GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Achievement Guide

A guide to GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Living World achievement.  This living world achievement will be completeable until March 18, 2014.

Meta Achievement

This is my city! – 25 pts

Complete this meta achievement by doing the achievements below or complete dallies under your daily achievements that have a special icon (1 daily per day)


Reward: Liberator of Lion’s Arch chest

  • Includes 5-skill-point Scroll of Knowledge, 1 Essence of Luck, 5 Obsidian Shards, 50 Blade Shards, a five-use Guild Shield Finisher, and a rare item.

General Achievements

Build Your Own Backbone – 5 pts

  • This require you to craft an exotic or ascended Spinal Blades backpiece and equip it on you (or re-equip if you already equipped it).
  • If you are not sure how to make the spinal blade backpieces, check out this guide.

Commanding Heights – 5 pts

  • Find Lionguard Turma – she is near the Diverse Ledges waypoint, you have to run up the hill like you are grabbing the Rubble Pile behind the waterfall near that location and then go right instead of left.



In a Cage Made of Steel and Lunacy – 1 pt

If you have a Spinal Blades backpack in your inventory and it is soulbound (doesn’t matter the rarity, even fine/masterwork will work) , you will be able to skip directly to Scarlet herself on the Breachmaker without going through her Holograms/Assault Knights by stepping through the Purple Portal near Lionguard Turma


You will need to dodge her attacks (orange circles) until you can get close to Scarlet. You will then need to press F to finish Scarlet off (aka Stomping in PvP terms). If you don’t do it quick enough, Scarlet will pop up her shield and you will need to wait for Kasmeer to summon her illusions. Scarlet’s shield will disappear briefly when she starts throwing things so just wait until her shield is down again and run up to stomp her.


Nowhere to Hide – 5 pts

This is a rather hard achievement to get and requires a lot of practice and precise timing. You have to stomp Scarlet before her shield goes up so you have a very short time window to do it right. If Scarlet’s shield goes up, you will need to relog to character select screen so you get kicked out and can try again.

  1. Run up to Scarlet while avoiding/dodging her grenade attacks. It is not the end of the world if you get hit but it will slow you down.
  2. Start stomping Scarlet and then immediately side dodge away from Scarlet towards one of the gate structures when you see a large orange circle appear next to her. You do not want to dodge towards Scarlet as the control room behind her will knock you back.
  3. After the dodge, depending on how far you dodged, run back and start spamming F to stomp again. If you didn’t dodge too far, you will be able to stomp Scarlet before she does her orange circle knockback again.
  4. Certain classes can use various abilities to help them getting it easier
    1. Mesmer: Timewrap to speed up your stomp
    2. Warrior: Frenzy to speed up your stomp
    3. Elementalist: Activate mist form right after you start stomping. Can use Arcane Shield to block her attack as well.
    4. Engineer: Pop Elixir S and U. Elixir S to block her attack and Elixir U to speed up your stomp
    5. Guardian Use Judges Intervention to jump to her either after dodge or after you get knocked back
    6. Thief: Shadowstep to her, dodge her orange circle, activate Haste and then stomp. Or you can just stealth stomp her.
    7. Ranger: Use Quickening Zephyr before you stomp
    8. Necromancer: Use spectral walk as before you start stomping and if you get knocked back, use it to teleport back to Scarlet. If you are Sylvari you can use the Take Root skill to become invul and cancel to stomp once Scarlet’s attack finishes



He’ll Never Live This Down – 5 pts

Locate Peter the Lost. This guy is a tricky because he has a bunch of spots he can be at. Here are some possible spots. It is best to ask in map chat to see if anyone has seen him recently as this can save you from running around too much.

  1. Beside the Vista inside Hooligan’s Route
  2. At top of the Black Lion Trading Company where Evon used to stand
  3. Behind the Lion’s Shadow Inn
  4. Crow’s Nest Tavern
  5. In the water
  6. NE of Diverse Ledges Waypoint down the path to the beach
  7. Near Eastern Wards Waypoint
  8. Below the waterfall near the entrance to the jumping puzzle
  9. Near the lighthouse, next to the steps
  10. SW of the Moa Ranch
  11. Inside the Consortium Gift Shop


Champion Boss Achievements

These achievements all require you defeating various champion bosses around the map. Some of them require you just to kill them while others require you to dodge their special attacks. Not all of the champions are up at any one time so you have to check your map constantly to see which champion is up (look for the champion event icon)

No Free Lunch – 5 pts (Champion Spider)

  • Postern Ward area
  • Defeat the Champion Toxic Spider Queen  without allowing her to reach a cocoon. During the fight random players will get turned to cocoon. You need to kill the cocoon and free the player before the Spider Queen reaches them


Keep Your Distance – 5 pts (Champion Admiral)

  • Western Ward area
  • Defeat the Aetherblade Admiral without being hit by her teleport attack. I got this achievement by simply staying at max range.


Light Show – 5 pts (Champion Cannoneer)

  • White Crane terrace area
  • Kill the Aether Cannoneer without being hit by the Aetherblade Megalaser


No More Magic; No More Poison – 5 pts (Champion Warlock)

  • Eastern Ward area
  • Kill the champion Toxic Warlock


Out with a Bang – 5 pts (Champion Munitions Specialist)

  • Farshore Ward area
  • Kill the Champion Molten Munitions Specialist


Putting Out the Fire – 5 pts (Champion Shaman)

  • Bloodcoast Ward
  • Kill the Champion Molten Shaman


Scarlet’s Assault Knight & Prime Hologram Achievements

These achievements are a bit harder to get since they require the entire map cooperating and succeeding events.

