SWTOR Patch 2.7 PTS delayed again No ETA

SWTOR PTS for patch 2.7 is delayed again (a third time) with no ETA on an exact deployment date this time.

Hi everyone,
Currently, our internal build of Game Update 2.7 is not in a state that we are happy with, so we will not be opening the PTS tomorrow (2/27) as previously mentioned. Since we are still working through some critical issues, I do not have a new PTS release date for you at this time. As soon as I have something concrete, I will update you all.

Thank you for your understanding. We are working to get 2.7 out to you as soon as possible.


By Dulfy

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7 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.7 PTS delayed again No ETA”

You guys complain when they release content with bugs. In this case, they saw the bugs before releasing the content and you’re complaining about that. C’mon now.

It’s good that they see the bugs before releasing nowadays.
Still would be really nice to have an ETA on this.

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