SWTOR Atlanta Cantina Tour Flash Drive contents

SWTOR Atlanta Cantina Tour flash drive contents. This includes concept arts for various cartel market items, screens of the new Denon Galactic Starfighter map, Quesh Huttball, and Tython/Korriban flashpoints. Huge thanks to Bobsters on reddit for providing me with these images.

First look inside Scoop


Cartel Market



Quesh Huttball


Galactic Starfighter Denon map


Tython and Korriban Flashpoints



  • Haggardbr

    Haha… again, Mr. Bison’s outfit! 😀

  • Lord Zalla

    I’m loving the sound of all these upcoming content!

  • Magnus

    Can has discussed transcript?

  • Alex G

    Damn, really looking forward to all this!

  • E.V. Emmons

    Pfft, more stuff I could care less about.

    • Lollerskates

      *couldn’t. Jeezus Tyrone, if you’re going to insult something, do it right.

      • E.V. Emmons

        Just because I opted not to use a contraction, doesn’t make it incorrect. If you’re going to play grammar police, try learning some first.

  • tommythepower

    When i can actually look like a jedi and there is cross server gameplay then i will resub not before.Of course this is bioware the republic faction haters, only cool sith outfits ^^ and EA wont re invest money into the game those grreedy shits so no cross server.meh who cares,we will all be playing other games

    • DocVak

      I don’t see how this is the proper place to bitch. Don’t like what’s going on with the game? Grow up, shut up, and go play something else. Kthanksbye!

    • iceberg265

      I don’t know what game you are playing, but my Guardian looks like a real Jedi.

    • Enjinn

      It’d be nice to return to swtor but it would have to dramatically improve its art direction and invigorate gameplay both of the classes and of the zones (largely of the AI but also activities) before I’ll even begin to consider it seriously. What I see of these most recent updates and the effort they’ve put into GSF gives me a tiny glimmer of hope.

    • Alek

      There are a ton of plain Jedi robes already, long, short, you name it. *shrugs*

    • ramblingjac

      You know what would be so awesome? If people actually played the game before spewing the same nonsense that they see over and over on various *cough* gaming *cough* sites, so that they would realize that their criticisms have no basis in reality. Of course there are things that need to be fixed, but of all the problems in the game, looking like a Jedi is NOT one.
      Also, for the love of the Maker, until you find a server filled with nothing but tanks and healers, stop whining about cross server queues. Grab some friends, convince one to roll a tank and/or a healer, and get in there and play for yourself. If you don’t have any friends, make some. I suggest starting by being nice and not whining about stuff that simply isn’t true.

  • Kleiton

    Love it! So excited for —

    Aw, who am I kidding? It sucks.

  • r56

    Cartel Market items – now thats a surprise!

  • StarWars

    Lol Reps get to kill Lord Renning…the fat sith for Tukata brain quest in lower wilds xD

    • DocVak

      And Imps get to kill Liam Denteri, the Combat Droid Simulations Quest Giver. (No Joke, he’s an actual boss.)

      • StarWars

        Really? How do you know? 😮

  • Areneth

    Wow… Ruined Korriban/Tython… Cant wait for ruined Dromund Kaas/Coruscant 🙂

    And i hope Darth Marr will survive D:

    • Darth Marr

      Ty 😉

      • Alek

        Amgad, Darth Marr, I’m your biggest fan!! <33love

        • Darth Marr

          Yes use your passion!

  • Rexx Vortex

    New map looks sick!
    Quesh map is interesting.
    FPs are quite interesting with both invade and defend modes
    New pack items are alright.
    Good job Dulfy

  • DocVak

    Tython and Korriban looks awesome. I love the fact that they are using the actual in-game maps for these areas.

  • Marquess

    Lana is so beautiful! I wonder if they’re sporting new armor models 🙂 Thank you Dulfy, good stuff!

    I totally want Theron’s hair available for male characters.

  • John Maurer

    New FPs should be interesting. I wonder whether there will be any impact on the actual starting areas themselves, or if the FPs will continue to be treated as being “after” the game’s opening.

    • Robert Hindy

      The FPs were datamined on Reddit to be at level 55 only, so I’m guessing that they will take place after Chapter 4 (Rise of the Hutt Cartel)

      • John Maurer

        That makes sense, and is what I was guessing. If they were going for a “Cataclysm”-like remake, I assume we would have heard more about it by now.

  • Marquess

    Was there any q&a?

    • MisterBlackJack
      • Not In My Cantina!

        Thx for sharing this video 😀

      • Zion

        That question on class story is sooo interesting in that its the first time the devs acknowledged the public pressure for class stories, didn’t try to tell everyone “faction stories from now on, so go suck it”, and were so emphatic, if begrudging, about how “they hear us” on class stories.
        I sense some class stories coming our way in 2015 🙂

      • Jeremy Holmes

        Was great to see this. Thank you. Always wondered what the format was like for these cantina tours.

  • Moondust

    New Content and New PvP! Nice!

  • Giorgio tsaulakas UFO

    are these going to be regular (trinity) style fp’s ? or are they that new garbage fp style? any word on that ?

    • MisterBlackJack

      Datamine info shows that these two new flashpoints will be tactical (role-neutral) for Story Mode. But they will also be Hard Mode versions for these that will require the trinity.

      • Z

        Hooray for HM!!!!!

  • Marcus Alexander

    the FC-1 reminds me of Bloodfin, Darth Maul’s Speeder Bike. Actually, it is called Razalon FC-20 Speeder Bike so lol I reckon it’s an attempt to make one that looks like it for this era.

  • Sancator

    I hope they make that jacket that Theron Shan is wearing, I hope they make it adaptive armour, The collar looks really good.

    • Haggardbr

      Yeah, I agree… his complete outfit looks awesome!

    • Skyward

      I guarantee it’s gonna end up being a reskinned Trailblazer Jacket.

  • Sascha Grebe

    Saul Karath’s outfit looks like it was from the Chinese army 😉

  • martin

    lol, satele shan has a son? she should resign. a jedi master with a love child, unacceptable

    • zenight

      “There is no passion only peace” Pretty sure no love was involved, on that note sleeping with a jedi most be like doing it with a robot… Or a corpse.

      • Armond

        Dude, have you ever romanced Kira?

        • martin

          no I didn’t.

        • zenight

          They are dark side choices for a reason, they clash with the jedi code.

      • You!

        She was with Jace Malcom – the Trooper from trailers.

    • Vos_L

      Yeah, that news is old. He was introduced as part of the EU about 3 years ago.

  • Armond

    Can you (legally) weigh in on the discussion here? http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=726421

  • Darth Marr

    Does anyone have a link of what bosses there are going to be in new FPs?

    • r56

      Giant robots!


    • Areneth

      Big guys and giant droids… As always

  • Carl

    Does anyone know what the duel saber Jedi outfit is in the screenshots? Looks pretty awesome……..

    • Carl

      Also thank you as always Dulfy! Great work 🙂

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