Bigger, But Not Faster – 5 pts

Easy achievement to get. When you are fighting the Legendary Assault Knights, they will do an Extraction attack where they put down a massive orange circle and at the end of it pull everyone in who didn’t dodge it. Dodge as soon as the massive orange circle disappears and you should not get pulled in.

  • If you are having a really hard time dodging due to lag or whatever reasons, you can stay away from the legendary knights until they are low in health and then jump in. This way you have to dodge less of those Extraction attacks.
  • You can also stay at very max range and often times you won’t get pulled in


Six Minutes to Knightfall– 10 pts

Hard achievement to get unless you are with a very organized map. You need to kill the legendary Blue, Green, and Red Assault Knights within 6 minutes of the fight. This means that if they are not all dead 6 minutes past the hour, you won’t get the achievement. As of the March 7 patch, you can no longer form one massive zerg and kill one knight at a time. You will need to split the map into 3, with a maximum of 50 players at each knight.

Make sure you stand in the colored circles near the Knights or you won’t be able to  deal more damage to them. Only 50 players can get the buff so if there are more than 50 players attacking a knight, you won’t be able to damage it. They don’t take much damage in the reflect conditions stance but they will drop pretty quick once they switch to condition vulnerable stance since stacking conditions increase the damage you can do to them.

One Step Closer – 1 pt

Kill Scarlet’s Prime Hologram – After you defeated all 3 Legendary Assault Knights, you will see green, red, and blue circles on the ground near the golden swirling portals. Get the buff from all 3 of them to get a white buff that will allow you to enter the Breachmaker for the Prime Hologram fight. This fight is rather long but completing it will unlock two other achievements.


When the Prime Hologram is at around 20%, it will split into 3 colored Holograms. You will want to kill all threee of these colored holograms at around the same time (you have around 20s to kill all 3 at same time). This will allow you to skip some extra phases and jump straight into the final phase with the Microprime holograms.

A bunch of Microprime holograms will spawn and your job is to kill them ASAP before the Ultraviolet Blast Charge Level goes to full. If you manage to kill all 20 Microprime holograms before the Blast Charge level fills to full, the big laser won’t fire and no one will take any damage. There is no need to kill these Microprime holograms next to the big hologram. Repeat this a couple times until Ultraviolet Hologram’s HP goes to zero to finish the fight.

Getting hit by the big orbital laser due to the Ultraviolet Blast Charge filling to full does not disqualify you from the No More Tricks, Scarlet achievement below.


No More Tricks, Scarlet – 5 pts

Kill Scarlet’s Prime Hologram without getting hit by lasers or their lingering scorch marks. There are couple things you need to be aware here to get this achievement   

  • Scarlet has activated additional defenses on the Breachmaker during the Prime Hologram encounter. Thirty seconds into the battle, lasers will target the areas near the entrance portal and the elevator leading to the Breachmaker’s interior. Being hit by these attacks will count against the “No More Tricks, Scarlet” achievement.
  • There is a slight delay between when the lingering scorch marks disappear on your screen and when it actually disappears. Wait a second or two after the scorch marks disappears to cross or you will get briefly dazed and fail the achievement
  • If you need to get to a colored circle that is blocked by a scorch mark, run through the Prime Hologram since there tends to be no scorch marks there
  • The laser attacks are proceded by an orange telegraph, run away or dodge to avoid it.
  • Getting downed/killed no longer disqualify you for the achievement as part of the March 7 update.


In Tune – 5 pts

To get this achievement, you need to be extra careful and take all the precautions. Swap to a melee weapon if possible and turn your autoattack off (ctrl + right click your autoattack ability to turn it off). Only attack the big hologram when you have the white buff from running into all 3 colored circles. Watch your buff bar constantly and if you see the buff starts to blink, stop attack until you can get the buff back up.

When the big Hologram splits into 3 holograms. Take the same precautions and do not attack until you have the appropriate colored buff. Getting downed/killed no longer disqualify you for the achievement as part of the March 7 update.

Arenanet released this message regarding the achievement

Necros, Rangers, Mesmers; watch your minions, pets, clones, and phantasms, their damage counts against you if you are not attuned. Engineers, your turrets fall under that category as well. For all professions, I would recommend crafting your build based solely on damage your character does and not use any summons or sources of outside damage.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

234 replies on “GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Achievement Guide”

I have not logged on yet, can anyone please tell me if you need to complete ALL the achievements in the category or if you can substitute with some dailies allowing people to skip a few “difficult” ones?


For “Nowhere to Hide” as a mesmer you can blink to her, use mirror images, press F and quickly use distortion to finish her.

For the “Nowhere to Hide” achievement, when Scarlet’s shield is down, you need to attack her. If you do this, she’ll be stunned and unable to cast another shield for a little while. So the stomp will be clearly more easy to do.

For “Nowhere to hide” you can also just run to her (I did it with 33% speed, I don’t know if it’s necessary), use quickness (I used Quickening Zephyr on my ranger) and get it before she even spawns the large orange circle.

when you are an ele the “nowhere to hide”-achievement is pretty easy. Just run to scarlet, use focus earth skill 5 and finish her.

*Guardians “Nowhere to hide”-Achievement´, just equip Judge intervention and press F asap. She will die before she even finishes her stomp.

How i did it (“nowhere to hide” achi). Just let Kasmeer aggro Scarlet, its really a 2 secs thing, then Scarlet prolly will throw mines at her. Meanwhile everything is getting throwed frontal, sneak on the right side and just stomp her. It really has to be done quickly. Worked for me.

