • Ranique

    Can I recommend a guide for the treasure quest in Stros M’kai. Its the most common question there in mapchat.

  • Kaeg

    Thank you very much for all the help you give…not only on this game, but all the games you showcase here.

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