ESO Stonefalls Skyshards Guide

ESO Stonefalls Skyshards locations guide. Stonefalls is a level 5-15 Ebonheart Pact zone.

Stonefalls Skyshards Map, click on the icons to quickly jump to a skyshard location below

Map of Stonefalls lorebooks (provided for convenience)

  • Hover over the icons to see the book name, click on an icon to jump to to that lorebook.
  • Red icon = Stonefalls Lore
  • Blue icon – Other lore books

1. Watching Lions swim to shore – Davon’s Watch Wayshrine


2. Near Bal Foyen’s gate – Davon’s Watch Wayshrine


3. Staging an attack on Arand – Fort Arand Wayshrine


4. A Lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfur Pools – Sulfur Pools Wayshrine


5. Among the mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith


6. Among the pools of fire, above Vivec’s Wayshrine – Vivec’s Antler Wayshrine


7. South on the Ashen Road, where lava flows – Ashen Road Wayshrine


8. Tucked away, on a grotto’s mantel – Iliath Temple Wayshrine

  • Above and behind Fungal Grotto entrance


9. On a hillside behind a plantation – Sathram Plantation Wayshrine


10. Left to rust behind the ancient arms – Davon’s Watch Wayshrine

  • Inside Inner Sea Armature mini dungeon


11. Used to strike flames underground – Fort Arand Wayshrine

  • Inside Emberflint Mine mini dungeon on the very bottom floor


12. Listening to the Spinner’s whispers – Brothers of Strife Wayshrine

  • Inside Mephala’s Nest mini dungeon (entrance is via a trapdoor)



13. Found in soft dirt by daggers – Ashen Road Wayshrine

  • Inside Softloam Cavern


14. Where a fiery tide rises – Hrogar’s Hold Wayshrine

  • Near the end of Hightide Hollows mini dungeon


15. Discovering a taste for madness – Sathram Plantation Wayshrine

  • Inside Sheogorath’s Tongue mini dungeon


16. Drowned in the south by a clever bird – Davon’s Watch Wayshrine

  • Inside Crow’s Wood public dungeon


  • Dex

    I don’t remember seeing the information in the top left of the screen before (gold, xp, etc.). Are you running any kind of add-on in those screen shots? Have you played around with any add-ons at all? I’ve tried the Tamriel Foundry Tactical Combat which is really nice.

  • zamboni

    #16 use the chest in that little cave. if its already open log off for a minute or so and log back on. worked for me.

  • Wrath

    You are amazing man!!!!

    • Ramirez Julais

      Woman 😉

  • Brucasaurus

    Stonefalls is missing at least one lorebook; it’s located right between Steamfont Cavern and the Harborage, next to a fallen tent.

  • Bubba

    skyshard near fort arand

    sorry if already used it before showing

    • Hmm isn’t that 3. Staging an attack on Arand – Fort Arand Wayshrine? If so the pics are already there or is it missing for you?

      • Bubba

        must have been missing for me refreshed and now its there, sorry about that haha

        • Ah no worries, was just wondering. Thanks for clarifying that.

  • Je’daii

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share this information. I for one have found it to be very convenient in my travels to Veteran Rank 2 and the amount of detail you provide sets it above the rest. Again, thanks.

    If you’re ever in TESO, it would be awesome to send a friend request to @Beastt

  • Caldar’Cahal

    11 has moved. It’s in the new part of the dungeon, top level, bottom right on the new map, path spirals around up to it.

  • Complex_Scorpio

    #11 was update, this is the new map and location for Emberflint Mine Skyshard

  • xian67

    #13 has also changed. It’s further up by the lava.

  • this guide is trash

    this is the worst map ive ever seen how fucking hard is it to take a picture in the rite location. whoever made this is literally a piece of shit

  • Flameing_panther

    #12 changed its now in the room light further in

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