How did you get to her when she only throws out one small bomb? Everytime i run to her with or without speed boosts she is throwing out multiple grenades not single.

I saw Peter a little bit northeast of “Diverse Ledges Waypoint”. He was standing on the path you can go down to the beach.

Peter the Lost also spawns DIRECTLY near the Eastern Ward Waypoint and he’s also by where the old portals for WvW were. I’ll get the direct location in a bit unless someone posts it before me.

Nowhere to hide… Could it be any more frustrating/harder? Tried warhorn swiftness+zephyr skill and I have no chance. Looking forward for more helping comments, or a ANET hotfix hehe.

“Nowhere to hide” achievementQuick finish for Thieves Haste then Steal and Blinding Powder in 4seconds or less 🙂

Dang. So much for easy mode on Rangers with Rampage as One then. XD Someone said below that Arcane Shield on an Ele is helpful when finishing Scarlet. Can that final attack be blocked? Or was he just talking about running up to Scarlet for the finish?

Once you kill Scarlet go find Taimi in the Refugee Camp in Gendaren and speak with her. Interesting conversation

Heck with the Orange circles, what’s with the knockback? It’s not the knockback from the control room either. It’s inbetween the 2 giants orange circles while trying to finish her.

Found Peter the Lost beyond black lion trading company HQ on the way to the vista location. He’s standing in the red box I marked (hope this pic loads)

For the nowhere to hide achievement, use any thing you can stomp. For engie, you can use elixir u and elixir S to quickness stomp her while being invincible. Ele can do the same in starting the stomp and then going into mist form. Necro can do the same with plague

You can access the Lionguard Turma teleporter with any of the Spinal Blades backpieces, not just exotic or ascended. I got in with my basic, un-upgraded level 20 model.

You sure you don’t have another character with exotic/ascended backpiece? I was told by a couple people that it won’t work unless you got exotic/ascended

Same for me …. I don’t have an exotic/ascended or the corresponding achievement and I was still able to enter the portal with my blue (fine) version.
I think the only requirement is that the piece you have is soulbound.

A comment on the purple portal: The spinal blades need to be soulbound I believe. I have the exotic version in my inventory, without having selected stats or equipped it, and I can’t get in. Thus I believe soulbound is required 😉

Any advice for Warrior in “No Where to Hide”? I dodged the orange circle correctly as mentioned only to be hit by something else in between the first and second one.

yes its very easy when it start rush over to her with frenzy and finisher her off she wont even see it coming

Not sure if my question went through, but if possible. Any tips for Warrior getting the “No Where To Hide”? Scarlet keeps hitting me with some knock back that isn’t either her orange circle or the control room. Even used a shield to block but no avail.

I just got Nowhere to Hide on my elementalist. All you need to do is equip your staff, attune to air and use the 4 skill to run fast. You can outrun her bombs and then, after you activate the stomp move, activate mist form and her knock back won’t hit you. If you activate mist for as you’re doing the stomp move you’ll still do the kill animation. Easy peasy.

For spinal blades, it doesn’t work if they’re not soulbound i’ve found = why can’t anet get it in their minds i just want to have this back available for another toon LATER ._.

Hi, could someone clarify the “Build Your Own Backbone” and “In a Cage Made of Steel and Lunacy” achievements?

It says that you need to achieve the former in order to get the latter. The thing that confuses me is that the 1st achievement requires an exotic or ascended version of the Spinal Blades, while the 2nd achievement doesn’t. Why is that?

If that’s the case, shouldn’t I be able to get both achievements even if I don’t equip an exotic/ascended version of the Spinal Blades?

Nowhere to Hide on Thief:

1. Shadowstep to Scarlet, start your stomp.
2. Dodge her blowout AoE at the right time.
3. Activate Haste, stomp her again.

All done.

Are “In Tune” And “No More Tricks, Scarlet” bugged? I’ve tried thrice for both before the latest update and just now immediately after the update and didn’t get either. I’m absolutely sure I didn’t get hit by any laser/lingering scorch from the Prime Hologram and even the Micro-Holograms that spawn near the end, and I was extra careful to not attack if I wasn’t attuned properly (this also goes for each individual micro-hologram, i.e., dynamic for blue holograms, etc.).

I just got both achievements now. I turned off auto-attack for both weapons and swapped to melee and stopped targeting anything at all when I wasn’t attuned so I wouldn’t accidentally range-attack. I dodged every single laser, including the smaller ones from the micro-holograms that spawn at the very end.

Also for reference, you do not need to dodge the lightning bolts (that look like lasers) that start striking you periodically at the end.

The Nowhere to hide achievement is starting to piss me off D: I get to scarlet once, I don’t necessarily dodge her AoE well.. and then when I get to her again the finishing is just too slow and when it’ like 80% complete she kicks me back : …

Use a race that is not a Norn (for some reason their finishing animation is slower than other races’ -_-) and a class that can use quickness (Engineer, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer), as it makes the stomping go faster. Blinks and teleports to get close to scarlet if you get accidentally knocked back, also help. Good luck :).

Is this true? Not gonna make another backpiece just to get it to a not Norn character of mine. So it’s basically un-doable with a Norn? Thank you Anet…

Just did it on a norn. Guardian, though my necro actually probably would have worked since stability totally doesn’t.

i just leaped at her, she knocked me back, broke out of it, started stomping her and she was too slow to aoe again.

Troublesome but not impossible.

