GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Patch Notes

Patch notes for GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch patch, released on March 4, 2014.

The Battle for Lion’s Arch
Lion’s Arch has been battered and razed, but as long as there are those who’ll take up arms for our city, it will not be beaten! Scarlet and her armies—the Aetherblades, the Molten Alliance, and the Toxic Alliance—may have pushed us out of our city, but now the winds have blown her vile miasma out to sea. Lion’s Arch belongs to all Tyrians. It’s time to regroup and rally, liberate our besieged city, and take the fight to Scarlet to end her menace. Remember this day, for this battle will be worthy of legend!

—Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed

Regrouping and Rallying
While Lion’s Arch is occupied by enemy forces, survivors have established refugee camps near each of the order headquarters.

  • Outside Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields
  • South of the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass
  • Along the north shore of Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide Coast

At these locations, refugee camp directors can apprise players of the situation and show a flashback of the initial attack on Lion’s Arch. While the Captain’s Council oversees relief efforts, the Lionguard are making preparations for a counterattack. Also, heirlooms and found belongings can still be turned in for items.

Liberating Our Besieged City
Help the Lionguard reestablish a foothold near the three city entrances at Trader’s Forum, Postern Ward, and Fort Marriner. After defending each point, order representatives will arrive to sell combat bonuses—Vigil Valiance, Priory Aethershield, and Quickness of Whispers. Members of each order will be granted a discounted price on their respective bonus.

Throughout the city, miasma canisters are still guarded by Scarlet’s armies. Stopping all three miasma deployments simultaneously will earn bonus rewards. Moreover, Scarlet has secured different areas of the map by deploying her champions.

  • Aetherblade Admiral
  • Aetherblade Cannoneer
  • Toxic Warlock
  • Toxic Spider Queen
  • Molten Fire Shaman
  • Molten Munitions Specialist

Taking the Fight to Scarlet
Arriving on each hour, Scarlet’s legendary assault knights will show up at three locations and hover for several minutes before descending to attack.

  • Grand Piazza
  • Moran Memorial
  • Gunnery Range

Defeating the three assault knights simultaneously is the key to reaching Scarlet’s airship, the Breachmaker. And players will not stand alone, for Tyria’s heroes have come together and will fight alongside the players—Rox and Braham, Marjory and Kasmeer, and Captain Ellen Kiel and Heal-o-Tron.

Arriving upon the Breachmaker, players should expect an all-out battle against Scarlet’s defenses to reach Scarlet herself. She’s always got a trick up her sleeve, so come prepared. Be sure to pack consumables, food, utility buffs, and a favorite finisher. This may be our best and only chance to put a stop to Scarlet’s villainy.

For the brave who battle their way to the Diverse Ledges, they can meet up with Lionguard Turma. Her latest scouting report states that she’s found a new type of portal but is unable to access it without special equipment derived from Scarlet’s technology.

Rewards and Achievements
Alliance supply bags will continue to be found on the defeated troops of Scarlet’s armies. These bags often contain Refugee’s Belongings, Blade Shards, and the occasional Refugee Child’s Drawing for luck. Rarely, the satchels can contain items such as Quaggan Tonics, Captain’s Airship Passes, and Powerful Potions of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies.

Defeating all three miasma deployments simultaneously will award champion loot and 10 Blade Shards. Additionally, level 80 players will earn Empyreal Fragments, Dragonite Ore, and a rare chance for ascended gear.

Legendary Assault Knights will drop 5 Deluxe Gear Boxes and a chance at an Assault Knight Power Core, which can be used to color the Tempered Spinal Blades back item. Defeating all three knights within 6 minutes will award several masterwork items, a luck bonus, 1 Obsidian Shard, and 5 Blade Shards.

Players who ascend to the Breachmaker and finish the story will earn a new title and a unique helm skin to display proudly. Not only that, but by defeating Scarlet’s defenses, players will additionally earn several masterwork and rare items, 15 Dragonite Ore, 3 Obsidian Shards, another chance for Assault Knight Power Cores, as well as a chance for rewards from previous Living World releases and a rare chance for one of two new unique rifles.

Additionally, completing the “This Is My City!” meta-achievement rewards a container of desirable items, including a 5-skill-point Scroll of Knowledge, 1 Essence of Luck, 5 Obsidian Shards, 50 Blade Shards, a five-use Guild Shield Finisher, and a rare item.
Note: Aetherblade enemies across Tyria now have an added chance to drop Blade Shards. This addition to their drop list is permanent.

A small release will be available on March 18, which will provide an epilogue to recent events. That release will show the aftermath of what players have experienced in the Battle for Lion’s Arch and will conclude the current story arc.

World Polish

  • World Bosses
    • Spawn timers for Tequatl and the Great Jungle Wurms should now be offset from each other.

New Items and Promotions

  • Torment weapon skins are now available from Black Lion Weapon Specialists for the limited-time price of 1 Black Lion Weapon Ticket. Black Lion Weapon Tickets can be found in Black Lion Chests.
  • A new mini 3-pack is available containing replicas of some of Scarlet’s champions. Combine them in the Mystic Forge with a Mini Mai Trin to create Mini Scarlet Briar herself! The 3-pack is available in the Toys category for 500 gems.
  • A new Guild Shield Finisher is available in the Upgrades category for 800 gems. Players can now proudly display their guild emblem over defeated foes!


  • The Consumables category of the Gem Store has been replaced by the Special category. This category holds non-service items, many of which are unique to the Black Lion Trading Company.
  • The Minis category of the Gem Store has been replaced by the Toys category, which now includes minis, musical instruments, and more items that are just for fun.

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48 replies on “GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Patch Notes”

How cool, the story heroes of GW2 have come to aid the players (yay Ellen). Thanks a lot for the notes Dulfy.

Can the heirlooms still be found, for those of us that are still trying to get the halo and/or horn potions?

People are reporting that you need an exotic-level Spinal Blade backpiece in order to go through the portals.

Not in the patch notes: You can now toggle the halo of the selfless potion on and off. This probably works for the thoughtless one, too.

just checked, not in the overflow i was into. i went to the very spot and he wasn’t there. either it changes location at each event reset or it spawns at a certain time

My BF and I were talking about this the other day. We were bouncing around the idea of Scarlet digging up a new dragon in LA with that huge drill. This kind of seals that idea! So exciting!

Is there any use for the PIILES of Blade Shards I have saved (once I have created all of the backpieces I need?)

I did assult knights event two times and neither me or anyone else was able to get on the Breachmaker. Does anyone else expirienced this ?

you will see 3 blue, red, green circles on the ground after defeated knights, and al you need is just jump in to the 3 circles, to combine its into a new one and then you can jump to the Breachmaker portal 🙂

Yes it’s bug, we do it two times and there isn’t any color after killing the red/yellow/green boss…

Killed Scarlet before her shield – solo on ele with Mist Form > Armor of Earth > Arcane Shield. Tricky but completely doable.

Best strategy to beat all three is to zerg up. Kill one knight at the time, also achieving attuenment seems to be bugged.

Work both ways, just need balanced teams…wich is kinda rare xD we tried to zerg them now, and it failed…guess it works only if you got super dps on one xD…
Splitting evenly is still the best option imo.

seriously stop posting hate on these forms they could easily make you pay $15 a month for the amount of content they release for this game. If you don’t like it go play wow or some other piece of shit mom that will be half as good.

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