For nowhere to hide, on Mesmer, I simply used this..
Decoy, mirror images, (just clones for shatter) blink, F, distortion…

Hello. I have a question about the spinal blade back item. I’ve made an exotic version for the achievement, and soulbound it to a char. Thing is the char I want to actually use it on is not level 80 yet. If I upgrade the back item to ascended version, will that make it account bound again? Or should I just make a new exotic version? (considering how expensive the ascended version is, I would rather not upgrade it and realise it stays soulbound to a char I’m not going to use it on 😛 ) Thanks for guides, cheers 🙂

I have my ascended backpack soulbound to another character and it still let me in via Turma’s portal. So maybe you just need a soulbound backpack somewhere on the account.

I’ve been able to stomp Scarlet for the “Nowhere to hide” achievement a few times now with my Guardian. A combo of “Retreat”, “Stand your ground”, and Judge’s Intervention works perfectly. The retreat gives you an extra Aegis, Stand your ground gives you Stability and Judge’s intervention gets you close fast.

This ‘Nowhere to hide’ starting to piss me off too. Who in the right mind thought of this kind of ****. And above all, why is that, that the cutscene before it unskippable? Tried at least 25 times now, i hate every word of it…(hiccup)… And with a Norn guardian, is simply cannot be done…

omg got no where to be found, after build, for mes, blink then decoy, dodge the first push the mass invis and slam, for ranger warhorn 5 then longbow 3 and ramgage as one got her everytime

Done. Finally. One advice to all, who try to do this with a Norn. Do as the video above shows it, but one minor change. Run to her, do a dodge before she is starting the animation to the side, than another dodge roll, to evade the pushback, but this time dodge to her direction. Careful, if you roll to her, there is a push, but if you roll in front of her, you will be close enough to finish the animation in time, and with the roll, you will evade, no matter, where are you rolling to. GL.

Peter can also be found in the water of Inner Harbor – soutwest of the spot marked as 7 on the map for the achievement 🙂

With Mesmer: Run to her> blink in front of her> Place Time warp>dodge to the side when circle pop> wait for 1 sec dodge again toward her>stomp

For the nowhere to hide achievement lower your settings really low. Any kind of delay can mess up your timing on things. Once I lowered mine it was easy.

If u want the nowhere to hide achievement, simply use ele> go to her and mist form immediately after u start stomping. Done deal.

For Find Peter Achievement, I found him at the vista just north and to the right of the Southern Waypoint.

Also For the Achievement
Six Minutes to Knightfall , you mention to split into small groups, but this (I believe) doesn’t work as the bosses in Lions Arch scale for the whole map and its occupants.

Peter the Lost can also be found atop the tower in Fort Marriner, where the Main Haven Headquarters PoI is located.

Confirmed that. Lckly, the first time I entered in the city I was searching for magnus, and got finding he at there. So, the achievment that ppl goes crazy trying to do, I did so easy xD

Mesmer: distortion on signet + illusionary persona also works for “nowhere to hide”.

Use the 1st three as you are approaching:
signet of ether, signet of inspiration, signet of domination,
-all three have cast times 1s, 3/4s and 1/4 respectively. Just chain them up and you should be invulnerable till you’re infront of her.

Start stomping animation.
Use signet of midnight (no cast time) when the big orange circle appears

Use F4 Distortion shatter immediately after orange circle disappears (she does another knockback after the big orange circle.

Get achievement! xD

Captain Peter Lost has been found in the water north of Fort Marriner waypoint, behind the moa ranch (South-West of the ranch, but still on the cliff) and to the south of the previous location.

Perfect way to do Nowhere to hide achiev:
Elementalist : Lightning flash + Mist Form + Armor of earth.
As soon cinematic is over, rush to scarlet (Speed up the process using Lightning flash), put armor of earth up (To stabilize), press stomp and immediatelly use mist form.

Bang, done.

Necromancer punishment no proper teleport, no this no that, we got no chance ive now failed for seriously 24th time and no luck, no vigor and no quickness which both seem to be only way to get “nowhere to hide”

As mentioned on Reddit and as personally verified, Peter also appears right at the Lighthouse PoI, next to the steps.

Also, if no one is helping in map chat, one cheaty way to find Peter is to pick a known spot and logout to char selection/relog to “overflow hop” until he is there! Maybe then shout out in map chat to help others 🙂 Maybe I was lucky, but this worked in less than 5 mins for me after about an hour fruitlessly roaming around and asking for help in chat!

Nowhere to Hide: Necros can run up next to Scarlet, use Take Root to become invulnerable, cancel and stomp once Scarlet’s attack finishes.

1. In your settings, put ground targeting on “instant”.
2. On approach, target Scarlet and cast Decoy, dodge any grenades as needed.
3. When in range, cast Time Warp while still running at Scarlet. (May need to get an eye for Time Warp’s range first!)
4. You will approach her and finish her before ever needing to dodge the attack that pushes you back.

If it wasn’t clear, this is for the “Nowhere to Hide” achievement. ‘Decoy’ may not be necessary, still testing.
Also, if you have Superior Rune of Lyssa, that’s likely to give you even more speed boost because of getting all boons upon elite activation.

Necromancer’s can start spectral walk as they stomp, save it in case of knockback and teleport back if they are.

hey guys i can’t find anywhere the last 2 mats for the mystic forge recipe: blade shards+watchwork sprockets+?+?… do you know what i need ?

So, if I soulbind my exotic spinal blade pack, will I be able to use it to make the ascended one at a later date?

I tried on my Engi several times without luck. Swapped to Mesmer and did it in one attempt as Dulfy does it. Only difference is that initially I placed time warp on top of Scarlet from range.
Then blinked in front of her, start stomp, and dodged left. next was to dodge back and finish stomping. Time warp was active the whole time. Only other thing was Signet of Inspiration tripped swiftness initially too.

TY for the list as always Dulfy.

Equip Elixir S and Elixir U on your engi, run up right away, pop both and you can stomp without any fancy moves.

I don’t know if it worths mention but if you have soulbound Spinal Blades to a specific character you can use the teleport with any other of your characters

oh, forgot to add I have spinal blades in my inventory but, none of them are soul bound. Yet, I had no issues using the portal.

Managed a successful attempt for both, but wasn’t rewarded, made sure to never attack a mob without the proper attunement and kept out of the laser attacks and their aftermath. Afaik, they’re bugged.

Definitely seems bugged i avoided any/all dmg during the event and turned auto attack off to aim properly for in tune, recorded.. didn’t get achievement reviewed the video a few times to see if i screwed up and nope no achievement and everything done properly as per descriptions.

I got the achievements last night immediately after the update (about eighteen hours ago). I was extra careful to avoid all lasers from the Prime Hologram and even the smaller lasers from the micro-holograms at the very end. And I turned off auto-attack for both weapon sets and swapped to a melee weapon when Prime Attunement was at five-to-ten seconds left so I wouldn’t accidentally range-attack the holograms without being attuned.

There was a tip on the GW2 forums that you can’t be downed to get these two achievements. Just confirmed, was finally able to get both achievements on the run where I was not downed.

Also read that the field, even after disappearing, isn’t technically gone. It remains a few seconds after disappearing, so players need to remain vigilant and remember the locations and only traverse across about 3 to 5 seconds after they’ve dissipated.

I failed like 2 times and the 3rd time worked. The video helped, which is you wait for the aoe to go away then ASAP press F with Quickness buff 🙂

Nowhere to Hide is stupidly messed up
No matter how much I successfully Dodge attacks Im getting hit by the knockback regardless
even with stability it hits me

also the opening videos can’t be skipped which after watching 16 times is just damn annoying

Don’t bother using stability to block Scarlets huge knockback skill it does not work

I had found Peter on the south side of the Durmand Dig Site directly north of the dock waypoint. Also ran into him just east of #7 in the water.

The main issue I had with Nowhere to Hide was getting knocked back because I ran _into_ her, you have to make sure to stand a few steps in front of her. Once I realised that (after failing way too many times), it got much more easy.

Peter the Lost can also spawn directly south of where the Blue assault knight spawns (down that small flight of stairs by the water.) and also by a broken ship? directly northwest of the Durmand Dig Site POI.

Engi can also use Elixir S to dodge the first orange field when stomping Scarlet. S & U combined will let let you just run up, pop, and stomp.

FML I can’t finish my F before she bumps me out again and again and again. It is very frustrating, not even Stability works on me.

Stab won’t work. I did it only with quickness, time your F right after the AOE disappears bam done. Just like in the video.

Nevermind, looks like after hitting her with basic attack from afar (in a fit of frustration) her shields went down and I could F her (that sounds bad lol). Nice cutscene.

I wonder if it’s worth reiterating on each of these meta guides that you get a count towards the meta with each related daily done. People do not need to bash their heads (literally) against Scarlet’s force field or struggle with the hologram achievements just to get the meta.

Oddly I got dragged in once from the Knights pull near the very end from lapse of paying attention. Yet dodged without getting hit and still got the achievement. Not sure if it was a bug or not. Thought it was for avoiding getting pulled all together, but maybe its from taking damage.

Also I found Peter slightly above number 8 on your map. Right where the Spider Queen likes to hang out in the back corner right below where you jump up to the rubble.

ABOUT: Dodging the giant circle attack from the knights and the achievement “Six minutes to Knightfall”

“People have reported they had more success zerging down one Legendary Knight at a time rather than spitting into three groups.”

I can’t believe this if that statement belongs to the achievement. I, player from Dzagonur, compared with a mate from Abaddon’s Mouth the the individual event progress. The “zerg route” on Dzagonur is red – blu – green, and on Abaddon’s it’s blue – green – red.

In short term, in both servers, the first killed knight falls in around 1 minute (red on Dzagonur, blue on Abaddon’s), the second Knight on both server took around 3-4 minutes (blue on Dzagonur, green on Abaddon’s) and finally the third knight on both servers took almost the whole time you have to kill all three for the achievement.

My idea is that the Knight are getting stronger of each dead knight. So if you kill the knight one after another, lthe last knight will get stronger for the other two killed knights.

I guess its important for the achievement to fight like against the three headed djungle wurm in its finale state. Three groups around 20-25 players for each knight. Maybe they wont get down that fast then like with one big zerg but I really believe they all can fall in six minutes this way.

I also observed many dead players because they don’t get the right time to dodge the pull and sweeping blow combo. You just have to wait until the giant circle disappears AND the Knight jumps into the air. when the knight is in air, dodge.

I managed to get the achievement on a overflow tonight going B>G>R. Just zerging it down. It was a pretty packed overflow though.

I really don’t recall the time we beat it, but I could of swore we took a little longer then 6 minutes. :S Not heard of any reports of this achieve getting falsely given. But who knows.

I don’t really think they get harder each death though. With each death you get more of the attunement spawns. But either way reflecting conditions slows things down quite a bit so its possible it just makes it feel slower.

We didn’t recognize the slowing effect of the condition reflections at the first knights but made both the same experiences about the battles with the second and third knight. The last one took more time than the second one who took more time than the first one.

Little old now, but yes I can confirm knights get more HP for each one you kill. Even post patch, killing one knight too early will award the remaining two more HP.

Not sure where to post this: but another peter location is below the Gate hub plaza waypoint. In the water.

The micro-holograms in the final phase have the prime light attunement buff, but there’s no way to get it at that point. Does this matter for ‘In Tune’?

What about the mega attack there that hits everyone? does the downed from that count towards the achievement?

While the Microprimes can be damaged without any attunement at all, you do get a 20 minute Prime Light attunement buff at the very start of the final phase. However, walking over any of the attunement fields that still dot the area from the previous phase will overwrite that.

I have no idea whether this counts against In Tune, but it may pay to play it safe.

Beginner here, just wondering do people mean when they say “Just do the dailies, so that you can skip the hard achievements”?
So we can get the title even without doing the all the achievements? How?

There is 1 achievement under daily that has a special icon. This daily will count towards your meta achievement completion so you can just do dallies to get the meta after getting all the easy achievements

Look at your “Daily” tab, there’s an achievement associated with the living story (same icon as the living story achievements). If you’re able to finish the living story on the Daily section, that counts as achievement for the living story.

I got 12/15 on my living story right now so I will be able to complete the living story in 3 days just doing the achievement on the Daily section.

correct me if i’m wrong, but for the 6m achiev, killing 1 knight buffs the other 2 and killing the 2nd knight buffs the last 1 so whichever route you take, the first knight will always be the fastest to kill..a lot of ppl on my server have been saying “go to blue first! then green! then red” but the most efficient route would be green>blue>red [red being last cause it’s closest to wp]

other strategies i’ve seen formed were
– splitting the zerg 3 ways [hard to coordinate] so that all 3 knights are unbuffed until they’re low [simultaneously killing or close to]
– splitting the zerg 2 ways; 1 at red, 1 at green and converging on blue when red and green are both killed [blue being in the middle]

of course, i was only able to try either of those strategies out once before everyone lost interest but i’d just like to clarify the buff thing..anyone?

I just received the Six Minutes to Knightfall achievement after only killing the red knight before we went on to blue and green. Someone in map chat said you only have to kill each of the three knights within the first six minutes of the event once to get the achievement. I doubt that is how it’s intended though and I’m pretty sure I had killed the red one within six minutes before. It was probably a bug. At least this made up for not getting any loot most of the time…

Nah, at the first days we downed like red, when we were zerging in like 2/3 minutes and never got chieve, I gave up on it

Hi Dulfy, for in Tune achievement, do we have to fight and mke damage to the 4 holograms ?
(white, red, blue and green ?)
thanks for your answer

Hey, you can do the Achievement fairly easy:

Stage 1: Attack the Prime Hologram only with the Prime Light Attunement (all 3 Colors) for about 10 seconds, then you go afk at the Safe Spot for rest of the fight and don’t attack anything.

Telling people to go afk during events will get you a screenshot to anet. If your afking your lazy, EARN IT!!

THanks for your answer, but I never got an achievement by simply staying AFK and letting people do it.
I managed to get it : What I didn’t know before was the you must not be down, and I was down when I entered the Prime HOlogram Battle because of Scarlet Laser Beam. I avoid this problem by directly left dodge after the loading screen.
I managed to get it yesterday, it took me couple of try, and a lot of concentration but I got it.
and was rewarded with “Scarlet’s Kiss” as loot 😀
But still no core at all after 10 succesfull tries.

Good job letting other people do your work!! I hope you work at taco bell and not somewhere important, being that your super lazy.

I’m so irritated with Anet right now. They keep introducing these
achievements/events where players can simply sit in the back, do
nothing, and obtain their achievements/loot through the 45 minutes of
hard work by other players. I’m sick and tired of seeing leechers
sitting up on the platform by the door for the entire fight, then
jumping in at last minute to get credit for the chest. While I can’t
change this, I’ll be the first to say that I will draw aggro to you,
rather it be the laser or kicking/knocking the holos into your afk zone for them to explode on you. Leeching is unacceptable.

To Groundbeef : Have you read my comment ??. I said I NEVER got an achievement by leeching or by letting people do my work. I have FOUGHT hard (rifle and Greatsword) the prime Hologram and the 3 others during this instance for nearly 20-25 minutes without been down. It took me several time due to the laser beam when you arrive but I got it.

I do not say i didn’t think about the proposition, but it is not the kind of play I love.

I have failed achievement from previous living story because I refused to use special device (like perma shadow in the aetherblade dongeon…) to get it, but I don’t care. This is the way I play, the way I live, and leeching or laziness is NOT the way I play or live.

This time again, I managed to get it by simply keeping trying and learning from previous failures and I deserve it.

I understand your angriness from leechers. They can completely change the issue of a battle (during PvP for example).
My first question was about the 3 colored hologram, do you need to make damage to all of them to get the credit, or just one. Sometime you do not have time to fight all of them when the group split into 3. It was not finding a way to lure other people.

I hope one day to meet you IG and fight besides you against great incomping dangers ;-).

I’m not dulfy but… Before a recent patch it was enough to hit the first hologram (with the white atunement) and then go AFK. Reading the patchnotes, they made it so that going AFK means you get killed by the mega-laser. So you have to be active to survive through the event. However, the update notes didn’t say that you actually have to hit them more then before. So My guess is that you only have to get the first (white) hologram and then can concentrate on staying alive and not hitting anyone. On a counternote though, the mega laser was added cause Anet agrees with me that not participating is a bad thing. If you follow Dulfy’s guide it is actually easy to get this achievement (disable summons and pets, disable autoattack, only attack with the right attunement and make you sure you stop hitting when your attunement starts flashing.

THx for your anwser.
I just see that all btw, all the post from this question have been deleted. I got this achievement a few days ago after several tries.

Nowhere to hide – Mesmers:
It is also possible to get this achievement by getting downed near Kasmeer’s clone, which stands on the right side. Use 2nd skill, teleport under Scarlet’s protection, heal yourself and kill her.

Just a small addition for warriors still having trouble with the “nowhere to hide” achievement. If just Frenzy isn’t enough (wasn’t for me tbh) you can use it combined with Balanced stance and warhorn’s Charge. Doing this you are at scarlet in just a second and with balanced stance you don’t get pushed back or knocked down :).

“Take Root” does not Help against Scarlet’s attacks, you’ll be moved away (and the roots too)

According to the description, you need to finish 6 min after the event starts, not within 6 min each one getting killed, so you will waste a lot of time running around 2 times to kill them. I heard you can do it one by one but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet.

I tried couple times with my thief, the invis stomp doesn’t work (at least for me), even I got invis and started the finishing move, the big red circle still appear and I still got pushed away. Can avoid the side dodging thing that you describe here. The easiest way probably still the elementalist just turn mist after triggering the finishing move.

Knight don’t drop loot since one of the previous patch.
don’t know why. Only way to get core is luck from the Primal Hologram Chest

To fix the not getting loot issue, and to promote the splitting up, all those that participated get the same reward in a chest when the even for the knights has finished (either success when all three are dead, or failure after 15 minutes, loot scales off course on successrate). This pop-up chest also has a change of giving a core.

I notice that when you do successive try on same server, I only get core the first time. After I got no core for 1-2 tries… don’t know why

One note about the Microprime phase of the Hologram battle. You’re not killing them to fill up Ultraviolet’s Blast Charge bar. The Blast Charge bar is the time limit before the ‘orbital laser’ is unleashed that does massive damage to everyone (can’t be dodged, think it can be blocked, can be survived at full health but possibly depends on build).

Instead, Ultraviolet gains 20 stacks of a buff (to match the 20 Microprimes that spawn), and one is removed every time a Microprime is killed. If all 20 are removed before the Blast Charge fills, the ‘orbital laser’ doesn’t fire. Also, each Microprime killed damages Ultraviolet, which as noted, is how you beat this phase.

The ‘orbital laser’ attack can be tanked through and does not invalidate No More Tricks, so it’s not the end of the world if the 20 Microprimes aren’t killed in time. But the more you kill, the faster the phase ends anyways.

That, I don’t know about, I’m afraid. All I can say is that I’ve yet to be in a Hologram fight where my arena successfully stopped the orbital laser every time (in fact, I think I’ve only seen it stopped once myself… there’s always one or two Microprimes that take a little too long to explode). But I have gotten the achievement, and I regularly survive the blast if I’m at full HP: this is as an Engineer with a few trinkets giving Vitality/Toughness, but nowhere near a pure Vit/Tou build. You get a decent warning that the laser is about to strike, but dodge roll hasn’t worked against it. I have heard of Aegis and blocking working, but I haven’t tried them myself since my skill choice for the battle doesn’t have access to them.

someday’s lag can be a friend, Got nowhere to hide using a guardian an the shout retreat, and Six minutes to knightfall. Can’t seem to get bigger but not better, or no more tricks

Hi Dulfy,
do you give the daily achievement too ?
Thanks agains for all the amazing stuff you do on every release

When stomping scarlet with ranger, you could use the pig to sniff out an elixir of heroes to help with zephr

After you stomp Scarlet and everyone leaves the control room, 3 control panels in the control room are open to examination. If you are NOT an engineer, you’ll only get limited information. If you ARE an engineer, you can examine the information in closer detail… and basically the Breachmaker is a magic-fuelled autonomous drill built to release a surge of planetary energy strong enough to wake up a dragon… presumably this is Mordremoth the “Jungle Dragon”, voice in Scarlet’s head.

I agree with you, it should be that
– Mordremoth is the Dragon that threaten the Sylvari “Does the NIghtmare come from him ?
– The energy surge we saw in the cinematic go through jungle. Or there are 2 dragons in these jungle “Primordius – already awakened ; and Mordremoth – not awaken yet

Dulfy : Hide these posts if you think they are spooilers from the rest of the game.

Mordremoth is also known as the ‘jungle’ dragon cause it is suggested he lives in the area that was known as the maguuma jungle in GW1 (now named the maquuma wastes btw). It also bears this name cause he is tight to zone green in the infinate coil reactor (aka CoE) wich has a jungle theme. On top of that, during the first confirmation of his existance by a dev (the game director Colin) he was named the jungle dragon. There are some theory’s bout a connection between him and the silvari (e.g. the pod that brought Malyck followed a stream that came from that direction, also the cave where the pale tree seed was found is rumoured to be in that area), but there is no official connection between them. Further. The most likely access to those maps is in Brisban Wildlands (the fort in Vandal’s Claim), what seems to indicate it is bandit territory, and that would indicate a connection with white mantle/mursaat. So we know his name, and we know he has a jungle ‘theme’, but everything else is pure speculation.

if you go to asura reactor, there is some research tanks for minions of dragon, and green (jungle) and sea (empty water pool) are empty, so its indicate two missing dragons (jungle and deep sea), jungle dragon we have now, so deep sea dragon i expect next year, or full size datadisk with new zone

So this could just be me, but it seems since the last couple of patches, it’s almost impossible to get near scarlet to stomp her into the ground. I’ve tried many times and had more luck before the last 2 patches. It now seems even when I try on the area when the AI is helping, she just pushes you away regardless even if you’re about to smash her into the ground.

Tried many techniques and nothing seems to work for me. Shame they’ve made this so retarded.

Engineer S+U doesn’t work as well. While in S it will still push you away and doing U won’t speed you up.

She pops up her bubble really quick. The trick is to hit her then stomp her. It’s basically a stunning move, giving you the time to stomp her. Now stomping her before she pops up her bubble, that’s a different story. XD

Try not to runt thru her. You are getting knocked back by the bubble of the room she is in. Just stand about 3 yards in front of her and stomp there.

I have found that the easiest way to earn “Nowhere to Hide” as an elementalist, in case anyone wants to know, is to run dagger dagger, use ride the lightning to Scarlet than start stomping while activating mist. I think I did it within 5 seconds. Only my second try as well. It happened sooooo fast!

You completely saved me with this advice. After 20+ attempts with my mesmer using every bit of advice on this thread, I tried it with an elementalist using your suggestion. I failed the first time, but the 2nd time, nailed her dead!


As a note: non-channeled forms of invulnerability will prevent Scarlet from knocking you back while you stomp. Elementalist can use Earth Focus #5 for 4s invulnerability, more than enough time to stomp if you hit it right after starting the stomp. Mesmer can also manage this, but it’s a bit trickier – you need to create 3 clones and shatter them with your Distortion skill, with either Time Warp or traited shatter effect on you.

Just need some try for “Nowhere to Hide”, I did use Enginner with U,S for the first sure kill. But after 4 days for killing her. I just use a unperpared slow warrier, dodge(close to Scarlet) ->F->dodge (double Tap dodge to break F action) left -> back and F again. no any special skill is needed.

Used my warrior to stomp scarlet. it was the easiest thing ever. just popped 2 on sword to get to her. popped frenzy. boom. she was out.

Dunno maybe it worked only for me but i dodge roll to her and stomp her inside the bubble. Got all ach. Why Anet made it hard for ppl without blades to access Scarlet ship? I have Ascended backs on all 4 my lvl 80 and was trashing all blades from bags. Took me 4+ hours of doing knights and Scarlet holograms to get to her finally. Why i and other players who didn’t need anther crappy ugly back item are being punished for it?
I loved gauntlet and liked Marionette. Both events where interesting and fun. The rest of the season 1 was boring neverending farmfest.

It’s not like getting blades is hard. Exotic is about 20g in components or about 5g tops if you craft your own ore.

Maybe you didn’t understand. I destroyed all blade parts during phase 1. When I found out it is necessary for easy ship access I had none to make back piece.. Anyway it is all good i got all ach besides related to back blades. I think it is wrong to force us to create not useful and relatively expensive items in order to get few ach points. It is not question of few g, i have more then enough gold in the game.

you’re not required to get the achievement points for the meta, nor the story, nor as a new gear tier. There is absolutely no reason to craft it unless you really feel like it.

you only need to make the basic one and put it in your inventory to enter the gate.

after that you can pass it to another alt. and your first char still can reenter.

so you only need 25 Blade Shards

There is a more advanced tactic for necro: Summon a Flesh Wurm a bit to the back, walk up to Scarlet, activate Spectral Walk, start the stomp, use Necrotic Traversal (the Flesh Wurm ability), wait for the stomp to near completion and then use Spectral Recall to finish the stomp in range of Scarlett.

I tried stomping Scarlet for Nowhere to hide but when I get down to the end of the stomp it electrocutes me and sends me flying back. I tried the dodge and I got away from the red circle, I even used quickening zephyr (I’m a Ranger) but it still doesn’t work. I’m also not close enough to the room behind her for it to knock me back (I think).

The timing is very tricky and it took me numerous tries, 10 or so, with my warrior and using frenzy to get the stomp. My main problem was that I was dodging as soon as the large circle appeared, which is too early. Even after I figured that out it was still hard to get the stomp in even with frenzy.

Nowhere to Hide. At first, I thought Frenzy and Balanced Stance was all I needed. After two tries, I threw in Dolyak Signet for extra Stability but even that didn’t work. I finally replaced Signet of Rage (I use it for Swiftness) with Rampage. I turned it on as soon as the encounter began only to realize it locked out other utilties- such as Frenzy. However, I got lucky and snagged the achievement.

Tips for 6 minutes to knightfall:
* Get atleast 30-40 ppl per knight (make sure it is even split).
* Vigil Buff/ Food/ Bloodlust/ scarlett slaying potion.
* Embers/ogre during condi phase if needed (can do it without it).
* During the fight stack on the commander to have easier might stacking
* Use non condi wpns during 100-75 and 50-25% of health
* Time Warp during condi phases.
* FGS, Ice Bows, Banners
* Try to sync your knight kills, don’t fully dps it down if other knights are not in the same stage of health.

Nowhere to hide achieve as warrior: Greatsword skill #3 up to scarlet, start the stomp, when the orange circle appears, DODGE to the left TWICE- MUST BE TWICE.
Then activate frenzy and stomp scarlet ftw

i got it on my 2nd try

God took me forever and a day (about 3 hours worth of runs though the portal near Tourma to “Scarlet’s Demise”) but I finely got the “Nowhere to Hide” achievement.

On another note its a good place to get the Alliance Supply Bag’s, as you get 3 per run.

About stomping Scarlet, you can also use the Stability from the Armor of Earth skill while you’re in Mist Form, i stomped her from the first attempt like that.

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